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An affiliate marketer’s day revolves around Youtube keyword research tool chrome, Youtube keyword generator and youtube keyword suggestion tool. Be it to improve existing videos or create new ones, the core begins with identifying the problem that requires an answer. And for every video there is a solution!

Information and communication is the need of today and in near future. Everyone is following internet marketing. It is really easier to get lead with the help of youtube ranking. Which you can create by the help of youtube keyword generator? You can rank your videos with the help of these tools. You can download it for free and get many benefits from it. We will tell you about its characteristics in this article.


Ahrefs is a marketing analyst’s best friend. This tool has a huge collection of SEO, competitor analysis, keyword research and keyword identification functions to help you optimise your digital content. With clients like Facebook, Netflix, and Uber, you know it’s big time. We’re really impressed with the platform’s YouTube Keyword Tool, which pulls YouTube search volumes for keywords from up to 171 countries.

The tool is managed in a sleek, easy-to-use dashboard. Simply type your keyword in the search bar and Ahrefs pulls data from around the world to show you the total search volume for each term and how many clicks that search phrase earned. If clicks are low, it might mean that users aren’t happy with the results they’re seeing; maybe they need an engaging video from you to be satisfied with their search results. Low clicks could also mean a video’s thumbnail, title, and description aren’t interesting enough for people to bother clicking on them; for more on that, check out this post.

Ahrefs also pulls a few other interesting data points, including relevant search phrases that use your keyword and other keywords or phrases that are relevant to your term, making this tool not just a research platform but a keyword generator, too.

Ahrefs offers four pricing tiers, ranging from $99 per month for a single user to $999 per month for 5 or more users at an agency. It’s one of the more expensive options on this list, but if you’re serious about keyword research, it might be worth the investment. You should definitely take advantage of the tool’s 7-day trial for $7 to see whether you like it before you subscribe.


Tubebuddy is a free browser extension that helps you do keyword research and much more for your YouTube channel. The extension has paid plans from $7.2 to $39.2 per month, depending on your needs.

Tubebuddy is a one-stop solution for all your YouTube things. From increasing productivity to benefiting from the data and research, you can do it all. The features have 5 major categories given below:

Productivity features help you do the advanced video embedding, personalize your repeated messages, and format commenting on your channel. It also lets you publish scheduled videos, generate thumbnails, and do much more.

Bulk Process lets you bulk delete, edit, and copy screens and cards for your YouTube videos. Automating the entire process becomes seamless without a doubt.

Promotion allows you to know the best time to publish videos on your YT channel. It also helps you randomly select a winner if you run a contest. You can also publish the same video on other social media platforms like Facebook.

Data & Research helps you monitor any activity related to your brand, backup your YT channel, and understand your growth via detailed analytics. You can also grant your team members access to your Tubebuddy account.

Video SEO does everything for which you’re here. It auto translates your titles and description, tracks your ranking, and does the video A/B testing. In addition, Tubebuddy’s Keyword Explorer gives you topic suggestions, search volume, and much more.

Let’s dive into the Explorer even more.

TubeBuddy’s Keyword Explorer

It’s an excellent keyword tool for YouTube because it helps you get the maximum information about the keywords. As a result, it helps you rank high in search results and ultimately get more views. You can also find long-tail keywords to target your audience specifically.


Morningfame is an affordable YouTube keyword tool that is new and currently invitation-only. The pricing starts from $4.90 per month if you’re just starting on YouTube. In addition, the tool offers you rich channel analytics and keyword research tool. 

MorningFame‘s Keyword Research Tool for YouTube offers you tons of features to grow your channel like a pro. Let’s have a look at them:

Choose a Video Topic: To help you come up with keywords based on your topic or video.

Choose a Target Search Term: get common and uncommon keywords related to your main keyword.

Search & Evaluate Your Target Keyword: know the ranking opportunity.

Optimize Your Metadata: Make your content relevant to keywords as much as possible. 

So if you’re looking for no BS keyword tool for YouTube, I believe MorningFame is a solid choice. And it’s reasonably priced as well.

Final Thought:

Jump on H-Supertools YT Keyword Tool, enter it into the YouTube search bar, and go with the auto-suggested keywords. Trying Google Trends will also be helpful. Go for MorningFame if you want one tool to do it all.

When you search for a video on YouTube, the platform gives you a longer list of recommended results based on what other people searched for in the past. Keyword Tool leverages that data to help marketers like you improve your YouTube SEO. Keyword Tool is a YouTube autocomplete keyword program that generates popular search phrases from base terms. For example, a company that makes clothes for toddlers and infants might regularly use the term “baby clothes” as a keyword.

After using Keyword Tool, that company could improve its keyword strategy with additional phrases like “baby clothes diy” and “baby clothes quilt,” both of which rank high as common search terms. You can also use the platform’s trend data to see what times of the year certain keywords perform best to change your strategy depending on consumer habits and holidays.

You can access Keyword Tool’s most basic features for free, but it has plenty of other features that are worth paying for, like cost-per-click data and competitor keyword analysis. Keyword Tool’s monthly plans range from $69 to $159 a month depending on the volume of keywords you plan to analyse.


It’s a free Chrome extension with a paid version as well. The keyword tool shows data within YouTube, which means you don’t need to go outside of YT. It’s quite similar to Tubebuddy and shows search volume, competition, related keywords, stats, keyword score, and more.

When looking for competition, vidIQ doesn’t have a particular formula. But they state that they look at the total amount of engagements across social media, view velocity, and views. The stats are somehow identical to Tubebuddy.

vidIQ gives you the ability to import all the video tags to CSV with just a click. It shares the tags of any YouTube channel. And it also recommends tags for your video. If you go to a channel’s page, you will see the ‘Trending’ tab.

The tab allows you to discover the newly published videos and how they’re performing on YouTube. The pricing is simple, the Basic plan is free, Pro starts from $7.5/month, and Boost starts from $39/month.

So get started for free with Basic, get more analytics and research keywords with Pro, and increase views on new videos with Boost. And then there’s Boost+, which offers personalized coaching for dedicated creators and agencies.

Google Trends shows interest in a topic over some time in a particular region of the world. It’s free and yet extremely valuable at the same time. You can see which topics are rising on YouTube comparatively. 

For example, when I search for ’email marketing in the US, I get this result:

Google Trends for 'email marketing'

As you can see, you can select a particular country or the entire ‘world.’ For researching YouTube only, select ‘YouTube Search’ from the last tab. If the topic shows consistency in the graph, you should make a video on it.

Google Trends as a YouTube Keyword Tool in 2021

You can also compare between two or more keywords to see which one has more interest. For example, from Google Trends, I concluded that people search for email marketing more than content marketing. 

Google Trends for Youtube Keyword Research

What I like about Google Trends the most is that it gives you a comparison breakdown by subregion. For example, Nevada, Arizona, and New York are the subregions with the most interest in email marketing. Also, it shows some related queries as well. 

Final Thought:

My final thoughts about Google Trends for YouTube keyword research are positive. No matter what, you must always use the tool to decide on the topic or keyword for your YT videos. 


Whether you’re a YouTuber or a marketer trying to sell a product, a killer idea is to start using a youtube keyword tool. There are so many options you have for what content you can produce and create based on the right keywords. The thing about youtube is that people have been pushing hard to generate as much views as possible. There are numerous ways that people try to rank for certain keywords. The youtube community has evolved into not only being something where people upload videos, but it is also now a source of income.

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