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Hosting Unlimited Websites

Creating and hosting unlimited websites isn’t as hard as you might think. In fact, there are a number of ways to do it without any prior coding experience or design skills. In this article, we’ll give you some powerful tips for creating and hosting unlimited websites, free website with unlimited storage, best unlimited hosting and vps hosting unlimited storage.

Hosting Unlimited Websites

How to Create and Host Unlimited Websites.

Web hosting and server services offer people the ability to create and host unlimited websites. These services are used by individuals, businesses, or organizations to store, manage, and serve digital content.

Web hosting services typically include a hosting account and a web server. The hosting account allows you to store your website on the service. The web server is used to connect your website to the internet and serve your content.

When choosing a web host, it is important to consider the following:

-How many websites will you want to hosts?

-What type of design will you want your website designed for?

-What type of user experience do you want your website visitors to have?

-What budget will you be willing to spend on hosting services?

-Will you need help setting up your website?

-Do any additional features need to be added in order for the site to work correctly?

-Do any other services (like email marketing) need to be added in order for the site to run successfully?

Once you have decided on a web host, it is important that you choose the right one. This can be difficult because there are so many hosts available online. To help make this decision easier, we’ve created a list of five general tips that can help:

1) research each host carefully before signing up. By understanding what they offer, you’ll be able make an informed decision about which one would best suit your needs.

2) ask questions about their customer service. Make sure that all members of their team are knowledgeable about web hosting and how they can help meet your needs (for example, did they have any past experiences with viruses?).

3) read customer reviews before signing up. Not only will this give you an idea of how popular each host is among their customers, but it also helps ensure that any potential problems with their service are Beforehand anticipated and resolved swiftly! 4) find out what other people who have signed up with that particular host have said about them (this is especially helpful if you’re looking for feedback from others who haven’t had positive experiences). 5) always test out different hosts before finally choosing one!

Best Unlimited Hosting

1. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is another well-known hosting provider that offers a range of hosting types.

However, if you are looking for unlimited hosting, then the shared Business Pro hosting plan for growing websites and businesses is for you. With this plan, you get…

  • Unlimited websites and domains
  • Unmetered bandwidth and disk space
  • Unlimited email accounts and storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Automatic backups
  • DDoS protection
  • 4x performance (Access a greater level of resources than the lower end shared hosting plans)
  • Pro-level support

InMotion Hosting also will transfer your website from your current host to their servers for free, guaranteeing no downtime. So how much does this unlimited hosting plan cost?

  • 1 Month – $19.99 for one month (renews at $27.99 per month)
  • 12 Months – $15.99 per month ($24.94 total / renews at $16.99 per month)
  • 12 Months – $14.99 per month ($23.99 total / renews at $15.99 per month)

Like Bluehost, if you select a 12-month plan, you will have to pay the full amount upfront.

2. DreamHost

FeaturesFree SSL, free domain, website builder, domain privacy, and automatic backups
Best forSecure, powerful, and trustworthy hosting for business and personal sites

DreamHost’s primary target includes businesses and professionals⁠ – however, and obviously, individuals can use the service. This provider is well known for its ease of use and a special focus on WordPress hosting. After all, it has WordPress already pre-installed, and its website builder is for this CMS too.

Dreamhost only offers two shared hosting plans priced at $2.59/month and $3.95/month. As Starter comes with a 50GB storage limit, we are left with an Unlimited plan.

And the Shared Unlimited includes:

  • An unlimited amount of websites, storage, bandwidth, and unlimited emails,
  • A free domain, SSL, website builder, domain privacy,
  • Pre-installed WordPress,
  • Automated daily backups.

DreamHost doesn’t have many choices when it comes to unlimited hosting. It’s more of a one-out-of-one type of thing. However, the Shared Unlimited ($3.95/mo) plan is very well equipped with the most vital things like the domain name, SSL certificate, and backups already included. There are 0 other expenses for you to launch a site.

3. Bluehost

Bluehost is a popular hosting provider that offers a range of affordable hosting plans. Founded in 2003, Bluehost has grown rapidly and is now owned by Endurance International Group (EIG), hosting over two million websites worldwide.

Bluehost offers three shared unlimited hosting plans but our top pick is the Plus plan which caters to blogs and small websites. Features include…

  • Unlimited websites and domains
  • Unmetered bandwidth and storage
  • Unlimited parked domains and subdomains
  • Free domain name (for the first year)
  • Free SSL certificate
  • One-click WordPress install
  • 24/7 support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Although this plan will usually cost you $10.99 per month, it is currently offered at a discounted price, which varies depending on how long you sign up with Bluehost. Here are the prices…

  • 12 Months – $7.95 per month ($95.40 total)
  • 24 Months – $6.95 per month ($166.80 total)
  • 36 Months – $5.95 per month ($214.20 total)

All Bluehost plans have to be paid in full upfront (there are no initial monthly contracts) and once your chosen term length has expired, the plan will renew at the regular price.

4. A2 Hosting

FeaturesFree SSL and automatic backups
Best forSpeed-oriented hosting for medium sites

A2 Hosting is an old-school, feature-packed hosting that advertises to all demographics- businesses, developers, and beginners. Moreover, it claims to bring supreme & reliable performance with it, which I found to be quite close to the truth.

A2 Hosting has four packages ranging from $2.99/month to $12.99/month. Out of which, the base one can’t be considered as unlimited web hosting. With Startup, you can host one site and get a free SSL certificate. However, the storage for that is a generous 100GB. Such large storage in an entry plan suggests that “unlimited” will have quite a similar SSD limit.

A2 Hosting’s unlimited hosting plans start at $5.99/mo for its Drive plan.

All unlimited hosting plans include:

  • An unlimited number of websites, storage, bandwidth, and email accounts,
  • A free SSL certificate,
  • Automatic backups.

Sadly, you won’t get a free domain with any of the plans. Although that’s not a huge drawback – purchasing a domain from a specialized registrar such as Namecheap will save you some cash in the long run. But let’s get back to the plans:

Drive plan ($5.99/mo) is the first unlimited plan. Additionally, it’s also the first plan to offer automatic backups. It is the best fit for big personal blogs or small business websites.

Turbo Boost ($6.99/mo), compared to Drive, uses faster servers and introduces numerous optimizations to boost performance. This plan holds the best value for money and will serve best for business sites that need speedy performance.

Turbo Max ($12.99/mo), just like Turbo Boost, offers the same enhanced performance. Yet additionally, it will host your site on a low-density server, meaning 5x more resources. This boosts performance even more.

Free Website With Unlimited Storage

1. Awardspace

  • 1 site, 1GB storage, 5GB bandwidth
  • No ads
  • Domain registration
  • Limited customer support ticketing, live chat, online documentation

Awardspace is well-known for their fantastic free web hosting. For more than a decade, they’ve provided a great hosting service.

They stand out for offering a full gig of storage (more than most others). We personally spoke to a rep at Awardspace and they said they also offer up-to-date versions of PHP and MySQL.

Awardspace also offers the Zacky drag-and-drop website builder, plus an easy-to-use WordPress and Joomla installer.

Note: If your site receives no traffic for 12 months, it will automatically be set to inactive. After two more weeks of notices, it will be deleted.

More Awardspace specs

PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.7, 30MB database storage, 1 email account, no SSL

Atspace — Best For Unlimited Bandwidth and 24/7 Customer Support
  • 1 site, 1GB storage, unlimited bandwidth
  • No ads
  • Domain registration
  • Limited 24/7/365 customer support, live chat, limited ticketing, online documentation

Atspace has nearly identical stats to Awardspace. The difference? Atspace offers unlimited bandwidth (as opposed to Awardspace’s 5GB) and a claim of 24/7/365 support.

Digging deeper, though, Atspace lists that support as “limited 24/7/365 support” so take that with a big fat grain of salt.

Atspace also uses the Zacky website builder and app installer for apps like WordPress and Joomla.

2. HostPapa

HostPapa is a Canadian-based hosting company that was founded in 2006. They provide shared, reseller, and virtual private server (VPS) hosting.

Key Spec: Free SSL Certificate | 100 GB of SSD Storage | 100 Email Accounts | 30-day money-back guarantee


  •  Free Website Transfer
  •  Reliable uptime and speed


  •  High Renewal Prices

30-day money-back guarantee


HostPapa comes with three shared hosting plans:

  • Starter -$2.95/month (Renews to $10.99/month)
  • Business -$2.95/month (Renews to $15.99/month)
  • Business Pro – $11.95/month (Renews to $25.99/month)

Besides shared hosting, HostPapa also offers Managed WordPress, VPS, and Reseller hosting. However, opting for the latter options, expect to pay more. For example, their Managed WordPress cheapest plan starts at $19.95/month.

All HostPapa’s hosting plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


HostPapa’s shared hosting plans are packed with many handy features – unlimited bandwidth, free domain registration, and even a website builder. 

Here are some more notable features from their cheapest “Starter” plan: 

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 100 GB of SSD Storage
  • Offers cPanel control panel
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • Free Website Transfer
Customer Support

HostPapa provides customer support using:

  • Live Chat
  • Phone
  • Support tickets
  • Knowledge Base

However, if you submit a ticket, you will get your reply within 30 minutes.

Uptime and Speed

HostPapa promises fast page loading speed and reliable uptime. They’re backing up their promise with enhanced SSD drives, Cloudflare Content Delivery Network, fewer accounts per server, etc. 

Moreover, they come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This means they ensure that your site’s uptime will never drop below 99.9%.


They have data centers at:

  • Canada – Toronto
  • Europe (Global) — UK, France, Germany, Spain, etc.
  • US – Los Angeles, Chicago
  • Asia: India, Singapore, Hong Kong

They also help you select the Data Centers at the checkout time.

3. Wix

  • 1 site, 500MB storage, 500MB bandwidth
  • Wix ads
  • Assigned Wix domain
  • Drag-and-drop website builder
  • 99.98 percent uptime rate
  • World-class security

Wix is one of the best website builders out there. With their builder, they also offer free web hosting.

It’s one of our favorites. In fact, we recommend them to any beginner starting out with a blog or ecommerce store. Their highly intuitive UI makes it easy for anyone to create an attractive website to meet their needs.

They also come with 24/7 customer support. That’s downright essential when it comes to hosting a website. Another must-have is robust security and reliability. Wix nails both.

Wix boasts an impressive 99.98 percent uptime rate, meaning your site will virtually never be down. Wix also saves your site data across 20 unique data centers and backup servers worldwide.

Wix covers security, too, with a world-class team of security pros monitoring for and preventing cyber threats 24/7.

However, their offerings are limited when it comes to their free plan. Expect half the storage and bandwidth of some of the other offerings on this list. You also won’t get a custom domain and your site will have Wix ads throughout it.

Overall, though, it’s a top choice if you’re looking for free hosting.

Vps Hosting Unlimited Storage


Monthly Starting Price$18.99

  • Seamless migration from any Bluehost shared hosting plan
  • Robust VPS with 2-4 cores and 2-8GB of RAM
  • Ample RAID-1 storage and tons of bandwidth
  • Each plan gets at least 3 dedicated IP addresses
  • cPanel and WHM with root access
  • Get started on Bluehost now.
Money Back GuaranteeDisk SpaceDomain NameSetup Time
30 days30 GB SSD – 120 GB SSDFREE (1 year)6 minutes

InMotion Hosting claims its managed VPS platform will support 10x the web traffic in production as those of other comparable hosting solution providers. Scale to 8 CPU + 8 GB RAM configurations for $72.99 per month.

Bluehost has a policy on all of its VPS plans that states that it will not limit monthly bandwidth as long as your site does not violate its Terms of Use. The managed VPS options start at 2 CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, and 30 GB SSD storage with support for unlimited websites.

The web server stack on the Linux VPS plans are the same as those on Bluehost’s award winning shared hosting.

The VPS plans at Bluehost are optimized for WordPress hosting requirements and include one-click installation with Softaculous. The Standard VPS plan at Bluehost is $18.99 per month on a 3-year contract and includes licensed cPanel usage for unlimited hosting.

One advantage to Bluehost is that you can build unlimited websites with WordPress or other scripts using Softaculous on a shared hosting plan, then scale to an SSD VPS solution cheaply if your web traffic legitimately increases.

The jump from the Standard to Enhanced VPS plan at $29.99 per month gets you a configuration of 2 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, and 60 GB SSD storage. The Ultimate VPS plan costs $59.99 per month and boosts the configuration to 4 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM, and 120 GB SSD storage.

At this level, you can easily support over 30 million WordPress page views per month. Integrate the free Cloudflare CDN package for even faster CMS and web script performance.


Monthly Starting Price$4.99

  • Designed to handle traffic with Linux or Windows
  • Admin access via root access, cPanel, and Plesk
  • High-speed SSDs and 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth and lots of processing power
  • Fully or semi-managed servers with optional control panel
  • Get started on GoDaddy now.
Money Back GuaranteeDisk SpaceDomain NameSetup Time
30 days40 GB – 400 GB SSDFREE (1 year)7 minutes

In 2021 ,GoDaddy boasts 21 million customers and over 84 million domains under registration. The company has undergone many changes since the dot-com boom era and is now offering its 4th generation VPS platform to customers.

GoDaddy competes with DigitalOcean and other low-cost public cloud hosts by offering a $4.99 introductory VPS plan with 1 vCPU, 1 GB RAM, and 20 GB SSD storage.

GoDaddy does not meter bandwidth on any of its unmanaged VPS plans, but expect to pay as much as $99 per month for a fully managed VPS solution. A self managed VPS plan is always cheaper at GoDaddy, including on its Windows VPS hosting platform.

The new GoDaddy has been completely transformed from the inside out following the MediaTemple merger that added the talent required for the company to innovate in virtualization.

Another major change was abandoning the operation of its own datacenters for web hosting and running on AWS hardware instead. GoDaddy’s site builder may be of some interest to multidomain owners using the platform for marketing.

Another advantage of GoDaddy’s unmanaged VPS platform is that you can run Windows or Linux at an equivalent cost, including licensing for Plesk or cPanel for virtual web server administration. Fully managed VPS plans at GoDaddy charge extra for customer support from expert datacenter engineers.


Monthly Starting Price$17.99

  • HostingAdvice readers get 73% off the first term
  • FREE site migrations and 2 hours of Launch Assist
  • 2 – 3 dedicated IP address options
  • FREE cPanel/WHM licenses included
  • Highly available servers with real-time redundancy
  • Get started on InMotion now.
Setup TimeDisk SpaceCPURAM
6 minutes45 GB SSD – 300 GB SSD2 – 8 cores4 GB – 16 GB

InMotion Hosting has one of the most respected, high-performance VPS platforms available with support for unmetered monthly bandwidth on unlimited domain accounts with cPanel. InMotion Hosting has implemented a high-availability service on its VPS plans that includes anti-DDoS protection that helps solve the “slashdotting” effect.

If any of your VPS nodes fail, they are immediately rebooted by the web host. Developers have the option of managed or unmanaged VPS plans according to the requirements of the project. Unmanaged VPS plans start at $5 per month, although these are metered at 1 TB of bandwidth.

With managed VPS plans from InMotion Hosting, you receive the licensed use of cPanel and WHM. Administrators can monitor network resources in real-time and make ISO snapshots of servers for backups.

The managed VPS plans from InMotion Hosting are also guaranteed to be PCI compliant. The platform is favored in ecommerce and WordPress hosting for high-performance speeds in page load times.


With a little bit of effort, you could easily create and host unlimited websites. By using a standard domain and category, optimizing your website for SEO, using Blank Pages to create unique websites, and using social media networks to increase website traffic, you can increase web visits and drive more conversions from your advertising.

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