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A couple of years ago, I was asked by a client who is a Twitch streamer to make a logo for him. He did not realize how difficult and long it would be. Here I am 2 years later and that logo is STILL NOT complete. You’ve heard the saying”everything is harder than it looks?”

Well, this is one of those many things that can be applied to, like making a gaming logo free download (graphic design). This is sometimes an easier job than you may expect and other times extremely tricky. If you want to find out some reasons why graphic design can be so difficult while making gaming logo free download, keep reading!


Free gaming logos on Placeit

If you haven’t come across Placeit before, it is essentially a design tool for non-designers. They offer a whole lot of tools and templates for creating various designs such as mockupsYouTube templatesgaming templates, and a whole lot more! 

They’ve recently released some free logo templates, including gaming-focused ones, many of which are really well designed.  In our opinion, Placeit has one of the best logo makers in terms of the quality and the uniqueness of the logos you can create.

It’s incredibly easy to customize all the various aspects of your logo so if you’re looking to quickly create an awesome gaming logo (for free) we recommend you check them out. 

Logo Esport Maker – Free RPG, PUBG & Twitch Gaming Logo Maker [APK]:

If you are looking for a gaming logo maker apk app for Android, then you should try the Logo Esport Maker. This gaming logo creator allows you to create logos and avatars for your games straight from your phone. You can start creating logos for your team as soon as you download the app. You can adjust the texture and overlay seamlessly with over 30 different textures available to be personalized.

You can easily set and edit the colors as you see fit, change text style and fonts and set different background options, including a transparent background. The app also allows you to edit the brightness of the logos, saturation, and contrast. You can easily flip, rotate, resize, and curve the logos.

The app also comes with a brand name, company slogan, and even a symbol generator. So whenever you’re stuck or your creativity is limited, see the ideas that the app throws at you and see if you can work with any of them. Overall, this is one of my best options when it comes to game logo makers.


Logo templates on WDFlat

WDflat is an awesome online resource that offers mostly free templates and packs for streamers on Twitch and YouTube.  They also have a good number of templates that can be customized in your browser, including some gaming logos.

They currently don’t offer a huge batch of gaming logo templates that can be edited in their online tool (hopefully they’ll keep adding more) but the few that are available are pretty cool and can be customized a bit to be unique to you. 

The gaming logo editor is quite simplistic and doesn’t offer much in the way of customizations.  But if you’re going for a simple design it could offer what you need. 

Adobe Spark:

Logo templates on Adobe Spark

Adobe usually delivers high-quality products, and Adobe Spark, the company’s first steps into the DIY design space, is a pretty good tool as well.

With the tool, you can do a lot more than create gaming logos. You can create Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts, and much more.

Unfortunately, there currently aren’t that many gaming logo templates to choose from but if you’re happy to go with one of the templates they have any make a few customizations you could get what you’re after for free. 

Gaming Logo Maker – Best Free Gaming Avatar Maker App:

While this isn’t a website, it does allow you to create a gaming logo and avatar on your mobile phone for free. There are dozens of customizable gaming team logo designs on the app, and all of them work well for creating gaming logos for eSports teams, online gaming companies, video games, professional video game players and gaming clans. The app also allows you to play around with smaller details of the logo, like tweaking of the graphics, text, and colors.

To design a gaming logo, pick a sticker, give it a frame, choose a theme or color for the background, including any texts you want and download when you’re done. If you don’t like using the stickers, you just have to draw your symbols or add a picture from your phone, enter text details, give it a frame if you want, and have it downloaded for free.

This Gaming Logo Maker app has over 50 logo stickers that you can download, from stickers of eagles to that of Vikings, witches, bears, wolfs, skulls, and even hooded assassins. There are many background colors and patterns to choose from, including many styles and fonts for your text. The app also allows you to share your stunning (and sometimes awful) designs with your friends on social media without even downloading it.


Logo templates on WePik

WePik is a fantastic resource site for graphic designers that offers vector art, illustrations, photos, and much more. 

They’ve recently launched their own online logo maker recently which currently doesn’t have too many design options just now, but has a few logo templates for the gaming niche.

The team seems to be the only team online that has allowed the public to design and download their gaming logos completely free. There is not even a single website that I could find online that’s willing to allow users to design and download logos at this quality for free, and that is why this online tool is the first on my list.

I designed the logo and was able to download it with no watermark. There are a wide variety of gaming clan logo templates to choose from. You’re also going to be able to download high-resolution vector files in PDFs and PNGs. The website allows you to use the logos everywhere, from your gaming channel on YouTube to your groups and even as an avatar on your online gaming communities.

You get avatars like Spartan mascot, bull icon, gorilla symbol, boy mascot, and reaper, all for free. There are also several eSports logo PNGs, from eSports mascots to symbols, letter logos, and many others. This should be your first stop if you’re looking for high-quality gaming clan logo makers.

The Hoth Logo Maker:

The Hoth logo maker

The Hoth’s logo maker is incredibly simple, anyone can use it! The interface is also pretty slick (especially for a free logo maker) and it’s very easy to select and edit all the different elements of the logo. 

You can change sizes, shapes, colors, and really customize most elements of the logo to fit the look you’re going for with your gaming blog, team, or channel, you’ll quickly have something that’s unique to you. 

When you download the logo, The Hoth sends you logo files via email, and what’s really cool is that you get several files (PNG, JPG, etc.) and if you have some design skills you can use the EPS file they send you to do more customizations in photoshop. 


What’s the best gaming logo maker? Well, I’ve tested out a lot of these “gaming logos” and always need to create game logo vector online game launch game logo psd game logo designer game logo cleaner.

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