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Free Social Media Competitor Analysis Tools

Social media tools for analysis are growing in number, with the most popular ones including social media competitor analysis template, Instagram competitor analysis tool free, Sprout Social competitor analysis, social media analysis example, social media competitors, hootsuite competitor analysis. But how to choose the best social media competition analyzer?

To help you decide which is most appropriate for your needs I’ve put together this review of some the most popular types of social media tools.

Social Media Competitor Analysis Tools -

With the Social Media Competitor Analysis tool from, all competitors are in one report. You can prepare your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube competitor analysis reports in a few minutes. You can measure your performance with your competitor’s detailed fan and interaction charts, analyze competing page content with comparative reports and review your content strategy. competitor analysis tools social profiles unlimited reports are exportable in PPT and Excel formats include the following metrics:

  • Total fans/followers/subscribers growth
  • Number of pages posts 
  • Post types
  • Number of total interactions with separate graphs for each interaction type (number of reactions, likes, replies, etc.) 
  • Engagement rates
  • Post days 
  • Post hours 
  • Detailed performance metrics of published and deleted content 
  • Paid vs. organic engagement

Plus, advanced filters allow users to quickly sort competitors’ content based on content type or engagement rates. competitor analysis tools social profiles with sort and filter options

Download Sample Report

All reports can be automated and delivered right to your team’s inbox at the scheduled time and frequency to save time. automated reports pros and cons table from capterra reviews

From Capterra reviews:

All competitors on one report

No more spending hours for competitor analysis, no more taking wrong decisions due to missed out information.

Experience Yourself


When it comes to Next Generation AI-powered analytics, there’s only one contender right now, with its first-to-market Next Generation AI platform and automated theme discovery with AI Studio.

NetBase Artificial Intelligence Platform AI Studio

Delivering insight at speeds 5x faster than other solutions, NetBase is optimized to analyze the full corpus of all data sources without sampling, to deliver the industry’s most reliable data with the speed and accuracy to make both strategic and real-time business decisions.

What NetBase does exceedingly well is analyze consumer sentiment across every brand need, incorporating and aggregating structured and unstructured data from social, websites, forums, comment data, blogs, news and review sites, along with any other CRM data brands have on hand.

Whether your focus is on social listening to understand your competitor’s audience, social monitoring to know when certain key actions occur, image analytics to understand when brands appear in the background, or customer experience analytics to tie it all together, you’ll know exactly where the love is. You’ll also know what the unmet needs are, and how you can intervene to sway potential consumers to your brand’s side.

The transparent and granular insight available provide openings and adjacencies that reveal new audiences, as well as product and service ideas.

NetBase social media analysis and sentiment overview dashboard

You’ll also know where you stand in relation to others in your category – and most importantly, why.

Also, influencer marketing takes on a whole new meaning with the insight NetBase offers. You’ll find power players spanning every consumer segment, often before they even realize how valuable their online voice has become! And you can find mutually beneficial opportunities to connect with these change agents, while very finely measuring their brand impact.

Price: Contact for quote


Hootsuite is an all-in-one kind of platform. Track buzzing posts and focus on competitors’ activities using one dashboard — it’s that simple. It is an extremely convenient tool for keeping an eye on what your competitors post, create, and promote on social media.

Feel free to integrate additional social listening tools, such as Brandwatch and Talkwalker. These apps allow you to visualize how much people talk about your brand online compared to how much they talk about your competitors. The data will be delivered in the form of nice and colorful charts.

competitor-analysis tool Brandwatch
Charts and marketing statistics delivered by Brandwatch

Add a few profiles you want to follow, and Hootsuite will create streams in real-time. You can jump in and react to any of the posts in your feed.

Hootsuite Streams
Hootsuite Streams is like all social platforms merged into one

Use Hootsuite Insights to spot important online conversations, gauge brand sentiment against your top competitors, and see your products through your customers’ eyes. To stay up to date, turn on alerts. By the way, Hootsuite is also an incredible tool for planning, creating, and publishing content for social media — make sure to check out all the features!

Prices start at $19 per month for one user. And, of course, there is a 30-days free trial.


Social Media Competitor Analysis Tools - Socialbakers

Socialbakers is one of the world’s largest social media statistics portals offering in-depth analysis of social media. Socialbakers, which strengthens its infrastructure every day, has been working since 2009 to measure and analyze the social media work of companies and maximize the effectiveness of social marketing campaigns across all major social networks.

Available social media analytics tools of Socialbakers:

  • Campaign Analytics
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Customizable Reports
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Influencer Tracking
  • Lead Attribution
  • Multi-Channel Data Collection
  • Post Scheduling
Socialbakers pros and cons table from capterra reviews

From Capterra reviews:


Keyhole offers an easy-to-use search engine that shows you a number of metrics for any brand, hashtag, or keyword. Or you can track multiple keywords, hashtags, and influencers depending on your level of service.

Keyhole social media search engine statistics tracker

The data is pulled from top posts, hashtags, and keywords found on many top social channels, including Twitter and Facebook.

Its Event Performance monitoring helps brands communicate the impact hosted events offer, contributing significantly to that ROI conversation. There’s also a “Media Wall” option to help attendees connect with each other and share experiences by live-streaming their social media posts during your event via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Keyhole post count and social media performance measurements

Pricing: Starts at $179/month, billed annually

Sprout Social

Social Media Competitor Analysis Tools - SproutSocial

One of the tools you can use to measure your social media accounts is Sprout Social. Use it to compare key performance metrics and see what type of content performs best. Sprout Social’s competitor reports can track fundamental metrics like audience growth, engagement, and post volume for each network. In particular, you can examine your followers in detail according to their demographic characteristics.

Available social media analytics tools of Sprout Social:

  • Campaign Analytics
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Customizable Reports
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Influencer Tracking
  • Multi-Channel Data Collection
  • Post Scheduling
Sprout Social pros and cons table from capterra reviews

From Capterra reviews:


Phlanx is an Instagram influencer auditing tool – and that’s something every brand should want these days, considering how amazing Instagram is for marketing.

It lets you see engagement rates for Instagram accounts – showing you average likes and comments per post. It also shows stats around:

  • Follower reach
  • Audience type (real people, influencers and non-engaging)
  • Engagement rate
  • Authentic engagement
  • Follower locations
  • Demographics
  • Likes to comments ratio
  • Brand mentions
Phlanx Beyonce social media follower analysis

This is great info for comparing brands in your category to see how much people are interacting with them – and if those interacting are amazingly influential or not.

The downside is you don’t have sentiment data for these interactions. But ability to quickly find influencers with solid engagement rates, and connect to potential brand collaborators is a plus.

Price: Starts at $25/monthly after 30-day free trial.


Sometimes you want to take the easiest path possible, and that’s totally fine! Phlanx is a competitor-analysis tool that serves this very purpose. It’s an online marketing platform that has an Engagement Calculator for every popular social media. It was developed for influencers, but this feature will also help you check how real your competitors’ audience is.

Phlanx competitor-analysis tool
Phlanx comes in handy when you want to make sure all those subscribers are real

You can use this particular feature for free. There is also a free 30-day trial in case you want to generate detailed reports, analyze brand mentions and demographics. Prices start at $25 per month for one user.

Competitor-research tools for content marketing

There are a whole lot of invaluable research tools, and some of them are already sitting right in your browser. They are all great for competitive analysis and overall brand comparisons.

Spoiler alert. We won’t dive into backlink and website analysis here — it’s a deep topic that deserves a separate post.


This is an audience behavior platform that captures 1st party data and runs it through its AI-enabled “Q” system to spot consumer patterns in your category – and beyond. Actually, you specify the audience and category you’re searching for and Q gets to work finding audiences and customers who fit the profile—at massive scale. Q then delivers your message to these custom audiences at the perfect time.

It opens up your brand to a new world of prospects via its Brand, Direct Response and Measurement Capabilities.

Quantcast audience behavior platform to plan respond and measure social media

Quantcast gives you access to the audiences of other brands and helps you sort out how they might also be yours. As such, retargeting plays a significant role here – as does measuring the impact of these efforts.

Quantcast post-campaign reporting validates that your ads were served to your intended audience, which is included in the service price and apparently is not typically included by its competitors!

Price: Contact for quote


Social Media Competitor Analysis Tools - Hootsuite

Covering the most effective social media tools, Hootsuite is one of the most effective tools for managing, analyzing, and listening to content.  You can use Hootsuite to follow your competitors’ social media activity, look for specific keywords and hashtags, and see how their customers perceive them.

Available social media analytics tools of Hootsuite:

  • Competitor monitoring
  • Campaign analytics
  • Customizable reports
  • Post Scheduling
Hootsuite pros and cons table from capterra reviews

From Capterra reviews:


Rival IQ lets you compare your brand to the competition by social channels, audience growth and activity, rankings across social channels – and that’s just for starters.

Rival IQ cross channel social media analysis

Free options the solution offers includes a neat “head-to-head” comparison for brands interested in seeing a quick “us vs them” snapshot against a competitor as seen on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook:

Rival IQ Space Needle vs Empire State Building social media analysis

It shares key insight that goes well beyond the snapshot above, offering:

  • Top performing posts
  • Activity metrics
  • Engagement metrics
  • Audience metrics

Brands can create customized dashboards and alerts, and see top keywords by company, discover hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, along with Twitter mentions, and Twitter sentiment. And can also track the following:

  • Boosted post detection of competitors
  • Competitive benchmarking, with comprehensive analytics on your competitors’ performance.

Price: Starts at $169/month when billed annually


Social Media Competitor Analysis Tools - Brandwatch

With Brandwatch’s Competitor Analysis tool you can learn how your brand performs against your competitors. Gain and use your new insights to shape and improve your social media strategy. Measuring customer perceptions and sentiment instantly helps add context to your competitor analysis.

Available social media analytics tools of Brandwatch:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Reputation management
  • Influencer tracking
  • Trend tracking
  • Audience segmentation
  • Sentiment analysis
Brandwatch pros and cons table from capterra reviews

From Capterra reviews:


Social Blade uses social statistics from YouTube, Instagram, TwitchDailymotionMixer, and Twitter to rank brands based on engagement. You can view an overarching user summary, where you’ll find subscriber rank, monetization estimations and an overall score that takes views and new subscribers into account.

Social Blade Budweiser brand channel social media stats overview

You can view a snapshot of all platforms, then click to see more detailed results per platform.

There are also top lists sorted by each platform, as well as by category and country. So, if you want to know the top Youtubers in Australia or top Pets & Animals content creators, this is a great place to explore.

If video is a big part of your social game, the mix of channels is informative. But you won’t know why you’re getting – or not getting – views as it doesn’t explore those motivations. It will show you similar channels to yours though, which is useful. And after reaching a certain video engagement level on YouTube, brands can apply for promoted membership through the channel, if that’s of interest.

Price: Free 


Social media management tools are helping agencies and business owners to do their daily tasks more easily. Here you have some of the best social media competitor analysis tools they can use to compare, evaluate, benchmark or spy on their competitors.

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