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Startup HR Toolkit Free Download

Do you work for a startup? Are you looking to manage the HR operations of the company? One of the main challenges you will face would be managing your employees. It’s always better to have some outline that will help you through the process of managing your managers, getting updates about new employees, or even handling salary payments. I have tried with Startup HR Toolkit for this purpose.

What is a startup HR toolkit? In short, it’s a resource to help your small business employees. There is a lot to consider as a small business employer–and one thing people browse is the benefits you offer. It can be difficult to figure out what benefits will be the most valuable and best fit for your employees. That’s where a Startup HR Toolkit can come in.

These days, recruiting is a big job. The HR needs to show tangible results to the management, the CTO and the board of directors. In order to get these results, you can do it all by yourself or you can use a service, a solution or a toolkit


Rejection Letter Template

During the recruiting process, HR staff have a responsibility not only to prepare documentation for a new job position but also to write special letters for those candidates who don’t fit specific positions. Use this template as guide for encouraging applicants to continue with their job search. DOWNLOAD (18KB) Word

Employee Termination Document

In order to protect your company from unexpected lawsuits after firing an employee, it is essential that you start documenting the termination process. You should follow this standard guideline to make the process easier than ever before. Use this document, which contains important elements for employee termination. DOWNLOAD (21KB) Word

Startup HR is very important if you are planning to start your own business or startup business. It is the first thing you will need to hire employees for your company. But, hiring HR can lead to high costs so, here I am giving you the Startup HR Toolkit. I hope this may be helpful for you to start your own company by saving money.

Employee Termination Letter

Letting go of an employee and finding the right words to deliver this message can be the challenging tasks. Being prepared and acting professional can make the solution easier. Use this template to write a professional termination letter when you must let an employee go. DOWNLOAD (20KB) Word

Disciplinary Action Form

Disciplinary action is necessary when problems with behavior and performance occur. Disciplinary actions will ultimately contribute to the success and productivity of your organization. Use this document to take disciplinary actions within your company. DOWNLOAD (19KB) Word

Employee Warning Letter

If you face problems with poor performance of an employee, you can resolve it by giving him/her formal written feedback. This process will help you handle the problem before the situation becomes worse. Use this template to formally warn employees giving them detailed feedback about poor performance. DOWNLOAD (19KB) Word

Reference Letter Template

As a business owner or manager, you often need to write a reference letter for a former employee or co-worker. One of the best ways to write an organized and perfect reference letter is to use this template. DOWNLOAD (18KB) PDF

Employment Application Form

As your business grows, you need to hire more and more employees and it is essential to present your company in a professional way. Many employers do this by creating a special application form to choose the best candidate. Simplify your recruitment process by using this employment application form. DOWNLOAD (86KB) PDF

Employee Onboarding Checklist

New employees can work well when they can develop their knowledge and skills by going through every phase of the onboarding process. Onboarding helps new hires smoothly adjust to a new environment and work effectively within the organization. If you have doubt as a manager about how to take employees through the onboarding process, use this checklist. DOWNLOAD (84KB) Word

Employee Handbook Template

The employee handbook works as an essential communication tool between employer and employee. The employee handbook is needed to orient new employees about policies, procedures, job duties, termination rights, the company’s disciplinary policies and expectations set by the employer. Use this prepared outline to create your own employee handbook to protect yourself, your employee and your business. DOWNLOAD (23KB) Word

Employee Information Form

Until you need an organized employee information, you never think about its value. Use this document to collect and keep track of important and relevant information about your employees. DOWNLOAD (17KB) Word

Employee Performance Review

Constructive feedback is an essential component of successful work performance. If you deliver regular feedback, it helps employees grow and contribute to the company. Use this useful document to provide objective and organized feedback. DOWNLOAD (18KB) Word

Conducting Reference Checks

You have found the best candidate! Her/his personality and job experience are the perfect match. It’s a done deal, right? Not so fast, it’s time to check references. No matter how amazing the candidate may be on the paper, conducting a reference check is a vital part of the recruitment process. Use this guideline to help get independent insight about an applicant’s on-the-job performance. DOWNLOAD (18KB) Word

Job Description Form

Your employees can only be successful job performance if you provide them with detailed job descriptions. Use this Job Description Form to increase individual and organizational effectiveness. DOWNLOAD (19KB) PDF

Job Interview Questions

HR manager can ask strategic questions to save time and money when identifying what kind of candidate suits your company. You need to design specific questions in order to know what to ask during interviews. Use this prepared list of questions to choose the best candidate for your organization. DOWNLOAD (256KB) Excel

Dress Code Policy Template and Terms and Conditions

Use this document to create and enforce a standard dress code policy at your business.


If you’re a startup employee, you’re probably struggling to find ways to make your work life as productive as possible. If this is the case, then it’s time to switch on your Startup HR Toolkit! This handy-dandy guide is going to walk you through some essential best practices that will help you become a better employee and company asset. Let’s dive right in…

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