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How to Take a Screenshot of a Game

How to Take a Screenshot of a Game

Most PC gamers enjoy taking pictures of interesting screen moments while playing engaging games and sharing them with friends and rivals online. However, there is no longer a need to halt your game in order to take a picture with a free-moving camera on this technologically advanced planet. Instead, you can instantly capture the screen by tapping a few buttons on your keyboard.

How to Take a Screenshot of a Game

Using the Windows 10 Game Bar to Capture Game Screenshots

It is even feasible to take high-quality screenshots of games using Game Bar if you don’t want to install any other software on your gaming PC. Playing an adventure game requires you to first open the game bar, but keyboard shortcuts make this task simple. To print the screen, simply press Windows + Alt + Print Screen. Windows + G can also be used. As soon as the Game Bar appears on your screen, click the “Screenshot” icon that resembles a camera.

In case you find it a little challenging to access your game bar using these keys in the middle of a game, Windows 10 also gives users the option to modify these keys to their liking. The shortcut keys can be changed by going to Settings, Gaming, and then Game Bar. When you use Game Bar to take a screenshot, the system immediately displays the message “Screenshot saved” in the bottom right corner of the screen. These screenshots and any other movies you’ve previously recorded with Windows 10 Game Bar are all automatically saved in the Captures/ Videos section.

Using In-Game Shortcuts to Take Screenshots

You can still take screenshots using the many built-in shortcuts and screenshot features even if you are not playing games on Steam. The “Print Screen” key can be used to take a screenshot instantaneously in the majority of games, but some may have different settings. The game will immediately store a screenshot at a certain area on the disk as soon as you touch the relevant key. For instance, the Print Screen key is usually helpful in capturing a screenshot in all games from Blizzard, and the screenshots are afterwards located in a hard drive-based folder. The folder name, however, can vary depending on the game. For instance, if you take a screenshot while playing Overwatch, it will be saved in the DocumentsOverwatchScreenshotsOverwatch folder. To find the best screenshot key for each game, simply do a web search. The shortcut configuration menu also has this information.

Using Steam’s Shortcut to Take Screenshots

The built-in screen capture feature of Steam allows you to take screenshots right away while you are playing your favorite game. The good news is that taking a screenshot with Steam is quite simple; all you have to do is press the “F12” key on your keyboard. A shutter sound will be audible as soon as you click the key, and a notification stating “Screenshot Saved” will show straight away in the bottom right corner of the PC screen.

If you don’t find the F12 key to be more convenient to use while playing games, you may also alter it by visiting to the Steam Interface area. Go to options, then choose “In-Game,” and then customize the “Screenshot Shortcut Keys” setting to your liking. Shift + Tab on Steam Overlay or, if you’ve changed the settings on Steam, your personal keyboard shortcut can be used to examine the screenshots that were recorded. Click the “View Screenshots” button on the overlay to finish.

Using the Nvidia GeForce Experience to take a screenshot

The likelihood is that your system also contains Nvidia’s GeForce Experience software if you are using Nvidia graphics. The ability to take screenshots is one of the many advantages that this software product offers. Simply press Alt + F1 to take a screenshot of a video game using Nvidia GeForce Experience, and the screenshot will be automatically saved to the GeForce Experience Gallery. The system also immediately notifies you that the screenshot has been saved to the gallery in the top right corner of your screen as soon as it is taken.

Utilizing Nvidia Ansel to Take a Screenshot

There is no doubt that GeForce Experience offers a rich experience with its fantastic features, but Nvidia also offers another tool that can assist you in taking screenshots; users can, however, take moving images with this tool. Keep in mind that this function is only compatible with a select few games and is only available if the developer has included support for it. Nvidia Ansel is supported by a number of well-known games on the list, including The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Dishonored 2, etc.

Simply pressing Alt and F2 while playing the game will cause the game to immediately freeze and display the “Ansel” sidebar. Now you may use the mouse’s drag-and-drop functionality or the keys on the keyboard to modify the screen for taking a screenshot of a specified area. If you want to apply a special filter effect to your screenshot, you can do so by choosing from the options in the sidebar. Gamers frequently employ sepia tone or want to change the field of view for their taken images.

Additionally, you can decide whether you require super-resolution or just a conventional view for your game screenshots. Some of you might also be interested in using Nvidia Ansel to take a 360-degree screenshot. These 360-degree screenshots can later be seen with a variety of devices, including the Google Cardboard Headset, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

By pressing the snap button, you can take an infinite amount of screenshots of the paused screen, and they will all be saved right away. You may see these screenshots at a later time by selecting “Gallery” or by hitting the Alt + Z key on your computer. Typically, these screenshots are saved under the VideosName of the Game path.

Using the AMD ReLive Feature I to Capture Game Screenshots

With the aid of its ReLive Feature, you can take screenshots when using AMD graphics technology. Please take note that this feature only functions on desktops equipped with AMD Graphics Core Next Architecture. It isn’t as fancy as Nvidia Ansel, though; the screen capture option is virtually identical to that of Steam or the Nvidia GeForce Experience. Once ReLive is ready, simply press the Ctrl + Shift + E or Alt + Z buttons. To take a screenshot of your favorite game, select “Screenshot” from the menu. It will automatically be saved to the videos folder on your computer. Later, you may show off your gaming experience to your pals online by sharing these screenshots.

How to Screenshot in Game Steam

Learning how to take screenshots on Steam takes a little legwork. While modern consoles have made it easy to grab screenshots while you’re playing a game, it’s not always so easy for PC gamers. Those using Steam, Valve’s digital storefront, often have to do some sleuthing to figure out how to take high-quality screenshots and retrieve them later.

Well, sleuth no more! We’ve got everything you need to know about snapping and finding Steam screenshots on Windows, Mac and Linux.

How to Take Steam screenshots on Windows 

The Steam app for Windows has built-in functionality for taking game screenshots, so you don’t have to rely on the old “PrtSc” keyboard button. Simply press F12 while in a Steam game and you’ll save a photo of your current in-game screen. 

You can change the default screenshot key by going to the Preferences section under the Steam menu. From there, find the In-Game menu and click on the box under “Screenshot shortcut keys.” Then, press the key on your keyboard you’d prefer to use, and that becomes the new shortcut.

How to find Steam screenshots on Windows 

The quickest way to find your Steam screenshots is via Steam. In the top menu bar, click “View,” then select “Screenshots” from the dropdown menu. 

If you want to find the screenshots in Windows Explorer, simply click “Show on Disk from the Steam Screenshots folder. It will open up the relevant folder on your PC, and show you where your Steam screenshots are located.  

 How to take Steam screenshots on Mac 

As in Windows, F12 is the default key for taking Steam screenshots on Mac operating systems. However, if you have a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar and no permanent function row, it may now be immediately obvious how you can do that. The solution is to press and hold the function key (Fn), after which the function row will appear in the Touch Bar. Hit F12, and you’re good to go! 

Changing the default screenshot key is as easy on Mac as it is on Windows. Access  Preferences from the Steam menu, and navigate to the In-Game option. Click on the box under “Screenshot shortcut keys” and press your preferred shortcut key on your keyboard. Voila! You’ve got a new way to take Steam screenshots. 

How to find Steam screenshots on Mac 

Once again, the easiest way to view your Steam screenshots is through the Steam app itself. On the top menu, select “View > Screenshots,” and you’ll see any screens you’ve taken using Steam’s built-in screenshot tool. Hit the “Show on Disk” button on the same page, and the external screenshot folder will come up.

Outside of Steam, the correct path for locating Steam screenshots on Mac is “Library/Application Support/Steam/userdata.” If your Mac has multiple users, make sure you’re looking under the correct username! Once there, search the userdata folder for “screenshots” to find your saved screens.

If you can’t find your Library from the Finder app, select the “Go” dropdown menu and choose “Go to Folder…” From there, type in “Library” and you’re on your way! You can also change the location of the screenshot folder in the same Steam menu where you found the screenshot shortcut key option. 

How to take Steam screenshots on Linux 

The default in-app shortcut for Steam screenshots is the same on Linux as it is on Windows and Mac: F12. As on other operating systems, users can change the shortcut key in the Steam In-Game menu. 

How to find Steam screenshots on Linux 

On Linux, the default directory for Steam screenshots is ~/.local/share/Steam. Once there, find the userdata folder and either perform a search, or navigate your way to the screenshots folder. To do the latter, you may have to open several folders with numbers on them; the numbers correlate to different user accounts. 

How to Screenshot on a Gaming Keyboard

To take a screenshot on a gaming keyboard, first make sure that the keyboard is connected to your computer. Then, press the “Print Screen” key on the keyboard. This will take a picture of your current screen. Finally, open an image editing program and paste the screenshot into the program.

The different methods of taking a screenshot on a gaming keyboard

There are many different ways to take a screenshot on a gaming keyboard. The most common way is to use the Print Screen button. This button is usually located on the top right of the keyboard. Other ways to take a screenshot on a gaming keyboard include using the Windows+PrtScn shortcut, using the Snipping Tool, and using the Game Bar.

The benefits of taking a screenshot on a gaming keyboard

There are many benefits to taking a screenshot on a gaming keyboard. For one, it can help you capture important moments in the game so you can share them with friends or post them online. It can also help you troubleshoot problems you may be having with the game, or simply document your progress. Screenshots can also be used as a form of cheating, by taking a picture of an enemy’s location or strategy and sharing it with your teammates.

The best times to take a screenshot on a gaming keyboard

There are a few different types of gaming keyboards, each with their own unique set of features. Some gaming keyboards have special keys that allow you to take a screenshot, while others have a built-in screenshot function. The best time to take a screenshot on a gaming keyboard is when you’re in the middle of a game and need to capture a particular moment.

How to screenshot on a gaming keyboard

There are many different ways to take a screenshot while gaming, but one of the most popular methods is to use a gaming keyboard. Gaming keyboards usually have a dedicated button that will allow you to take a screenshot with just a few clicks. If your gaming keyboard doesn’t have a dedicated screenshot button, you can usually find the screenshot function in the “Options” or “Settings” menu of your game.


You might always be interested in sharing your gaming experiences with your peers online if you’re an avid and crazy gamer. Now, you may use quick keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots on your computer. You can pick any of the techniques described in this article to take screenshots while playing games and still have an amazing gaming experience. Before posting them online, one can alter these screenshots using both internal and external system tools to wow onlookers with their incredible ingenuity.

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