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Best Content Creation Tools 2022

If you are an individual, who wants to build a blog website or if you are a company which is looking for some new social media content creation tools so our report of Best Content Creation tools 2022 is a perfect solution for you.

The best content creation tools of 2022 will allow you to master the art of video storytelling. You’ll be able to curate your own compelling stories while making them visual and easily embeddable in other people’s posts. Here are some other important aspects that content creation tools need to have in order to be considered as the best: ease of use (a must have), speed, creative freedom, access to a broad market, engagement engine, language agnostic support, an affordable price tag (ideally between $9 and $24), one-time buy with no monthly bill and regular product updates.

If you are looking for a new, advanced yet simple editor, look no further! The core value proposition of Bit’s editor is the ability to work collaboratively with your peers on writing projects. Multiple people can simultaneously collaborate on a Bit document in real-time.

If you are working on a solo project and need suggestions and feedback from fellow writers or friends, you can invite them to the doc. Your friends or team can then highlight changes, add comments, and can even chat with you, without leaving the document.

However, what makes a great writing tool is its editor. Bit’s smart, minimal editor is perfect for distraction-free writing. No more word-styled ribbon with confusing and distracting tabs and buttons.

Just start typing on a blank canvas and you’re good to go. If you need to format the text, just highlight the word/sentence/paragraph and you’re presented with a hidden set of formatting tools! All in all, Bit is a modern-day editor that makes writing fun and distraction-free!

Key Features

  • Markdown support to write quickly
  • Distraction-free editor
  • Real-time collaboration with fellow writers and peers.


  • Free plan with limited features
  • Paid Plans starts at: Standard ($12/user/month), Plus ($20/user/month), Enterprise (contact sales)


If your work heavily depends on writing, you might want to get a feature-rich tool like Scrivener. This writing tool is used by students, academics, novelists, screenwriters, journalists, lawyers, translators, etc. and can be used to create anything from a white paper to a full-fledged screenplay.

Scrivener is perfect for long writing projects as you can easily organize and structure your entire manuscript and tell a coherent story. If you are a beginner, Scrivener can feel a bit over the top and intimidating but is a fine tool nonetheless.

Key Features

  • Export content to any of the popular formats like PDF, Word, ePub, Final Draft or just plain text
  • Copy-paste formatting from one text section to another
  • Can even import images, movies, sound files, Word documents, draft scripts, plain text files, and web pages.


  • Free with limited functionality
  • Paid plans start from: $40.84/one-time

 Coschedule Headline Analyzer

According to data, eight out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only two out of 10 will read the rest! Since 80% of the people never get past the headline, it’s crucial to write headlines that convert. Taking your time coming up with a headline is always worth it as they can determine whether your content gets read or not.

Since it’s such an integral part of the whole writing process, we thought of introducing you to our favorite headline generator, Coschedule Headline Analyzer. The tool examines the overall structure of your text, length, keyword density, grammar, and readability of your headline, and even gives Google search and email subject line previews.

Key Features

  • You can use it for writing headlines for your blog posts, email subject lines or social media messages.
  • Free tool
  • Helps drive more click-throughs, social shares, sales, and more.


  • Free

Google Trends

content creation software

Google Trends enables content planners to view the most popular topics in real time via popularity graphs and adjust their campaigns accordingly. You can compare the search volumes of different terms based on location and select the time duration to understand how a trend is evolving. You can also filter the results by category if a word has multiple meanings.

Google Trends Pricing: It is a free search trend analysis tool.

SEMrush Topic Research Tool

SEMrush keyword tool provides ideas and information around the topic that users wish to create content around. It provides subtopics and ideas for questions, headlines, news articles, and other content to help you attract the right audience. The ideas are provided after analyzing competitors’ content, location, and popularity to help your content shine and stand out.

SEMrush Pricing: Paid SEMrush plans with unlimited access to the tool start at INR 17129.32 per month.


content creation apps

Canva graphic design tool enables users to plan, create, schedule, and publish posts for social media. It provides thousands of images, templates, and other elements for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, and other social media platforms. The software has editing options like image/ video crop, collage maker, and so on.

You can use simple drag and drop to add stock videos, text animations, and shapes, custom graphs, textured backgrounds, speech bubbles, etc. Further, it helps organize the content in folders and collaborate in real time with team members. 

Canva Pricing: It has a free plan with 100 plus design types. Paid plans start at INR 3,999.00 per year and includes 610,000 plus free and premium templates.

Price: $8/seat/month to $16/seat/month helps you organize, collaborate, and execute an effective marketing strategy across a single visual platform. You can organize all your content pieces by publish date and easily assign writers, designers, and editors to every post. is a visual platform that helps you manage your team’s work, and you can use it for much more than just content marketing. The easy-to-use, visual interface lets any team member jump in and get started, no training required. You start with one of more than 200 templates or drag and drop 30+ column types to customize the workflow. You can show your data in many different ways, depending on the plan you choose, including Kanban, calendar, timeline, Gantt, map, form, workload.

Realistically, you should select at least the $10/seat/month Standard plan if you intend to use to manage your content marketing, as you only gain access to timeline and calendar views at this price point. With this plan and above, you can also set automated actions on your board to boost your workflow. You can also integrate with your other apps, including Gmail and Outlook.


Price: $37/month to $119/month (custom pricing for the Expert plan). A 20% discount applies for annual payment.

ContentCal makes it quick and easy to manage your content marketing planning and processes. It is a multipurpose content marketing platform that allows you to plan, create, collaborate, publish and analyze your content. In addition, it has in-built approval flows to help streamline the process and avoid bottlenecks.

ContentCal is at its heart a visual calendar. It features a well-organized interface requiring little learning curve from the user. You will find nearly an hour of tutorial videos covering almost everything the platform has to offer.

The platform uses color-coding to give users an at-a-glance understanding of where they’re at with their queue. The colors also make it easy to ensure there is a balance of content types.

One timesaver is the ability to create Snippets, repetitive text that goes into each piece of content. You can pre-define as many different strings of text as you wish.

ContentCal automatically adds each post to your Content Hub Library. You can also add ideas here and return to them later to create a post. With Contributions, you can create custom-made forms to collect content ideas and suggestions from customers, clients, and your team members.

ContentCal’s Advanced Analytics helps you measure your success, identify content marketing growth opportunities and analyze all your social data. You can view your performance across organic social, paid social, and your website. 

The platform has a limited range of important inbuilt integrations, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and However, it also integrates with Zapier, meaning you can design a connection with thousands more apps.


Price: $10/month (starting price)

StoryChief is an editorial CMP that allows you to create and publish interactive articles across multiple channels at the same time. This means it is possible to publish an article simultaneously in channels such as Medium, WordPress, Shopify, etc. as well as in social media channels and Mailchimp.

StoryChief is an especially useful platform if you want team members to collaborate and be able to review each other’s work. When an article is created, users can get notifications that there is something new for them to review. By making the link to the article public everyone can view the story in read-only mode.

It has a simple and easy to use design and stories can be grouped into campaigns, which makes it easy to track the success of the content and analyze it compared to other stories from the same campaign.

A useful feature is that StoryChief allows you to see the success of your SEO keywords immediately in the article. A content calendar allows you to plan future articles.

Paid plans are based on the number of articles you want to publish every month and the features you’ll need. A free trial is also available.


The best tools for content creation on important channels and platforms for brands are often difficult to source. Journalists and marketers are inundated with new social media video and photograph apps each year, but there is only so much time in a day. The purpose of this report is to provide a yearly analysis of the most important content creation tools, helping you to prioritise which products to use in the next year

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