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Donor Management Software for Nonprofits Free

Implementing donor management software for Nonprofits is not easy. That’s why we’ve created a free donor management excel template that has the potential to lower costs and increase engagement, while at the same time help you achieve your nonprofit goals. As one of the best donor management tools, it can easily solve the challenges you might have when working with Excel spreadsheets and manage your donors effectively utilizing features like CRM integration and recurring giving. Now it’s time to start thinking again about how to use technology instead of getting stuck on using Excel spreadsheets as your Donor Management Tool.

This free donor management excel spreadsheet is designed for nonprofits and donor organizations. It can handle unlimited number of contacts, merged lists, and keep track of multiple donors at a time. It is the perfect solution for small nonprofit organizations.

Auctria: Host live virtual events

Auctria is a fundraising platform and auctioning software tool built for nonprofits and small businesses. The software helps you host live and virtual events, handle ticket sales, and facilitate purchases and donations through its portal.

Auctria provides an online platform you can use to manage donors. The software helps track the entire donation process and can organize donors by donation size, location, and payment type.

The software also helps you create a robust website to facilitate virtual fundraising. Additionally, you can market your donation campaigns on social media with the help of integrations with the Auctria platform.

Auctria offers email and live chat support. The tool is web-based and also has a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.BEST FUNCTIONALITYAuctria4.8 (365)Read reviewsVIEW PROFILE

Key Features:

  • Absentee bidding
  • Auction management
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Contribution tracking
  • Donor management
  • Inventory management

Trial/Free Version:Free TrialFree VersionCost to upgrade:

$300.00 flat rate per yearDevice Compatibility:


User dashboard in Auctria

BiddingOwl: Ticketing and event management

BiddingOwl is an online fundraising software tool for nonprofits. With the software, you can create your website and start an online fundraising event.

BiddingOwl helps you manage tickets for paid events and offers a donor leaderboard to keep track of donors with the highest contributions. The software also integrates with multiple third-party payment processing software tools to simplify payments.

The software also features mobile bidding and donations to help you facilitate online fundraising programs.

BiddingOwl features phone, email, and live chat support. The tool is web-based.BiddingOwl.com4.8 (98)Read reviewsVIEW PROFILE

Key Features:

  • Auction management
  • Bid management
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Contribution tracking
  • Donor management
  • Event management

Trial/Free Version:Free TrialFree VersionCost to upgrade :

$295 per monthDevice Compatibility:


Ticketing dashboard in BiddingOwl

Bloomerang: Donor tracking

Bloomerang is a donor engagement, tracking, and fundraising tool that helps increase donor retention and boost revenue for your nonprofit.

The tool helps you create online giving forms that you can embed on your nonprofit website. Additionally, all the form responses are automatically captured and stored in a donor database.

Bloomerang also helps you create and schedule email newsletters and then provides analytics to understand the impact of your marketing campaigns. With the engagement meter, you can assess the engagement level of donors based on location and past interactions with your organization.

The tool also helps you monitor your organization’s social media presence and match online posts to donors in your database. It also identifies potential donors that mention you online so you can approach them.

Bloomerang offers chat, phone, and email support. The tool is web-based and also has a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.MOST AFFORDABLE UPGRADEBloomerang4.7 (1094)Read reviewsVISIT WEBSITE

Key Features:

  • Alumni management
  • Campaign management
  • Contact management
  • Contribution tracking
  • CRM
  • Email marketing

Trial/Free Version:Free TrialFree VersionCost to upgrade :

$19 per monthDevice Compatibility:


Dashboard for donation management in Bloomerang

Join It

Product image of Join It membership management software
  • What it does: Join It is a membership software that gives you a landing space to organize all your contacts and donors. With an intuitive and readable interface, you can seamlessly view each member’s details so you know just how to connect.
  • How you can use it: Join It offers several ways to segment your members, as well as membership management features that allow you to collect donations and automate reminders. With Join It, you’ll ensure your donors are nurtured with no added stress for you.
  • Hidden fees or limitations: Join It’s free version allows you up to 100 members and nonprofit discounts if you decide to upgrade.
  • Kindful CRM Integration: Yes, you can integrate your Join It membership data with Kindful.


Product image of Golden volunteer management platform for nonprofits
  • What it does: Golden is a volunteer management software that allows you to organize, recruit, and track your nonprofit’s volunteer force. With Golden, you can start mobilizing your network toward accomplishing your goals in no time.
  • How you can use it: With Golden, you can run background checks, collect signups, and measure the influence of your volunteers automatically.
  • Hidden fees or limitations: Golden’s free volunteer management plan allows you to start scheduling, tracking, and programming instantly through a simple sign-up process. The free version only lets you have three user logins and limited integrations.
  • Kindful CRM Integration: Yes, you can integrate your Golden volunteers with Kindful.


  • What it does: Salesforce is a CRM software that allows you to organize and communicate with your donors and contacts. Salesforce also provides you with the marketing tools to place your message in the hands of those most likely to support you.
  • How you can use it: With Salesforce, you can automatically organize your contacts, segment your audience for targeted communication, and track your data to optimize your donation campaigns.
  • Hidden fees or limitations: Through the Power of Us Program, eligible nonprofits get ten free subscriptions to Salesforce’s nonprofit package and discounts on other products.
  • Kindful CRM Integration: No, Salesforce is an alternative to Kindful.

 Pabbly Subscription Billing

Pabbly Subscription Billing allows you to collect both one time and recurring payments in more than 25 global currencies using its customizable checkout pages. It also allows you to do sales analysis, tax management, offer discounts, and more.

Pricing: Plans start at $9/month.

Google Sheets

  • What it does: Google Sheets is similar to your standard Excel spreadsheet, where you can create rows and columns for the donor information that’s important to you.
  • How you can use it: While Google Sheets is a useful database tool, it doesn’t have CRM or donor management software features. The upside is that all of its functions are free to use with your Google account.
  • Hidden fees or limitations: It’s genuinely free, but you limit yourself to simple data collection.
  • Kindful CRM Integration: Yes, with Zapier, you can import your contacts into Kindful from your Google Sheet.


Example of using JotForm form builder to collect donations
  • What it does: JotForm is an online application that allows you to create custom online forms. Its incredibly intuitive user interface allows you to drag-and-drop the building blocks of the form you need.
  • How you can use it: JotForm provides you with the tools to improve the experience of your donors and volunteers with signups, registrations, and surveys.
  • Hidden fees or limitations: JotForm’s free online forms plan limits your access with only five forms and 100 submissions per month. JotForm also offers a 50% discount on paid plans if you decide you want to upgrade.
  • Kindful CRM Integration: Yes, with Zapier you can import your JotForm contacts into Kindful.


Example of using SignUpGenius to collect donations
  • What it does: SignUpGenius has become a household name in the volunteer and event organization world. With SignUpGenius’s intuitive software, you can make sure you have the information you need for your next event, fundraiser, or volunteer opportunity.
  • How you can use it: Like JotForm, SignUpGenius allows you to collect and organize the information critical to your nonprofit’s outreach and mission.
  • Hidden fees or limitations: SignUpGenius offers a lot with their free form building plan, including unlimited signup pages and an individual URL for each published signup. However, you will get a limited amount of administrators, fewer customizations, and ads attached to your forms.
  • Kindful CRM Integration: Yes, with Zapier you can import SignUpGenius contacts into Kindful when a contact is added to a group or when a new slot is filled on sign up.

Google Workspace

Example of using Google Workspace for nonprofit team productivity
  • What it does: Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Meet—Google Workspace is a collection of Google productivity tools that help your team collaborate efficiently.
  • How you can use it: Use Google Workspace tools to stay connected with your team, especially in today’s remote workforce. Collaborate on grant applications or annual reports using Google Docs. Schedule a virtual meeting using Google Calendar and Google Meet. Even collect volunteer registrations using Google Forms.
  • Hidden fees or limitations: With Google Workspace for nonprofits, you can have up to 100 participant video meetings and 30 GB of cloud storage per user for free. You can also upgrade to paid plans at up to a 75% discounted rate.
  • Kindful CRM Integration: Partially. With Kindful BCC, you can automatically track email communication between Admins and Contacts in Kindful.


Example of collecting an e-signature with HelloSign
  • What it does: HelloSign provides an easy way to send, receive, and manage legally binding electronic signatures—all online.
  • How you can use it: With all the volunteers, contractors, corporate partners, and other stakeholders you work with, HelloSign makes the administrative work easy so you don’t miss a beat on your fundraising campaigns, volunteer programs, or events.
  • Hidden fees or limitations: With the free HelloSign plan, you can only send three signature requests per month, so you’ll likely have to invest in a paid plan to make full use of the platform. We recommend using their 30-day free trial to further evaluate your return on investment on the tool.
  • Kindful CRM Integration: Yes, with Zapier you can import a contact into Kindful when a form is sent, viewed, or signed.


  • What it does: Asana is project management software that allows you to manage your team’s work, projects, and tasks online and in one place.
  • How you can use it: Use Asana to collaborate with your team and keep track of your projects and programs. Add your staff, board members, regular volunteers, and more to make sure all your stakeholders are collaborating efficiently.
  • Hidden fees or limitations: With Asana’s free plan, you add up to 15 teammates. You can get any of their paid plans at a 50% discounted rate with Asana’s nonprofit pricing.
  • Kindful CRM Integration: No.


  • What it does: Trello is productivity software that allows you to create boards, lists, and cards to manage projects and organize tasks in one central location. If you like the Kanban project management method, Trello is a great choice for project management.
  • How you can use it: With Trello, you can better organize your team’s work with features like task assignment, timelines, productivity metrics, and calendars. This helps you stay on the same page with all of your nonprofit stakeholders, from full-time staff to volunteers and board members.
  • Hidden fees or limitations: Trello is free with up to 10 boards. You’ll have limitations on features like power-ups and automations with the free plan. You can get a paid plan at a 75% discounted rate with the Trello nonprofit discount.
  • Kindful CRM Integration: No.


Our free donor management software allows you to track your donors. Free up valuable time by taking care of many tasks in one place. This is the best donor management software for small nonprofits.

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