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We know that nowadays things are changing rapidly and you need to be up to date with the latest technology trends, this is why we provide you with the best free seo tools list. This isn’t an ordinary list, it’s a curated list where we tested all the products and selected only those who delivered great value for their price and also those who had a special and useful feature.

After testing literally hundreds of different tools out there, it’s safe to say that there are literally thousands of “free seo tools” you could be using. We wanted to make sure we covered everything here, so let’s start with the basics.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is where you can gain insights into your site’s organic performance, and any reported issues such as notifications of manual action penalties. Every SEO concerned with ranking well on Google should be familiar with it. 

What it can do:

You can get a full rundown on the tool in our definitive guide to Google Search Console, but as a quick summary, here are some of its main uses:

  • Understanding your site’s SEO performance in terms of clicks, impressions, CTR, and average positions on an individual keyword level – ultimately helping you plan a growth strategy;
  • Inspecting URLs to identify crawling and indexing issues that could prevent it from showing on the SERPs;
  • Finding coverage errors and the cause of these (404 errors, crawl issues, pages blocked by robots.txt and more);
  • Submitting a sitemap;
  • Finding manual actions and security issues;
  • Gaining insights into the backlinks and internal links that Google knows about;
  • Request the indexation of a URL;
  • Informing Google of a domain name change.

We love it because:

It is the best place to see the exact issues that Google sees when it crawls and indexes your site.

On a page-by-page level, you are able to test a URL to understand exactly how Googlebot interprets it, including the user-declared and Google-selected canonical, the date it was last crawled, and much more.

It is the first place you should go to diagnose any issues regarding the way your site appears on the SERPs.

Google Search Console URL Inspect

Rank Math Plugin

Rank Math is a WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your website content. It lets you add meta titles, descriptions and structure your data more easily. Simply download and install this plugin to your WordPress website to begin using it.


Rank Math gives your content an SEO score for each page. When you indicate what keyword you’re targeting, this plugin suggests ways to increase your ranking for that keyword. You can also identify and fix dead links on your site and redirect URLs to new pages.

Screenshot of the Rank Math WordPress plugin

Answer The Public

answer the public

Answer the Public pulls the questions people are asking (and a few other types of queries) from Google’s autocomplete results. It’s super useful for generating topic ideas.SIDENOTE. Answer the Public is a freemium tool. You can do two searches a day for free.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Site speed is not only a ranking factor, but it also impacts the user experience (UX) of your site. Slow pages can prevent conversions and damage rankings, so Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool is a great way to keep on top of this.

What it can do:

You can use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to understand your site’s PageSpeed score and learn how to improve it by fixing highlighted issues.

Even if you are not overly technical, you will be able to see the main areas that are affecting the speed of your site, such as image load time or server issues, as well as the areas that are performing well. 

We love it because:

It gives you clear suggestions for improvements to your site, and also indicates how much time can be saved by making them – it’s a great way to fine-tune your website’s performance.

Google Analytics

If you’re not yet using Google Analytics, I recommend you start as soon as possible. There is no other data source that provides high-quality and detailed information like Google Analytics. In a Google-dominated era, it’s what we have to work with. Most of the other data tools simply piggyback on Google’s data using the API.


You can’t ignore Google Analytics. Virtually all the actionable and important data about site visitors, traffic, etc., comes from this critical source.


Ubersugest is an all-in-one SEO tool designed to help you win the game of SEO. A big part of SEO success is knowing what you’re doing, what your competitors are doing, and how to adjust your strategy to take advantage of holes in the market.

Getting started with Ubersugest is as simple as typing a domain or keyword into the search bar.

For the sake of this post, I want to focus on the keyword search capabilities of Ubersuggest. It’s a great alternative to the Google Keyword Planner tool, which has lost some of its luster over the years.

After running a search for your primary keyword, here’s how you can use Ubersuggest to uncover related keywords to include in your content.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing has a market share of 25% in the US, which makes it far too big an opportunity to ignore by focusing on Google alone. Bing Webmaster Tools exists to help you manage your site’s appearance on the search engine. 

What it can do:

You can get a whole host of insights into your site on Bing Webmaster Tools, including a summary of how well your site is performing and the areas on which you need to focus to improve. It helps you understand how users are finding your site to allow you to prioritize improvements, diagnose site issues and receive alerts and notifications from Bing.

There is a chance your competitors are turning blind eyes to Bing, so you might be able to use this to your advantage.

We love it because:

Bing Webmaster Tools actually gives you more insights into your site’s performance than Google Search Console.

It offers an SEO analysis tool (namely, SEO Analyzer) that gives best practice recommendations, which even bypasses your robots.txt file to allow you to check pages you aren’t yet ready to index.


SEMrush is the comprehensive SEO toolkit that, amongst many other things, allows you to keep on top of all technical matters related to the optimization of your site.

What it can do:

While there are a number of different pricing plans to choose from, a free subscription provides a range of opportunities:

  • You can perform up to 10 searches a day in our Domain Analytics and Keyword Analytics databases;
  • You can use the Keyword Magic tool (without saving searches);
  • You can create and manage a single project (each project includes 12 individual tools);
  • You can crawl up to 100 pages of your site with the Site Audit tool to find issues and opportunities (if you have a registered SEMrush account; a limited crawl of 25 pages is available without an account and can be done here);
  • You can track the positions of up to 10 keywords in the Position Tracking tool;
  • You are given a total of 10 SEO Idea units per month.

Find out more about what you can do with a free subscription here, including checking for up to 130 technical and SEO issues on your site within minutes.

We love it because:

From keyword research through to technical SEO auditing, reporting, and competitive research, SEMrush’s free subscription offers a wealth of features that will make your life easier. It will even give you access to free extensions like SEOquake and glimpses of paid add-on features like the Growth Quadrant for competitive landscape analysis.


Knowledge is the name of the game with the MozBar. When you think about it, SEO has a lot to do with knowing the right stuff. The MozBar helps you discover the right stuff at a glance.

The MozBar button sits right up in your browser toolbar — the place where all the action is going on. Click on the MozBar, and you generate an instant report on the website you’re visiting.

You can position the MozBar at the top, side, or bottom of your browsing window at all times.


The MozBar’s true power is available to those who subscribe, and it’s a service worth the money. If you’re still in startup-cash-strapped phase, though, the folks at Moz are kind enough to provide this robust version of their tool at no cost.

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If you are serious about making money online, then you know the importance of SEO. The good news is that there are lots of free SEO tools that can help you to achieve your goals easily. Using these tools, you can find the best keywords for your website, analyze the competition, and improve rankings and conversions.

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