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Free Convert PDF Document to Word

I frequently receive questions from people asking how can they convert their file from pdf to word. These questions usually come from those who are curious about modifying or editing the documents before converting them. While others need a plain copy of the document to work on it in Microsoft Word or Pages. Whatever your reason for changing a PDF to Word, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to accomplish your goal for free.

Easily convert your PDF files to editable Word format. Simply open and save your existing PDF documents from free PDF to Word converter software and you will get a lightning fast page converting ability in minutes. This free PDF to Word conversion tool is an easy-to-use free online application which converts PDF documents into editable Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 formats. Free Convert PDF Document to Word provides accurate convert time and minimal error rate for users with all types of operating system. Meaningful error messages will help you correct errors during converting process, if any errors occurred during the conversion process please try again after fixing them!

If you want to convert pdf to word document, you might find the PDF to Word Converter a very useful tool. This free converter allows you to convert Adobe Acrobat PDF documents or other popular formats into editable Microsoft Word (DOC/DOCX) documents. It can not only output text but also retain all the original formatting, images, and layout of your PDF file in a Word document.

Want to convert a PDF document to editable Word format? Then use the Free Convert PDF Document to Word online conversion tool and make your files editable. The tool allows you to quickly and easily convert your offline or online PDF files into the more common Word format, without any exertion on your part.

How to Convert PDF to Word Offline without Software

To convert your PDF documents to Word files offline and without using a software or desktop program, the most common alternative is with Microsoft Office Word.

Step 1. Click on the PDF file you want to convert. If you are utilizing a Mac, then you do not have a mouse with a right button. When you open a PDF file, press the “Control” key and click on the file name. Then, the context menu will appear.

Step 2. You’ll need to find an option that says “open with” and select it. Once done, another menu of options will open.

Open PDF in Word

Step 3. Once this new menu is displayed, click on the “Microsoft Word” or “Word” option, depending on how it displays on your operating system. After you click, your Word file will open, and the PDF document will convert to text.

Step 4. When you press the OK button, the conversion begins immediately. That is what will allow Microsoft Word to convert your PDF file to the previously selected format. When the conversion has finished, you’ll be able to see the result. A message will be shown when this happens. The length of time it takes to complete this depends on how large or complex your document is.

PDF to Word without software

Step 5. When you’re done with your document, open it in Word and edit it there. The obtained Word file may not be a replica of each page of the original PDF document. That could be due to page organization, line breaks, graphics in your file, or some other similar factor. The custom nature of the program will require you to make some manual adjustments.

If you downloaded your PDF from the internet, you would see a bar at the top of your document asking to enable editing. When this happens, click to enable editing.

Step 6. After you’ve finished converting your PDF, the next step is to save it. Whether you have Windows or Mac, click “File,” then “save as,” and then select the location within your PC. If you plan to save this document, give it a name and click the “Save” button.


Best for Free and Powerful PDF to Word Conversion.

PDF to

AltoPDFtoWORD is simply one of the best tools available for online PDF conversion. Mostly, because of the robust features, it offers to its users at absolutely no cost whatsoever. The tool offers easy file upload and conversion with an impeccable end result.

Apart from this, it offers an array of processing features that it performs with ease by not charging anything. You can easily redact and sign your PDF, merge and split it, compress it into any desired size, all of which are performed in no time and top-notch quality.


  • Split and Merge
  • Drag and Drop Upload
  • Extract PDF
  • Compress PDF
  • Rotate PDF

Verdict: AltoPDFtoWORD offers a free tool that can go toe to toe with many premium tools on this list. It performs a variety of processing tasks with phenomenal ease and no compromise in quality. This is by far the best free tool to come out of the industry in a while.

Price: Free

Online OCR

Best for PDF Conversion.

Online OCR seeks to use the power of optical character recognition to enable fast and high-quality PDF conversion in word or any other format you desire.

The tool is absolutely free to use and offers a simple interface to get your task done. You simply upload your file, select the file format, and click convert. Your file will be converted in no time.

Price: Free

Soda PDF

Best for Simple PDF Processing.

Soda PDF is a phenomenal premium PDF processing tool for everything from conversion to PDF compression. The tool offers a colorful interface that makes the conversion, compression, and other PDF-related tasks very easy.

The tool is very powerful and gets your file converted at ultrafast speed with no compromise in quality. It does require you to pay a premium amount, but it is absolutely worth it when you consider what’s in store.

Price: $6 per month for standard, $10 per month for pro, $16 for business.

PDF Online

Best for Basic PDF Conversion

PDF online offers a very simple PDF conversion tool and nothing more. You simply upload the file you want to be converted, choose the format, and wait for the result. It is slow and contains an empty interface.

However, it can come in handy every now and then for once in a while conversion of PDF files. For more robust features, we suggest you look to some other.

Price: Free

WPS Converter

WPS converter is among the top PDF to Word converter worth choosing. The program offers a fast, seamless, and good quality conversion. Also, this converter keeps the font, bullets, layout, and tables of the input document during the conversion process. In simple terms, the WPS converter keeps the original PDF formatting.

pdf to word converter software


  • Maintains the original formatting of the source file.
  • Supports batch conversions to Word.
  • It can open other file formats.


  • It does not have plenty of features like other top PDF converters.


HiPDF is one of the best online PDF to doc converter that allows users to convert PDF files to various formats, including Word. The program supports the conversion of PDF files to a myriad of other file formats such as Word, Excel, PDF/A, and JPG, among others. The conversion process is simple and straightforward, and thus users can navigate with ease irrespective of their expertise.

document converter pdf to word


  • The program has a user-friendly interface.
  • Users can share converted files with ease.
  • It offers accurate and reliable conversion.


  • The free version has limited features.

Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor is a cross-compatible PDF to Word converter, which can work well on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and even online. This program lets you export your PDF content to Word, PowerPoint, RTF, Text, and images formats. And while converting, you can flexibly choose to convert the whole document or a selected area.

Moreover, the great PDF to Word converter software is built with OCR. So you can scan and convert paper documents to PDF, run the text recognition, and create an editable digital PDF document.


Key features:

  • Cross-compatible
  • Edit PDF documents as easily as the Word processor
  • Create PDF files from various file formats
  • Organize PDF files per your liking

Nitro PDF

Nitro PDF ranks highly on the list of best PDF to Word converters. This software can convert PDFs into editable Microsoft Office formats like Word effortlessly. If needed, you are allowed to change multiple PDF files formats at once, and the whole process will complete in a single step.

More than that, you also can convert Word to PDF back with this PDF converting software. Plus, it enables you to edit PDF, create PDF, review PDF, merge PDF, and sign PDF as well.

Nitro PDF

Key features:

  • Convert PDF to Word or other formats in seconds
  • Offer online PDF converting tool
  • Enable to edit PDFs according to your needs
  • Support converting emails and attachments

PDF Element

Best for End to End PDF Processing.

Wondershare’s PDF Element is quite a charmer and packs a wide range of features to justify its existence. Not only can you convert your PDF using this software, but also use it for other practical features like OCR enabled PDF editing, placing comments on PDF files, Split and merge PDF, sign a PDF, etc.

We recommend the PDF element to more advanced business users because of the price hanging over its use.

Price: Standard – $49 per year, Pro – $79 per year.


Best for Converting and Accessing PDF files from anywhere.

Cloud-based and advanced, DocFly does a great job converting PDF files into editable word documents. You can use DocFly as your database as well to store converted files and access them from anywhere in the world. Apart from this, the tool is fast, secure, and quite impressive in the quality of the word document it delivers.

Price: $ 47.88 per year

Acrobat for Macintosh

Acrobat for Macintosh is great software for creating as well as converting PDF on your Mac. This software has many nice features for converting PDF with a few clicks.


  • PDF to Word and Word to PDF conversion facility.
  • Paper documents can be converted to PDF.
  • Converts PDF into editable formats.


  • Running the software takes much time.
Acrobat for Macintosh

Enolsoft PDF to Text for Mac

Enolsoft PDF to Text for Mac gives you the room for converting PDF to text documents seamlessly. The software also utilizes OCR technology for converting PDF files that are scanned. So any protected PDF is also editable with the software.


  • Has OCR technology.
  • Fast performance.
  • Batch conversion facility.


  • The software can’t edit PDF.
  • No options for previewing PDF before editing.
Enolsoft PDF to Text for Mac

Nuance PDF Converter for Mac

Nuance PDF Converter for Mac is an outstanding tool for converting PDF files. It has robust features for converting with high productivity.


  • Can convert iWork supported Word files.
  • Uses OCR.
  • Can also edit as well as share PDF files.


  • Creativity for converting is absent in the software.
Nuance PDF Converter for Mac

deskUNPDF for Mac

deskUNPDF is a very easy to use PDF converter for Mac. It can convert PDF files into editable formats without sacrificing the original layouts.


  • Can convert to not only Word, but also Excel, PowerPoint etc.
  • OCR technology is present in the software.
  • Multi files conversion feature.
  • The software can convert PDF to plain text document.


  • Sometimes odd conversion achievements can be experienced.
deskUNPDF for Mac

PDFMate PDF Converter

This nice PDF converter comes with tons of great features for converting PDF to Word. It can convert in batch conversion. The good thing is that you do not have to pay for a single penny to use it as the software is free of cost.


  • It can convert encrypted PDF files.
  • Has batch conversion facility.


  • Advanced options of the software are confusing.
  • No way to stop or pause any conversion action once it is started.
PDFMate PDF Converter

The best free PDF to Word converter: How we test 

To test the best free PDF to Word converters, we first examined what platforms they run on and whether they’re only available online or can be installed locally. If there was an option to install locally, we assessed the application’s download and install time. We tested how many PDF files the converter could handle per day, the quality of conversion with regards to texts and images, and whether the spacing and layout were converted accurately. We also checked if the converters offered advanced features, like document protection, annotation, and signing.


Have you ever wanted to change a document from pdf to word? There are some reasons that you might need to do this. If a pdf isn’t able to be easily printed or read, you might want to change it into a word document. This article will cover how to change a pdf document into word and why it can be beneficial. You might also be curious about how to change pdf to word for free, or where you can change docx to pdf.

When you have a PDF file, often in some cases you (or the recipient) need to edit that document. Sometimes it might be an important document and changes for it are later made on another computer. Those changes can sometimes be lost if you don’t make a copy of the original document before making any changes.

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