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Software for Stop Motion Animation

With the Software for Stop Motion Animation, children will be inspired to make their own short movies with their voice and movements. They can play different types of games and record their games and then turn them into animated movies with music!

Stop motion Studio is software for stop motion animations on PCs using both photo and video. Stop motion Studio has played an important role in the creation of hundreds of short films representing works by some of the international top directors (e.g., Tim Burton, Jan Svankmajer). It has also become a favorite tool of animators where you can see the results on many websites of what this new art form is capable of.


Wondershare Anireel

FilmoraPro is one of the most well-known options for stop motion animation and other types of filmmaking. This video making software has easy to use tools for any type of animation project that you may be sorting out. It also offers an option called keyframing, which helps your stop-motion animation to look a lot smoother. You can use this for free if you are okay with Filmora’s watermark. They have lifetime and yearly packages, too.


Dragonframe has been built especially for stop-motion animation, so it’s handy if that’s all that you plan on doing. If you’re looking to do any other type of filmmaking, you may want to consider some of the other options on this list. Dragonframe has a number of simple-to-use tools and has been used for top stop motion animation features like Kubo & The Two Strings and Isle of Dogs.


 Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is, perhaps, the most versatile of all of these selections. It’s not just for Mac – you can also use it on your smartphone or your tablet if you’re editing on the go. The Stop Motion Studio does everything from helping you to take great pictures to make a live green screen while you’re out and about. There’s a free trial, and the prices are reasonable.

Stop Motion Studio

Boinx IStop-Motion (Paid)

Boinx Istop Motion (paid) Blog Image

Image Source:MacUpdate

Boinx iStop-Motion is a powerful stop motion software that you can use to create your animation videos.

It is widely considered best for time-lapse movies and stops motion animation.

With features like Onion skinning, time-lapse, Chroma keying, and Rotoscope, iStop-Motion stands out in terms of performance and accessibility.

It runs smoothly on the Mac OS platform and delivers an excellent user experience.

The latest update of Boinx iStop-Motion enables the user to leverage DSLR cameras from well-known brands, i.e., Canon and Nikon.

iStop-Motion also gives the user the advantage to easily create stop motion animation using their iPhone and iPad.

Below is a stop motion video created by using iStop-Motion


  • iStop-Motion software has numerous versatile and agile features.
  • The interface is super user-friendly. Even children can use iStopMotion.
  • The “Onion skinning” feature in iStop-Motion enables the user to see a preview of the video he is creating.
  • The “Workflow” feature shortens and makes the video-making process highly effective.


  • iStop-Motion is costly; although there are some special offers for educators, it can still be quite expensive.
  • The less expensive versions of iStop-Motion have few features and specs.
  • iStop-Motion is a stop motion software for macwhich means you can only use it on Mac computers.


You can buy this powerful stop motion software only for US$ 19.99.

 Eclipse – Stop Motion Pro (Paid)

Eclipse – Stop Motion Pro (paid) Blog Image

Image Source:StopMotionCentral

An easy to connect, unsophisticated, and user-friendly stop motion software for PC.

Eclipse – Stop Motion Pro doesn’t have all the fancy-schmancy interfaces or modern build style like other stop motion animation programs have.

But by no means does this mean that Eclipse isn’t powerful.

Eclipse Pro stands among the best stop motion animation software.You can use it to create animations and all types of films.

The layout of Eclipse delivers the feel of a traditional user interface, a large workspace is integrated within Eclipse, and there are few toolbars too.

The theme of this spectacular stop motion software is kept dark so that during long hours of work, the software won’t get too harsh on your eyes.

Moreover, connecting Eclipse to your camera gives you additional functionalities like controlling angles, zooms, and much more.

With a lip-syncing and multi-track editing feature, you can easily add music or voices to your stop motion animation.

The stop motion animation below was created by Eclipse – Stop Motion Pro.


  • A user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools enable you to create stop motion animations quickly and easily.
  • Automatic time-lapse capture makes your stop motion video smooth.


  • The software sometimes is unable to handle various file formats.
  • Stop Motion Pro Eclipse requires a high-end PC to run on.


The price of Stop Motion Pro Eclipse starts at $185.

Heron Animation (Free)

Heron Animation (free) Blog Image

Image Source

Heron Animation is a stop motion software free of cost.

It is fully compatible with every operating system, i.e., Windows, Mac, and Linux.

A program that solely focuses on user experience and feasibility helps you take pictures from a webcam and make stop motion animations.

The process is simple and convenient; however, the software is powerful and equipped with the best tools that make a stop motion video amazing.

Heron is perfect for beginners and skilled animators.

You can gather every shot in actual time. It has a clean and precise user-interface that enables you to operate it quickly and effectively.


  • Is has the option of Onion skinning.
  • Extremely user-friendly.
  • Best for beginners and professionals.


  • Does not have camera controls.
  • Lack of some professional tools that are available in other stop motion software.
  • The overall quality of the finalized video is a bit rough.


The software is available on their website for free.


Frames is an animation powerhouse when it comes to offering the necessary tools for every sort of animation. From traditional cartoons to stop-motion animation options, Frames has it all and it’s really easy to navigate and learn the software quickly. Frames have won a number of awards and is available in multiple languages. It does have a one-time licensing fee (which is fairly reasonable for what is included), so keep that in mind when you’re considering it as an option.



Stop motion animation has taken a new turn with the invention of computer screens. The castaway software for stop motion animators, introduced in earlier versions in a beta version, has been fully developed to make stop motion animation simple and easy for you without paying much time on understanding the technical aspects.

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