Free Social Media Monitoring Tools 2022

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The future of online communication is social media monitoring. It’s a growing trend that will have a major impact on how businesses communicate with their customers and employees. With the internet becoming more and more connected, it’s important for businesses to be able to track all the different social media channels and see how they are performing. This will help your team stay up-to-date on what is happening in your industry, and also give you an idea of which channels are working best for your target audience.

Social Media Monitoring in 2022: The future of online communication.

Social media monitoring refers to the use of technology in order to track and monitor the activities of individuals on social media websites. This can include, but is not limited to, tracking social media users’ posts, interactions, and locations. By using this type of monitoring, businesses and organizations can better understand their customers’ interests and understand how they are using their social media platforms.

How Social Media Monitoring Can Help You Communicate Better

By using social media monitoring software, you can improve your communication skills by understanding what people are saying about your company or product. You can also use this information to create more engaging content or to reach a wider audience. Additionally, by keeping track of your interactions on social media, you can automatically detect potential breaches or problems before they happen.

How Social Media Monitoring Can Help You Stay Safe Online

Keeping yourself safe online is one of the most important things you can do for your safety and well-being. By using social media monitoring software and following tips from this article, you’ll be able to stay safe online and protect yourself from any potential cyber threats.

Free Social Media Monitoring Tools 2022

We have compiled a few of the best social media monitoring tools with free option or trials. These would help you track your social mention, your presence on social media and how are you influencing them.

1. TweetReach

TweetReach gives you a free “snapshot” report on the potential reach of any tweet that includes a given hashtag, keyword, or username. With analytics provided by Union Metrics, the tool offers a free signup for which you’ll be able to see who’s talking about which topics, how many impressions you’d get on a post about that topic, and more. TweetReach’s snapshot reports are free for the first 100 tweets, and the company offers paid plans starting at $49/month thereafter.

2. Talkwalker Alerts (similar to Google Alerts)

Cost: Free to use Alerts; Talkwalker plans start at $9,600/year

Talkwalker Alerts is a free tool by Talkwalker, an enterprise-level media monitoring tool. Talkwalker Alerts claims to be the “best free and easy alternative to Google Alerts,” allowing users to create alerts around terms and keywords.

Unlike Google Alerts, however, this tool monitors social media and allows you to filter when you receive alerts as well as what sources you’d like to receive alerts from — blogs, forums, websites, publications, and social media.

Used by over 600,000 people, Talkwalker Alerts sends any relevant web or Twitter mentions of your clients’ brands (or whatever alerts you set up) directly to your email. There’s no limit to how many alerts you can set or mentions you can receive in your inbox.

3. Brand24

Brand24 is a social monitoring tool that helps you in managing online reputation. It notifies you by detecting all the positive, negative or neutral mentions.

Regardless of the size of your business, this tool helps you to improve your business online and boost it by tracking your reach.


  • Hashtag Tracking
  • Automated Report Generation
  • Instant Notifications via email/in-app to all social mentions
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Discussion Volume Chart


A 14 days free trial option is available followed by 3 other plans;

  • Personal – $49/Month
  • Professional Premium (10 users) – $99/Month
  • Professional Max (99 users) – $399/Month

4. TweetDeck

TweetDeck lets you create a more customized Twitter interface to monitor different users, hashtags, search terms, and lists. From one panel, you can look at Twitter content from the groups you want — whether that’s customers, competitors, or employees.

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TweetDeck is a great tool to use during events or live-tweetstorms to keep up with live conversations — while also keeping an eye on you or your brand’s notifications and mentions.

5. Hootsuite

Cost: Free plan option; paid plans start at $65/month with 30-day free trial

Hootsuite is a social media scheduling, publishing, monitoring, and analytics tool, but we will focus on the monitoring aspect. While Hootsuite doesn’t report on brand mentions in the news or online forums, it does provide robust monitoring capabilities across all social networks — for mentions of your clients’ brands and their competitors.

Hootsuite also allows you to set up custom streams that listen for mentions of trending topics and product names. Unique to Hootsuite is its Hootsuite Insights feature. Powered by Brandwatch (a tool we discuss in the paid media monitoring list section below), Hootsuite Insights gives you a real-time view of conversations around each brand and allows you to respond and engage when necessary. This feature is also helpful when collecting consumer research and learning more about your clients’ target audiences.

The free plan that Hootsuite offers allows you to manage three social profiles and schedule up to 30 messages per month. To access the more robust monitoring tools (like Hootsuite Insights), you’ll have to upgrade to at least the Professional plan.

6. Mention

Mention is a social media marketing suite which empowers agencies or Enterprise to boost the awareness of their brands and check their mentions.

Moreover, it is a Social Media listening tool that monitors any keyword of your brand, competitors and industry. It also helps you filter out unwanted content.


  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Publishing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Boolean Alerts (for Enterprise Plan)


Free Plan available

  • Solo – $25/Month
  • Starter – $83/Month
  • Enterprise – $600+/Month

7. Anewstip

Cost: Free plan option; paid plans start at $200/month with 7-day free trial

Anewstip is a unique media monitoring tool; it allows you to search for mentions of your clients’ brands in news articles and tweets to find relevant journalists that are already writing about each business or industry. The tool is also a database and houses contact information for over one million journalists, editors, bloggers, and news outlets — a highly valuable feature for writing media pitches.

As described by a reviewer on G2: “Imagine being able to type in any keyword and have Twitter profiles of journalists who have created new articles about your product and … send a pitch to help them come up with new content and have your link in their article.” Anewstip not only helps you monitor your media and build your media list, but it also helps you send personalized pitches and monitor how many are opened and clicked on — a powerful measure to see what type of outreach is working best for your clients.

The free plan for Anewstip allows one user, unlimited searches, and two media lists with 100 contacts apiece. However, in order to access contact information for journalists and send pitching, you’ll have to upgrade to at least the Pro plan.

8. Agorapulse

Another unique social media management tool is Agorapulse. With a variety of publishing options, this tool helps you post the right content at the right time.

You can combine all the conversation at one place i.e. in one inbox. With an automated inbox assistant, the important messages or queries could be filtered and sent to the right delegates.


  • Full coverage of all ad comments
  • Automated Inbox Assistance
  • Built-in CRM to track followers
  • Flexible Scheduling of contents to be published


  • It has an option of a free trial for 28 days followed with a price variation from $89/Month to $459/Month

9. SocialSearcher

Cost: Free plan option; paid plans start at 3.49 €/month with 14-day free trial

SocialSearcher identifies as a “free social media search engine”. In my opinion, it’s one of the most powerful social media monitoring tools that you can access for free.

When you search for a brand or keyword, SocialSearcher browses Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr, Dailymotion and Vimeo for real-time mentions and conversations. It also provides analytics at-a-glance, including the number of mentions, when they were posted, popular hashtags, and the general sentiment around the keyword or brand. You don’t even have to login to run a search.

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As a free user, you can conduct and save up to 100 searches per day and set up up to two email alerts for mentions directly to your inbox. SocialSearcher also offers premium automated social monitoring, advanced filtering technology, mentions history, trend tracking, and deep social analytics. To access these, however, you’ll have to upgrade to at least the Basic plan.

10. is a social media monitoring service that lets you track & monitor your brand’s invaluable insights on every social media site and manage your company’s reputation. can track millions of pages from social media, blogs, and forums to news sites & online journals to provide you with authentic data. Plus, you can also research influencers for better marketing strategies.


  • Track every mention in every post
  • Reply to every question & query on any site from one place
  • Reach out to social media influencers
  • Performance measurement


  • Essential Plan – $29/month
  • Expert Plan – $99/month
  • Enterprise Plan – $159/month

Best Social Listening Tools 2022

Social Media Listening Tools monitor social media business accounts across several platforms to deliver a higher standard of service. Which, in turn, improves customer service by providing tangible benefits. Social Media Listening Tools are also known as Brand Monitoring tools (although this depicts less robust functionality – for more learn about the difference between social listening and social monitoring). Social media listening tools are critical for audience engagement and understanding because they aggregate audience reviews about a product, service, or brand. 

Best Social Listening Tools 2022

1. Answer the Public

Answer the public is a free social listening tool that offers a great alternative to exploring questions and problems that prospects or customers have. 

Instead of guessing what the audience might want to know, Answer the Public enables brands to construct a strong social media presence by offering valuable, optimized social media content. 

The journey on this platform starts with typing in a relevant keyword to the company’s line of business, builds suspense by revealing all the relevant questions that the public asks on the internet (how, where, what, when), and ends with the close-act of a CSV report download.

For more attributes, the platform is available in a premium version where a variety of filters and features are available. 

2. Brand24

Brand24 collects social media data on what people say about your company online. It displays a timeline of brand mentions so you can react quickly to opportunities and handle issues. It displays mentions streams to see what people are saying about your business and take immediate action. You can engage in discussions directly from Brand24.

 It is one of the best social listening tools for small and medium enterprises because it has a flat subscription of $49 per month. However, despite its priced affordability, it has an AI-driven sentiment analysis function that helps you preserve your brand’s reputation while providing better services and experiences to your customers. It displays a Discussion Volume Chart that graphically depicts your brand’s mentions, allowing you to quickly spot any surges in mentions and determine whether there is a problem. They even have an influencer score for your brand’s top social media influencers so you can communicate with them more effectively. It also offers sentiment analysis, which allows you to view mentions of your business and whether they were favorable, negative, or neutral in tone.

3. BrandMentions

Brand Mentions is a dedicated platform for brand monitoring, social media and web listening, and reputation management. 

This social media monitoring platform offers 3 free online tools to play with. 

  • The Social Media Tracker helps you find who’s talking about your brand or competitors in the news & social media. The tracker is not limited to social posts but it also provides information about blogs, video content, and microblogs where your brand’s name is mentioned.
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The social media tracker can also be used as a social media monitoring tool. It offers information on social media metrics, sources, the context of mentions, country and language insights, media wall, and even sentiment analysis. 

The paid version of the tool presents advanced search features while adding the element of historical mentions that can go back in time for up to 10 years. This feature is extremely useful for companies who want to perform brand audits, campaign management strategies, or historical brand analysis.

4. Awario

Awario is a relatively new social listening tool to the social media market; that’s why it provides you with unique advantages that you won’t find in any other affordable online brand monitoring tool. Due to the fierce competition, they offer ‘enterprise-level’ capabilities at a considerably lower price. Their most basic package includes sentiment analysis, data separation by geography, and several language options.

Awario has emerged as the top social listening tool for social media for small and medium-scale enterprises due to the enormous benefits it provides in such an affordable range. 

5. Google Alerts

Out of all the monitoring tools out there, Google Alerts is one of the most simple to use. It detects and notifies the user when there has been a change in the user’s search term(s). 

Users can use Google Alerts to identify new content, industry trends, conversations about their brand, or information about their competitors. The platform sends automatic email notifications once a result matches the searched keyword.

How to Use Social Media Monitoring to Improve Your Life.

When it comes to using social media monitoring tools, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, be sure to use these tools for the primary purpose of staying on top of your day-to-day life. This means keeping tabs on all your social media accounts and identifying any changes or updates that may affect your safety or well-being.

Second, make sure to use social media monitoring tools to improve your relationship with friends and family. By understanding what they’re saying and doing on social media, you can better manage interactions and build stronger relationships. Finally, make sure to use social media monitoring tools for personal growth purposes – by understanding how online communication is affecting your overall wellbeing, you can begin to change the way you communicate with everyone in your life – including those close to you.

Tips for Using Social Media Monitoring to Improve Your Life.

In order to stay organized and up-to-date on the latest news, make use of social media monitoring tools. For example, Foursquare offers a free app that lets you track your real-time locations and activities, which can help you stay aware of what’s happening around you. Additionally, using social media monitoring tools can help you stay safe online. For example, Safe Chat allows you to easily keep track of computer and internet usage data, which can help you identify and avoid hacked accounts or cyber crimes.

Use Social Media Monitoring Tools to Stay up-to-date on the latest news

One way to stay up-to-date on the latest news is by using social media monitoring tools. For example, Twitter has a live stream function that allows users to follow breaking news updates right from their feeds. And Google Earth offers powerful tools for tracking physical locations and activities, which can help you stay informed about what’s going on in your area. By following these tips, you can ensure that you have the best chance possible of staying up-to-date on events and developments during your trip!


Social Media Monitoring is a powerful tool that can help you communicate better, stay safe online, and improve your overall well-being. By using Social Media Monitoring tools to stay organized and up-to-date on the latest news, you can make better use of your time and improve the quality of your life.

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