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Open Source Wireframe Tool

Open Source Wireframe Tool is a web application that helps you to design a website or programs. In order to create a mockup of your website, you’ll need to select the modules from the application which is already available in the application for this. You can add image, text or input field in your design layout.

Deciding on design and development platforms can be difficult. While some site creators know exactly what they will need and want, some may not. If you happen to be in the latter category and are looking for a great platform that is easy to learn and use while having a lot of features, then the following open source wireframe tools might be of interest to you.


If you are looking for an open-source wireframe software that runs on different platforms, then you can try FluidUI. The application will let you work on stunning designs in seconds without any coding.

open source wireframe software,
  • There are more than 2000 different widgets, tools, and elements in the application that you can use.
  • You will also find dynamic widgets for web linking, interactions, and transitions to create wireframes with high fidelity.
  • Using its web-based dashboard, you can collaborate with your team on a real-time basis.
  • Apart from new designs, you can work on any existing template or export your designs as well.


  • Live preview of your prototypes and wireframes
  • Free testing on mobile


  • The free version only lets us work on a single project (with a maximum of 10 pages)

Runs on: Windows, Mac, and Web

Pencil project

Pencil Project is a free and open source GUI tool for creating wire frames and mock ups of web and mobile apps.

It has built in shapes collections – lines, arrows, triangles, polygon and connecting shapes for creating flowcharts easily. You can also download and use shapes created and distributed freely by their community of users.

Export mockup to png, svg, html, pdf or open office formats.

If you have been working in designing for a while, then you must be familiar with too. It is one of the most popular wireframe open source tools out there that can be accessed by visiting its web source.

wireframe open source
  • It provides a blank canvas, letting you drag and drop different design elements from its sidebar.
  • You can select the environment of your app and further edit the elements with its formatting options.
  • Once the wireframe design has been created, you can export it as either PDF or PNG files.
  • Users can only work on one wireframe at a time using this open-source wireframe software.


  • Freely available and lightweight
  • It can run on almost any device easily


  • Fewer features for animations and transitions
  • Only provides low fidelity results

Runs on: Web

Adobe Xd

Adobe Xd permits you to wireframe as just a portion of its suite of prototyping tools, which puts up with you through the whole method of sketching wireframes; union with your team; developing site maps, storyboards, and flowcharts; creating functional prototypes; and much more. You can try Adobe Xd out for free but as normal, you require a Skillful Cloud subscription to take the entire benefit of Xd’s tremendous smorgasbord of features.


Marvel is one of the useful website prototype tools. Marvel has a lot to offer you such as basic support for diagrams and photoshop files. Develop your designs and skillfully add them to a Marvel archive.


InVision is a cloud-based treatment for formulating a wireframe for a website or an app. InVision is considered as an ideal option for the high-fidelity designs. InVision gives enormous prototyping tools and features that allow a user to develop a fully usable prototype.

Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is a popular open-source wireframe software that you can use on your Windows or Mac system. If you want, you can also go to its website and use its online tools to create wireframes, prototypes, mockups, and other designs.

  • You can work on a wireframe of your website or app in low, medium, or high fidelity, as per your requirements.
  • There are several templates designed by professionals that you can use or just import a Sketch project.
  • You will find thousands of elements, illustrations, icons, logos, and other widgets in the tool to create your wireframe in less time.
  • Once the wireframing is done, you can export your design in different formats like HTML, PNG, or SVG.


  • Features to collaborate with your team or share your projects with others
  • A free-to-use web application is also available with extensive compatibility


  • Some enterprise features are reserved for premium users

Runs on: Windows, Mac, and Web


Axure is an enormous wireframe software for developing an interactive prototype and fixed wireframes. It’s been around for further than a decade now. Axure is an enormous basis to assess web or mobile applications. When you have such a good prototyping tool with you then the cogency of the final product is 100% assured.


Mockplus is deemed as one of the most strong wireframes, prototyping, and mockup Software. Mockplus permits you to have the preview of the project you develop and get the statements from the users. It is a low-rise prototyping tool. Mockplus gives you a variety of ways to share and quiz your wireframes or prototypes.


Photoshop doesn’t offer archives of interface components, but for wireframing, straightforward, fast is an extremely simple option for designers. If you’re friendly with Adobe products, it’s easy to sketch out rapid ideas, group several components and layers, and build a beneficial wireframe.


If you are looking for a useful wireframe tool to design your website wireframe, page layouts, diagrams,  then OmniGraffle should be your option. And when it comes to working with Mac then nothing can win it.


Balsamiq is an immediate wireframe tool that lets the creator design a wireframe sooner. It gives you the same actual feeling of sketching with a pencil but with a sense of a digital tool.


Web-based Justinmind contains a library of UI ingredients, from buttons and forms to generics shapes and a spectrum of widgets for SAP, Android, and iOS, Custom styling is contained, so you can add globular corners, skinned images or color slants, or introduce graphics by dragging them into the browser. Prototypes can be sent out as HTML.

Proto.Io is a completely browser-based prototyping tool. And very tools are not everyone’s cup of tea. But really good sufficient to make it to my reasonable list of prototyping tools. is simple to understand and work with. Provide your stationery designs and wireframes with another level of performance.


Canva is the next web-based wireframe tool. It makes it simple for you to develop a helpful wireframe for your website. Canva is the best tool to modify your ideas into wireframes. You can build your wireframe in a matter of a few moments. Save your moment with drop and drag interface. Totally drag the grid or picture etc. and drop it at the desired spot.


Wireframer is a self hosted Javascript (Vue.js) Application. It has simple blocks for creating simple mockups. Not very easy to use – i did not find an option to delete an unwanted element once added to the canvas. Also creating a horizontal menu was tedious with each item dragged as a label and then edited. Also being self hosted means you need to know how to install it on your own server. Unless you just want to tweak around and check things out as a developer, probably not good for UI designers.


Wireframe is a technique, which uses simple tools and plain language to design the site’s structure and layout. So it is natural that as time passes, more and more Wireframe tools were created as it becomes more popular.

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