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Open Source Bug Tracking Tools Free Download

There are many open source bug tracking tools free download that you can choose from. These days, we need software app to help replace the daily work. And here we would like to share some information about open source bug tracking tools free download along with the list of the top ten best open source bug tracking tools free download.

Want to learn about open source bug tracking tools free download? Or about bug tracking tools list? Check out these bug tracking software reviews. I tried a lot of open source bug tracking tools and created a list based on best reviews.


19 Free Open-source Bug and Issues tracking and management solutions

MantisBT (Mantis Bug Tracker) is one of the oldest open-source bugs tracking and management solution out there.  MantisBT comes with dozens of features that promote collaboration among software developers, testers, project managers and clients.

It features email notifications, advanced access management, Excel and CSV exports, reporting, report print, anonymous mode, RSS feed, bug classification and filtering (Severity, Category, Status), forum view, attachments, comments, permalink, road map and quick bug reporting.

MantisBT is built with PHP and uses MySQL as a database backend.


Bugfender is a bug tracking system. It helps you capture error logs in real-time even from remote users. This offers you a complete view of your application’s performance and helps you simulate the bug to see how it would affect different devices.

The tool also generates real-time crash reports so you can compare the bugs and the crashes they led to, side-by-side. This gives insight into the way in which the bug is impacting your software. Moreover, the tool allows for bug reporting from software users. This means that users of your mobile or desktop app can directly report a bug from within the app, helping you stay on top of the latest bugs.

The paid plans of Bugfender start at $34.8 per month billed yearly.


19 Free Open-source Bug and Issues tracking and management solutions

Lavagna is  a simple Kanban-style task management system that promote team collaboration and boost productivity. It is an open-source equivalent for Trello which is popular among  software development teams and companies.

Lavagna features multi-project setup, multiple login providers (Twitter, GitHub, GitLab), LDAP support and custom OAuth provider. The multi-OAuth provider makes it ideal for enterprise that require software to be integrated with their IAM system.


Bugzilla is an open source bug tracking system and defect tracking tool. It assists with bug issue tracking, software issues, and any improvements that need to be made in the tool. The bug tracker keeps you updated on the status of bugs in your tool by generating a periodic or real-time bug report.

When you add a bug in the logs of Bugzilla, the system automatically scans your software for duplicate or similar bugs. This allows you to track more bugs in less time. You can also assign bugs to be fixed and keep track of the time it takes to fix a bug with the help of the time tracking feature.

Bugzilla is a completely free bug tracking tool and provides no upgrade options. However, since it’s open source, you can download the latest version of the tool when the latest updates are available online.

Zoho BugTracker

Zoho BugTracker is a free bug tracking solution. It helps you capture a comprehensive set of details required for defect management such as the status of the bug (whether it’s active or has been fixed), a description of the software bug, the team responsible for it, and the severity of its impact. Operating like an issue tracking system, you can also share these details with others by exporting them in a file format of your choice such as XLS or CSV.

Moreover, this bug reporting tool allows you to create a view of the bug based on the specific details you want to capture in your order of priority. For example, if you only want to capture the level of severity, name of the bug, and the timeline for fixing it, you can customize the fields and capture only these details. This allows you to record each bug differently based on the details required in each case.

The paid plans for Zoho BugTracker start at $3.34 (based on INR to USD exchange rate as of 19th July, 2021).


OpenProject Community is a free, open-source project management tool that can serve as a fantastic bug tracking software for your organization. Best of all, it offers unlimited users and unlimited projects.

Like Bugzilla it offers issue tracking and task management features to help programmers keep track of crucial bugs. These can be viewed in a Gantt chart view for better visualization. Time visualization can be color-coded and given different statues. Managers can see what is on time and what is in the correct development stage. They can also easily see what is coming up, allowing for better project planning. 

Time-tracking features are also available, like in Bugzilla. In combination with the Gantt charts, this becomes more useful. Users and managers can allocate time more accurately. This prevents bottlenecks and improves efficiency in project development. 

Cost tracking and product roadmaps allow developers to better manage both their time and money. This will allow them to more effectively keep track of many projects at once. Those using freelancer developers and consultants will appreciate this feature.

The user interface is far more friendly than an older tool like Bugzilla, though not as polished as a SaaS product from a vendor like Zoho. In summary, this software offers a strong host of project management and bug tracking features. OpenProject uses the benefits of open-source software to its advantage while staying accessible to more inexperienced users.  


Specifically, Trac is put up for development projects and issue tracking. But you can make use of it for requirements and document management. It holds a minimalist design and an integrated wiki. It integrates with Apache Subversion and GitHub.

As an open source, Trac is available under a modified BSD license though the older versions released under the GPL. It can be used to browse through the code, and when you integrate Trac with SCM, and then you can view history and changes. In order, a timeline shows all current and past projects while the roadmap highlights the upcoming milestones.

Trac bug tracking software

(Source: Trac)

Key features:

  • Written in Python and is familiar with SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
  • Within a single solution- bug tracker and Wiki
  • Tracking of project progress through a history timeline
  • Plugin functionality via custom components
  • Use Python for custom logging of system messages
  • Ticketing system features submissions, support issues, and task management


Redmine is a free and open source, web-based project management and bug tracking tool. It provides integrated project management features, supports multiple projects, issue tracking, support for multiple version control options, flexible role based access control, calendar & Gantt charts to aid visual representation of projects and their deadlines, feeds & email notifications, time tracking, project wiki, project forums etc. Feature rich product recommended where stability isn’t a critical requirement.


Bug tracking has been a vital part of most company’s open-source projects. Usually, most company’s open-source projects use the most popular bug trackers such as MantisBT and Bugzilla. Open source bug tracking tools free download is one of an interesting topic that all software developers, open-source enthusiasts, and even end-user want to know about how to use it and how it works.

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