How to Convert a PDF File to Word Document for Free

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One of the most important, yet basic tasks which every user has to perform, is that of converting a Word document into PDF format. There are many ways in which this can be done. But all of them will require you to have an active internet connection. You may also be interested in convert word to pdf free or free online pdf converter word  pdf online.

Do you find it hard to edit a PDF file in your Word? Then don’t worry, here is the easiest solution for this problem. You can convert PDF to editable Word format for free by using free online PDF converter or free offline pdf to word converter.

Do you want to convert a PDF file to Word so that you can edit the contents of your PDF? You may find some software that are meant for converting files from one type to another. However, most of these tools for converting Word documents or PDFs into different formats won’t let you change the format from Word to PDF and vice versa.

Converting a PDF file to a Word document can be a daunting task. Many people use expensive software programs that convert the PDF into an editable Word document but it seems that there is no free service to do this online. You can find many sites out there that claim to offer free online conversion of PDFs into Word documents, but in fact, it’s not as simple as it may seem. Here in this article, you will learn about a couple of methods for converting PDF files into editable Word documents for free.

Converting a PDF to Word

To convert a PDF to Word (natively using only Word):

  1. In Word, click the File tab in the Ribbon and select Open.
  2. Double-click This PC. A dialog box appears.
  3. Navigate to the location of the PDF file.
  4. Click the PDF file and click Open or double-click the file. The PDF file will open in Word and a dialog box appears indicating that reformatting may occur and line and page breaks may not appear as expected.
  5. Click OK.
  6. If the document opens in Protected View, click Enable Content and then click OK again.
  7. Reformat the document as necessary.

The following dialog box appears when you open a PDF and after enabling content:

Dialog box that appears when converting from PDF to Word.

Issues and limitations

Documents that were originally created in Microsoft Word and then saved as a PDF tend to convert fairly well.

Tables may not convert as expected and may need to be reformatted.

Documents that were scanned as a PDF will likely convert as an image, not an editable document.

Be sure to check for page breaks in the wrong location and to run a spell check.

How to Convert PDF to Word Offline for PC & Mac

Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor is an all-in-one PDF editor and converter that allows you to easily convert PDF to Word, as well as easily edit images, text, and pages on your PDF files.

Step 1. Open PDFelement

Launch and open PDFelement. Then click on the “Convert PDF” option on the Home window.

convert pdf to word

Step 2. PDF to Word

Now a window pops up making you select the output format and folder to save the converted file. Once done, click the “Save” button, and finally, the PDF file will be converted into a Word document.
That’s quite easy to convert PDF to Word using PDFelement.TRY IT FREE

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Tip: If you want to convert multiple PDF files to Word,  click the “Batch PDF” button to convert PDFs to word quickly. 

pdf to word file

Benefits to Convert PDF to Word with PDFelement

Users will get a wide variety of benefits by using Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor to convert their PDF files to Word.

  • For starters, this software can process files of any size, even the largest, without any problem. That’s why the size of your documents is no longer a problem. But let’s look at three of the most essential features.
  • Second, this software allows batch conversion. What does that mean? That means it can convert multiple files together simultaneously, which can save you a lot of time.
  • And last but not least, this solution is faster than any other online conversion tool, so it may be worth considering.

Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor also has other easy-to-use features, helping you process PDF documents. It’s an all-in-one PDF solution.TRY IT FREE

The desktop software allows its users to convert PDF files without necessarily being connected to an internet network. It can convert one type of document to another, such as PDF to Word. But that is not all because PDFelement supports the conversion of PDF documents to more than 13 different formats, offering vast possibilities to its users.

Another highly valued feature that PDFelement has is OCR. A function that will allow you to convert a scanned PDF to an editable Word file.

PDFelement also has other benefits to take advantage of, such as splitting or combining PDF files, annotating, editing shapes and text, optimizing file size, adding watermarks and backgrounds, performing annual product updates, extracting data from forms, signing files, and protecting them with passwords, data extraction from digitized and scanned PDF files.

How to Convert PDF to Word Offline in Mobile

Some apps can convert PDFs to Word, even if you don’t have an internet connection. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you won’t need to be online to convert.

Of course, there are many great apps that depend on the type of phone you have. Before starting, make sure to download the corresponding application. First, let’s look at how you can take PDFs and turn them into Word files on both iPhone and Android.

Convert PDF to Word Offline on iPhone

You probably want to know how efficient the PDFelement iPhone app is that will allow you to convert your PDF to Word offline. As a first highlight, we can highlight that this application offers you the possibility of creating an electronic signature to use in your PDF documents. You can also edit any text in the document, merge multiple PDF files or even reduce the size of your files.

Here are the steps to convert a PDF document to a Word file offline with the PDFelement application:

Step 1. Start by opening the PDFelement application and browsing to the file you want. Press the dots on the right to see additional file options.

Step 2. To convert your document, you must first select the “convert” option and then select the format to convert to.

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Step 3. Once you have decided, click “start” to begin the conversion process.

Step 4. After the program has finished converting the file, you will be able to open it and use it.

Step 5. Additionally, you can send your document directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone, or whatever device you want.

PDFelement for iOS

Convert PDF to Word Offline on Android

On the other hand, if you have an Android and want to convert a PDF to Word offline, you can use the PDF to Word converter. This application is OCR, so you can make your scanned pages editable too.

This application offers the advantage of preserving your PDF document’s columns, tables, lists, paragraphs, and fonts in its output as a Word file. If you choose not to create an account, you’ll be able to use the application without providing any personal information. Of course, you can edit the obtained Word file and make any adjustments you want.

The steps below will tell you how to convert your document:

Step 1. After opening the PDF to Word Converter app, select the document you want to convert. Once selected, the application will begin the conversion process.

Step 2. In order to ensure the PDF file was successfully converted to a Word document, press the three dots on the right. Then select the “open” option.

Convert PDF to Word Offline on Android

How to Convert PDF to Word Online

Here are two solutions to convert PDF to Word online, including HiPDF and Google Drive. HiPDF is an online PDF solution, helping you convert PDF to other document formats with ease. To convert PDF to Word,you can go to the HiPDF website and follow these steps below.

Step 1. Convert PDF to Word

After entering the HiPDF website, click the “PDF to Word” box, and then upload your PDF file to the page. Once done, click the “Convert” button.

Step 2. Download the Converted File

After converting the file, you can click the “Download” button to save the converted PDF.

pdf to word document

Convert PDF to Word with Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the easiest PDF to Word Converter online; here are the steps.

Step 1. Upload your PDF in Google Drive

Log in to your Google Drive account to upload your target PDF file.

pdf to word online

Step 2. Open it with Google Docs

Right-click the PDF file to choose “Open With” > “Google Docs”.

pdf to word converter free

Step 3. Convert PDF to DOCX

Once the file is opened, you can click the “File” > “Download” > “Microsoft Word (.docx)” to save it as a Word file on your computer.

pdf to word converter online

How to Convert PDF to Word Offline without Software

To convert your PDF documents to Word files offline and without using a software or desktop program, the most common alternative is with Microsoft Office Word.

Step 1. Click on the PDF file you want to convert. If you are utilizing a Mac, then you do not have a mouse with a right button. When you open a PDF file, press the “Control” key and click on the file name. Then, the context menu will appear.

Step 2. You’ll need to find an option that says “open with” and select it. Once done, another menu of options will open.

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Open PDF in Word

Step 3. Once this new menu is displayed, click on the “Microsoft Word” or “Word” option, depending on how it displays on your operating system. After you click, your Word file will open, and the PDF document will convert to text.

Step 4. When you press the OK button, the conversion begins immediately. That is what will allow Microsoft Word to convert your PDF file to the previously selected format. When the conversion has finished, you’ll be able to see the result. A message will be shown when this happens. The length of time it takes to complete this depends on how large or complex your document is.

PDF to Word without software

Step 5. When you’re done with your document, open it in Word and edit it there. The obtained Word file may not be a replica of each page of the original PDF document. That could be due to page organization, line breaks, graphics in your file, or some other similar factor. The custom nature of the program will require you to make some manual adjustments.

If you downloaded your PDF from the internet, you would see a bar at the top of your document asking to enable editing. When this happens, click to enable editing.

Step 6. After you’ve finished converting your PDF, the next step is to save it. Whether you have Windows or Mac, click “File,” then “save as,” and then select the location within your PC. If you plan to save this document, give it a name and click the “Save” button.

How to Convert PDF to Word in Windows

Whether you’re using a Windows PC or a Mac, we’ll show you a few ways to convert a PDF file into a Word document. The best method largely depends on the apps you’re most comfortable using such as Word, Google Docs or Adobe Acrobat, and your personal preference. 

Convert a PDF File to Word Using Microsoft Word

You can convert a PDF file to Word within Microsoft Word. This method will automatically convert your PDF into a DOCX file where the PDF is mostly text. 

Note: Once your PDF is converted, its formatting, which includes line and page breaks, may be different from the original file.

  1. Open a Word document, select File > Open, find the PDF file and select Open. This will open the PDF file within Word. 
  1. You may get a prompt that says Word will now convert your PDF to an editable document. Select OK to continue.
  1. Word will convert the PDF file to an editable Word document so you can edit, copy, cut or format the text. Once you’re done, Word will automatically save the edited file as a DOCX file in the default location.


PDF to Word is a powerful tool to convert PDF document to editable word document. It allows you to extract text, images and formatting data from the original PDF files, so that you can edit them in MS Word as you want. After converting, you can open and edit PDF documents in Word with all their original formatting. You can also save the converted

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Basically, it’s the mode in which a document can be viewed and edited on your computer. This format is extensively used across several platforms and applications

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