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Free online video editor no watermark’ has become the new gold rush for web entrepreneurs that are looking to monetize with online video content.

This free online video editor helps you to remove the watermark from the video, through the best features built-in it. It also allows you to select a specific time duration of the video for the watermark to be deleted. It has become much simpler now. With this tool, you can crop your video, rotate or flip it in any direction, add an audio track over it and mix with another, along with various other effects in a hassle-free manner.

Easy video editing for everyone

Our video editor comes with all of the features required to create great videos – no experience needed. Edit clips of all sizes directly in-browser without the hassle of inconvenient uploads. We even have a quick and simple Facebook Video Ad Maker that you can check out before heading over to the video editor.


online video editor no watermark

Want to upload and edit videos in seconds? WeVideo has millions of built-in images, videos, and music that are commercially licensed and free for use. It’s probably the cheapest online video editor with prices ranging from 0 to $29.99/month.

To serve every video editor, it’s compatible with android and iOS mobiles, Chromebook, Mac, and windows without downloading it. Upload any file format, edit and share it on social media and the web while on the go. To save your storage space, it has a cloud-based storage system that offers unlimited media storage space.

Movie Maker Online

online video editor no watermark

The greatest advantages of using Movie Maker Online are no registration requirements, free to use and edited videos have no watermarks and site labels. Imagine uploading all kinds of photos and images for free with only one click! And to make it the best, the number of royalty-free music videos can take you months to edit.

Other than editing videos, you can create videos, edit photos, and make animations and slideshows online. Do you want to know how to make GIF videos, combine videos or insert music to video? Click the “How To” at the top bar and read all the tutorials.

You don’t have to download and install to use.


Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Lightworks Video Editing Software

Lightworks is another great free video editing software, available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Lightworks is one of the more powerful video editors on the list. It’s packed with tons of useful features. The free version should be more than enough for most users. 

  • Lightworks’ free version includes: High precision video trimming.
  • Multicam support.
  • Export to 720p for YouTube.
  • A wide range of video formats supported.

While most features are included, 4K video support for YouTube and Vimeo is only included in the paid version of the software, which costs around $25 a month. 

Compared to Blender, Lightworks has many great video tutorials which can make it quicker to get up and running. Check out this feature comparison to make sure the free version has what you need. If the free version doesn’t meet your requirements, you can consider one of Lightworks’ paid video editor programs.

Pros: Very powerful video editor with many advanced features.

Cons: 4K video support only in the paid version. Some users may find Lightworks too advanced.

Best for All-round desktop video editing.

Lightworks ReviewsCheck out Lightworks user reviews


online video editor no watermark

This is no doubt the most used online video editor no watermark no download software due to its simplicity and above all, free. The Clipchamp library is overstocked with all genres of videos and music.

Its best features include creating and editing original videos, collecting videos from websites, recording, compressing, and converting videos. There is a video template for every kind of video you want to create.

VSDC Free Video Editor

online video editor no watermark

With VSCD Free Video Editor, there are no free trials, no ads, and no watermarks. Just download this software and start editing your videos for free. It works exceptionally well with all types of audio, video, and image formats. The video effects are superb. You can alter the shape and position of images in the video quite easily.

Want to add or reduce the video’s color saturation? Very simple; use the multi-color Chroma Key to adjust the color intensity. The audio editor has sound equalization, volume correction echo redundancy features to help produce videos with the desired voice.


Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

shotcut best desktop video editing

Shotcut is one of the best free video editing software for Windows, and it also works great on Mac and Linux PCs. 

Shotcut, like Blender, is a fully open-source program, so you get access to all the features without the need for a paid upgrade.

While this video editing software has great features and tutorial videos, some users may find the interface a little quirky. That’s because Shotcut was originally designed for Linux and it definitely shows. But, under the hood, it’s still a quality video editor.

Two of Shotcut’s most striking features are 4K HD resolution support and its timeline editing. Not many free video editors offer 4K resolution support. Plus, Shotcut doesn’t require you to import your video into the editor: this can be a timesaver if you are dealing with large video files. 

What’s more, Shotcut also caters to those looking for a 1080p video editor. The app supports 1080p videos at 60 FPS (frames per second). Also, it offers 3 lossless export formats, allowing you to transfer videos with no loss (the only downside is the huge file sizes).

Pros: Native timeline editing and 4K resolution support.

Cons: The quirky interface may be off-putting for some users.

Best for 4K, HD, and 1080 video projects.


free online video editor no watermark

OpenShot is a free online video editor without watermark software that’s compatible with mac, windows, and Linux. There are over ten features to ensure the edited videos meet the desired specifications. They include trim and slice, drop and drag, slow motion and time effects, and audio editors.

There are over 400 video transitions and effects to make your videos as stunning as possible. Use the multiple speed controls to introduce small motions, fast motions, and reverse moves. The 40+ vector title templates are worth making your edited videos go viral on all social media platforms.

Hippo Video

free online video editor no watermark

Hippo Video Editor comes with both paid and free plans. If you want an online video editor for Youtube with no watermark sharing, the video-sharing feature is designed with love to satisfy your needs. This feature allows the import and export of images, music, and videos from Gmail, Google Suite, Google Drive, and other cloud-based storage apps.

What other editing features will interest you? Blurring features, trim, drop and cut scissors, emojis, text, and callout options. Hippo Video also gives the option of narrating a voice inside the video editor.

MiniTool Movie Maker

best online video editor no watermark

How about using a video editor online free with effects no watermark developed by Microsoft? Surely, this makes you feel more confident when editing videos. This Windows Essential Software Suite is designed purposely for Windows users to create, edit and share videos.

Other features include video trimming, video splitter, title, and caption templates. Add transitions and effects and animations to make videos more thrilling. Don’t forget to change the background color to match your video theme.


online video editor no watermark no download

FlexClip is the best online video editor with no watermark software for entrepreneurs who promote their products and services with videos consistently. You can use it to create and edit marketing tutorials, real estate introduction videos, and lifestyle videos from the free templates.

The extensive library has millions of free high-resolution images and commercial-free videos and audio for you to create and edit a captivating promotional video. If combined with the rich text editor and the record voiceover feature, the edited video is a guaranteed sale.


online video editor for youtube no watermark

Not many video creators and editors would be happy with the pricing. However, the library of images and photos from iStock by Getty images, makes it the best. This video editing software is designed to help businesses create, edit, share, and provide insights to marketers.

Magisto has a sharing feature for faster distribution of videos to social media platforms and websites. It also compiles shared video statistics for business insights.

 DaVinci Resolve

Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

DaVinci Resolve Video Editing Software

DaVinci Resolve is arguably the most advanced video editor on the list. While it has many professional video features, its interfaces remain intuitive. Alongside video slicing and trimming, you can master audio and correct color. The app also gives you the option to add 2D and 3D titles to your video. 

If you just want to trim and upload your videos, the rich feature set of DaVinci Resolve may be too extensive. However, if your video project is a little more advanced, the free version of this software is hard to beat.

DiVinci Resolve’s features include:

  • Advanced trimming
  • Multicam editing
  • Color correction
  • Audio mastering

Pros: Intuitive interfaces and incredible color correction.

Cons: Its wide array of features make it a little overwhelming, and not all tutorials are free.

Best for More advanced projects where you need to correct colors.

DaVinci Resolve ReviewsCheck out DaVinci Resolve user reviews


video editor online free with effects no watermark

Renderforest is an easy video editor online without watermark software used by individuals and big institutions to create and edit videos. To edit and share videos without watermarks, you’ve to use the paid plans. Their prices range from $9.99/month to $49.99/month.

You can upload and edit your own videos or choose from the editor’s library of 195,000+ videos.

Make your videos attractive with these features; Broadcast Video Editing Toolkit, Animated Titles Pack, and Creative Titles Pack. To change your video outlook, the typography pack will be the best tool to use.


I know that not all of us are fortunate to be able to afford Adobe Premier or any other similar paid video editor. That’s why I did some research and found these free video editors for you to try out. Some may only offer the basics, while others may be able to rival the paid Adobe products.

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