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Best Online Auction Software for Nonprofits

Here are Best Online Auction Software for Nonprofits that we found after researching the subject. Let’s take a look at best online auction software below. They have great features and user-friendly interface make it more convenient.

You would imagine that the best auction software for nonprofits would be hard to find, whatever is offered on the web should be out of reach, affordable only to those with deep pockets. Not so! We are offering some of the best auction software you can find and we are doing it free of charge!



The innovative online silent auction software from OneCause helps you manage your event from start to finish. From the menial to the challenging, OneCause holds your hand for every task, making sure the job gets done right.

OneCause even puts a major focus on what keeps your organization running, or rather, who keeps your organization running: your donors! With extensive donor management elements, your organization can craft custom thank-you messages, send email receipts for donations, and view all donor contributions in one centralized location.

Plus, you’ll even be able to live tweet your event with the Twitter scoreboard from OneCause and create live donation appeals to drive a competitive environment.


BidPal, mobile bidding solutions from OneCause, offer a quick, easy, and convenient new way for your donors to give. Plus, they’ll get to use their favorite devices to do so. Whether that’s their tablet or their smartphone, donors can place bids through their mobile app.

Their mobile bidding solution simplifies your event management even further. With automatic data entry with every placed bid, software from OneCause does the work for you.


In 2019, DonorSearch collaborated with OneCause to create an insightful webinar on motivating social donors. Combining our expertise, we came up with some donor engagement tips for our readers for better, more actionable fundraising. To see our work with OneCause in action, head on over and check out the webinar yourself.


Because they know one size doesn’t fit all, OneCause offers multiple packages to fit any event. Contact OneCause today for a quote on their online silent auction software.



Qgiv’s app-based silent auction software provides a seamless, enjoyable auction experience for you and your guests. With their online silent auction software, you can eliminate the need for paper bids, confusing registration, and long checkout lines.

Qgiv’s online silent auction software offers easy event setup and registration, and guests will enjoy being able to register, check-in, bid, purchase event items, and check-out, all through one convenient app!

Take advantage of Qgiv’s full event management system to collect the information you need from guests and raise more money with on-site purchase options and real time bidding. Meanwhile, you can also track bidder activity and money raised in real time.


Qgiv offers excellent bidding features, including push notifications when a user is outbid, watch lists, and maximum bid options. You can also set up fund-a-need donation options and run a live appeal with in-app and offline bidding. Expand your reach by allowing registered guests to invite their friends through a virtual invitation system.


Qgiv offers their online silent auction software solution at $199/month with quarterly billing, or $229/month with monthly billing. See how Qgiv's online silent auction software can help you with your next event.



Snowball Fundraising is an online fundraising platform with several software packages to choose from—including silent auction software! Their auction software builds upon their existing framework of affordable and user-friendly fundraising tools, including online giving pages, text-to-give functionality, and more.

Further, their online silent auction software includes ticketing and registration tools, online and mobile bidding functionality, and streamlined checkout processes. That means your entire online charity auction will be covered from start to finish!

If you’re looking for a powerful online auction platform with intuitive tools that won’t break the bank, Snowball is definitely the choice for you.


Snowball is a top pick not only for silent auction software but also for overall fundraising needs. By investing in an all-in-one platform like this one, you can ensure you have the right tools in your software arsenal to raise more through all of your fundraising endeavors—such as mobile bidding, real-time notifications, strategic data analysis, and automatic invoices/receipts.

And if your auction attendees are feeling extra generous, they can head right over to your optimized online donation page and make an additional gift in just two clicks!


Snowball offers powerful online silent auction software that can be added to any Snowball fundraising software plan. You can get started for only $549/year, or pair their auction features with their Premium features for $799.

Here's what Snowball's charity auction fundraising tools look like.

CharityAuctionsToday is a mobile and online auction company that provides a unique fundraising platform for individuals, nonprofits, schools, and businesses so they can raise more money for the causes they care so much about.


It only takes 5 minutes to set up an auction with assistance every step of the way. Set up an auction for FREE and only pay a 5% performance fee or select a prepaid plan for only $497. Great features of this platform include that it works flawlessly across all devices and risk-free auction items are offered for your online fundraising.

The best part of CharityAuctionsToday’s free plan is you only pay if you actually raise money.  If you don’t raise anything, you owe nothing.  It’s completely risk free! 

Customize your fundraising efforts with hundreds of event features. – Acquired by CharityAuctionsToday was acquired by Charity Auctions Today to better fulfill their mission of providing nonprofits and schools with the best online options when it comes to their fundraising needs and event management fundraising software.Set up donation and campaign pages for free with pricing based on items sold.


Fund a need, create teams to fundraise together. Start a campaign for a special event, such as a golf outing. Register and collect payments, check in golfers, collect donations, sell sponsor ads, and run a mobile auction all from one page. You’ll hit a hole in one when you see how much more money you can raise using 24Fundraiser. Also, use their services to collect tuition or dues for your organization. They offer online auctions, donation forms, help with event set up, ticket sales, donor management, campaign pages, website buttons, integration, and donor processing.


School Auction offers charity auction software services for school, non-profits, and any company that wants to do a fundraiser. Plans run from $1500 to $2500 per year based on your needs and donor data. A standard auction includes a gala, online, and hybrid auctions with unlimited bidders. For unlimited support via phone, you’ll need shell out the $2500 dollar upgrade.

Auction Packages | Top Silent Auction Software for Auction Items

Overview of This Silent Auction Software for Nonprofits

Auction Packages is designed for nonprofits that want to auction off amazing experiences risk-free. Your organization can choose from over 150 auction items and packages that are best suited to your fundraising goals. From there, you can reserve the auction items, offer them at your event, and then report on what sold so the winning bidders can redeem their packages.

Why We Love This Charity Auction Software

Auction Packages offers a wide variety of auction items that will appeal to your bidders and boost your fundraising revenue. These include international travel, concerts and shows, golf, skiing, safaris, spa packages, and more. The best part? All of these are risk-free. Only pay for the packages on which you generate a profit.

Learn more about Auction Packages' silent auction software.

Pricing Information

As an auction item consignment service, packages from Auction Packages are free to offer at your silent auction. Learn more on their How It Works page.

Winspire | Top Silent Auction Software for Auction Items

Overview of This Silent Auction Software for Nonprofits

Winspire is a top silent auction software solution that offers unforgettable auction packages you can offer at your event. Select from more than 200 unique experiences, offer them at your auction, and then tell Winspire how many times you sold each package so the winners can begin redeeming them.

Why We Love This Charity Auction Software

Winspire offers a full staff of nonprofit fundraising and event professionals with extensive experience managing auctions. Your organization will be paired with a personal event consultant who will provide you with valuable advice on how to maximize your event’s revenue and make your auction a success.

Learn more about Winspire's silent auction software.

Pricing Information

As an auction item consignment service, packages from Winspire are free to offer at your silent auction. Learn more on their How It Works page.


Give your nonprofit an online auction that puts your message in front of donors, supporters, and the general public with AuctionAvenue software: a free online auction website for nonprofits. Our online auction software makes it easy to run small and large online auctions, or to create one-of-a-kind fundraising events that match the needs of your organization.

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