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You can check out a review of a free graphic design app for android or a free best graphic design app for the mac here. This software is meant for artists, designers, and counselors. The features consist of professional concepts and production programs for the novice designer. Has a low learning curve and easy to use interface. It offers resources that are essential in website design or graphic design jobs.

Graphic design apps free download is something every beginner has to learn about. It’s important to understand how they work and what you can use them for. For those who plan on making a career out of graphic designing, it’s crucial to jump in now and learn as much as you can now.


Canva is a powerful, but still simple to use, template-based graphics design app. There are hundreds of thousands of templates, graphics, and photos you can use as part of the free plan (that goes up to millions of assets with a Canva Pro subscription). 

When you open Canva, you’re presented with dozens of possible templates for everything from posters to Instagram Posts. It’s a lot to navigate, but there’s a great search built in. Just click the search bar in the top right of the screen and look for something like “birthday Instagram stories” to see more specific options. (I got 160 suggested templates just for that.)

Once you’ve found a template to work from, the drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to add your own resources. Just click Uploads then Upload Media in the left sidebar, add any images or brand elements, and you can drop them straight into the editor. One tip: right-click on any element and click Send Back or Send Forward if you want to move it behind things like the text (which you can double-click on to edit) or the image frame. 

Like Google Docs, Canva enables you to share and collaborate with others, so if you want a second set of eyes on your design, click the Share button in the toolbar and then add an email address. 

When you’re done, click Download to save your post for, well, posting. If you’ve accidentally included any premium assets, you’ll have the option to pay to remove their watermarks (normally at about $1 per asset). It’s a handy option if you only occasionally use Canva. If this happens a lot, you can subscribe to Canva Pro for $12.95/month (or at least check out the 30-day free trial). Pro has heaps of extra designs, and some nice features, like automatic resizing, a social media scheduler, and the ability to upload your “brand kit,” so you can easily add your logo, brand colors, and font to your designs. 

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Canva Price: Free for 250,000+ templates and 5GB storage; from $12.95/month for Canva Pro, which offers unlimited storage, millions of assets, and more.

Adobe Ilustrator

If you’re working with vectors, Adobe Illustrator is the software you need. First released in 1987, this veteran software provides the power and versatility you need to create everything from simple logos and icons to detailed, multi-layered artwork.

Adobe Illustrator requires a Creative Cloud subscription, which may put some people off. But a large number of working creatives will agree that it’s entirely worth the expense. Plus, because it’s subscription-based software, you’ll get all the latest updates for free. 

The most recent (June 2021) brings Apple Silicon compatibility to Illustrator so it’ll run on the latest M1 Macs at top speed. It also adds the ability to rotate your view of the canvas to make life easier when you’re working with fiddly, detailed projects. 

Since October 2020, there’s also been an accompanying iPad app. That means that you can also start work on a project on your iPad to get all the basics in place, then transfer your work to the desktop for fine-tuning.


DesignWizard ranks among the best free graphic design software for beginners. The tool offers a large database of images along with a host of free templates (over 10,000), plus a simple, easy-to-use interface. While you can also quickly create custom templates, DesignWizard excels as a front-line, free graphic design tool for beginners.

Despite an easy-to-use interface and no upfront costs, it’s worth noting that most of the more powerful options in DesignWizard are only available in its for-pay version.

Pablo by Buffer

Pablo is a minimalist tool for placing text over the top of images from the team behind the social media scheduling app Buffer. It couldn’t be simpler to use or in its design. To us, that’s a feature—but if you need something with more options, check out one of the other great apps on this list. 

Seriously, Pablo is barebones. Open the website and you’re straight into the app. There’s no need to create an account—because there are no accounts. In the center of the screen, there’s a preview of your image. On the left, you can search for an image through Unsplash or click Upload Image to add your own. At the top of the screen, click Templates to choose from one of the six defaults. On the right, you can choose the size and shape of the canvas, add a filter, position the text, and insert your logo or another graphic. Click on the text to change its formatting, double-click on it to edit it directly. Oh, and click Reposition to change the position and crop of the background image. That’s literally it. 

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Once you’re happy with your post pic (and it won’t take long for you to be), click Share & Download to save your image or post it directly to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram (or queue it up with Buffer). If you do queue it up with Buffer, you can also connect it to any of the other apps you use with Zapier

For all the lack of options, Pablo is still on this list. It makes it beyond simple to create basic but good-looking social media images. Honestly, stripping most features, just makes it impossible to create ugly graphics. 

Pablo Price: Free

Affinity Designer

The monthly subscription to Adobe Illustrator can be just a little too expensive for some people, so many pros are now turning to Affinity Designer from Serif. It may not have all of Illustrator’s features (see our Affinity Designer review for full details), but it’s close enough for many creatives. 

Affinity Designer works with both AI and PSD files so you don’t need to worry about compatibility. And it generally runs faster than Illustrator, although that will vary depending on what kind of hardware you’re using. 

Affinity Designer also has features you won’t find in Illustrator, including infinite redos and one-million+ per cent zoom. But the most attractive difference is the fact that it’s a one-off purchase and requires no subscription. Despite this, updates have until now been passed on to users for free. The latest update in August (1.10) means that rendering is now up to 10 times faster for complex documents than previously.


All the best free graphic design software used by professionals together with a collection of free graphic design apps. Giving you all the information you need to start designing, teaching you how to use your graphic design software for beginners or just showing you the latest in graphic design trends. Whether you’re looking for a bargain or a way to test out top graphic design software without having to make a purchase, this is the place for excellent graphic design software and free graphic design apps.

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