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Apps to Boost Youtube Views

Whether you are a blogger or an online entrepreneur, building a Youtube channel with a lot of subscribers is crucial to your business. Having a Youtube profile with a high number of subscribers is a reflection of the brand’s authority and popularity.

There are a number of apps that can help you get more views on YouTube. The main ones I’ve used include TubeBuddy, MyLikes, and HeyCrowd. They all have similar functionality but each has its own strengths.

TubeBuddy is great at finding people who might want to subscribe to your channel. It looks at the channels you’re following and suggests other channels that it thinks will be interested in what you’re doing based on the content they produce and how much overlap there is between your channels’ followers. This way, when someone visits one of those suggested channels, they’ll see an ad for your channel as well as some information about what it’s all about (it shows them a thumbnail image from one of your videos). If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s very similar to how Facebook ads work: advertisers pay money for Facebook to show ads for their products or services in users’ newsfeeds (or News Feeds if we’re talking about Instagram). You can also use TubeBuddy’s Chrome extension to automatically subscribe new viewers who watch any video from any page where TubeBuddy has been installed (so basically anything other than YouTube itself).

MyLikes lets you view analytics about individual videos or entire playlists (if you’re making them public), including total views/plays/likes/dislikes etc., demographic information like age range and gender breakdowns along with location info such as country flags; so far so good! But wait—there’s more! You can also analyze which types of comments receive the most likes by sorting them by popularity score; this could come in handy if there are certain types of comments readers seem especially interested in seeing more often than others.”

Increasing Youtube subscribers effectively can be a bit difficult. However, there is a way to increase it. There is a free app that an individual can use to get real subscribers on his/her channel – I will show you how to download it in this article.

Bulk Suggest Tool 

While it’s not necessarily a good idea to let keywords dictate your YouTube video content, keyword research remains an essential element of discovery, and can be used to enhance the title and description of your YouTube video and increase video views. 

Bulk Suggest Tool is a keyword research app which searches the “Auto-complete” databases of Google and YouTube for expanded versions of the keywords which you insert as queries. The results from this tool will enable you to compare Google and YouTube queries and choose the keyword strings most relevant to your target audience.

With YouTube also considered the second largest search engine, facilitating more than three billion searches per month, understanding how to boost exposure through search is key to optimizing your performance.

7 Tools to Help Boost Your YouTube Performance | Social Media Today

2. BirdSong Analytics

Competitive research is useful in that it can give social media managers insight into what works for their target market, before trying anything themselves. 

BirdSong Analytics is a competitive analysis tool for public YouTube channels. If you have the names of your competitors’ channels, you can access their engagement metrics and SEO tactics.

You can also figure out the best times is for publishing videos, and what the optimum length for a video should be, based on what your competitors are posting.

7 Tools to Help Boost Your YouTube Performance | Social Media Today


Cross-promotion is an important tactic to increase video views on YouTube. Organically, it’s hard to get a video to be viewed hundreds or thousands of times, without having a large base of subscribers. 

DrumUp is a social media scheduling tool which enables you to easily share YouTube videos across multiple social media accounts.

Using the tool, you can add multiple social media accounts, pull content from your YouTube RSS feed, and 1-click schedule posts to get published across your social media accounts. 

7 Tools to Help Boost Your YouTube Performance | Social Media Today


YouTube marketing isn’t only about creating the videos, it is also about getting people to engage with the videos you create, and respond to your marketing messages. Graphic design has an important role to play in engaging target viewers. 

Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design tool that video makers can use to enhance their YouTube presence and videos. Using custom canvas dimensions on Canva, video makers can create attractive thumbnails and end cards to engage channel viewers. 

7 Tools to Help Boost Your YouTube Performance | Social Media Today

Tubular Labs App

I love the Tubular Labs app. And they just released a new feature too where when somebody tweets about your video, Tubular Labs will alert you of it. So I think it’s really fun to find people who are tweeting your video and then going and thanking them, following them. And I think it helps create a community a little bit better. So it’s great.

It’s great for helping find top fans. Tubular Labs app also will show you people who are frequently commenting on your videos and kind of sorts them in order of how engaged they are. So it’s kind of similar to YouTube’s top fan finder, as well. But I think it goes into a little more detail. And then another app I like to use quite a lot is vidIQ.


The right tags can help a video rise in rankings on YouTube, and VidIQ is a tag discovery tool which can help increase visibility on YouTube by suggesting a number of relevant tags that you can add to your video descriptions. 

VidIQ not only suggests relevant tags sourced from high-quality data, but it also calculates the difficulty to rank for the tags that it suggests. Users can apply this information to find tags of optimum popularity and ranking difficulty to include as part of their YouTube video descriptions. 

7 Tools to Help Boost Your YouTube Performance | Social Media Today


Video analytics is as important a part of video marketing as content creation. A good YouTube channel not only publishes great content, but it also gets better over time, using data collected from previously published videos. 

Cyfe is a custom analytics dashboard which enables users to track the performance of their marketing in one place, using a combination of trackers that can be put together as required. Cyfe can be used to track social media analytics alongside website analytics and sales, so video makers can match marketing goals with business goals. 

7 Tools to Help Boost Your YouTube Performance | Social Media Today


If you want a quick overview of your YouTube performance while browsing through videos on your channel, TubeBuddy is the tool to use. Since TubeBuddy is a Chrome extension, its features load within YouTube, saving you the trouble of leaving the page to view analytics. 

TubeBuddy not only shows you which tags/keywords you are already ranking for, but also offers suggestions which you can use to optimize SEO for your videos.

7 Tools to Help Boost Your YouTube Performance | Social Media Today

With the right set of tools to support your YouTube marketing efforts, you can maximize views and reach for your YouTube videos, and achieve the goals that you desire for the effort spent on creating high-quality videos. 


One of the ones that I use the most here at Video Creators is one I actually talked about last week. And that is ConvertKit.

ConvertKit is simply a site that lets you use a really robust email campaign service. One of the reasons why that is a very valuable tool for me and my audience development here on YouTube, as I discussed last week, I offer a free ebook to all of you guys who simply sign up for my email. It’s called “The Secret to Building Your YouTube Audience.”

And you get that book for free in exchange for giving me your email address. And then every week I just send out really high, valuable content that– well, I think it’s valuable anyway– to you guys who are on that list. And so I love offering a lot of training and advice and tips and ideas and suggestions and things that don’t really fit on this channel, but I can send you guys in a weekly email to continue helping you guys grow your audiences and your YouTube channels even if you’re not actively checking your YouTube subscriptions.

ConvertKit is the business service I use for growing that list, for sending out those email campaigns, and all that. So check them out. There’s a link below. Of course, if you want my free ebook, there’s a link to it in the description below. You can go check it out. I’d love to hear from you guys, though in the comments below right here on YouTube.


Available on iOS and Android, YouberUp is a YouTube subscribers hack app dedicated to gaining subscribers on YouTube fast and free. Real and active users are gathering on this platform to enable you to get real YouTube subscribers, views, and likes as well. The number of subscribers you get on this platform is free and unlimited with coins. How to collect coins? As long as you subscribe to a channel, view, and like a video, you can get a certain amount of videos. It is done with a tap on the phone.

YouberUP –  Grow YouTube Fast & Free

  • Get free YouTube subscribers and views from 100% real and active users.
  • Grow YouTube channel organically and naturally. No risk of being banned.
  • Instant delivery guaranteed and 24/7 customer support.

GET IT ONGoogle PlayGet Free Followers

After getting enough coins in a short time, you can use them to get a lot of YouTube subscribers by publishing a task. The delivery is instant and organic. You are allowed to check the process in the order list. It will be done with no more than 24 hours.

Features of YouberUp:

100% Safe & Clean

Developed by an experienced and professional team, YouberUp is a safe and clean app. No leak, no virus, no ads. Besides, it values and protects your privacy. Any info you use to get subscribers and views will be encrypted and you are the only visible person. 

Instant Delivery 

As you are trying to grow subscribers on YouTube fast, instant delivery is what really matters. YouberUp guarantees that your order of subscribers, views, or likes will be sent instantly. You can see your subscribers increase from 50 to 100, 500, and more in the order list within several minutes.

Real and unlimited 

All subscribers and video views you gain for your channel are from real and active accounts. They may make further interactions by liking or commenting on your videos if they are really interested in your videos. You are allowed to subscribe to channels, view and like videos to get coins at any time. So you can get unlimited free subscribers on YouTube on this platform.

 How does it work?

How to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube fast via YouberUp? The steps are as follows.

Step 1: Download YouberUp for an Android device on the Play Store or an iOS version on the App Store. Then install it on your phone.

Step 2: Sign up and log in to the app via your email. Subscribe to channels, view and like videos for enough coins.

Step 3: Spend coins to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube fast free after adding the URL of the YouTube channel. You’ll get a certain quantity of free views at the same time as an extra reward. 

YouTube Studio

Losing subscribers is not an abnormal thing. To keep your subscribers and gain more subscribers, you need to manage your channel to your best. YouTube Studio is a useful tool for you to manage your channel fast and easily.

It is to assists you to manage your YouTube channels on the go. With it, you can check out your latest stats, respond to comments, schedule videos, and so on. It shows detailed data about your video’s watch time, views, and subscriber change to help you adjust your strategy in time and gain subscribers on YouTube fast and easy.

Features of YouTube Studio:

  • Available on Android and iOS.
  • Filter and respond to comments.
  • Manage playlists.
  • Show analytics of channel and video performance.
  • Update video details, such as thumbnail images and monetization settings. 

Bottom Line

Large numbers of subscribers always make you famous on YouTube, get more video views, and earn more money. The 3 free apps the article lists are to enable you to get subscribers on YouTube fast and easy. Use Canva to edit great and creative thumbnail and attract more people to subscribe to you. Use YouTube Studio to manage and promote your channel, see real-time data, and make user-generated content to gain more subscribers with ease. Use YouberUp to get a lot of YouTube subscribers with simple taps. Download it right now and realize your aim fast.


Having relevant subscribers on your channel is one of the best ways to get noticed. However, getting them to follow you is not always easy. If you are looking for some help in this regard, we have provided free apps that can help you get subscribers on YouTube easily.

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