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Best Graphic Design Software Free Download for Windows 10

Do you want to learn what is the best graphics design software free download for Windows 10? Are you looking for graphic design software for pc? You can find out what your needs are and all that you need to know about the graphic design software free download for Windows 10.

Are you looking for a graphic design software to download? To create a logo? A business card? Then this article is for you. This post covers the best graphic design software free download for windows 10, windows 7, 8.1 or mac. The Best Graphic Design Software Free Download for Windows 10 is the best software to use for design. Learn more about graphic design software free download for pc.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2021

When it comes to designing, Adobe Photoshop CC is the first thing that comes to click the mind. This software allows the designers to reimagine the reality and design anything, anytime, on the go. The software comes with a ton of tools and features to adjust, crop, retouch, remove objects, and repair old photos. It also allows the designers to play with colors, effects and do more with the pictures. Its symmetry mode, frame tool, easy to use templates and tons of other features will give you everything to make your ideas real.


Platform: Windows

designwizarrd interface

Image Source

DesignWizard ranks among the best free graphic design software for beginners. The tool offers a large database of images along with a host of free templates (over 10,000), plus a simple, easy-to-use interface. While you can also quickly create custom templates, DesignWizard excels as a front-line, free graphic design tool for beginners.

Despite an easy-to-use interface and no upfront costs, it’s worth noting that most of the more powerful options in DesignWizard are only available in its for-pay version.

Adobe Indesign CC 2021

Another tool from Adobe, Indesign is a really effective and powerful graphic designing software to give your imagination a visual. The software offers layout adjustments, properties panel, SVG color fonts, easy shortcuts, color theme tool and much more. The learning curve is very low, offering more ideas for newbies. It offers flexibility and ease of use with the user-friendly interface. Its faster performance and instant font preview offer the best fit for your creativity.

Setka Editor

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Setka editor user interface

Setka bills itself as “everything you need to create content that converts.” This graphic design software is primarily focused on delivering enhanced content branding across your website, ad campaigns, and social media posts — and works from within your current CMS or in the cloud.

The caveat? Although the Setka Editor is free to try for two weeks, companies will need to select a plan — Starter, Pro, or Enterprise — to unlock the full feature set and keep using Setka.


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Whether you’re looking to create an ebook, infographic, business card, or email header, Canva has a template to simplify your process. The free web design tool, developed by non-designers, offers professional, easy-to-customize templates for just about any design need you can think of.

The drawback? You might need to invest in the paid version or try one of the more advanced free graphic design softwares as you skill up. While Canva’s free version is great for new designers working with templates, you can access more complex tools and features — such as team sharing — in the paid version.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2021

Whether you want to design brochures, logos, flexes or anything in between, Adobe Illustrator is the tool you need. This software is very powerful and comes with the consistent UI with Photoshop. It supports pixel-perfect shapes. Its plugins are easy to install and use for the beginners. Its touch and type tool is really powerful and useful.

Affinity Designer

Built for creating professional artwork for screen or print

As a replacement for DrawPlus X8, Affinity Designer isn’t a rehash and was built from the ground up over a five-year development project by Serif.

Specifically aimed at professional designers and how they work, this software can handle a very wide scope of design tasks, including web, branding, concept art, typography and even repeating patterns, as you might need on ceramics, wallpaper or soft furnishings.

Inherent cloud functionality also makes it a good option for teams of designers working towards a common goal. And all this functionality can be yours for a very modest price on Windows PC or Apple Mac.


PhotoScape is another easy to use, designing tool that comes with loads of features for designers, including: Batch Editor Photo Editor GIF Animator It provides other functionality including image viewer, built-in screen capture tool, a number of filters and effects. It allows the designers to play with the colors and effects to see what happens with the photos.


The daddy of vector design applications

The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is actually a software bundle rather than a single application. 

The package includes Photo-Paint for photo manipulation, AfterShot to handle RAW files, PowerTRACE to convert bitmap images into vectors, and FontManager for organizing the text styles you do actually use.

The main star, of course, is CorelDRAW itself, which isn’t just a vector-drawing package but also includes a desktop publishing feature as well, so you can design projects with a multi-page layout.

The latest version includes a number of improvements, such as for handling web graphics, editing vector effects, and the template menu has been simplified. In addition to these, is the ability to easily search through your images as thumbnails. 

Another plus is that after a break it has returned to the Mac with a fully functional version.

Overall, the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite offers a veteran range of software that remains very up-to-date, and widening its use to Apple users as well as Windows can only be a plus.


Inkscape is a free tool for beginners, giving them access to a multitude of features, including: Vector Design tool Multiple extensions for designing Ability to directly edit the source code Edit clones on the canvas Keys to move screen pixels and much more. CorelDraw Okay, you might be aware of CorelDraw as it is the daddy of vector design applications. The software is easy to use and learn for the beginners It is massively featured Best fit for every serious designer Interface customization support Training videos give helpful suggestions to beginners.

Gravit Designer

A cross-platform vector editor that’s free

Due to the complexity of vector illustrations, most software for creating them is locally installed, but Gravit Designer has online options too.

The cloud-based version that runs from any browser and can automatically save to the online storage or locally.

Alternatively, on Windows PC, Apple Mac, Linux and Chrome OS (which you’ll find on a Chromebook), there are installable releases that can better utilise the computer hardware.

Our experience is that the online version can get slow with complex designs, but the locally installed versions cope much better. However, with a limited free version to use, there isn’t any excuse for not giving it a try. There are plenty of impressive examples designers have created using Gravit Designer that prove it can be very effective at some jobs.

Gravit Designer PRO allows for unlimited online storage, increases resolution to upto 300dpi, increases the print options to CMYK and HSB on top of RGB, plus there’s also the ability to work offline, advanced export options, and version history, all available for a reasonable yearly subscription.


The Stencil is probably the tool that you need to create beautiful images on the go. This designing software is designed to provide you efficiency and perfection at the same time. It is simple to use. Offers tons of icons to choose from Provides you with 730+ templates to create images on the go and much more.

Xara Designer Pro X

A one-stop creative document solution

The company behind Xara started out on the Atari ST and Acorn Archimedes computers in the 1980s, before focusing its efforts on the PC when Windows came along.

Its latest version, Xara Designer Pro X, is a comprehensive design tool that can work with both bitmaps and vectors with equal aplomb. That means it can handle DTP (desktop publishing), graphic design, illustration and photo manipulation tasks in a single tool.

For those wanting to mock something up rapidly, a license gives you access to over a million archive photos and illustrations to incorporate, along with hundreds of template layouts and thousands of design elements.

The price sees frequent discounts on offer. Additionally, a cut-down version called Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is available and again is frequently discounted. Pro X can also be found even cheaper on Steam.


Crello is another best designing tool designed to create stunning designs with shapes. The tool brings different shapes to allow the beginners to design creative images. It features 4 step- designing tool, allowing the beginners to create stunning images on the go. The software comes with cropping tool blurring tool, filters and tons of other features for you.


As a newbie in the field of graphic design, you may get confused with loads of stuff that are there. You can get to know the software which you need to use if you want to make graphics. The related requirement becomes very important while designing graphics. There are numerous platforms for designing graphics but it becomes difficult to choose the best one. When you start, you will get adjusted with the platform and can do your job simultaneously.

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