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Create Free Logo without Watermark

Free online logo makers are top software design tools that help you to easily create logos for your business or personal brand in minutes without the complications that come from using design packages and software like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. But one major drawback of free logo makers is watermarking.

Creators of these apps and software use watermarking to promote their software or also charge users to remove the watermark. Looking for a free logo maker without a watermark? Want to use one on your personal project without a watermark? I’ve got the right article for you.

We did the work and searched for some of the best free online logo makers without watermarking. Simply input your design specification and you can get a free logo for your startup, personal brand, or business. Here are the best free logo maker online tools without a watermark, you can now design a logo in just a few minutes.

LogoGenie – Simple Professional Logo maker

LogoGenie is a simple, professional logo maker for everyone. Just choose a design, customize it to suit your needs, and then download your high-quality logo. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, LogoGenie will help you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or something friendly and warm, LogoGenie is a fast and professional online logo maker that can help you stand out and position your business or brand for success.


  • A simple yet powerful logo maker
  • Lots of unique logos and icons
  • Get your brand and logo pack in minutes
  • Easy to customize and adjust
  • Great customer service
  • Simple Pricing

LogoGenie is a paid tool, and one actually worth it, else we won’t be recommending it. I was actually impressed by the unique icons and logo it generates and this is why it is my go to for professional logo creation. You can get started with LogoGenie in 3 steps:

  1. just answer a few questions about your business (name and industry)
  2. Choose from many unique logo generated by the AI
  3. Customize and download the logo and all brand materials

Namecheap Logo Maker

NameCheap Logo Maker is a free tool you can use to make your own logo in just 5 minutes. No design experience required! It’s one of the fastest and free brand asset generator you can find on the internet today. With this tool you can come up with a brand identity that perfectly represents your business or personal identity.

Namecheap Logo Maker is a free tool that can help you create a unique logo for your blog or website. This online logo maker allows you to choose from over 1000 templates, fonts, colors and effects. You can also customize your own template by adding text or images to the background of your design. The interface is very simple and easy to use, so even beginners will be able to create their own logos within minutes.

Logos created using this tool will not look like they were made by computer software!

All you need to do is enter your brand name, select the font styles, choose a brand color, add your company slogan (this is optional and you can skip it). Finally, you will be asked to choose three favourite Icons you can also choose to skip or continue with zero icons.

The Tool will generate a couple of cool logos for you and you can choose the one you want.

Once you’ve chosen your logo, you can edit and download your design files—all without even making an account, let alone paying anything.


  • Easy and Free
  • Choose from dozens of beautiful fonts and colors
  • Good icons
  • Simple to use and edit

Namecheap free logo maker is a straightforward and simple online logo maker tool with no watermark, that will help you get a logo for your business, website, social media channels or page without stress. While it is a simple tool, we highly reccomend you consider investing in a professional branding service when your business starts to pickup.

Hatchful by Shopify

While the logo itself doesn’t have to be complex, it’s worth putting a bit of thought and effort into it. Thanks to Shopify’s free online logo maker Hatchful, that doesn’t mean spending days scratching your head or trying to learn graphic design in a week. Maximizing your efficiency with this tool will let you focus on the bigger of running your business.

Hatchful is pretty simple to use and lets you customize your logo based on your preferences. Just choose your business space, then pick a visual style to inform the logo maker about your preferences. 

Hatchful will now create a range of logos for you to choose from. Select the logo that fits your needs best, and edit it as much as your heart desires. You can play around with the font, color, icon, and layout until you’re happy with the result.

Price: Free.


Ucraft is a free logo maker online with no watermark. It’s easy to use, and there are many templates that you can choose from. You can also customize each template as much as you want because they’re so flexible.

A major advantage of Ucraft is that it has a ready-made logo gallery with over 1 million logos for inspiration. There are many different types of logos available on this site, including: business logos, corporate logos, web logos and more!

How it works

Ucraft presents you with a blank canvas where you can drag and drop icons, text, and shapes to create your custom logo. You’re able to search for specific icons, and there are lots of simple options to choose from. If you get lost, a friendly chatbot is on hand for assistance.


Because ucraft’s concept is based around an open canvas, it helps users achieve quality results by giving them as many options as possible. It also means that the quality of the logo is dependent on your own skill. In addition to boasting more than 1 million icons, the app provides a full-color spectrum tool, and it integrates with Google Fonts to give you a wide selection of typefaces. Some might find all these options overwhelming, but if you have the time and keen design eye, you can come up with something great.


Zyro is a free logo maker that has all the basic tools you need to create your own logo in no time. The website is easy to use, and it includes a large selection of templates, fonts and colors for you to choose from.

The best part about Zyro is that it doesn’t require any registration or signup – so you can start designing right away!

Zyro’s logo maker helps you turn your creative ideas into reality. You’ll be able to customize every element of your logo, from icon to size and text. 

You can design your logo for free in four easy steps. All you need to do to use this logo creator is enter your brand name, choose a template, and then customize your logo until you’re satisfied with the results. Then download it and get rolling.

Price: Free.


Canva is a great choice for beginners and those who have no experience with design software. It’s easy to use, user friendly and has a lot of templates and stock photos.

Canva is one of the most popular free logo maker tools on the web today. It’s ideal for beginners because it’s so simple to get started—even if you’ve never used Photoshop or Illustrator before. The platform also offers more than 1 million free templates (including hundreds of thousands in its stock photo library) that you can use to create your own designs or customize existing ones, giving users access to an incredibly wide range of options right out of the gate. You can even access Canva through your mobile device when working remotely or traveling abroad (something not all online logo makers offer).

You may know Canva as a social media tool, but it can also be used to create a logo. Canva has a drag and drop interface, which is great for those who have no design expertise. It’s a simple process to create your logo with over 100 templates to choose from. 

You enter the name of your company to get started and answer a few simple questions to customize your logo search. You’ll be asked about the industry, and to pick your style from a wide variety of different style templates (based on the industry that you picked). 

The best part is the logo will be high resolution at no extra charge. Yet another great free logo creator that doesn’t require any design experience.

Plus point: You can even download their app and design your logo straight on your phone.

Price: Free.


Designhill is a logo design contest platform that allows you to create a logo for your business. You can submit your logo design for free and get feedback from the community.

Designhill also offers free online logo design services from Designhill. You can choose between three different packages: Basic, Standard, or Premium. The basic package includes 3 concepts and 5 revisions; the standard package includes 10 concepts and 10 revisions; and the premium package includes 15 concepts and 15 revisions.

How it works

You start by picking 5 sample logos that you like, selecting colors, and choosing your industry. You then select up to five icons to accompany the logo. Before you’re able to see the results, you are prompted to create an account. Once you do, choose your favorite logo and purchase.


Initially, the sampling of graphics provided by the platform had me worried—they were basic icons. But Designhill does a pretty good job pairing them with creative typography and appealing color schemes. In the end, I was surprised by how many of the logos were able to make the simple icons work for them, especially given they were the exact same icons used by other logo makers.


This software is still considered a prototype, but an awesome one in fact. First, you enter the name of your company. MarkMaker then generates lots of logo options. 

You can “heart” the type of logos you like as well as select the kind of industry your company falls under. This free logo creation software learns over time what options you like, so be sure to “heart” all the potential logos you can. 

Once you find one you like, hover your mouse over the logo and click the pencil icon to edit the logo to your liking. You can download it when you’re done. 

Price: Free, but they give you an option to chip in $3 or $5 if you like!


How it works

Looka uses AI to help understand your business before generating logos for you. From the 20+ logo examples displayed, you’re asked to pick the 5 that you like best. Then you can pick a color palette, and include any special symbols (like a triangle), and that’s it! The app will work its magic and show you some logo ideas, which you can then customize further with different fonts, colors, and layouts.


The results I received from Looka were modern and professional-looking. Considering that AI is the app’s main driver, I was expecting results that were a little smarter, a little more tailored to me—despite it being a logo generator. But Looka’s concept is cool and the quality was generally better than other logo makers I tested.


Next on our list of best free logo maker software is Logaster. Logaster lets you create a professional logo in four simple steps. First, you type in the name of your company or brand. Once you do that, they show you logo concept examples to choose from. Once you choose your logo concept, you can sign up and save it in order to edit it later on. 

Explore the possibilities of editing your logo by changing the color, text, or icons used. Pick a price plan, and download your files. And you’ve got your choice of logo!

Price: To get you started, Logaster gives you a free small logo without watermarks. Plan prices start at $19.99.


Forget about expensive graphic editors to create your logo. It is a free online logo maker that will help you create your logo for free! It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in, creating a logo for your company is one of the most important tasks. Because the logo should reflect your business mission and values, it must be designed by professionals to reflect the image of your company.

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