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Seo Tools for Etsy

SEO Tools for Etsy is a great tool that helps you to optimize your shop. With this app you can easily find the best keywords for your shop and listings. You also have a lot of other useful SEO tools, which help you to get a good ranking in Etsy. The app will give you a 99% accurate search volume for each keywords. And it’s compatible with English, German and French

ConstantConstant is a collection of Seo Tools for Etsy. The idea behind this plugin was to have a single place where you can go and easily access your seo data. Currently there are a handful of plugins out there that do a good job of providing insightful data into your shop, but it is scattered among several different plugins. With Constant you can quickly grab the data about your shop and see how it’s doing in one place.


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Ahrefs is our favorite tool for analyzing backlinks, SEO content opportunities, and SEO keyword research. 

The main tool we love at Ahrefs is the Site Explorer tool. Ahrefs is probably best known for the backlink analysis functions within their Site Explorer tool. This tool is very helpful for identifying the different types of websites that are already linking to your website. You can also view trends in the growth of your backlinks over time. In addition, you can use the Site Explorer tool to analyze backlinks to competitors and find new link-building opportunities. 

In our experience, the Site Explorer tool is also incredibly valuable for analyzing top-performing SEO content on your website. You can use this tool to identify what pages and keywords are already ranking well in Google and driving traffic to your website. For example, you can see what pages are driving the most SEO traffic, and which particular keywords the pages are ranking for in Google. 

And then, you can also use the Site Explorer tool to identify what pages and keywords are working best for your competitors, and then apply those lessons to your own SEO strategy. For example, if you see some competitors have certain types of SEO landing pages that you don’t have, and they are generating traffic on some keywords that you aren’t focused on, you may want to incorporate those types of content ideas into your SEO plan.

In addition to Site Explorer, we also love Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer tool. It provides a fast, easy way to generate dozens of new keyword ideas for SEO content creation.

Screaming Frog

screaming frog

Screaming Frog is another SEO tool with lots of bells and whistles.  What sets it apart is the free SEO Spider tool that you can use to quickly conduct a technical SEO audit of your website. After downloading the tool, all you need to do to get started is type in your website’s domain name, and click Start.

The best part is that this tool is free (for crawling up to 500 URLs per website.) After downloading the tool, all you need to do is enter the website’s domain name, and click Start.

In just a couple of minutes, you will see a detailed audit of all of your webpages. From meta tags to error status codes, you can spot problems without taking the time to manually audit each and every one of your website’s pages.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free-to-use tool by Google; it is a must for any business that is looking to optimise its website for SEO.

You can use the tools and reports inside google search console to receive insights about the performance and health of your website including total clicks, impressions, CTR, average position, page experience score, mobile usability score, whether your sitemap has been indexed successfully and any usability errors on your website. Google Search Console provides a complete health report for your website.


Ranktracker allows you to track the ranking of the keywords of your website on mobile and desktop across all search engines allowing you to see what position your keywords are ranked in the search engine results pages, as well as the search volume and traffic metrics. You can also keep a real-time track of any movement of the position of your keywords and it also has a website audit tool that scans your website for technical on-page SEO issues.

The keyword research tool allows you to discover keyword opportunities to rank for, by showing how difficult it is to rank for a specific keyword, finding long-tail keyword opportunities and identifying whether SERP features are being displayed for a given keyword which you can then use to create a strategy to target those keywords and optimise your content to rank for SERP features.

It also shows in-depth data about your competitors’ websites allowing you to see the estimated traffic they are receiving from a keyword, their page authority, domain authority, referring domains, etc allowing you to create an SEO strategy to outrank them.


Starts at $8 / £6 a month and also offers a 10-day free trial option.


Google Trends shows you what people are searching for based on the parameters you set. You can use it for keyword research, finding those that are becoming popular over time and getting in on the trend before it truly takes off. You can also do the opposite, looking for trends that are decreasing over time and choosing a different keyword rather than one that is dying off.


SEO Quake is a great free SEO tool for when you want something that works on the fly. It’s a browser extension, which means it gives you SEO information and auditing in real time as you navigate through sites. You do not have to worry about a program or interface, and can use the in-browser setup to compare sites quickly.


This collection of tools was created to help etsy sellers rank, rate, review and list their items quickly and easily. It includes a seo plugin for wordpress that a shop owner can install on their own website and connect to their etsy shop.

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