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Best Hr and Payroll Software Free

HR and Payroll software is software that automates human resource management activities in a company. It is also referred to as Human Resource Management System. It does not only automate HR processes but also provides a platform where a user can discuss employee benefits, leave management, payroll, and the attendance details of employees. IT plays a very important role in an organization that plays an effective role in improving staff productivity.

Hr software is becoming more and more popular due to its ease of use. So many companies are relying on it these days. However, in order to keep up with all the changes and new features, you might need a fresh start and free hr software to help you out!

Recently, the topic of how HR software is changing has been covered extensively on the web. Find out what are the pros and cons of using these new tools, and why they are so popular!

What is HR software?

HR software is a comprehensive tool that can be used to manage Human Resources, including payroll and human resources records. It can help employers track employee information, such as dates of hire, hours worked, leave taken, etc. HR software can also help managers make informed decisions about compensation and promotions.

Cezanne HR

Cezanne HR is a payroll software that allows employers to manage employee hours, payroll taxes and benefits. The software is easy to use and can be accessed from any computer, making it a great choice for small businesses.

Cezanne HR features include:
-Easily track employee hours and identify overtime hours
-Track payroll taxes and benefits
-Get accurate paychecks every week

Cezanne HR (which begins at $200 per month) provides many of the core human resources (HR) functions to meet the needs of small to midsize businesses (SMBs). While it falls short of our Editors’ Choice award, which went to BambooHR for its ease of use, Cezanne HR is a solid overall choice and could fit your SMB’s needs. Improvements to the user interface (UI) help this solution move up a notch, but it still falls short of our best-in-class pick.

The software targets SMBs but it looks and feels like a platform that is capable of handling a much larger workforce. According to Cezanne, its service accommodates staff sizes of up to 5,000 employees but targets companies that have several hundred to several thousand employees. It consists of a core People module that includes personnel files, recordkeeping, HR portals, notifications, and reports. Additional fee-based modules are available for time off, scheduling and time-keeping, online recruiting, and performance management.

As with other HR software, what’s visible on Cezanne HR’s main dashboard depends on who’s logging on. HR administrators and managers can see time-off requests, performance reviews, and other functions they are authorized to perform. Employees can only see functions that pertain to them, including their personnel file, calendar, and reminders. However, it’s important to note that Cezanne HR is designed to be an affordable solution for midsize companies seeking to manage different processes globally. Small companies that operate in one country will likely want to look for something easier to use and simpler in design.


  • Handles various functions like personnel files, directories, and org charts.
  • Main dashboard has different views for managers and employees.
  • Global support for 10 languages and various currencies.
  • Integrated benefits and payroll.


  • Can be complicated to navigate because of non-intuitive command structure and functions that might befuddle small to midsize businesses (SMBs).


TriNet is a leading HR and payroll software that helps businesses manage their employee data. TriNet’s intuitively designed user interface makes it easy for employers to keep track of all their employee data, including pay and benefits, leave management, and employee communications. TriNet also offers comprehensive reporting tools that make it easy for businesses to see how their employees are performing and make informed decisions about workforce management. With TriNet, employers can easily find the right employees and manage their payroll costs while keeping their operations running smoothly.

Industry Specialties: Advertising, Architecture, Consulting, Engineering, Financial, Life science, Manufacturing, Marketing, Nonprofit, Retail, Technology and Wholesale.

TriNet is a payroll and full-service HR solution used by small and medium-sized businesses. Users have access to HR consulting, risk and compliance, benefits, payroll services and an employee and manager self-service portal. Some of its offerings include tax calculation, benefits management, insurance, risk mitigation, reporting, expense management and more.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP is an industry-leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and databases, but it also offers SAP SuccessFactors, an excellent cloud-based human resources (HR) software package geared towards small to midsize businesses (SMBs). Starting at $8 per user per month or as an annual subscription beginning at $85 per employee, it is well organized and with all the features any midsized and larger business will need.

We’ve reviewed SAP SuccessFactors as an overall HR management suite. However, as the name implies, SAP SuccessFactors has outstanding performance management features, which is where the product began. So it’s important to note that the performance management category is where the product earns our Editors’ Choice award.

But while it did well as a performance management tool, SAP SuccessFactors did not win our Editors’ Choice award in our overall HR software and management system review roundup. That recognition instead goes to BambooHR, which also shares its Editors’ Choice award for performance management because it best exemplifies not only an SMB-oriented approach to HR but also a more fluid paradigm in performance management. This new paradigm elevates job and goal appraisal from a stratified, annual process to an everyday work management tool.

SAP SuccessFactors is a comprehensive HR and payroll software that can help you manage employee data, reports, and communication. With features like instant messaging and email notifications, it makes managing your team easier than ever.

SAP SuccessFactors was a known quantity in cloud-based corporate HR software a decade before launching “Perform and Reward” in 2011 (since rebranded as “SuccessFactors”). This service is the little sister to the company’s enterprise-level HR platform and uses the same software code. It targets businesses with five to 500 employees and includes personnel files, organization charts, goal setting and performance management, and related Android and iPhone applications.

In future updates to our payroll coverage, we’ll also be looking at Bamboo Payroll, which the company announced in February 2017. Bamboo Payroll uses the BambooHR database, so you’ll need to be a customer of the standard BambooHR offering to use it. But, in return, you’ll get the same clear user interface (UI) design applied to your payroll tasks, along with mobile support, free time-tracking application programming interfaces (APIs), and trained support personnel. Stay tuned for hands-on test results in the near future.


  • Superb feature set for small to midsize businesses (SMBs)
  • Intuitive setup wizard and video tutorials
  • Outstanding performance tracking features


  • Costs more than competing small business human resources (HR) software
  • Lacks add-on options offered by competitors


Justworks is a cloud-based HR and payroll software that helps businesses manage employee wages, benefits, and records. It offers a variety of features that makes it easier for employers to administer their payroll process, including automatic calculations and automatic sending of paychecks. The software also has a robust reporting system that lets businesses keep track of their employee data in one place.

Justworks is a professional employer organization that helps businesses automate and streamline multiple administrative functions. By automating tasks such as payroll, benefits administration, and reporting, saves companies both time and money.
Ensuring compliance and providing administrators with access to robust benefits options, elevates traditional administrative practices and provides the support users need to make the most of its capabilities. Designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind, it offers multiple pricing plans and can scale with the growth of any business.

Benefits and Insights

  • Employee Self-Service:  Allows employees to view personal information by providing system access with preset rules for viewing documents, performance reviews, stock options and more. 
  • Ensure Compliance:  Managers can double-check current legislation, ensuring that the organization is complying with regulations, from industry standards to federal legislations. 
  • Improve Communication:  Store important company information, such as organizational policies and pay dates, within the directory, allowing employees to easily access information. 
  • Provide Corporate Benefits:  Leverage the power of group buying to provide corporate benefits to all customers. Offer medical, dental and vision insurance coverage to all employees without exceeding company budgets. 
  • Robust Support:  Access 24/7 live support, with the option to enroll in online training courses. Current and updated blog articles about changes to industry regulations help users stay up to date. 
  • Unified Platform:  Eliminate the need for third-party solutions with the ability to complete a variety of core HR tasks through the system’s interface. 
  • Time Saver: Save time and money spent doing tedious administrative tasks. Porting time tracking data directly into the system, accounting cuts down on time importing data. Let the HR consulting services offer suggestions and guidance so executives can expend energy wisely.
  • Greater Accuracy: Calculate taxes, hours, payroll, benefits, deductions and more. Cut down on errors made with a misplaced equation in an Excel or Google Sheets file. Give employees greater visibility into each paycheck to ensure mistakes are caught and fixed expediently.
  • Minimize Risk: Protect against costly errors in compliance, regulation or company policy with extensive risk management options. Follow tax laws, Affordable Care Act guidelines, unemployment or insurance claims and regulations for employee benefits. Let the HR consulting services double-check the work of in-house personnel to catch missed steps or industry-specific rules. Handle 401Ks, 5500 forms, COBRA administration, data tracking, preparing reports for audits, workers’ compensation and more.
  • Affordable Care Act: Use ACA tools such as an Applicable Large Employee calculator and auto-populated roots to keep an eye on deadline changes, determining the monthly full-time equivalent count, tracking employees and all other requirements.
  • Employment Practices: Cut down on the amount of combatted filed claims. Prepare HR for complicated cases with online reference libraries and best practices for disciplinary action, performance reviews, terminations and other procedures. Get employee handbooks, reference library, state-specific HR forms, law resources, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission best practices and other advice from the legal team.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Protect employees and the company with suitable insurance plans, pay-as-you-go billing, fraud prevention, quick claims handling, medical care and nurse advocacy. Get assessments by industry, analyze potential risks, monitor workplace safety guidelines, and leverage management training, training videos and ideas for bringing employees back to work.
  • More Accessible: Let employees manage their benefits within the company with a transparent self-service dashboard. Manage direct deposit, pay stub overviews, tax form printouts, compensation statements, insights into benefits, retirement benefits, mobile access to paychecks and benefits, time-off requests and paycheck history.
  • Taxes: Integrate with TurboTax and handle the creation and filing of W-2s. Handle administration for unemployment, payroll collection, claims and withholding and submitting local, state and federal taxes.

Conclusion: HR Software solutions have become more ubiquitous in the last few years, but not every company understands their overall importance. Traditional paper-based HR processes are no longer efficient or cost-effective for small or medium-sized businesses. And yet, many small businesses are hesitant to rely too heavily on technology in order to be “paperless”… The truth is, the best HR and payroll software solution is one that will drive business success.

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