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Best HR Toolkit

Our Best HR toolkit was designed to make your team better. It gives you the ability to see performance across platforms, lets you streamline your hiring process, and defines the best ways for employers to find new employees.

Human Resource professionals are always looking for new ideas, latest trends, plans that can be used to achieve better results. So, I have prepared a HR Toolkit that would certainly help you keep your job interesting, your work environment efficient.


This HR platform connects companies with dedicated HR managers. The managers do what any in-house HR manager might do, including: recruiting, hiring, onboarding, creating policies, compliance with relevant laws and labor codes, maintaining records, and more.

Why we love it: It gives companies of all sizes (and with all budgets) access to the kind of outsourced HR help they need to grow. They offer a great free trial and don’t lock you into any contracts. Needing an extra pair of qualified HR hands has never been easier! 

This HR manager software is best for: Recruiting, hiring, & onboarding


Caroo is the premier employee care platform with employee rewards and recognition packages. In fact, every care package can be customized and better-for-you-snacks can be sent in mass to your team.

Why we love it: Caroo makes showing employee appreciation incredibly easy — especially considering that every bit of the care process is rolled into one on this end-to-end HR platform.

This HR manager software is best for: Employee engagement

 CoAdvantage (PEO Companies)

CoAdvantage supports growth of small businesses by providing consultation to help them succeed in many areas, including HR resources such as payroll, benefits, workplace safety, and employee development.

Why we love it: CoAdvantage covers ground between both HR and the financial departments in a way that many HR tools are simply unable to compete with. For a Swiss army knife of a platform, CoAdvantage is a perfect choice.

This HR manager software is best for: People management

Outback Team Building

Outback Team Building specializes in organizing team bonding activities, whether in-person or virtual,  that boost employee morale and engagement.

Why we love it: Outback takes the pressure of running team-building events by simplifying things for participants so they can enjoy themselves and direct their attention toward what matters most to them. Outback guarantees that you and your group have a memorable experience that helps you accomplish your objectives while also bringing your whole team closer together.

This HR manager software is best for: Team building


Better turnout and more participation are linked to better event experiences. Hoppier helps increase the overall participation and engagement in virtual and hybrid events. Event planners utilize virtual credit cards to provide attendees a credit account for lunch, drinks, and gifts that they buy instantly

Why we love it: Hopper cards are flexible in the sense that they may be used worldwide, serving as a platform for visitors to have unique and personalized virtual experiences. Every dollar is returned or credited, and you may personalize the cards to your requirements.

This HR manager software is best for: Employee engagement


Blueboard is a unique reward and recognition platform for employees. Many Blueboard services provide businesses with fun, customized, and shared incentive experiences for their employees.

Why we love it: The beneficial long-term effects of giving your workers these benefits include improved employee motivation and retention rates, as well as increasing your company’s overall engagement measures, such as better workplace morale and employee happiness.

This HR manager software is best for: Company culture


GooseChase enables HR and People Ops professionals to better engage their teams and colleagues. Whether your objective is to onboard new team members, implement new processes, or team building (or all of the above!), GooseChase lets you run scavenger hunt-like “games” that bring the team experience to life and makes a lasting impact on company culture and retention.

Why we love it: GooseChase is onboarding, training, and employee engagement reinvented for this new age of hybrid, remote, and physical work. GooseChase supports your workplace objectives by breaking them down into approachable challenges: it’s easy and intuitive to customize games to include Q&A, photo and video, and even GPS missions. The “friendly” competition will keep your colleagues engaged and help build culture and camaraderie. It really does put the “fun” in functional!

This HR manager software is best for: Team building


Otter is an  AI-powered assistant that uses its state-of-the-art voice recognition and artificial intelligence to generate meeting notes and rehearsal scripts.

Why we love it: Instead of taking notes, you’ll focus on what’s being said during meetings and conversations and let do the rest. Otter helps teams concentrate and be more productive, making room for more workplace engagement.

This HR manager software is best for: Communication

In the world of rampant app proliferation, there is now an app for all your apps. That app’s name? (of course)!’s here to save us from app overload by providing a way to easily manages all the multiple tools we all use each day. The app is a unified task list with a single view into all of your existing tasks from more than 40 services, including Gmail, Basecamp, Trello, Evernote and many, many more.

Why we love it: One app to rule them all. is the meta-app you didn’t know you needed – but definitely do. They also have one of the best free trials in the business right now.

And it has the best name on the entire list.

This HR manager software is best for: Personal productivity


Zenefits is a  cloud-based human resources platform that aids companies in the management of their workforce.

Why we love it: Zenefits’ People Platform offers full visibility and control across the whole HR process, from benefits administration to payroll and performance tracking, to users of all skill levels.

This HR manager software is best for: Recruiting, hiring, & onboarding


Empuls is the feedback provider your team desperately needs in the workplace. To create an extremely engaged workforce, Empuls optimizes the feedback and improvement loop.

Why we love it: This HR tool is the perfect engagement platform for better team communication, improved trust, and increased productivity around the office.

This HR manager software is best for: Employee recognition


Quizbreaker is the ultimate icebreaker question platform. Invite your team to answer thought-provoking icebreaker questions to improve chemistry, build rapport, and understand each other better.

Why we love it: Quizbreaker is fully customizable and can be automated to send quizzes out to teammates. Additionally, comment threads and emojis allow your team to form connections and interact playfully.

This HR manager software is best for: Team building is the all-in-one swag platform for shopping, storing, and shipping the best swag on the planet in one single click of a button.

Why we love it: Besides the sheer convenience of the end-to-end swag service, offers customization and the highest quality corporate gear around.

This HR manager software is best for: Swag distribution

Process Street makes it easy to turn processes into actionable, interactive checklists. Instead of just recording a process, you can use Process Street to bring it to life with an interface that lets you collaborate with teammates and check on project status.

Why we love it: Some companies already document their processes with the best intentions, but too often, people ignore static documents or just say they’ll “read everything later.” 

This HR manager software is best for: Personal productivity


This talent acquisition platform offers an exhaustive list of features that promise to give you the hiring process of your dreams. Save time by using advanced filters to search your talent pool, create and share standardized applicant evaluation templates, and even parse resumes that come through via email. 

Why we love it: This tool goes the extra mile by offering predictive capabilities to improve your overall hiring strategy. Find out how long it takes to hire for each of your positions, determine which sources yield the highest number of qualified candidates, and receive strategic recommendations driven by artificial intelligence.

This HR manager software is best for: Recruiting, hiring, & onboarding

Staff Squared

Staff Squared is your cloud-based, one-stop shop for all things people management. Features include absence management, calendaring, time tracking, performance reviews, and a lot more. It also features a goal setting system to boost your company’s output and bottom line.

Why we love it: The problem with most HR software is that it skimps on arguably the most important feature – user experience. Staff Squared takes the opposite approach, wrapping powerful human resources tools in a beautifully designed, dead simple interface. Their tagline says it all: HR software that doesn’t suck.

This HR manager software is best for: People management


HR professionals rarely get the tools and training they need to do their jobs effectively. Our HR Toolkit is here to fix that. This Handbook includes templates, checklists, and guides to help you handle day-to-day tasks like onboarding and performance management. Plus, it comes with an allocation of credits that lets you leverage our Accolade platform to conduct surveys, create employee recognition programs and more.

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