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Hr and Payroll Software in Qatar

Have you been looking for HR and Payroll software in Qatar? Are your HR operations manual or inefficient? Are your employees complaining about your lack of proper payroll processing system? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need a good time and payroll software. Time and payroll systems are a powerful tool for managing human resources department. More importantly, they help companies increase revenues and decrease expenses with an efficient time and attendance system.

Here, I have listed out the top Hr payroll system in Qatar

Azdan HR & Payroll

Azdan Human Capital Management Solution is all-inclusive, cloud-based, unites all aspects of HR, payroll process and talent management. Azdan is one of the top HR and payroll software i helps companies to transform the employee experience, streamline recruitment and onboarding, control human resource costs, anticipate workforce needs, measure employee performance and reduce turnover of high performers.NetSuite HR & Payroll Trial

Oracle NetSuite Human Capital Management


Beneple is an online HR Software offering an all-in-one service for SMEs. Employees can submit their leave requests, ask for documents such as salary certificates, and enter their expense reports from their own profiles online. Employees can submit their leave requests, ask for documents such as salary certificates, and enter their expense reports from their own profiles online

Top 10 HR and Payroll Software in the Middle East 1

BSH Soft

BSH provides Multi-Country Outsourced Payroll automation software that allows the users to setup process rules-based allowances (overtime, absence, benefits, etc.) with Accruals calculation and posting. BSH allows you to generate and post payroll reports, bank files, fund requests automatically.

Top 10 HR and Payroll Software in the Middle East 2

Gulf HR

GulfHR is a modular cloud-based platform. The solution can be integrated with current finance and accounting systems, as well as time and attendance tracking devices. It is ISO compliant. The core modules are employee self service, payroll, HR & admin, training and development, leave & abseence and dashboards

Top 10 HR and Payroll Software in the Middle East 3

HITS HR & Payroll

HITS HR & Payroll products, you can select the modules and features that meet your requirements, across HITS modules: such as HR foundation, payroll automation, benefits management, vacation management, time management, training management, performance management, recruitment, and dashboards.

Top 10 HR and Payroll Software in the Middle East 4


MenaITech has led the way in developing HCIS and HR management solutions to corporate and public-sector clients across a diverse range of industries and to organizations of all sizes. Their customers increase efficiency and accessibility through the MenaME® self-service module.

Top 10 HR and Payroll Software in the Middle East 5

Nathan HR

Nathan & Nathan began servicing customers in 2012 and has quickly grown to be a leader. The solution are deployed through our cloud, desktop, and mobile system. The core HR capabilities include visa Tracking, Onboarding, Attendance, Leave, Letters, Expense Claims. Automated Payroll, Payslips, WPS, Accruals and multiple Reports

Nathan HR


Performly is a cloud based products focus on Performance Driven culture, HR Self-service workflows, Payroll & Internal communication along Organizations. The subscription can meet low-budget profiles. It includes multiple modules such as attendance, admin reports, vacation, recruitment, and appointments.

Top 10 HR and Payroll Software in the Middle East 6

Web HR

WebHR is a Cloud based Social HR Software for SMEs. Free for 05 Employees and as low as $ 1.0 per employee per month. WebHR facilitates all functions of the Human Resource Department that deals with recruitment, employees’ management, payroll, performance, training etc. In fact, WebHR can be used to simplify the daily tasks involved in the HR Department.


Zen HR

ZenHR is a cloud-based HRMS completely localized to the Middle East. It employs a bilingual (English and Arabic) user interface and mobile app. ZenHR is part of a complete HR value chain and it integrates with multiple parties such as Cavall, Career Connect, and Testello.


Paychex Flex: Best for Solopreneurs & Employers Needing Dedicated Payroll Support

Paychex logo

Overall Score: 4.39 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Flexible plans
  • Payroll and HR features are integrated
  • Offers dedicated payroll support

What’s Missing

  • Pricing isn’t all transparent
  • Payroll tax administration and year-end reporting cost extra
  • Access to a dedicated payroll specialist is available only in higher tiers

Paychex Flex Pricing

  • Paychex Flex Essentials: $39 per month + $5 per employee
  • Paychex Flex Select: Custom-priced
  • Paychex Flex Pro: Custom-priced

Paychex Plan for solopreneurs and the self-employed

  • Paychex Solo: Custom-priced

Read Full ReviewVisit Paychex Flex

Paychex has a Paychex Solo package that includes payroll, startup/incorporation services, and access to retirement plan options, making it a suitable solution for one-person businesses. Paychex also has numerous tiers that are flexible and cater to companies of different sizes. And unlike Homebase Payroll, which offers payroll only in 36 states, and Gusto, which provides health insurance only in 39 states, it lets you process payroll and provide health insurance in all US states.

Paychex Flex earned a 4.39 out of 5 in our evaluation. It scored the highest in HR features and reporting capabilities, as well as in our expert review criteria in which we assess whether its ease of use, pricing, and HR/payroll tools are ideal for small to midsize businesses (SMBs). However, Paychex doesn’t have transparent pricing for all of its plans. It also charges extra for payroll tax administration and W-2/1099 filings—services that most of the providers in this guide include without extra charges.

Paychex Flex Features

  • Flexible plan options: Its Paychex Solo plan is perfect for solopreneurs and the self-employed. Aside from running payroll, Paychex can help them set up their business as an employer and select a retirement plan. None of the other providers in this guide have this type of plan. Paychex offers flexible HR and payroll packages that target businesses of all sizes. And if you ever go through a growth period in which you need an HR expert but aren’t ready to hire, Paychex has a professional employer organization (PEO) service to help you manage essential day-to-day HR processes.
  • Workers’ compensation and benefits management: Paychex handles workers’ compensation, and, unlike Gusto, offers health insurance in all 50 states. It also has retirement plans and garnishment payment services that include remitting the garnished wages to the appropriate agencies.
  • Multiple payment options: Aside from direct deposits, Paychex supports employee payments made through pay cards and paper checks. It even offers check logo and signing services. However, if you require options that allow you to pay employees fast, Square Payroll has an Instant Payments feature while QuickBooks Payroll offers next- and same-day direct deposits.
  • HR tools: Paychex Flex’s higher tiers not only come with payroll tools but several HR solutions as well. In addition to a library of HR documents and an online employee handbook builder, you are granted access to a learning management module to help you run e-training courses for your staff. Screening applicants and welcoming new hires will also be easy with its background checks and online onboarding solutions.
  • Experienced customer service: During implementation, Paychex will assign you a representative to help you set up. Once its system is up and running, you get access to US-based support with experienced professionals you can contact 24/7 in case you need assistance. Live chat features, in-app help options, and how-to guides are also available.

Paychex Flex’s Drawbacks

  • Pricing isn’t all transparent: The pricing details of its starter Paychex Flex Essentials plan is readily available on Paychex’s website, but the cost of its other tiers, products, and services are not transparent. While you can contact Paychex to request more information, the process of requesting a quote can be inconvenient for those who want to quickly compare the features and fees between different payroll software.
  • Add-on fees for year-end reporting and payroll tax administration: Paychex can calculate, pay, and file payroll taxes for you, including year-end tax reports, but you may be charged additional fees for some of the services. If you don’t want to pay extra, consider the other providers in this list—except ADP Run, QuickBooks Payroll (local tax filings are available only in its highest tier), and Patriot Payroll (1099 tax filings cost extra if you’re under its Basic Payroll option).

Visit Paychex Flex

Square Payroll: Best for Small Retailers & Restaurant Owners Using Square POS

Square Payroll logo

Overall Score: 4.28 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Flat pricing with an affordable contractor plan
  • Integrates with Square POS
  • Offers fast direct deposits, including an instant payment option

What’s Missing

  • Next-day direct deposits and instant payments require a Square Payments account
  • Limited advanced HR functions
  • Phone support requires a customer code; difficult to reach at times
  • Standard direct deposit has a four-day processing timeline

Square Payroll Pricing

  • Pay employee and contractors: $35 per month + $5 per employee monthly
  • Pay contractors only: $5 per person monthly

Read Full ReviewVisit Square Payroll

Square Payroll is the best choice for retailers and restaurants already using Square’s POS system. It enables you to pay both employees and contractors and import online timecards from the Square POS and other third-party partners into its system. It also has tip reporting features that allow you to record tip amounts, deduct taxes, and report them on your tax forms. You can run payroll as often as you need to at no extra cost, unlike some plans under big-name providers like ADP or Paychex, and file quarterly and annual taxes, plus sign up for pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation insurance.

In our evaluation, Square Payroll earned an overall rating of 4.28 out of 5 with a perfect score in reporting and high marks in nearly all of our criteria. It lost points in ease of use and popularity among users. While it is easy to use, it doesn’t have a customizable interface. It also didn’t meet our sub-criteria of having more than 1,000 average user reviews online. Plus, several users complained of having experienced difficulties contacting its support team.

Square Payroll Features

  • Low-cost contractor-only plan: Square Payroll has the lowest contractor-only plan among all the providers in this list. Priced at only $5 per contractor monthly, it comes with all the features of its “pay employees and contractors” plan including unlimited pay runs. Similar to Gusto’s contractor-only option, Square Payroll will only charge you for contractors that you paid for the month.
  • Square POS integration: Square Payroll seamlessly integrates with Square POS, making it easy for you to track and import employee time cards, including tips and commissions data for pay processing.
  • Multiple employee payment options: Aside from direct deposit, employees and contractors can be paid through manual checks or via Square’s Cash App. Square Payroll also offers next-day and instant payment options through its Instant Payments feature. You can even use its On-Demand Pay tool to allow eligible employees to get a portion of their earned salary before the pay period is over.
  • Online tax filing and reporting: Square Payroll will automatically file your quarterly and annual taxes as well as prepare and file your W-2s or 1099s, whether workers are paid an hourly, salary, or custom amount. This is unlike Patriot Payroll, Paychex, and ADP, which charge fees for some of its payroll tax services. QuickBooks Payroll may not have add-on fees to file taxes for you, but you have to get its highest tier if you want automated local tax filings.
  • Employee benefits: Square Payroll will provide your employees access to health insurance, pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation plans, and even retirement packages that will automatically sync with your payroll.

Square Payroll’s Drawbacks

  • Basic HR features: Square Payroll lacks the HR tools to help you track applicants, manage training, and maintain an employee information database online. If you require these for your business, we recommend either Paychex, Paycor, Rippling, or ADP Run since all offer a wide range of HR solutions.
  • Four-day direct deposits: Unless you have a Square Payments account that lets you pay employees the next day and even instantly, Square Payroll’s standard direct deposit timeline is four days. QuickBooks Payroll would be a good choice for those who require fast payouts and don’t use Square Payments since its starter Core plan comes with next-day direct deposits.

Visit Square Payroll


Finding the perfect payroll software and hr software in Qatar is easy with HR and Payroll Software in Doha.HR and Payroll Software in Doha offers the latest solutions to optimize your business management and provide you with all the information you need to conduct accurate and precise business operations.

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