How to Create Excel Table

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Everything is possible with Excel. And how can you make your Excel table look cool? Just follow this step by step The step by step guide on how to create an Excel table. 1. Click the tab above named “Type”. 2. Select Standard > Table 3. Below, select “My Table Has Headers” 4. Click OK. 5. The table will be placed on the left side of your Excel sheet.

One of the good uses of information and statistical data is organizing and present them in a table. By doing this we will create a better and clearer view on the presented data. There are many ways to create an Excel table, and today we will discuss two of the most common ways to do it: Horizontal and Vertical. First we will see how to do it horizontally, and after that we will check out the vertical method.


Excel is the most widely used tool in today’s daily office works. It supports a large number of tasks and processes. It is widely used for data storage, complex calculations, designing charts, etc. You can create a table in Excel easily by using some simple steps which are provided here in this article.

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