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How to Convert Scan Jpg to Word Document

Today, many people transfer data from paper documents to a computer to save it digitally. However, as we know that is not always a convenient way for us. Why? Because we have to convert scan jpg to word document. As we all understand, some original files can only be read by specific programs which only few of us can afford. Therefore, if your image or scanned image file is only in JPG format and you want to read it with Word file, the easiest solution is the convert scanned document into word online with fast and efficiently method.

What is a scan to word converter? A scan to word converter is a computer program that is used for changing images into word document form. The image can be in the form of a photograph, printout or scanned image. Scanning documents has become a favorite way of storing documents because it makes them searchable, editable and shareable. This article provides information on how online conversion works and where to find online scanners.

Converting Scan Jpg to Word Document does not have to be difficult and time-consuming. I have created an easy step-by-step process for you to follow, with examples showing exactly how I converted my documents from Scan Jpg format so that they could be edited in Word. Since every document is different, it will be good for you to follow this process and adapt it for your own needs.

This article explains how to convert scan Jpg to Word document. In addition, the article has tried to find answers to following questions: What is the difference between Word document and JPG images? Why do you need to convert JPG images into Word document? When you need to use the software for converting JPG, what should you do? How do you convert scan Jpg to Word document?

What Will Happen to My Files?

Your files will be available to download for up to an hour after making the conversion, after which they will be permanently deleted from our servers. This period should give you plenty of time to modify your file as a PDF document, before saving them back to your device. Alternatively, if you have a Pro account you can store them in your private Smallpdf folder. Smallpdf has one of the fastest speeds available when it comes to document conversions, so the whole JPG to Word conversion should never take more than a few seconds and clicks.

Convert JPG to Word on the Cloud

Smallpdf converts documents for our users on the cloud. Thanks to this, you can access and utilize our tools freely from anywhere, at any time. In line with being a cloud-platform is the ability for our users to access Smallpdf from any operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux) and browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox). Modify, save, and enhance your documents in whatever way you wish! You can also get your work done on the go using the Smallpdf Mobile App!

Manipulate Digital Documents to Greater Heights

Other than using the JPG to Word converter online, we also offer over 20+ different tools to decrease your workload, when dealing with both document and image files. Various blog articles will help to give you a headstart:

About JPG to Word

JPG is considered as one of the most useful and popular formats for managing and sharing images over the web. People from all over the globe prefer this format for uploading their pictures on the web and sharing pictures on social media. The main reason for its popularity is its compact size. However, there is a severe issue with this format, i.e., you cannot add or make changes in this format. It is also easy to copy the JPG file of a person without his/her permission, as there are no security features available in it.

On the other hand, Word is the best and securest format for handling and sharing documents. The teachers, students, researchers, bankers, or people from almost every other field of life prefer this format to transfer data from one device to another through the web. This format provides you with the best way to make changes in your data without any hesitation.

How to Convert Image to Doc?

The process of converting JPEG to Word wasn’t an easy task, but you can use our online JPG to Word converter to save your time. The following steps will enable you to use this jpg to doc converter without any hassle.

  • Get access to this online JPEG to Word converter by visiting
  • Upload your images on this tool by clicking on the “Upload” button, or you can upload your JPG from your cloud storage drive by clicking on the “From Dropbox” button.
  • Once you upload your file, click on the “Convert to Word” button to initiate the conversion process.
  • Boom! You will get your desired file within a flash of an eye.

We delete your data after conversion

You may have witnessed that people usually feel nervous about the privacy of their confidential or personal images while uploading them on an online tool. But, you don’t need to get worried anymore, as our online JPG to Word tool guarantees you the secrecy and privacy of your uploaded images file. All the files you will upload on our tool for conversion will be erased from servers as soon as the processing is over. Also, no third party can get access to your uploaded images in any case. We also don’t use, view, or share your uploaded JPGs for any possible reason. So, you can use our JPG to Word converter without any hesitation to convert JPG to Word online.

Benefits of this free JPG to Word online tool

Our online JPG to Word tool enables you to turn large size image files into high-quality Word files within a few seconds without any hurdles. The other significant benefits of our image to Word converter are discussed below.

Jpeg to Word unlimited conversions

Our online tool gives you the opportunity to turn an unlimited number of JPG files into Word files. You don’t have to link or make an account on our website, as you may have to do while using other online JPG to Word converters.

Image to Word conversion without watermark

While using other online tools, you may have seen that the resultant file may contain some watermark or visual symbol on it. This may become difficult for you to share this file with others, as it can give an unprofessional look. Our online tool gives you the chance to convert images to Word without having any watermark on it.

Error-free conversions

The quality of the converted file is a crucial aspect that might be in every person’s mind while using an online JPG to Word converter. Well, our online tool provides you with the reliable and error-free conversion of your jpg to Word within a flash of an eye.

Where can you use this free JPG to DOC converter?

You don’t need to install any special software on your device, and no particular operating system is required to use our JPEG to Word converter. You can use this online tool from any part of the planet and turn unlimited images to Word straightforwardly. Only a robust connection to the internet is required for using this tool.

Compatibility with all devices

Our online JPG to Word converter supports all the devices, including Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Linux. So, whatever device you have, this online tool can be accessed quickly and without following any hard and fast rules. Moreover, the results will be exquisite on all the devices, and you will get a high-quality converted file every time you use our JPG to Word tool.

Convert JPG to Word DOC with PDFelement

The steps you need to follow are mentioned as under. These steps clearly indicate that it is very easy to use PDFelement for all the PDF related tasks.

Step 1. Open a JPG/JPEG

Drag a .jpg/.jpeg file into the program to be opened in PDFelement. Or click the “Create PDF” option to load the .jpg/.jpeg file.

jpg to word

Step 2. Set Options before Converting from JPG to Word

Click the “Convert” tab and then press the “OCR” button to perform OCR, the .jpg file will change to be editable.

convert jpg to word

Step 3. Convert JPG to Word

Then go to the “Convert” tab, select the “To Word” button to convert .jpg to word doc.

jpeg to word

Convert JPG to Word with Google Drive

Google Drive is an online tool that can help you convert JPG to Word as well. Let’s look for the steps.

Step 1. Upload a JPG

Log into your Google Drive account to upload a JPG document.

how to convert jpg to word

Step 2. Use Google OCR

Find the file and right-click it, then you can choose to open with Google Docs.

convert jpg file to word

Step 3. JPG to Word

Once the file is opened, you can download to save it to an editable worrd document.

convert jpg to word doc

Why Choose PDFelement to Convert JPG to Word

PDFelement means quality and reliability which it provides to its users. The best part of the program is that it is very easy to use and is developed by a team of highly resilient professionals which make sure that the program is kept up to dated. This team also makes sure that the updates are launched for the users to install. It will lead the users to the best and the state of the art results. The PDF manipulation becomes easy and straightforward with PDFelement.

PDFelement can be used to literally perform any functionality with the PDF files. It is highly rated product which means that the users like the product very much. The program has been designed in such a manner that it allows the users to overcome the problems which the other programs present. PDFelement means quality and reliability which means a lot to the users that are looking for similar program. With just one time purchase it can be used for the rest of your life. Features of the program:

  • The graphical elements of the PDF can be manipulated with ease using this program. These elements can be added, removed, moved and even resized.
  • The PDF documents can be protected with ease using this program. It can easily apply the password to the PDF files to make these secure.
  • The data from the PDF forms can be extracted to make sure that it is analyzed. PDFelement can be used to extract data from PDF forms to get the work done.
  • The pages of PDF can be edited with the program. It includes the most important parts of the PDF including the headers and footers.
  • The OCR of the PDF can be performed with ease and therefore the user defined PDF fields can be used to get the required data.

Tips: What is JPEG Format and How it Differs from Other Photo Formats?

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. The format is mainly used for the photos which are taken from the photographic equipment such as cameras and camcorders. The format is highly reliable and allows the users to make sure that the best and the most advanced techniques are enjoyed while it is processed. As compared to other formats it is highly in use and very widespread. There are many segments which make up the JPEG format. Each segment starts with the 0xFF byte. The remaining part of the bytes shows which kind of data the file holds. It also deals with the data payload which is very important for the file compression. The main difference between JPEG and other formats is that the JPEG is a lossy file and uses 24 bit color scheme. The other formats are neither lossy and use 8 bit color scheme like GIF.


Scanned documents are increasingly popular for business, education, and personal use. These files have suffered in the past from a subpar conversion to OCR or Word formats due to levels of image quality. But this is often no longer the case. There are many reliable software programs available that can convert these files quickly and with a high level of accuracy.

By using the JPG file format, you can preserve a photo’s individuality, meaning the quality is the same regardless of whether it’s viewed on an iPhone screen or printed out. However, if you’re looking to integrate your JPG file into Word, there are a few extra steps you need to take.

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