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Online Image Text Editor

Nowadays, people are not so good at writing essay, essay is usually used to test understanding of students, leave alone business reports. But now you will find many different applications for editing text in jpeg image online.

Image text editor is a free online tool to edit or add text on image. It lets you add beautiful captions and change the text colors of your photos by adding text over your images. The jpeg image editor tool will allow you to apply different filters, overlay effects, change backgrounds, add text over image and more!


Best free online photo editor for one-click editing.

free online photo editors fotor

Fotor is a browser-based free online photo editor. Its simple to use controls and clean interface make it ideal for people unfamiliar with image editing. Free online photo editors like Fotor have helpful wizards that guide you through its main tools, meaning you can get up to speed quickly. 

You can adjust colours, apply effects, and use portrait touch-up tools to improve your images with one click. Then you can add additional elements, like icons, shapes, and patterns. 

Fotor provides cloud storage to keep your images safe. If you register for the paid version, you gain access to 1,000,000 stock images licensed for commercial use.  

Features include: 

  • Over 100 photo effects.
  • Custom stickers and photo frames. 
  • Resize images and convert file formats.
  • Create collages and stitch photos together. 
  • Work with RAW images. 
  • Short video tutorials that demonstrate the main features. 

Link: Fotor

Word Swag – Cool fonts, quotes

Word Swag is a picture editor with text app developed for android and iOS both devices. This app enables you to edit photos on the Android and iOS devices directly so you don’t have to transfer the photos to computer to edit and add text on photos. It takes only few seconds to edit the text on photos which is very less as compared to the Photoshop. This app enables you to create your own beautiful quotes on your photos.


  • • You can use this app to make beautiful photos with customized text to post on twitter, Instagram, Tumblr.
  • • You can write your own words in the designer look.


  • • App is not available for free even you can’t try this app.
  • • Many times it gives runtime error while trying to add text on photos.



quick online editor

Created to make quick online editing simple, Polarr is a browser-based solution for adding filters to photos, changing picture sizes, and more. When you first access the website, you’ll learn how to use things like filters and one-click fixes to your advantage. 

Though not as advanced as some alternative editing products, Polarr provides you with various options for image editing, including contrast changes, highlights, brightness updates, and aspect ratio-based cropping. You can even change the color temperature and tint. 

Features include:

  • Support for various format options, including JPEG, TIFF, and PNG
  • Quality setting options
  • Various filters and color temperatures to choose from
  • Quick spot removal and fixing options
  • Cropping and aspect-ratio control
  • Batch processing

Works on: Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Best for: Customizing images with selective masks, objects, and overlays


befunky editor

A free online photo editor intended for basic enhancements to your everyday images, BeFunky helps with things like color creations, filters, and photo retouching. If you want to change the background color in a product image or update a social media post design, BeFunky is a great choice. 

For those keen to create things like postures, brochures, and other sales assets, there’s a built-in Graphic Designer feature that allows you to build custom templates. You can turn photos into art with unique filters, crop and resize images, and batch processes as well. 

Features include:

  • Cropping and resizing
  • Artistic filter and effect options
  • Background removal
  • Batch editing 
  • Retouching for portraits
  • More than a million free images and templates

Works on: Web

Best for: One-click edits and color correction


what is ipiccy

Don’t let the simplistic interface fool you; PhotoPad is a sophisticated free photo editing software solution with tons of great capabilities. You can crop, resize, and rotate your pictures, add color filters and warping, or even implement clipart in an image. There are also a host of retouching tools for automatically fixing noise and distortion. 

PhotoPad by NCH Software also features various advanced extras like captioning, drawing tools, pre-made borders, collage options, and painting effects. You can also change aspect ratios and load a host of different file formats. 

Features include:

  • Photo effects and filters
  • Collage and mosaic creations
  • Conversion into multiple file formats
  • Pre-made frames, borders, clipart, and captions
  • Upload directly to social media
  • Merge multiple exposures 

Works on: Web

Best for: Beginner’s keen to make simple design changes

PhotoScape X

photoscape x

PhotoScape X promises everything you need to edit and customize photos in one easy-to-use app. The software includes GIF creation, photo combining, color picking, screen capture, and even collage creation. You can cut components out of photos, remove the background, or adjust the brightness and saturation levels. 

Because there are so many features to explore, PhotoScape comes with access to a range of video and written tutorials to get you started. This also means that the software does have a higher learning curve than some free options, however. 

Features include:

  • Pre-made filters and effects
  • Cut out and background removal
  • GIF creation
  • Screen capture
  • RAW image management
  • Combine photos and create collages
  • Batch editing

Works on: Mac and Windows

Best for: Unique image creation and background removal


Preview is an official app from apple which is inbuilt in the Mac OS so Mac users don’t need to look for the additional Mac photo editor with text writing feature apps. Preview app is not just a photo viewer even its markup tool allows you to add text on photos with an easy way. It also allows you to add extra things to your images such as color and size.


  • • Fast and efficient software with many features.
  • • Supports scanning of photos as well.


  • • Very less file formats are supported by this software.
  • • The output quality of images is not perfect one.
Photo Editor Software & Apps with Texting Feature - Preview


GIMP for Mac is a free Mac OS application enables you to edit the photos and write text on the on Mac devices. This app is a free tool available without any charge and mostly similar to the Photoshop. If you want looking for any app without any monthly subscription or price tag then GIMP is the best one for you.


  • • Regular updates are available.
  • • You can expend the app using the third party tool which is designed for adobe Photoshop.


  • • Installation is hard.
  • • User interface is not much user friendly.
Photo Editor Software & Apps with Texting Feature - GIMP

Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor is a fully featured picture editor with text feature app for Mac operating system enables you to edit photos and write your personal text on them. You can upload photos from your system in this app and once the photos are uploaded then you will see the editing photo interface just like the Photoshop. This app is very easy to use for those people who are familiar with the Photoshop because of the same interface of the app.


  • • This is a free open source photo editor app.
  • • History tool is available there to undone the actions.


  • • There is no customer support available.
  • • Issue of annoying ads while trying to edit the photos.
Photo Editor Software & Apps with Texting Feature - Pixlr Editor


Byword photo editor with text writing app for Mac allows you to edit photos on the Mac itself. This photo editor app is very easy to use so you just need to launch it and then start writing text on your photos. This app gives you option to add photos from your computer, DropBox or iCloud account. So you can easily import photos from anywhere whichever you prefer. With this app you can also publish your edited content instantly on tumblr, Blogger, Evernote or Wordpress from the app itself.


  • • You can add photos with multiple ways to edit.
  • • You can also sync photos or text documents with iPhone, iPad or Mac devices.


  • • Sharing edited images or text document to Everynote, Wordpress is only available in the Pro version.
  • • Pro version of the app is very costly.
Photo Editor Software & Apps with Texting Feature - Byword


TouchRetouch as the name of this app says it can give a total different touch to your photos. You can get it in the iOS app store for 1.99$ reasonable price. You just need to launch the app; load photos then tap on the part of photo which you like to edit. You can easily remove scratches and surface breaks from the photos.


  • • Remove the unwanted things from all your photos.
  • • You can also remove stamp from photos with this app.


  • • Not available for free to try to app.
  • • Crashes so many times.


For editing photos with pro-level tools

Pixlr photo editor screenshot

If you’re ready to do a deep dive into photo editing, Pixlr Editor is a great choice. It has extensive features and offers many of the same powerful tools as Photoshop. You can perform numerous complex operations in Pixlr: working in layers for compositing or to finetune effects; using color correction and sharpening tools to make your subject pop; and superimposing text, shapes, and other elements onto your image for eye-catching originality and flair.

The top menu bar features a series of pulldown menus for adjustments, filters, transformations, and distortions. While some elements like HistoryLayers, and Navigator can stay visible in the interface while you’re working on an image—similar to Photoshop’s docked panels—other elements, like Unsharp Mask, must be adjusted and accepted before proceeding to the next operation. How effective some controls are depends entirely on your image, but there are so many pro-level tools that you should be able to find a cure for most image problems.

Just because it’s complex doesn’t mean Pixlr is hard to use. It has friendly, colorful icons and handy sliders that let you easily adjust the parameters. Plus, it operates within its own application frame, which means it doesn’t take up your entire browser window. Bonus: Pixlr can open Photoshop PSD files and save to its own format as well as PNG, JPEG, BMP, and TIFF formats for posting to social networks or saving to your hard drive.

Pixlr is a deep tool—and it has a learning curve, much like Photoshop. Before diving in, you’ll want to either be familiar with similar photo tools or check out some online tutorials. Or, you know, be brave.

Note: The app comes in several different flavors: The web app, a free downloadable desktop app, a Chrome extension, and an online Express version that just lets you add quick Instagram-style filters, overlays, and stickers.

Pixlr pricing: Free


No matter if you’re a designer, blogger or an internet marketer working on images for your next promotional campaign of online store, there is always a need to edit and personalize your photos. One of the most obvious techniques is to place your text and logos on it. Adding text and logos to your image can be quite tricky as it requires high end photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop. With Online Image Text Editor you can add text and logo in minutes. Whether you want to write text overlays on the existing images or make full use of transparency feature to write at several locations such as corners, adding texts and logos has never been easier now.

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