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Best Free Social Media Posting Apps

We know that managing multiple social media platforms on a daily basis is quite a challenge. It doesn’t help that some of the popular channels like Facebook and Twitter are ever changing their algorithms. That’s why I have compiled a list free social media management tools you can use to optimize your online presence.

In this post, let’s take a look at some of these tools.

Adobe Spark

The whole Adobe suite is full of great programs but we have a special place in our heart for Adobe Spark, which can take your content to a whole new level.

Both Adobe Spark Post and Adobe Spark Video are great tools for creating social assets for your brand, but when it comes to making ads that your followers actually want to look at, Spark rules supreme!

It’s all too easy for viewers to swipe or scroll past ads without thinking — so you’ve got to make them eye-catching and skip-proof!

Even if you’ve got no graphic design experience, you can use Spark to make captivating short videos as well as beautiful static pics. And the free version has more than enough features to get you going.

Plus, it doesn’t stop with ads! You can create Instagram Stories, animated feed posts, Pinterest pins — anything your creative heart desires.

And the best bit? With Later’s Chrome Extension, you can transfer your Adobe Spark designs to your Later Media Library in two-clicks — no downloads or file sharing links required, making teamwork a dream!

Start seamlessly designing and scheduling your content with Adobe and Later today!


Another great tool for making creative assets for your social platforms is Canva.

Much like Over, Canva has a huge range of share images templates to choose from, along with built-in color schemes and text pairing options to make your posts stand out from other accounts online.

But one of the real benefits of Canva is that it’s available on desktop — making it easy to share with the team and to make edits in one central location.

Plus, you can upload your branded fonts, color palettes and images to make sure every share asset is perfectly aligned and reflective of your brand’s style and tone.

And if you’re a small startup or grassroots brand, the free plan comes with 8,000 templates, so you’ll be set up to start designing without dipping in your budget!

Available on: desktopiOS, and Android.


The free version of Buffer allows you to connect one type of account via social network, such as a Facebook account, a Google+ account, an Instagram account, etc. Buffer is very didactic and intuitive, with an extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers that make the use of the software even faster.

Despite having a 10-post programming limit for almost all social networks, Buffer gives you the ability to track the performance of your content and is available for phones using iOS and Android operating systems.

 Social Oomph

On the market since 2008, Social Oomph promises to increase your productivity on social networks, allowing you to program messages and posts, and monitor social networks to know what customers have been saying about your brand.

Previously, the company, which was named, was focused on Twitter solutions. With the transition and expansion of features, the Social Oomph now allows you to schedule and monitor posts on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr etc, but the Twitter features are the ones that draw attention by their differential and are the only ones offered for free by the company.

The free version of Social Oomph lets you: plan tweets, track keywords, save draft posts, follow links, see mentions, retweets, etc.

  Social Pilot

Launched in 2014, Social Pilot is a very complete tool with very personalized plans. The free version of Social Pilot lets you connect up to 3 accounts, share a total of 10 posts per day, have 30 scheduled posts, shorten and monitor links, and more.

What strikes you about Social Pilot is that it supports 9 different social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Vk, Tumblr and Xing. It’s a shame that the free version allows only 3 accounts to be connected.


With Everypost, in addition to scheduling publications, you can customize them and create visual content. In the free version of the platform, you can curate content, meaning you can gather relevant content from different media and sources and easily publish it across your social networks.

In the free version of Everypost you can schedule 10 publications and soon the company plans to offer media analysis. Despite the limitations, the free version of Everypost is quite versatile as it is possible to schedule publications on all networks via smartphone, computer and tablet.


Although also available for Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, Latergram is often one of the most cited when it comes to scheduling Instagram posts. The platform allows all content to be previewed, generating a post calendar so you can better analyze the content distribution and also check on Instagram for example if the feed is harmonious.

In the free version of Latergram you can manage one profile per platform, enter one more person to help you handle posts, schedule 30 posts per month on Instagram, 50 on Twitter, 30 on Facebook, and 30 on Pinterest. Finally, this tool in its free version offers a basic level analysis for the user to follow the posts that performed well.


TweetDeck is a free tweet scheduling tool with advanced features that are ideal for those working specifically with Twitter. In addition to scheduling tweets, you can check post engagement, access direct messages, mentions, and other important functionalities.

So, did you like the suggestions of free tools for scheduling posts? Be sure to tell us and suggest other tools to make this list even more complete!

Now that you are going to schedule posts for free, have you considered investing in a platform that generates professional reports for you to present the results of your work to your client in a didactic, simple and complete? Meet Reportei and try for free!


This is the last social media design app in the line-up, but it’s worth checking out if you’re looking to level up your Instagram Stories strategy!

The PicMonkey app is packed full of powerful, intuitive design tools and 100+ pre-made templates for Instagram Stories, which are all fully customizable to match your brand or style.

So you can make sure that you’re sticking to your business goals and delivering the best content possible.

If you’re not quite ready to start from scratch, we’ve partnered with PicMonkey to give you this free storyboarding template that you can use to craft your next Instagram Stories post!

Available on: iOS and Android

 Google’s Campaign URL Builder

If you regularly collaborate with other brands on co-marketing projects or work with influencers on social media, you might want to consider setting up UTM tracking links with Google.

UTM is short for “Urchin Tracking Module” — to put it in easier terms, a UTM is the piece of unique code you’ll add on to the end of your URL.

By adding UTM parameters to your campaign URLs, you can find out where your traffic came from and the route it took to reach you, as well as information about exactly where on a screen your visitors clicked and which keywords were effective.

And the best way to do this is with Google’s Campaign URL Builder — there are 5 parameters you can add to your URLs — source, medium, campaign, term, and content – and each parameter must be paired with a value that you assign.

When your UTM link is created, you can share that custom URL with any of your marketing partners or influencers and easily keep track of how much traffic they generate for your site.

It’s a great way to see what percentage of traffic comes from each of your social platforms too, so you can tailor your content for each.

Google Analytics & Google’s Campaign URL Builder are both free to use!

Facebook & Instagram Creator Studio

Instagram is part of the Facebook family, so a lot of your settings and features, like ads, are managed via Facebook. That’s why Facebook launched Creator Studio — a central place to manage your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Think of it as a mission control page for your Instagram and Facebook profiles.

With Creator Studio, you can also schedule posts, track engagement rates, monitor comments, place in-stream ads, and manage multiple pages in one place.

And Facebook is always making improvements to the dashboard. For example, Creator Studio was only available for Facebook Pages — but that’s all changed now.

With the new Instagram Creator Studio, creators get access to a ton of new Instagram tools and features, including the ability to schedule IGTV videos. So it’s worth checking it out!

Adobe Lightroom CC

Lightroom is another Adobe favorite of ours and one of the best ways to make your Instagram pics look seriously professional.

With Adobe Lightroom, there are countless ways to manipulate your photos, whether you’re editing from scratch or using presets on the desktop or mobile app.

Once you start editing with Lightroom, even just by using Lightroom presets (which are like “filters”), you’ll start to see your image quality drastically improve, and you’ll start to develop a style that is unique to you and your brand.

And while most people associate Lightroom presets with their Instagram aesthetic, don’t forget that you can carry that branding and style into your Pinterest feed, newsletters or even your website’s images!

The desktop version comes at a yearly fee, but the Lightroom CC mobile app is completely free to use (available on iOS and Android).

Want to get to know Lightroom a bit better? We have a complete guide to getting started and using Lightroom presets to level-up your aesthetic! Check it out here.


The purpose of this list is to create an easy-to-read guide for the top eight free social media management tools. While other lists offer more in-depth analysis, we keep it short and sweet by including only the most important details. We also encourage you to visit our detailed reviews if you want more information on different aspects of each platform.

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