Free Performance Testing Tools for Pc

There are a lot of performance testing tools out there that promise to help you stress test your website. While these tools perform a similar task, they do have a few fundamental differences.

This guide will tell you what things to look for when shopping around for a tool and highlight some of the best performance testing tools available to the public today.

Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter
Apache JMeter

Next up on the list is a famous load testing tool: Apache JMeter. Apache JMeter helps you measure and analyze software performance. It’s an open source tool based on Java that people use mainly for testing web app performance, but it also finds usage on other services.

It can test performance for both dynamic and static resources, as well as dynamic web apps. In addition, you can use it to simulate heavy loads over a server, network/object, or group of different servers to test its strength and analyze total performance under varying load types.

The tool is easy to use and doesn’t demand highly sophisticated infrastructure for testing, and is compatible with many load injectors manageable with one controller. Plus, it has a user-friendly GUI that needs less scripting compared to other load testing tools. Its simple graphs and charts are enough to analyze primary load-related data and resource utilization stats.

Its fully-featured IDE allows faster testing creation, recording, and debugging. JMeter supports CLI to load the performance test from an OS compatible with Java, including Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, etc.

Features and Benefits

  • Protocol support: HTTPS, HTTP, SAOP, XML, FTP, etc.
  • Supported technologiesPHP, NodeJS, ASP.NET, database, MOM, LDAP, Java objects, TCP, etc.
  • Correlation: offers effortless correlation and lets you extract data from top response formats like HTML, XML, JSON, etc.
  • Extensibility: It’s highly extensible and works with pluggable samplers, scriptable samples like Groovy, pluggable timers, data visualization, and analysis plugins, and more.
  • Integration: Integrates with open source libraries such as Jenkins, Gradle, Maven, etc.
  • Customer support: They have a large community of developers and contributors with whom you can interact. They also have maintained tutorials so you can understand the tool better.
  • Pricing: JMeter is free and open source.
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Create your load tests and run them quickly using LoadNinja by SmartBear. It helps you diagnose app performance issues with highly accurate and actionable data. It provides results that are easy to read and doesn’t need extensive programming.

This tool helps product teams, testers, and engineers focus on building their software that scales while spending less time creating test scripts.

LoadNinja allows you to record client-side interactions, identify performance issues quickly, and debug in real-time without sacrificing test quality by eliminating script scrubbing, translation, and dynamic correlation efforts. With its TrueLoad technology, it’ll also let you test the actual end-user experience on multiple browsers to save more than 60% of your effort. It is highly efficient and precise in recording load tests, and it replays them instantly with no coding needed.

Analyze software performance data such as strep times, asynchronous calls, processed resources, navigation timings on your web interface, and diagnose issues using a machine learning assistant.

Perform continuous software performance testing, move faster with quality and test coverage, and automate the tests. It requires no setup or maintenance as the service is cloud-based.

Note: SmartBear offered a similar offering previously called LoadComplete. While it’s still available to use, it hasn’t been updated since 2019. We recommend you avoid it.

Features and Benefits

  • Integration: Automated tests by using their custom CI/CD plugins or REST API.
  • Customer Support: You can reach out to the LoadNinja user community to find answers or go through their comprehensive documentation and FAQs.
  • Pricing: The entry price of this tool is $1,439/year for 100 virtual users and 100 load hours.

Avo Assure

Assure Logo

Avo Assure is a no-code, heterogeneous test automation solution that enables you to test applications across web and mobile for both Android and iOS platforms.

Some of the key features of Avo Assure include:

  • The 100% no-code capability equips you to test applications without writing a single line of code.
  • The heterogeneous capability helps you test applications across the web, windows, mobile platforms (Android and IOS), non-UI (web services, batch jobs), ERPs, Mainframe systems, and associated emulators through one solution – enabling end-to-end test automation.
  • The easy-to-use and intuitive UI makes testing seamless.
  • The Smart Scheduling and Execution feature lets you execute multiple scenarios in a single VM independently or in parallel.
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Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio Logo

Katalon Studio is the leading Appium alternative for mobile testing. Trusted by 850,000 users, it also brings extended capabilities for web, API, and desktop testing.

Supporting IOS and Android platforms, some of its key features are:

  • No complex setup or programming background is required.
  • Versatile automated test design with record & playback, built-in keywords, pre-defined project templates, and a friendly UI.
  • Cross-environment testing on real devices, emulators, or cloud-based devices with Kobiton, Perfecto, SauceLabs, LambdaTest, and BrowserStack integration.
  • Reduce maintenance efforts with a powerful object spying utility.
  • Advanced graphs to visualize essential metrics and real-time notifications after each execution (Slack, Git& Microsoft Teams).

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Bug Hunter

Bug Hunter Logo

Bug Hunter is a manual mobile testing tool designed primarily for UI testing of Android apps. Besides manual testers, it can be used by Android developers or UI/UX designers who can check the app or certain features themselves before it goes to the QA stage.

Bug Hunter covers all the essentials of UI testing and ensures maximum convenience in terms of access to the tools – no need to leave the current screen to switch between the tools or to adjust the settings.

Here is what Bug Hunter offers:

  • Device Details: Access and share the hardware specifications, or add device details to screenshots.
  • Rulers & Guides: Check the alignment of UI components.
  • Grid: Determine the sizes of UI elements and margins between them.
  • Mockups: Make sure the app’s layout matches the specs or preview a new design on a real device.
  • Color Picker: Find out the color code of any pixel on the screen and check UI components for half pixels.
  • Screenshot & Longshot: Make a screenshot in one tap and quality long shots without any manual editing.
  • Record Video: Record, pause, and resume the video at your convenience.
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Eggplant (Android and iOS)

Keysight Eggplant
  • eggplant is a Commercial GUI Automation Testing product designed and developed by TestPlant used for Android and iOS app testing and is named as eggOn.
  • It is useful for UI Automation and functional, Image-Based Testing, Mobile Testing, Network Testing, Web Testing, and Cross-Browser Testing.
  • One script for all devices and platforms, Full device code are some additional features of this tool, and also there is no need for any single change in the app code to test the app under test.

System Requirements:

  • Processor: 1.5 GHz or faster.
  • RAM: 1 GB or more.
  • Operating System: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows XP. Windows 7, Windows 8, or 10.

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Test IO – Solving Your Mobile Testing Needs


Test IO is a leading SaaS platform for software crowd testing: the continuous testing of web and mobile applications by skilled human testers using real devices. We understand the difficulties you may face in rigorously testing quality mobile apps, so let us help.

  • Test on real devices – Expand your coverage to hundreds of devices, platforms, and real people in real-world conditions. Make sure your software works on iOS, Android, and every OS version.
  • Get feedback from real humans – Our professional testers have a fresh and unbiased eye on your product. Testers will find bugs that your internal team might not catch.
  • Release faster – Human-powered doesn’t mean slow. Remove the QA bottleneck with on-demand, flexible testing that scales up with your needs.

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Whether you already have a website or you are planning to build one, performance testing is an important thing to consider from the very beginning. In case you need a quick refresher on what performance testing is, it is the process of testing a system or software to understand how efficiently it functions and how it performs under “stress” conditions.

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