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Free Online Learning Tools for Toddlers

Do you want to know what are the best learning tools for kindergarten? What are the best free online learning tools for kindergarten? Do you want to develop kids’ creativity? Or become a more efficient parent? Learn with toddlers is one of the best online resources. You can easily learn about all subjects related to your kids.

Want to learn more about free online learning tools for kindergarten? Check out these free online learning for preschoolers and toddlers article. Find the best learning tools for kindergarten and online learning applications for kids available now on the Internet.

Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic Learn at Home is a 20-day program to keep kids entertained and learning through videos, stories, and problem-solving challenges. The website is divided by age and has enough activities for each group to provide parents with three hours of content each day. That means three hours each day of online reading and activity time, all themed around a special topic area for the day. Day one for first and second graders? Spiders. Get ready for some cute spider drawings for the fridge, folks!


The Brainly app aims to connect parents with other parents to help out their students, aka a virtual study group. That means you can crowdsource other families for help on concepts that you might not remember from grade and high school. For an extra fee, parents can get help with specific homework problems from experts (useful for brushing up on geometry if you don’t remember the Pythagorean theorem).

Kidoti Easter Worksheets

This Easter, dive into an exciting board game and 21 activity pages perfect for young children. Easter is a fun holiday for children, complete with treat-filled baskets and special crafts. These colorful Easter-themed worksheets are great ways to keep your child learning while having fun. The worksheets on this page will give your child the chance to practice important skills ranging from letter tracing to following directions. The worksheets include a variety of pre-reading, handwriting, listening, visual discrimination and math activities.

Offers thousands of worksheets, educational games and more. The worksheets are available from preschool to fifth grade, middle school and high school covering various categories like science, mathematics, phonics, science projects, reading, social studies and more.

Offers online learning in various areas like Math, Science, Language, Social Studies, Creativity and Logic. Offers lots of printable worksheets, interactive games, arts and crafts activities all online. All games are created by a team of skilled educators and child psychology experts who come together to ensure all the games deliver an enriching and enjoyable learning experience.


Bolo is an App that lets children learn to read with Google. It is designed for primary age children, Bolo helps to improve their English reading skills, by encouraging them to read aloud and giving them instant feedback. The App is engaging and once downloaded works offline.

Made with Code by Google

Made with Code is an initiative launched by Google. The goal is to empower kids in middle and high schools with computer programming skills. Your child can explore building their own emojis, games and much more here. 


ABCMouse Online Learning Tool

If you’ve heard of only one platform for online education for kids, there’s a good chance ABCmouse is it. Ambitious advertising campaigns have made this award-winning online early learning academy a household name. While there’s plenty of hype about this learning tool, its impressive curriculum and wealth of interactive activities actually make the publicity pretty well justified. ABCmouse offers what it calls “the most comprehensive curriculum on Earth” encompassing math, reading, science, social studies and art. Designed for ages 2 to 8, the platform divides its more than 850 lessons and more than 9,000 kids’ learning activities into 10 progressive levels. Kids love the interactive experiences and the Tickets and Rewards System that keeps them motivated (without cluttering up your home like real-world tickets and prizes). You’ll have to pay for access to one of the best educational programs for kids, but on the plus side, this means there are no advertisements and no external links that put your kids’ privacy or safety at risk online.


  • The comprehensive curriculum designed in consultation with teachers and learning experts covers 10 levels of proficiency in reading, math, science, social studies and art.
  • With more than 850 lessons plus 9,000 individual learning activities – not to mention, new activities added constantly – there’s plenty for your kids to do. If the sheer number of activities and lessons is your topmost factor when looking for the best online learning for kids platform, then this will make your shortlist. 
  • Your children can explore the immersive world of ABCmouse in their own way – by following the progressive Step-by-Step Learning Path or by delving deep into the topics or activities that inspire them.
  • Carefully designed learning-through-play experiences allow children to learn the fun way, through games, puzzles, animations, books, songs and art activities. Kids especially love exploring the interactive zoo and farm and customizing the exotic fish in the Classroom Aquarium.
  • Fully interactive, ABCmouse greets your child by name and allows them to customize their own avatars, complete with virtual pets and a variety of clothing options.
  • The Tickets and Rewards system incentivizes kids to keep learning while simultaneously teaching them about saving and spending as they make decisions about “purchasing” in-game prizes with their virtual tickets.
  • There’s no risk of in-app purchases with real money. The only currency used within the platform is earned tickets.
  • The paid website is child-safe, with no advertising or external links, so you can be sure your child won’t accidentally download a virus or navigate to inappropriate or dangerous sites while in the platform.
  • For safety, ABCmouse never asks for personal information from your children, and the company guarantees that your child’s information – the data you enter to set up the profile – is securely protected.
  • The reading curriculum starts with the basics like uppercase and lowercase letter recognition and progresses through sentence structure and parts of speech, with more than 450 books included.
  • The math curriculum teaches preschool children to count up to 120 and progresses through addition and subtraction, identifying two-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes and measuring length, time and money.
  • In the science and social studies curriculum, you will find lessons on health, animals, weather, maps, the solar system and many more topics.
  • The art and colors curriculum teaches children to identify primary and secondary colors as well as shades of colors. Activities include virtual paint-by-number, number and letter dot-to-dot and a unique drawing and painting program that allows kids to create their own original masterpieces with the colors, lines and shapes of their choice.
  • ABCmouse has won recognition including the Mom’s Choice GOLD Award, the Teachers’ Choice Award and the Parents’ Choice GOLD Award.
  • Though the service is paid, new users can test it out with a 1-month free trial. Families can also save up to 49 percent with discounted annual or installment membership options.
  • ABCmouse is suitable for ages 2 to 8.
  • A subscription includes registration for up to 3 children per household and allows for access from any device belonging to any household member. Multiple child users within a family can be logged into the platform simultaneously from different devices.
  • Your child can log in to learn from desktop computers, smartphones or tablets or take learning offline with 2,000+ printable activities.
  • Parents love that they can track their child’s progress as well as set curfews and time limits, manage their child’s learning level to keep challenging him or her and customize holidays for seasonal content that matches the family’s traditions.
  • According to ABCmouse, a survey of 5,000 parents found that 85 percent of parents reported a “significant positive impact” among children using ABCmouse.


Education is important from the earliest age for a child. But these early years can be expensive. How can you prepare your children to learn from an early age? How can you give that gift of education? The answer is simple – by using online educational tools that are free. These tools will help your child develop important educational skills and ensure they have a solid foundation in learning from a young age.

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