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Best Free Watermark Software

Most people choose a photograph or incorporate their company logo into their designs to make them look more professional. There are various programs available to easily watermark your photos, but here we will teach you how to add a watermark to a picture using free software.

Choosing the best free watermark software for your projects can be challenging. There is a variety of software and each one appeals to different users. To help you choose, below are the best free watermark software options.

iWatermark Pro

Price: $30

Compatibility: macOS, Windows, iOS, Android

Photo watermark software Iwatermark Pro

This cross-platform watermarking app can be used with image editors like Lightroom, ACDSee or Photoshop or as a standalone app. Furthermore, iWatermark Pro is compatible with a broad range of digital cameras, so you don’t have to worry about file formats, as the app lets you import or export photos in JPEG, PNG, TIFF or RAW file formats. The software’s list of watermarking features includes options like Signature, Arc Text, StegoMark or Metadata that enable you to add visible and invisible watermarks to your photos and videos. iWatermark also offers batch processing feature so that you can simultaneously add watermarks with the exact same settings to multiple images.


Price: Free version available, $29 for a full version of the software

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, iOS

There are different options of the software available, so you can opt for uMark Photo Watermarker if you’re only working with photos or you can use uMark Video Watermarker in case you often upload videos to the Internet. The app lets you use both text and images as watermarks on your photos, and it also offers powerful batch processing options that automate the process of watermarking large amounts of images. In addition to conventional watermarking options, uMark also lets you watermark your photos with QR codes or different shapes. You can easily customize all the watermarks you create with this software or save them if you want to use them on future projects.

Arclab Watermark Studio

Price: Free version available, pricing plans start from $29 for a single computer license

Compatibility: Windows

Even though the number of options Arclab’s Watermark Studio provides is somewhat underwhelming, the software still offers all the tools you need to customize your watermark. You can choose the font, the size of the text or adjust the opacity of each watermark you create with Arclab Watermark Studio and even use logos as watermarks. The option to add multiple watermarks to a single image is also available as well as the batch processing feature that lets you apply the same watermark to an unlimited number of pictures. The Arclab Watermark Studio is equipped with image resizing tools which makes it a perfect choice for photographers who often post their work on social media.

TSR Watermark Image

Price: Free trial available, subscription plans start at $29.95

Compatibility: Windows, macOS

Professional photographers who have previous experience with photo editing software, won’t need too much time to get used to TSR Watermark Image. Besides the basic text and image watermarking options, the software also offers the 3D watermark feature. The images that were taken with Canon, Sony, Nikon, and numerous other cameras can also be watermarked through metadata. The TSR Watermark Image app provides a rich selection of special effects, borders, and crosses that let you create stylish watermarks. The free version of this photo watermarking software offers only a limited amount of options and if you want to gain access to more than 200 fonts or advanced uploading features you must purchase one of the available subscription plans.

Mass Watermark

Price: Free trial available, $30 for a lifetime license

Compatibility: macOS, Windows

As its name suggests, Mass Watermark is designed to make the process of watermarking large quantities of photos quick and simple. In addition to powerful batch processing features this watermarking software for Mac and PC computers is equipped with Image Optimization tools that let you improve the overall quality of your photos before you apply a watermark to them. The app’s Watermark Designer lets you customize each watermark you create, while the Crop, Rotate and Resize features enable you to optimize your pictures for online use. What’s more, you can upload your photos to Flickr or your Picasa Web Album directly from Mass Watermark.

Watermark Software

Price: Free trial available, $24.90 for a lifetime license

Compatibility: Windows

The fact that you can watermark up to 300 photos in just one minute with this photo watermarking software speaks volumes about its capabilities. In fact, you can watermark all your photos with Watermark Software in just three easy steps, since you just have to import the images to which you want to add a watermark, insert text or picture you’d like to use as a watermark and wait for the app to process them. The Watermark Tiling feature makes unauthorized usage of your work even more difficult, while the EXIF editor enables you to add watermarks to a photo’s metadata. The free version of the app offers only a limited number of features, and you must purchase the lifetime license if want to use all the watermarking tools this app has to offer.

Alamoon Watermark

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows

Despite being slightly outdated, Alamoon Watermark software is still a reliable option for all photographers who are looking for a simple way to add watermarks to their photos. This editor supports a broad range of photo file formats and it is capable of processing thousands of images in just a couple of minutes. However, it lacks advanced watermarking and photo editing tools, so enhancing the colors in a photo or creating watermark templates is not possible with Alamoon Watermark app. The professional version of this watermarking software is largely overpriced and there are more powerful and more affordable options available.

Star Watermark

Price: Free version available, pricing plans start at $17 for a lifetime license

Compatibility: macOS, Windows

Customizing each watermark you create with this cross-platform app is a straightforward process that won’t take more than a few minutes of your time. You can easily alter the size of the text, change its color, add shadows or position the text anywhere in the photo. Star Watermark enables its users to use images as watermarks or even create multilayered watermarks. The batch processing features, however, remain one of the most common reasons why professional photographers opt to use the Star Watermark software. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t offer any of the advanced watermarking features, and it doesn’t allow you to use your digital signature as a watermark.

Visual Watermark

Price: Free trial available, pricing plans start at $19.95 for a lifetime license

Compatibility: macOS, Windows, Android

The Visual Watermark software makes watermarking hundreds of photos in a short period of time look easy. Besides watermarking photos, you can also use the Visual Watermark application to add watermarks to videos. There are 260 fonts available, but you can also import your own custom-made fonts and use them to create watermarks. The software adjusts the size and the position of the watermark to each photo automatically, but you can also fine-tune each of these settings manually. Most importantly, the Visual Watermark software protects your images from artificial intelligence algorithms that remove watermarks from photos automatically by making minor changes to the template you’re applying to the photos you’re processing.

Water Marquee

Price: Free

Compatibility: Web-based

This online watermarking tool enables you to create your own watermarks or use fully customizable templates to protect your images. The process of adding a watermark to a photo with Water Marquee is remarkably simple, as you just have to upload a photo to the platform and click on the Add Text, Add Logo or Use Template option. You can then proceed to insert the text, select its size, color or font and decide if you want to use a solid or transparent background. When done, simply click on the Save icon and choose the destination folder on your hard drive in which the watermarked photo is going to be stored.

uMark – A powerful image watermark software

uMark allows you to add watermark to your images fast and effectively. It covers many amazing features arranged in four separate tabs and a plain and intuitive interface.

You just select the image you want to watermark and then adjust a series of text and logo options. uMark further enables you to enter text and then specify its font, size, color, shadow, and position.

You can also put a logo on your photos then set their opacity and position. uMark allows you to preview watermark through a handy preview field. If you are satisfied with the results, choose the destination folder for the newly watermarked images to save them. You even save text and logo information to create consistent watermarks over and over.

cdWorks Photo Helper

If you want to watermark your photos with just a few mouse clicks, install cdWorks Photo Helper for free now. Similar to uMark, you can create photo watermarks through text, graphics, and even QR code. You can even rotate photos, manage and edit EXIF data.

While this app includes many other powerful features, let’s focus on its watermarking features first. You can choose to create watermarks with either text or graphics files from your computer. After that, set the watermark opacity and place watermark on your pictures. cdWorks Photo Helper even allows you to preview your final effect without modifying the original file. You can also use watermark text wizard if you want. The application provides you with copyright messages and some sample watermarks inside the program.

Fotor – Online Photo Editor

Fotor is a simple yet very powerful online tool that allows you to watermark your photos right in your browser. No need to install any annoying application! All you need to do is simply upload your watermark image, and drag and drop it wherever you want it to appear on the photos. You can also resize, rote and adjust the transparency to achieve the perfect fit.

If you don’t have a watermark yet, don’t worry, as you can make a custom text watermark using Fotor in minutes. Fotor comes packed with hundreds of fonts- the choices are just endless. The best part is that Fotor offers more than just watermarking. You can use it resize your photos, adjust the photo color, and even apply photo filters to make it looks more professional.

Picture Stamper

Picture Stamper watermarks your photos by stamping them through your logo, address, name or contact details. It provides users with an intuitive user interface.

It allows you to add as many photos as you want and stamps all of them at once. Picture Stamper automatically saves the last stamp design for later use, so you don’t need to redesign from scratch each time you run it. You can watermark your photos faster through “Drag and Drop files and folders” and “Batch processing” features.

JACo Watermark

Like the other software above, the free version of JACo Watermark protects your photos against illegal usage and sharing by watermarking them.

JACo Watermark includes all must-have features of a watermarking tool. It enables you to add different fonts, colors, sizes and transparency texts or images to your photos as a watermark. You can change the opacity level of the watermark and watermark position. Also, it provides you with watermark preview and batch image processing. What’s more? It enables or disables the anti-aliasing for text watermark.

For using online

In case you don’t want to waste so much time on installing and studying watermarking software, you can just upload your photos directly to these 3 online web applications below and watermark them with ease. helps you directly watermark your photos online. Within just a few minutes using the application, you’ll be able to create an awesome watermark for your images. Once you upload your pictures on this website, you can rotate and resize them.

PicMarkr enables you to connect to a Flickr account, which is a plus compared to other online watermarking tools. You can retrieve photos from your Flickr account, input a new size manually or select a preset to optimize the pictures for blogs, forums or emails.

A simple and friendly web app like lets you add watermarks to your photos online with ease. You no longer need to spend so much time studying other watermark software. makes it possible for almost anyone to watermark to their photos online.

This app supports both text and image watermarks. Like a watermark software, it also allows you to customize watermark type, text, size, position, colors, and style. You can watermark multiple photos at the same time. It also includes many other options like batch image resizing and compressing.

You can quickly and easily generate watermarks for your images through You can just visit this website to watermark your photos without having to sign up.

With the many watermarking options available, you can personalize your images in various ways including text size, color, and position. Otherwise, if you want to protect your photos with more feature options or a higher file size limit, you have to pay a little for Watermarktool plus.

For WordPress Websites

What if you want to watermark your images directly on your WordPress website? It’s time to pick the best suitable WordPress image watermark plugin.

Photo Gallery by WD

Photo Gallery by WD allows you to create and protect photo gallery with many layout options, gallery and album views. Multiple widgets and various extensions are provided to extend its core functionality further.

This popular plugin with more than 300,000 active installs enables you to add text and image watermarks to your uploaded images in your galleries and albums. It also disables right-click on images on the front end. In other words, you can preserve your copyright through a watermark, at the same time, protect your photos from being downloaded directly. Its premium version provides you with social sharing buttons to share your photos on popular social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery not only lets you create a beautiful responsive photo gallery and video gallery for your WordPress website in minutes but also protects your photos through powerful watermark feature.

With its watermark addon, you can easily add a watermark to your uploaded images under full size or lightbox mode. You can use either your company logo, copyright symbols or text-based watermarks to customize the watermark. This plugin also allows you to automate the entire process and relieves the pain of having to manually add the watermark to each and every photo. The watermark will be automatically added to all your photos in Envira Gallery once configured.

Image Watermark

Image Watermark plugin automatically watermarks images uploaded to the WordPress Media Library. Besides, it allows you to bulk watermark previously uploaded images as well.

Image Watermark helps you adjust the size, position, transparency or opacity of your watermark. You can then preview what it will look like after watermarking it. This plugin goes beyond just watermarking your photos. It not only disables right-click on your website images but also blocks people from downloading your images via drag & drop.


In our opinion, Free Watermark is the best free software of this type. It combines a straightforward interface and easy design customization with the ability to add virtually any text, logo or graphics to your images that you could want. If you’re looking to preserve your copyright or put a watermark on your images without paying a cent, this is the software for you.

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