How to Convert PDF to Word Editable Document

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PDFs are one of the most popular file formats out there. They’ve become very common in recent years for a few reasons, so you’re bound to run into PDF documents from time to time. Which is fine, except when you want to edit them. If you need to edit that PDF document, then it’s best to convert it into an editable Word document instead!

Are you interested in writing a word document without having to open your computer and type it? Well don’t worry because that is possible. A pdf to word converter can be used to convert your pdf document into a word file. This is so convenient when you are using a tablet or phone with no option of typing in a word document. I would like to discuss exactly how you go about doing this in the next paragraphs.

PDF is a popular format for storing and sharing documents. It’s also used for many official documents. But when you want to edit PDF files, it’s not always convenient to use a free online OCR tool. This is where the Convert PDF to Word Editable Document program comes into play!

This article will be of help to those who need to convert a scanned pdf file into a word-editable document. When you scan a document there are two options that you can choose from: You can scan the document as a graphic or as text. If your pdf is in black and white, or if it has only one page, then it is best to use the “graphic” option when scanning. And if your pdf has multiple pages and is in color, then the “text” option should be used. When converting scanned pdf to editable word format use these free online conversion tools.

PDF To Word Converter

Although PDF allows for the smooth and agile transfer of a document, it doesn’t allow for its editing. So if a user seeks to rectify details in the PDF file, he or she simply cannot do so.

Thankfully, this isn’t a big problem to fret about as there are tools specifically designed to provide a solution to this issue. On Google search, you will find a plethora of PDF to Word Converters at your disposal each in their own way to help you convert non-editable PDF files into editable Word documents.

In this tutorial, we will be looking at some of these tools, dive deep into the features that each of them offers, understand the price they offer it at, and ultimately leave you to ponder over which tool will better suit your requirements.

 HiPDF – Simple Online PDF Editor

Developed by Wondershare Technology as a free online PDF editor, HiPDF gives you all the tools you need to stay on top of any PDF workflow. For editing PDF files, it allows you to add texts, images, and shapes. Moreover, it includes a massive collection of PDF utilities for file conversions, encryption, PDF compression, file and page management, OCR, API, and much more. It’s a one-stop online shop for all things PDF. Each function has a dedicated web page where you can upload your PDFs and other documents, process the task, and then download the file with no watermarks or other restrictions.

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  • Completely free, no strings attached; paid Pro option with richer features
  • A comprehensive range of utilities comprising a free PDF editor, converter, compressor, OCR, and other tools


  • Documents are uploaded to the web, where they may be at risk while in transit
  • You will need a stable and fast Internet connection when working with large files or complex processes such as OCR
hipdf online pdf editor

Smallpdf – Complete PDF Editor Online

Smallpdf is another well-known online PDF solutions platform. It offers an array of PDF tools such as a free PDF editor, file compression, file conversion, etc. but the free version has a lot of important features locked behind the paywall. It’s a great service to use when you’re in an unfamiliar location and you need to access a PDF tool on a computer different from your own.


  • Excellent file compression tool
  • Comprehensive PDF tools for conversion, editing, security, signing, etc.


  • Users cannot set the name of a processed file when saving it
  • Doesn’t do well with large PDF files
online smallpdf pdf editor

 iLovePDF – Free PDF Editor

This online PDF service comprises a collection of useful tools for editing, conversion, compression, file and page management, and even PDF repair. While not as popular as SmallPDF or HiPDF, ILovePDF offers a matching array of capabilities to help users handle relatively light document workflows.


  • Limited “Convert to PDF” options
  • No advanced tools such as OCR


  • Users cannot set the name of a processed file when saving it
  • Doesn’t do well with large PDF files
ilovepdf online pdf editor


Best for: PDFescape is the best online PDF editing platform.

Price: PDFescape is available for free to use with files up to 10 MB and 100 pages. For the bigger file limits, you can upgrade the account. Its paid plans start at $2.99 per month.


PDFescape is the free online editor and a form filler. You can view and edit PDF files. It will allow you to create new PDF forms. It will let you upload PDFs from the PC as well as from the Internet. The platform will allow you to get the desired viewing angle by zooming in on the documents.


  • PDFescape provides the functionality to annotate PDF documents.
  • It provides the features to password protect the PDF files.
  • It supports all popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, and Safari.
  • PDFescape can load the previously opened PDF.

Verdict: Without any installation procedure, you can use PDFescape. By upgrading the account, you will get an Ads-free platform plus features like desktop editing.

 iSkysoft PDF Editor

Best for its security features.

Price: iSkysoft provides a 30-days money-back guarantee. It has four pricing plans, PDFelement for Mac/Windows ($59), PDFelement Pro for Mac/Windows ($79), PDFelement PRO for Team ($109), and PDFelement Enterprise (Get a quote). All the mentioned prices are for annual billing.

iSkysoft PDF Editor

PDFelement Pro by iSkysoft supports Windows and Mac platforms. It has functionalities for editing, converting, creating, and securing PDFs. You will be able to work on scanned documents. It has the capacity to extract data from forms and scanned PDFs.


  • iSkysoft PDF Editor provides features for adding annotations and notes to the documents.
  • It has features to protect documents with passwords, redaction tools, etc.
  • It can convert the PDF to various formats like Word, PPT, Excel, Pages, RTF, HTML, etc.
  • You can merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF or can split a large PDF into separate files.
  • iSkysoft’s PDFelement provides features of filling PDF forms, Bates Numbering, Redact PDFs, and Batch Processing.
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Verdict: It will be easier to edit PDFs like a Word document. In just a few clicks, you will be able to create, fill, and sign forms with the help of iSkysoft PDF Editor. You can make scanned files editable using advanced OCR.


Best for: AbleWord is the best free Word Processor.

Price: AbleWord is free software. Even for commercial use, it can be used free of cost.


AbleWord is a word processing application that has the capacity to read and write the most popular document formats like PDFs. It is rich in features platform. It is capable of reading and writing to various file formats like Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, Rich Text, Plain Text, and HTML.


  • AbleWord will allow you to format the image.
  • It supports tables and headers & footers.
  • It provides functionalities like spell check and print preview.

Verdict: AbleWord is popular as a PDF editing tool. Mostly, it is used for converting PDF to Word. It provides various Microsoft Word features.


Best for editing PDF online and adding text.


PDFescape is an online open-source PDF editor that allows you to edit PDF for free unless they have more than 100 pages. You can’t change a text or image, but you can add yours. It has an efficient text tool and you can also draw on the PDF, redact information, add sticky notes, etc.

You can also add, delete, rotate, reorganize, and crop pages from the PDF. You can upload your PDF, use the online link, or create a PDF as well. To edit and download the PDF file, you don’t even need a user account. You can use its site across all Operating Systems, but its desktop version runs only on Windows 7 and newer ones and it’s not free.

Pros of PDFescape:

  • You can do all the work online.
  • Has many tools.
  • Can add your own text and images.
  • Delete or add PDF pages.
  • No need for a user account.

Cons of PDFescape:

  • You can’t edit existing texts
  • Limits the size of PDF and length of its pages.
  • The desktop version is only for Windows and not free

Price: Free

PDF Architect

Best for editing scanned PDF documents.

PDF Architect

[image source]

PDF Architect is a free PDF editor open source for Windows. You can convert more than 300 file formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc to PDF with this pdf editor. It is an extremely efficient open-source editor that allows you to revise PDF documents according to your need. It is available for Windows 7 and above.

Pros of PDF Architect:

  • It comes with advanced editing features.
  • With OCR, you can make scanned documents editable and save them as PDF.
  • You can add a digital signature to the document.
  • It allows you to create PDF forms along with filling and editing existing ones.
  • You can merge many PDF files together.
  • You can also make your document secure by editing its metadata.
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Cons of PDF Architect:

  • The free version will leave watermarks on your document. Go for the Premium version to avoid watermark and enjoy other features.

Price: Free Version Available

  • Standard: USD $69/year
  • Professional: USD $69/year
  • Pro+OCR: USD $129/year


Best for deleting or adding text and images in PDF files.


PDFedit is a cross-platform open-source PDF editor. It can be used as a PDF reader and editor both. You can delete or add text and images to the file by choosing the part or section of the file you want to edit.

Pros of PDFedit:

  • It is a lightweight app.
  • It offers multi-platform support.
  • You can personalize the PDF file.
  • You can convert files to other formats.
  • It allows you to password-protect the file.
  • It has many more advanced options available.

Cons of PDFedit:

  • You can face technical issues.
  • Some features might not work.
  • Sometimes you might get error messages.

Price: Free

Tips for converting PDF into Editable document

Here are a few tips to help you convert your PDF files using Word:

Convert PDFs with one column

Choose PDF files that include a single column rather than multiple columns to ensure a smooth conversion when using Microsoft Word. Word often uses one column as the basic format. PDF documents with similar formats are more likely to convert accurately if they resemble a Word document.

Keep the original document

Even after you have successfully converted your PDF to an editable document, keep the original document in case you might need to compare the two documents. Word is likely to convert most text, but in rare cases it might mix fonts, disjoin letters and numbers or misspell or combine certain words. You can use the original PDF to verify the information.

Consider creating original documents in Word

While it might not always be possible to create an original document in Word, if you have the option, doing so can simplify the conversion process. In comparison, a PDF may contain complex graphics, fonts and images, which may be more challenging to convert to a Word doc. If you use PDFs often for business or personal use, consider creating your original document in Word.


PDF to Word converter is a simple and efficient application that allows you to easily convert your PDF files to editable word document format. PDF to word converter will help you to save time and money since there are no need for pricey software. Moreover, it supports batch conversion on multiple files at once! The interface is easy and user friendly, anyone can master its use in a few minutes.

To edit PDF to Microsoft Word or plain text, you may look for a few methods. Your computer may be able to do it, but the output may be inconvenient. You may find a freeware that can do the job well, but you may also encounter irritating advertisements. If only there is a convenient way . . .

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