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Best Free Online Quiz Tools

Want to learn about the best quiz making software? There are countless quiz maker software out there, so it can be quite confusing. I’ve created this list for people who want to know which tools are the best quiz maker free. I’m not trying to convince you that these are the only quiz makers available, but rather giving you my top choices.

It’s hard to create a quiz that makes an impact, engages your audience, and leaves them with a takeaway. If you’re creating quizzes for school, work, or just for fun there are tons of online quiz options. Quiz tools are useful if you want to host your own quiz or need to create one on the spot. There are even websites where you can make quizzes for free.


There are a few impressive case studies numbers on the Interact website. A company used it to get 78% opt-in rate (for email signup). Another generated 2,500 leads with a quiz. A third improved conversion by 55.8%.

I’m not surprised, because the Interact quizzes are designed with conversion in mind. You can create personality, scored or assessment quizzes, and there are 800+ premade templates in 40 categories to choose from. You also have access to all the customization options you need to help them integrate with your branding.

Speaking of integrations, you can even connect your quiz directly with email marketing tools, or export the collected data via .CSV. The company is fully GDPR-compliant, so that’s also a plus for reputable companies.

Last but not least, the options are flexible, and you get all the features you might need. Use multiple answers, create image questions, branching logic, it’s all there to create powerful quizzes – all from a drag and drop interface.

interact branching

Interacts powerful Branching Logic Editor

Interact Pricing

You get unlimited quizzes, polls and giveaways with every plan. The only caps are on the number of leads (which is still generous with the entry plan) and the branching editor you see above. Some advanced integrations are also only available with the pricier tiers.

Below are the annual prices, which save you around 40% versus month-by-month payments.

  • Free: can’t capture leads.
  • Lite: $17 per month. Up to 60,000 leads a year.
  • Growth: $53 per month. 120,000 leads a year.
  • Pro: $125 per month. Unlimited leads.

Pros of Interact

  • There is a free version! It comes with the Interact branding and doesn’t let you capture info, but still…
  • Reasonably priced: even the Lite plan comes with almost all the pro features.
  • Powerful features: integrations and branching logic can get you really far
  • Good analytics: you get engagement scores and see which questions perform better than others
  • Loads of templates
  • GDPR compliant
  • It’s fairly easy to use: definitely easier than Outgrow or Riddle, but a bit more complicated than Leadquizzes for example.

Cons of Interact

  • Support wasn’t always super helpful or fast. However, if you are in a US time zone (unlike us) answering times should be reasonable.
  • The examples on the site are uninspiring and bordering on useless (What is Your 80s Pricing Persona?!). It’s a shame because you can do a lot better yourself.
  • Not many different quiz types

HubSpot Forms

Price: Free

Even though it’s one of the more advanced form builder tools, you don’t need any technical expertise when you use HubSpot’s free form builder. You can quickly create forms with the drag-and-drop form builder and convert anonymous website visitors into leads with unlimited forms, fields, submissions, and custom forms that all connect to your contact database. This flexibility and customization means it’s easy to create quizzes using the tool as well.

Once someone fills out your form, they’re automatically routed to HubSpot’s free CRM. Once they’re in your CRM, you can set reminder tasks, call them, and send them one-to-one personalized emails, letting you better manage and nurture relationships with your contacts.

HubSpot Forms is also available for Wordpress via HubSpot’s Wordpress plugin.

HubSpot forms quiz maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker is cloud-based software to create and deliver online exams and tests. The ProProfs solution helps you to author quizzes, secure tests and student/employee assessments. It comes along with complimentary test templates, automated grading and integration with ProProfs LMS.

ProProfs Quiz Maker


  • Allows you to make a test using existing templates or create your own from scratch
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop interface
  • You can save time with automatic grading.

License options

ProProfs Quiz Maker is freemium software. A free subscription covers pretty much everything you need, except reports and private tests (all your tests will be made public by default). Paid subscriptions range from $9 for Basic up to 199$ for Enterprise. Nice add-ons include cloud storage, marketing tools and premium support for the most sophisticated plans.


EdApp is a free learning management system and online quiz maker that makes learning fun and engaging for users. With this microlearning mobile app, teams are still able to catch up with their course lessons even with a busy schedule or shift work. That’s why EdApp is the leading LMS across a number of industries, including retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and construction.

Online Quiz Maker - EdApp

Its newest feature, Rapid Refresh, is a user-friendly online quiz maker designed to check your team’s understanding of your training and reinforce their learning. Questions are set up using an easy-to-complete spreadsheet, and you’ll have access to actionable reporting to understand any knowledge gaps an individual or your team may have.

Online Quiz Maker - EdApp Learner Experience


  • Upload questions in our easy-to-complete spreadsheet
  • 50+ authoring & testing templates (no coding required)
  • Completion certificates
  • Gamification with real prizes built into the learning process
  • Automatic grading, scoring, and advanced dashboard analytics
  • Easy in-app branding and customization
  • Automatically-generated spaced repetition to reinforce content
  • Translate your test into 100+ languages with our cloud-based translation tool
  • Diverse question templates: Multiple choice (carousel, chat simulation, circle the answer, images), games (find-a-word, jeopardy, letter jumble, true or false), and more
  • User groups access
  • Complete the quiz anytime, anywhere on the mobile app
  • Compatible with most devices (scaled display)
  • Reports & analytics

Cost: Free Quiz Maker


woorise quiz maker tool

Woorise allows the creation of conversational formsquizzes, and surveys that increase user engagement. This helps collect more data and increases memory retention. Teachers and trainers use quizzes to make learning lessons a more interactive experience. The platform supports many question styles, including questions that incorporate pictures.

Engage and interact with your site visitors by presenting them with fun interactive quizzes. Need to score answers differently for each question or answer? Woorise includes the ability to set custom scores for each and every one of your answers!

  • It is very easy to create quizzes using Woorise. There are many free templates to choose from when setting up a new quiz.
  • The platform allows conditional logic. A conditional logic allows a quiz to respond to a user’s answers. For example, not to present questions, which are irrelevant based on a previous answer.
  • Branching forks are possible for subgrouping, such as making an early choice between being a dog lover and a cat lover to see different questions for the quiz.
  • Offers a calculator function, which can present different questions to respondents based on their cumulative score.
  • Customize the grading method uses for the Quiz to suit your needs.


  • Advanced real-time stats and rankings.
  • Hide or show quiz takers their score and corrected answers, right after they finish your online quiz.
  • Email a link to a quiz results page after respondents finish your quiz.
  • Export your quiz statistics to popular formats such as CSV.
  • Integrate quizzes and results with thousands apps.


  • Need some time to get familiar to build advanced and complex quizzes.


You can create simple quizzes even on Free plan. More advanced options and score features are available on Grow ($49/month) and Pro ($99/month) plans.


With a free online quiz maker like SurveySparrow, you can create and share highly engaging chat-like quizzes with at least 40% higher completion rates.


  • Automate your quizzes: SurveySparrow also lets you and schedule shares. With this in place, you can send your quizzes at a time when your audience is ready to respond.
  • Create an online quiz in seconds: With a built-in drag and drop feature, this free quiz maker enables you to create a quick quiz in seconds!
  • Skip & Display Logic: Use display logic & skip logic to add smart logic to your quizzes.
  • With its Expressions feature and answer scoring, SurveySparrow also helps you evaluate and classify your respondents using math formulas.
  • With real-time reporting, seamless audience management, and hundreds of integrations, this trivia maker goes the extra mile to keep the user experience pleasant and effortless.
  • However, our quiz maker is rather young and is constantly being updated to accommodate new features.

Price: 14-day trial. The pricing plans start at $19/month.


Online quizzes prove to be very popular among students to test their knowledge or improve it. Whether you’re using Quiz tools for fun, tests, polls, research or any other reason, they can help you to assess your exam performances and find out areas of improvement.

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