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PHP Project Management Open Source

PHP Project Management Open Source is a project management system for software development, mostly for PHP based projects. It is build to help you track tasks, time, discussion and files in various detail.

The PHP Project Management is a project management system for software development. It uses PHP and MySQL to bring together everything you need to track your projects. You can use any web browser to log in, or install the windows desktop client to run on windows machines.



OpenProject sprint board

OpenProject is a powerful open source project management tool that is notable for its ease of use and rich project management and team collaboration features.

Its modules support project planning, scheduling, roadmap and release planning, time tracking, cost reporting, budgeting, bug tracking, and agile and Scrum. Its agile features, including creating stories, prioritizing sprints, and tracking tasks, are integrated with OpenProject’s other modules. OpenProject also offers options for paid hosting and support with an enterprise edition that adds features such as custom branding, easy Single Sign-On (SSO), additional metadata, and several UX conveniences.

OpenProject is licensed under GPLv3 with source code available on GitHub. Helpful documentation is available for developers at, or you can learn more about installing and configuring it in Birthe Lindenthal’s article “Getting started with OpenProject.”



Gitlab issue board

On the Internet, Gitlab is known as a website hosting open source projects in Git repositories. But within the walls of companies and organizations, Gitlab is possibly better known as an open source, locally installed web application for software development and project management. You can pay for hosting plans, or host it yourself, and if you’re running the community edition, then you’re running only open source components.

Gitlab’s community edition is distributed under the MIT license, and supports Agile development through scrum and kanban, sprint planning, epics, bug tracking, documentation, dashboards, charts, scheduling, automation, CI/CD, and more. There are many additional benefits, not the least of which is general developer familiarity with the platform. While many developers may have learned either Microsoft’s Github or just pure Git (the open source backend to Github, Gitlab, and many others), it’s fair to expect them to understand the workflow of using Git through a web interface.

For the project managers running the show, Gitlab’s interface is intuitive, consistent, and robust. A project manager doesn’t ever have to leave Gitlab. All tasks, from assigning tasks and planning sprints to accepting merge requests and deleting branches, can be done from within the Gitlab UI.

As Gitlab continues to develop, there’s every reason to believe that even more features for project management will be added. The Gitlab developers are happy to take feature requests and are quick to respond to feedback. You can download the Community Edition from



Taiga Kanban board

Taiga is an open source project management platform that focuses on Scrum and Agile development, with features including a Kanban board, tasks, sprints, issues, backlog, and epics. Other features include ticket management, multi-project support, wiki pages, and third-party integrations.

It also offers a free mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows devices, and provides import tools that make it easy to migrate from other popular project management applications.

Taiga is free for public projects, with no restrictions on either the number of projects or the number of users. For private projects, there is a wide range of paid plans but the software’s features are the same regardless of what plan you choose.

Taiga is licensed under GNU Affero GPLv3, and requires a stack that includes Nginx, Python, and PostgreSQL. The latest release is available from GitHub.


Are you searching for an alternative to Notion, Asana, and Trello?

Well, you can go for Focalboard, which is an open-source and self-hosted project management software. It helps to organize, manage, track, and define work across your teams by using the Kanban board view. It has two editions:

  • Focalboard Personal Desktop: It is a desktop app for personal and to-do projects. It is a single-tenant that runs on a local server to get optimal performance and speed.
  • Focalboard Personal Server: It is a self-hosted server to help collaborate better with your team.

Click over “add new boards” to pick project tasks from the different templates.

Change the created date, priority, sort settings, filter settings, and group by settings according to your preference. You can also drag cards from one column to another to change the group property. In addition, edit the cards whenever you want to know the set of properties and content and the list of comments.

Table views help you view the cards in a single place to hover over the title to open one. Furthermore, every board has card templates and board templates to customize each board as per your team. Get a Personal Desktop on your Mac and Windows or Personal Server on Ubuntu.


Upgrade your daily working style through an open-source project management software ERPNext. It allows you to organize your task, schedule, plan, and analyze the projects by collaborating with your team to accelerate the work.

ERPNext can keep track of your project deadlines with a clear view of the plan. You can manage everything from a single workspace and simplify the projects by discovering a task-driven approach.


ERPNext offers easy collaboration by allowing you to split the project into bite-sized tasks and assign them to your teammates. You will also get access to the progress of your project and its efficiency via priorities and clear scope, milestones, and estimated timelines.

Moreover, ERPNext lets you share and upload multimedia files like images, documents, and videos. Achieve smooth communication with everyone with the help of auto-replies to incoming emails.

Get current and accurate insights anytime you need to stay on top of expenses and budgets, plan better for every project and see how the budget has been spent. It also allows you to build software for open-source projects.


Top 14 FREE and Open Source Project Management Systems

ProjeQtOr is a free open source project management software grouping in a single tool all the features needed to organize your projects. It is simple, easy to use while covering a maximum of project management features. ProjeQtOr is designed as a collaborative tool,  available in Web mode, and so requires the setup of a Web server.  However, the installation is easy and automated as much as possible. To setup and run ProjeQtOr, a simple PHP / MySql stack is needed, you can use your favorite stack (EasyPHP, ZEND, WAMP, XAMPP).


  • Multilingual (14 languages)
  • Cross-Platform.
  • 100% collaborative (web based).
  • Web 2.0 user interface.


Top 14 FREE and Open Source Project Management Systems

Tuleap is a free and Open Source Suite to improve management of software projects and connect with team members. It provides tools for managing projects, tasks, changes, defects, documents as well as version control, continuous integration and social collaboration. It has also a Professional and Cloud versions with more features.


  • 100% Open Source.
  • Monthly updates.
  • Project management.
  • Issue Tracking.
  • Git, SVN and Jenkins support.
  • Gamified Test Management.
  • Document Management.
  • Real-time collaboration.


Top 14 FREE and Open Source Project Management Systems

TaskJuggler is a Free and Open-Source Software project management tool. It covers the complete spectrum of project management tasks from the first idea to the completion of the project. It assists you during project scoping, resource assignment, cost and revenue planning, risk and communication management. It provides an optimizing scheduler that computes your project time lines and resource assignments based on the project outline and the constraints that you have provided.

The built-in  resource balancer and consistency checker offload you from having to worry about irrelevant details and ring the alarm if the project gets out of hand. The flexible as-many-details-as-necessary approach allows you to plan your project as you go, making it also ideal for new management strategies such as Extreme Programming and Agile Project  Management.

TaskJuggler is written in Ruby Programming Language.


  • Powerful To-do list managment.
  • Full integration with Vim text editor.
  • Automatic resource leveling and tasks conflict resolution.
  • Unlimited number of scenarios (baselines) of the same project for what-if analysis.
  • Multiple time zone support.
  • Support for profit/loss analysis.
  • Comprehensive and flexible reports.
  • Project tracking and status reporting with dashboard support.
  • Projects can be combined into larger projects.
  • Powerful project description language with macro support.
  • Scales well on multi-core or multi-CPU systems.
  • Support for project management teams and revision control systems.
  • Data export to Microsoft Project and Computer Associates Clarity.
  • CSV data export.
  • iCalendar export.
  • Server-based time sheet system for status and actual work reporting.
  • Runs on all Linux, Unix, Windows, MacOS and several other operating systems.


The project manager is a tool for managing of projects written in PHP. It is equipped with different modules that can be used for any successful realization of your projects. The program’s functionality may vary depending on the modules individually selected, which allows flexibility to offer an individual approach to each client.

php project management is cross-platform, works with Subversion or Git and can easily manage small and large software development projects. It provides classic Gantt-charts with drag’n’drop support for milestones, tasks and notes. It can handle time tracking, generate daily/weekly/monthly project reports, guess the end dates of your tasks based on their predecessors and check project status at any moment. PHP Project Management supports multiple users, MySQL/PostgreSQL databases, LDAP authentication and fully internationalized application interface.

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