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Good Open Source Social Media Monitoring Tools For Agencies

Agencies are always looking for ways to improve their social media marketing. They want to better understand how their followers interact with their content, see what types of content is resonating the most, and identify which channels are working best. But there’s a lot of data out there, and it can be overwhelming trying to find the right tool to help you analyze your social media data. That’s where open source social media monitoring tools come in. These tools give you access to all the data your agency needs, so you can start analyzing it quickly and easily. With these tools, you’ll be able to track everything from Twitter followers to Facebook likes (and more). So whether you’re looking for an initial look at your social media performance or just want some helpful tips, open source social media monitoring tools are the perfect solution for you!

Good Open Source Social Media Monitoring Tools For Agencies


Hootsuite is a free social media management software that supports social network integration for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Hootsuite offers a free plan with features to manage multiple networks, scheduling content, and engaging with the audience in a single dashboard. In the free plan, one can manage up to 3 social media profiles. It requires only one password for three profiles on different social networking sites. It provides support and online help through the community forum. It also helps users to find and share important content from verified sources. It allows users to schedule posts to keep regular contact with the audience automatically.


  • Two RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed integration to easily distribute content to a large number of people.
  • Users can curate their content by searching for popular hashtags or keywords.
  • Its content library feature their content efficiently.
  • Its hootlet extension allows to post or schedule content without even the need to login into the social accounts.
  • Users can track the social post-performance in different timeframes through customizable reports with over 200 metrics.
  • Allows searching and filtering social conversations in multiple languages.
  • Users can see messages and comments on multiple social networks in one place.
  • The metrics measure the influence of social media content across multiple channels and campaigns.
  • The reports can be exported in Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and CSV formats.

Social oomph

Social oomph falls into the category of free social media management software that has features of an advanced scheduling and publishing tool. It automates social media activities across various social networks.


  • Social oomph enables the users to manage their own social posts and those of their clients, in one account.
  • Scheduling at the preferred time slot.
  • Creating posts and uploading multiple posts is allowed.
  • There is an option to separate client data from users.
  • Users can make assign associates and subordinates to their account; assign special roles and authorize admin to work on selected profiles and blogs.
  • Videos/images are restricted from the bulk upload.
  • Allows Tagging and grouping posts to search them easily.
  • Users can create social, and blog posts from RSS feed entries automatically.
  • Social oomph has a feature to set a limit on the number of the posts users post in a given interval of time.
  • This prevents social media managers from posting too frequently.
  • Creating posts with the help of other services such as IFTTT is possible.
  • It’s content planning tools helps to implement marketing campaigns easily.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a free social media management software that is used to manage multiple social media platforms, unlimited schedule posts, and track keywords from a single dashboard. Zoho Social is a social media suite that has all the features required to build a brand reputation in social media. In its free edition, it lets one user work on one brand. It also provides URL shortener & zShare Browser extension in its free version.


  • Its SmartQ feature can predict the most active time of your audience.
  • Posting in such unique time slots can be very beneficial for social media managers.
  • Managers can create a spreadsheet to create and schedule multiple posts for days in advance.
  • Create spreadsheets to track reviews, keywords, or comments.
  • Facebook Lead Ads account can be integrated with Zoho Social to monitor leads in real-time.
  • Monitoring ad campaigns’ performance to drive leads is easy with this feature.
  • It has an inbuilt ticketing option that converts social media updates into tickets.
  • Each ticket can be responded separately to deliver support to your social media followers.
  • It provides the entire context of a previous conversation to respond to everyone who interacts with your brand on social media.
  • Assigning roles to your team members and determining the access they will have to admin rights is possible.
  • Know the demographics of the audience and the content they are interacting.
  • Use analytics to customize reports for multiple social channels.
  • Options to make reports visually appealing with colorful graphs and charts are available.
  • Lets user schedule posts and automate reports.
  • zShare browser plugin curates interesting articles that the user is viewing.


Juicer is a free social media management software. Juicer has over 60,000 active users. It is a great tool to aggregate brands’ hashtag and other content into a unified, beautiful social media feed. Images and photos from various social media channels can be embedded into one feed.


  • Add and assign user roles to team members
  • Planning and scheduling of social media posts.
  • It allows featuring loyal customers on the website as well as social media
  • It has an easy to use dashboard with navigation for all of your social media content.
  • Social media moderation and filtering features
  • It integrates with over 15 different social media sources allowing social media managers multiple options to find relevant content.
  • ‘Send All Posts to Moderation’ button for checking before posting.
  • It curates content before final posting.
  • Social walls to display social content aggregated from the various social platform.


 Socioboard is a free and open source social media management software that has powerful social media suite for all businesses. It generates reports and analyzes data to help social media managers make informed business decisions.


  • Live chat, a news feed, timeline, profiles, events, notifications
  • Highly customizable and scalable open-source interface.
  • Scheduling & publishing is easy with Socioboard
  • It generates tickets to reply to negative comments
  • RSS Feed to distribute a list of headlines, notices, and content to the audience automatically
  • Google Analytics integration to track website traffic.
  • The innovative feature of Sentiment analysis conducts language processing, text analysis, and computational linguistics.
  • Sophisticated analytics and interactive social discovery tools
  • Team collaboration tools and 24/7 Technical Support
  • Social CRM tools and Helpdesk integration

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools


Hootsuite is a very popular, freemium, social media monitoring software that can track activity across a number of social networks and platforms – those networks and platforms include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, and WordPress. You can also manage social media accounts by scheduling posts across multiple platforms. If more than one person is handling a social media account, you can also delegate tasks.


Mentionlytics is a powerful social media monitoring tool in tracking mentions, hashtags, keywords, and sentiment across multiple languages, providing organisations with access to audience insights and historical data. Companies have the opportunity to discover top influencers while finding potential leads and creating an opportunity for brand growth. With the help of Mentionlytics, a business can protect its online reputation, as the tool is not made only for social media monitoring, but for the broader web as well.

It allows jumping into conversations in real-time, replying to potential customers, and on that same note preventing a potential crisis. The app comes with a Social Intelligent Advisor; an AI service capable of deriving actionable insights from social data. This is a unique feature among other social media monitoring tools that provides smarter insights, better social media analytics, and simple suggestions for personalised brand management.


Keyhole helps you monitor your Twitter and Instagram accounts – you can look at keywords, hashtags, URLs, and usernames. You can both see data in real-time and historical information, while you can also view heat maps that show you activity levels in certain parts of the world.


Talkwalker is a Consumer Intelligence Acceleration platform for brands to drive business impact. It combines a multitude of internal and external data sources with AI-powered by Blue Silk™ technology, for the most expansive view of consumers.

Talkwalker’s AI-powered platform ingests billions of customer signals every second to form the most live and complete picture of the customer. Speeding up the time it takes to identify any change and adapt to it. Giving brands precious time back to fine-tune strategies and make valuable business decisions. With offices around the globe, Talkwalker helps over 2,500 brands to maximise profits with actionable consumer intelligence, as well as to provide access to online media in real-time. This tool enables you to discover product mentions, event monitoring, and mentions of your brand.

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a tool used to track your Twitter stats. You can track millions of Twitter users and stats, and there are also buttons and widgets that can be added to websites, blogs, and social media profiles to show the number of followers and the most recent Twitter visitors. You can also see retweets, mentions, and historical data, you can add multiple accounts so you can keep track of them all in one place and you can create custom reports and graphs, and download .pdf reports.

 Sprout Social

Sprout Social’s all-in-one social media management tool empowers our customers to do more with their social media strategy. Better connect with audiences, streamline publishing workflows, collaborate in real-time, and turn social data into meaningful insights at scale.

Sprout Social’s easy-to-use platform is simple and intuitive enough to get you up and running in minutes but powerful enough to support the largest enterprises. Through an all-in-one solution that includes social publishing, engagement, analytics, reviews, social commerce, and social listening.

The app provides easy-to-use features while providing great customer support that ensures satisfaction. This tool comes with a high ROI and has gained a high user adoption thanks to the ability to measure social reach. When it comes to reporting, the user enjoys a detailed report on one platform enabling the discovery of top influencers. It is ideal for brand monitoring, as it also supports reporting of social mentions across social platforms. It gives organisations an ability to understand their audience, uncover current trends, and on that account, inform the campaigns on their social media profiles.

How to Choose the Right Social Media Monitoring Tools.

A social media monitoring tool is a computer program that monitors the activity of social media websites and apps. These tools can help agencies track online activity, including posts, messages, and interactions between people.

Some common social media monitoring tools include:

– Twitter: This tool allows you to track all your tweets in one place. You can see what hashtags and keywords were used, see when users interact with each other, and view archived tweets.

– Facebook: This tool lets you see all the posts and comments on your Facebook page. You can also view user profiles, connect with friends, and view Timeline events.

– Google Analytics: This tool allows you to track how many people visit your website or app each day. You can also see which pages are being visited most frequently, find out where your traffic comes from, or measure the performance of your website or app.

– LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a great platform for networking with other professionals. You can use it to find employees at companies, learn about job openings, or research potential partners.

– Instagram: Instagram is a great way to share photos and videos of your life with friends and family. You can also use it to post embarrassing moments or interesting facts about yourself that others might want to know.

How to Use a Social Media Monitoring Tool.

For agencies that use social media to communicate with their constituents, the use of a social media monitoring tool is an essential part of your operations. This tool can help you identify abusive or harassing behavior on various social media platforms, and can also be used to monitor your agency’s social media activity for compliance with laws and regulations.

To use the social media monitoring tool, you first need to set up an account on the platform or website where you plan to use it. Then, you need to select a specific Social Media Monitoring Profile (SMM) for your organization. The SMM will allow you to track all of your agency’s social media activities, including posts, followers, and engagement. You can also access detailed information about each post and user within your SMM.

Once you have set up and logged into your SMM, you can start tracking your agency’s social media activity by clicking on one of the following buttons:

– Posting History: This screen shows you a chronological list of all of the posts made by both yourself and any other identified users within yourSMM. From here, you can see which posts were shared by others in order to measure engagement or reach new levels of followers.

– Followers: This screen shows you the follower count (by date) and share rate (by time) for all identified users within yourSMM. You can see which users are following other users within reason as well as see how many followers each individual has.

– Engagement: This screen displays a graphic representation of how engaged each post is with audience members across different time periods (from days ago to months ago). You can see which posts are causing significant engagements and how often they’re being shared.

– Compliance: This screen allows you to view specific information about any violations that have been detected during your agency’s social media engagement process thus far. For example, this could include but is not limited to account suspensions or fines levied against individuals or organizations for violating laws or regulations related to online communication rights.

Tips for Using a Social Media Monitoring Tool.

When using a social media monitoring tool, it’s important to first understand its purpose. Some tools, like Hootsuite or LineageOS, are designed specifically for monitoring social media activity, while others, such as Twitter and Instagram Monitor, allow you to monitor any website or app that allows user interactions with social media.

Use the Social Media Monitoring Tool to Detect Social Media Abuse

If you see any social media content that you don’t agree with, take action immediately. Using a social media monitoring tool can help you identify instances of abuse and protect your agency from potential problems. For example, if someone is posting derogatory remarks about another agency on Facebook, they may be abusive in other online interactions as well.

Use the Social Media Monitoring Tool to Monitor Your Agency’s Social Media Activity

In order to use a social media monitoring tool effectively, it’s important to set up rules for how it should be used and how often it should be checked. For example, if you want your tool to be activated only when specific posts from a certain account are made (a policy you might set up on your personal account), make sure to create those rules before starting the tool up. By following these tips, you’ll have a better chance of detecting potential issues before they become large problems for your agency.


using a social media monitoring tool can help you detect social media abuse, monitor your agency’s social media activity, and determine the best course of action for your business. By following these tips, you can create an effective marketing strategy that will help your company reach new heights.

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