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Best Free Market Research Tools

How can I get market research reports for free? How to get free market reports for free? Download market research reports for free? Get market research reports for free? These are some common questions and we will answer them right away.

How do you save money on market research report purchases? Finance is one of the most important factors to any business. Every business needs to save money where they can…even if it’s just $1, $5, or $10 at a time. The below article explains how to download market reports for free.

American FactFinder

List of Free Market Research Tools and Resources

This free resource gives you access to census data from around the United States. For SMBs looking to gain better insight into key regional demographics, this is a great resource to use. 

American FactFinder is a site that was created by the U.S. Census Bureau to help you find information about the United States, including demographics, education, housing, and more. You can search by city or zip code, so if you’re looking for info on a specific area of the country, you can narrow it down to a more manageable size.

The site also has an option to search by topic if you’re interested in a particular subject (such as health care), which can be helpful if you know what kind of data interests you but don’t want to spend hours scrolling through lists of results.

Cori Contract Library

Cori Library

CORI is a digital library of contract information that contains over 690,000 contract items. Their results contain both executed contracts and contract forms for specific industries. Registration is required, but the service is free.

Cori Contract Library is a library for implementing distributed storage and computation using the Cori API. It consists of a Python package, which provides the core functionality, and an IPython Notebook extension that makes it easy to use Cori in Jupyter Notebooks.

The library makes it easy to implement functionality like:

  • Distributed computation
  • Storage services (e.g., CFS)

Free Patents Online (FPO)

Free Patents Online

Patent database with advanced search capabilities for news, blog articles, data visualizations, patent maps, and more. FPO also allows downloading of patents applications and diagrams via PDF format.

Free Patents Online (FPO) is a search engine for US patents, which has been around since 2008.

The FPO search has over 27 million patent documents, including images and all the information you need to know about a patent. It also includes links to other databases that contain related information about a patent or inventor.

There are several ways to do your own research using Free Patents Online:

Simple Search: The simplest way to do your own research is through a simple search on the website. You can type in the name of an inventor, inventor’s date of birth or death, assignee (the company who owns the patent), or file number. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to view all of the documents associated with your search—including images!

Advanced Search: If simple searches aren’t doing it for you and instead leave you feeling overwhelmed by all of the options available on the site, try an advanced search! The advanced search allows users to narrow down their results by choosing specific fields like class or subclass; file date ranges; assignee name; application number; and more!

Google Trends

Google Trend Insights

Compare search volume patterns for various keywords and filter results by date, categories, and regions to view trending data. Google Trends also displays key headlines as points of reference on the trending graph.

Nielsen – MyBestSegments

Free Market Research Tools

MyBestSegments provides insights into an area’s demographic data and lifestyle habits. There are paid subscription options, but this free resource helps to inform which areas would be most receptive to a new campaign or product launch, potential competitors in certain areas, and market trends. Nielsen is a media research company that provides information on what consumers watch, listen to and buy. MyBestSegments is one of Nielsen’s many offerings, which allows you to track and measure your content performance across digital platforms.

Pew Research Center

Market Research Tools

The Pew Research Center has several free resources with advanced search filters that market researchers can use to better understand target markets. They provide invaluable consumer insights on everything from political sentiments and economics to social media trends and more. 


Market Research Tools

A question and answer website where market researchers can go to gather real-time data on general consumer needs, market trends, target audience insights, and competitors. 

Quora is a question-and-answer site that allows users to ask and answer questions on topics ranging from popular culture to science. Questions can be asked in many different categories, using either a corresponding broad topic or the specific name of the category. Questions are answered by other members of the Quora community, who are given points for their answers.

Due to its unique format and subject matter, there are some rules that govern what is and isn’t allowed on Quora. For example, answers must be written in an appropriate tone for the site’s audience; questions that aren’t relevant to any of the site’s categories are not allowed; and users must abide by all local laws when answering questions.

SEC Public Filings

SEC Filings

Provides company filings dating back to 1994 and full-text search capabilities are available for the last four years of public company filings. Some documents are formatted with “interactive data” and company listings can be monitored via RSS feed.

Seeking Alpha

Market Research Tools

Content curated by a large network of stock analysts, traders, economists, academics, financial advisors, and industry experts. Insights provided by Seeking Alpha include:

  • Market News
  • Stock Ideas
  • Investment News
  • Marketing Forecasts
  • Financial Reports



A statistics website that offers free and paid access to more than 60k topics from 21 market segments. Statista provides insights on business, media, financials, consumer behavior, and more. 

Statista is a statistics portal that offers market data and business intelligence for a wide range of industries. It offers access to research reports, statistics, and analytics for over 60,000 sources, including business journals and publications, governments, companies, and more.

Statista also offers several other features:

  • A search engine that allows you to find the most relevant data in seconds
  • A free newsletter that features interesting stats each week
  • A blog with regular updates on industry trends

Think with Google

Think with Google

Ever have a question about the world? The universe? The weather? Google has an answer for that, and it’s called “Think with Google.”

This is a great place to find answers to your most pressing questions, from the trivial to the serious. For example: What is the meaning of life? Well, Google has got you covered there. Just type in “what is the meaning of life?” and hit enter. You’ll get an answer right away!

You can also ask Google how much money you need to live comfortably, what time your favorite TV show starts, or even how much it costs to buy a house in your neighborhood. It’s all up for grabs when you think with Google!

In addition to monitoring search trends, Google also provides a free marketing resource with consumer insight reports, marketing trend data, emerging technology, advertising campaigns, and more. 

Thomas Net

Thomas Net

Database of industrial manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. View product catalogs, related white papers, and recent web results for product/service categories. ThomasNet also provides free RFP and Contract Manager tools. Thomas Net is an online community that connects buyers and suppliers of products and services to help them do business together. We help our members find the right products and services, connect with new clients, and keep their businesses running smoothly.



Trend reports on emerging consumer trends occurring around the globe. Releases monthly briefings based on data collected by a global network of hundreds of individual spotters for accurate trend forecasting. Paid subscriptions are available. Trendwatching is a trend-forecasting company that specializes in identifying and analyzing emerging trends. They help clients make sense of the world around them by providing insights into future consumer behavior, business opportunities, and cultural shifts.

US Copyright Catalog

Copyright Catalog

Search copyright documents pertaining to books, music, art, periodicals, and any other works published since 1978. Tools are available to determine the copyright status of existing works and obtain copies of copyright documents. Copyright data regarding works published prior to 1978 are also available through this office, but not online.

Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine

WayBack Machine allows you to view the changes made to a website over time. Its archive contains 150 billion web pages that date back to 1996. Help identify trends and patterns evidenced by the evolution of your competitor’s websites.


SurveyMonkey is a leading market research software where the user can easily conduct market research surveys. The user can comfortably reach a specific audience through this software. The user can also research & analyze a target market, measure brand awareness, and easily gain insight into the future product through SurveyMonkey. It’s also a useful market research tool to compare the strategies with your competitors and for effective market segmentation.

SurveyMonkey Market Research Features : Data Management, Email / Online, Paper-Based, Statistical Analysis, Survey Management


KPI6 is a Software as a Service Suite adopted by Brands and media agencies to understand consumers, identify their needs, and define audience segments. It analyses a multitude of user-generated content and unsolicited sources like online reviews, social and web panels, digital open data to provide the critical strategic insights a company needs to drive innovation, opportunity assessment, strategic planning, segmentation, creative development, and media strategy.


Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo) transforms customer feedback into operational gold to create customer-centric organizations. Alchemer provides a customer-experience platform and pre-packaged solutions that enable businesses to collect and act on feedback to find, get, and keep more customers and employees. Only Alchemer puts customers at the center of everything a company does by integrating feedback directly into the systems and applications that power the organization today. Alchemer serves more than 15,000 global customers and 30% of the Fortune 500.

Alchemer Market Research Features : Benchmarking, Compensation Management, Data Management, Email / Online, Face-to-Face, Panel Management, Paper-Based, Phone-Based, Sample Management, Statistical Analysis, Survey Management

Social Mention

This software comes in handy if your business has already gained a strong social presence. It helps to monitor various social media and provides you with detailed report(s) on how your brand is performing across various platforms. With this marketing research software, you can easily track all comments or mentions about your product or brand on various social platforms.

Furthermore, the app provides clear customer insights, lets you manage your online reputation. Social Mention supports Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and virtually all social media platform you know. More so, it works in real-time.


Cloudscene is a data-driven marketplace platform that transforms the way businesses buy network services. By streamlining procurement and simplifying sales activities, Cloudscene makes way for stronger connections, easier tracking and management, empowered and agile teams, time and cost efficiency, and increased productivity for forward-thinking organizations. Our platform is backed by unmatched market intelligence as we believe the best business decisions are founded on powerful data.


Typeform is a data collection tool where the user can turn data collection into an experience. The software offers refreshing ways to ask questions and a fun ways to get answers. The user can collect better data through the conversational feature. Typeform offers a user-friendly interface to the users. You can find different templates to boost your market research. It’s also a suitable option to integrate with third-party software.

Typeform Market Research Features : Data Management, Email / Online, Survey Management


Surveys are a good way to get relevant information from the public regarding a product you’re about to launch, or a product that has already been in the market in a while. With SurveySparrow, you will create various types of market surveys from the available built-in templates.

SurveySparrow, as a company, also offers various other marketing solutions for obtaining insights about the participants in a market. More so, SurveySparrow surveys can be embedded on sites and applications. This marketing software offers a ton of exclusive features that guarantee good results. is a smart video platform that helps global brands and agencies plan, execute and share qualitative research conversations at scale. We help enterprise market researchers, UX researchers, product managers, sales professionals, brand managers, and CX departments ramp consumer conversations and streamline the workflow. Built by market researchers, key features include live video interviews, mobile screen share, interactive whiteboards, built-in auto translation (100+ languages), powerful.


With Qualaroo, targeting the right audience, analyzing the market, and collecting feedback become super easy. Qualaroo’s list of professional templates has something for everyone, from e-commerce to educational technology companies. The surveys can be used for market research, checking NPS, prototyping, checking CX and UX metrics, and more on websites and apps with the option of advanced targeting to get accurate results.

Qualaroo Features: Survey Templates, Mobile iOS & Android, Nudge for Prototypes, AI Sentiment Analysis, Confirmation Page Surveys, Question Branching, NPS, Exit Intent Surveys, and A/B Testing


Statista is popular among product launchers and digital marketers; it is a tool that lets you get statistical data analytics for any product. This software is cloud-based and runs on all devices or systems. It collates market data from 600+ industries and is available globally. The app is very easy to navigate and use, featuring a super-intuitive interface.

With Statista, you can easily create buyer personas, online questionnaires, and have access to various content marketing tools. Interestingly, the result charts are straightforward and you can understand them easily.


SurveyLegend is the best mobile-ready free online survey app where you can easily conduct effective market research for your future products. The user can create engaging surveys on their tablet or computer with ease. You can find different themes for the survey as per your brand requirement. You can share your survey through email, facebook, twitter, blogs, and with more ways to reach your audience. SurveyLegend also offers real-time data analytics to get real-time insights.

SurveyLegend Market Research Features : Data Management, Email / Online, Face-to-Face, Panel Management, Phone-Based, Sample Management, Statistical Analysis, Survey Management


Qualtrics is the go-to marketing tool used by companies to run market research and understand their customers’ needs. This software helps you to reach your full audience, irrespective of their location. Forms and questionnaires created with Qualtrics are accessible on mobile devices and computer systems. It delivers real-time information, as well as provides real-time insights.

Furthermore, Qualtrics integrates with Zendesk, Adobe, Marketo, and many other business systems for more functionality. This software tool is available at a considerable price and it is for use in all industries.


You’ve probably heard of reports. Reports are like the bread and butter for any company, but they hardly ever come cheap. Reports could cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $25,000, depending on your industry and what your report is all about.

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