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Free Project Management Tools for Freelancers

There are a ton of project management tools out there. If you’re a freelancer, you’re probably looking for free options. Well look no further because I’ve come up with a list of 10 free project management tools available to you. They make creating your to do list and managing tasks easy and efficient – plus they’re compatible with an array of devices and operating systems.

As a freelancer, you might be thinking “How do I manage my projects, increase my productivity and get more clients?” You are not alone. Even large companies aren’t immune to time management challenges. If you want to succeed in the freelance world, you need to know how you can apply project management skills to your business.

You just heard back from Client No. 1: She likes your pitch and wants a first draft within seven days. Client No. 2 just sent you his comments on your piece and would like to see revisions by Friday. Client No. 3 needs an invoice for the projects you’ve already completed this month. Meanwhile, you’re waiting on checks from Client Nos. 4, 5, and 6. Oh, and you’re still putting together some ideas for Client No. 7.

Sound familiar?

The nature of freelancing means you’re constantly juggling projects in different stages of completion. And you have to be keenly away of letting any accidentally drop—because your reputation depends on meeting your deadlines, while your livelihood depends on making sure you get paid.

Luckily, there are some great online tools out there that’ll allow you to carefully track the progress of every project on your docket. Check out my top 10.

1. Asana

Not only does Asana’s clean, simple layout make it incredibly easy on the eyes, it also makes using and mastering this app a breeze. When you create a project, which can be broken down into sub-tasks with individual deadlines, it’s really easy to monitor exactly what you’ve done and what still needs to be taken care of.

I suggest making every assignment a separate project and using Asana’s “Highlight” feature to color-code them based on the client. Then, you can outline everything that needs to happen from pitching to getting paid.

Asana also allows you to upload attachments and share your projects with other people—meaning you can loop in your clients or collaborators depending on the situation.

Price: Free

2. Trello

Trello is a good choice if you handle a lot of recurring projects for different clients or if you’re a very visual thinker. Its basic organizational tool is the “board.” Each board is separated into lists, and each list is composed of one or more “cards,” which represent separate tasks.

I recommend making a different board for every client. Then, depending on how each client handles submission and payment, you can make individualized lists for each step of the process. Maybe your first list is “Pitched,” your next list is “Approved,” and so on, until a list for “Paid.”

Once you’ve made a card for each task you need to complete, you can give it a deadline, add an attachment, choose labels, make a checklist, write notes, and even share it with other Trello users.

Price: Free, or $5 for the enhanced version

3. Wrike

At first, Wrike seems pretty similar to Asana and Trello: You set up folders, create tasks, and assign task deadlines. However, Wrike has a few unique features really set it apart.

First, it automatically tracks how much time you spend on each task, which is really helpful if you charge by the hour or need to see how long a project is taking. Second, it lets you create and share your project schedule. Once you’ve planned out a project, all you have to do is click the “Share timeline” button, and Wrike will send snapshots of your schedule to anyone you want, even if they don’t have a Wrike account. And third, Wrike integrates with a bunch of third-party apps, like Chrome, your email, cloud storage, and iCal.

Price: Free for up to 5 users

4. AND CO (Free trial)

AND CO has a unique solution to project management for freelancers. Pair you not only with a great project management tool, but also with a real-life human being who can help you manage your projects.

The AND CO app has a no-credit-card-needed free trial which you can try out right here. Give it a shot. I think you’ll like having a real human being helping you run your freelance business.

Plutio offers great project management

5. Plutio (14 day trial)

Named one of the top ten tools for freelancers by Forbes, Plutio is a project management software for freelancers that can do it all. Invoicing, time tracking, proposals, CRM, and more — you’ll be able to streamline your business with ease.

The built-in messaging inbox eliminates the need for separate platforms like Slack, and keeps your team communication accessible in one place. Recently, they’ve also added new templates for proposals, tasks, contracts and invoices, helping you get on the right path with your business. Their impressive (and might I say, beautiful) user interface design sure doesn’t hurt either!

HoneyBook - Project Management App

6. HoneyBook (Free trial + 50% off your first year)

HoneyBook is an all-in-one project management software for freelancers. It has tons of features to help run your business seamlessly, from proposal to invoicing.

With HoneyBook, you can easily create and send branded proposals, contracts and customized invoices, all the while staying on top client tasks with automated alerts and notifications.

It’s definitely a popular pick among creative professionals for having gorgeous dashboards, where freelancers can see their proposals, ongoing projects, invoices and time tracking – all in one place.

Sign up for HoneyBook today and get 50% off on your first year. 

7. Fiverr Business (Free for the first year)

Fiverr Business is a project management tool that allows you to manage your projects and Fiverr freelancers all in one dashboard. You can assign tasks, manage your goals, and monitor your budgets — helping you create a successful process.

Additionally, it easily allows you to pull in top-tier Fiverr professionals on new projects, and brainstorm with them on the creative side. Plus, you can save freelancers you’ve worked with so you can reach out whenever they’re needed. Best of all, Fiverr business is free for the first year.


Project management tools help you stay organized and reduce your work hours. If you’re a freelancer, then you need to know about the top free project management tools to save money and be more productive in your work. Here’s a list of 15 must-haves and how to use them effectively in your freelance business.

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