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Best HTML Editor With Live Preview

HTML Editor with Live Preview is a powerful text editor that comes with a built-in browser. It has many advanced features which will help you write your content faster and accurately. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Go check out the HTML Editor with Live Preview reviews on Chrome Web Store or Reddit.

Even the best HTML editors are getting crowded with unnecessary features. That is why it can be hard to find the editor that checks all your boxes. The below article will help you understand what features are actually useful and which ones are useless.

Notepad++ (Free)

notepad++ html editor list
  • Notepad ++ is a freely available code editor.
  • Notepad ++ is available explicitly for Windows users. It is an advanced version of previous release Notepad.
  • It has all the features and capabilities which the previous version “Notepad” was unable to provide.
  • One of Notepad ++ prominent features is that it highlights the syntax and auto-completes the function.
  • Also, you got the chance to edit multiple documents in multiple tabs. Notepad ++ is a perfect choice for ace web developers.
  • Multi-document and multi-tab options.



Codepen is a trendy real-time editor for web development that also supports HTML editing. It may not be the perfect tool for beginners, but if you know CSS and JavaScript along with HTML, Codepen can be a fun place to write code and get a live preview of how it looks like.

You can change the layout and tweak some options for free. To unlock all the features, you may have to opt for the pro version.

Not just limited to your own creation, you can also explore what others do and customize existing codes and play with them to learn interesting things. Codepen is suitable for both professionals and students; you just have to know how to work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you are trying this out, you should also look at some of the best CSS frameworks to make use of them.


Atom is one of the most popular HTML editors in the market, and for good reasons. This open-source code editor aims to offer premium tools while keeping them completely free. In addition, it comes with open-source packages maintained by the GitHub community.

Web developers can add, modify, and share various source code to improve Atom’s functionality. They can also customize their interface by choosing the pre-installed themes or creating their own.

Although Atom doesn’t come with a visual editor, it offers a live preview of your webpage. Thus, you can spot errors easily and fix the code in the text editor. 

In addition to writing HTML code, Atom supports multiple programming languages, such as JavaScript, Node.js, and CSS. It’s also well-integrated with Teletype for easy project collaboration with other developers. 

Other Atom features include:

  • Built-in package manager – more than 80 built-in packages available. Users can add up to 8,700 additional packages, as well as develop custom packages.
  • Multiple panes – split its interface into multiple windows to easily compare and write code across different files.
  • Syntax highlighting – makes it easier to spot errors and identify different code types and coding languages.
  • Smart auto-completion – helps users to create code faster with its smart autosuggestions.

Atom is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux (64-bit).

Bookmark: Uses AI to optimize and auto-update websites

Bookmark is an AI-powered HTML editor and site builder that helps you create websites and landing pages. The website builder takes user search queries into account and auto-builds the first version of your website based on the results.

With Bookmark, you can make real-time changes to your website with a drag-and-drop HTML text editor that requires no design skills. Additionally, based on your business goals, such as increasing website traffic and conversions, the AI-based tool updates your website layout automatically.

The web editor also helps you build an integrated custom blog on your website that you can use to share success stories and testimonials from customers. You can also add translation and SEO widgets that help localize your website and increase its ranking on search engines.

Bookmark offers email, phone, and 24/7 live chat support and is web-based.

Brackets Review

Brackets is another widely popular HTML editor for programmers compatible with different operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. It comes with a built-in package manager that allows users to search and install any supported package they like.

I highly recommend this open-source HTML editor for beginners due to its smart auto-completion feature that makes coding incredibly fast and accurate.

Bracket’s coding UI can be split into multiple panes, making writing and comparing codes between different files easy and precise. Its integrated file system browser enables you to access files within your PC.

Brackets interface for Best HTML Editors

Plus, it has a find and replace feature that allows developers to fine-tune the code when appropriate. This can be useful for novices and experienced professionals to ensure their website stays up-to-date. 

Styling and customization are super easy and simple, so coding won’t ever get boring with Brackets. 

The pre-installed syntax themes feature dark and flashy bright colors. With no shortage of packages on the platform, you can add as many features as you want, based on your use-case and preference.

Brackets is completely free! You can download it directly from the official website

Note: Support for Brackets ends in September 2021. You’ll be able to fork projects on GitHub or migrate to Visual Studio Code, a free code editor from Microsoft.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

The Grandeur of the software can be seen from its UI itself. Adobe Dreamweaver is especially made for graphic designers, front-end developers and web designers. Developed by the tech giant Adobe Inc., Dreamweaver is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud suite. The tool can be used by integrating it with any other software in Adobe CC suite. Dreamweaver comes with Fluid Grid Layouts and Visual Media Queries elements which help in creating responsive or mobile friendly designs.

Key Features

  • Dedicated support through forums, feedback support, and social media availability to solve user problems.
  • Bootstrap integration to create responsive designs.
  • Developers and designers can edit different types of documents such as HTML, Javascript, PHP, XML, SQL, SVG, JSON templates, etc to create designs of their dreams.
  • Create dynamic websites with the smart coding engine, i.e. provides coding hints to speed up site development.
  • This editors modern UI helps to edit the design and code seamlessly.
  • Multi-monitor support to expand your workspace.
  • Collaboration with Git support to manage the source code in the development process.
  • Dreamweaver is a multilingual software, supports more than 20 languages.


  • Available for Windows and Mac OS.
  • Prior versions can be used once the latest version is installed.
  • Robust design surface and also supports WYSIWYG editor modes.
  • Visual aids available to reduce errors and preview designs.


  • 7-day trial available to only users having Creative Cloud(CC) membership.
  • Pricing is high.


If you want a simple real-time HTML editor with no bells and whistles, Squarefree is a popular option.

I wish there were a vertical view choice, but the horizontal view works by default, and it should be comfortable for use in a desktop web browser.

Visual Studio Code 

Screenshot of the Visual Studio Code website

Visual Studio Code is an open-source, free HTML editor from Microsoft built on Github’s Electron. With this framework, users can create projects using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript across multiple operating systems. 

Visual Studio Code is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also integrates with Microsoft Azure which makes it easy for code deployment. Users can develop projects and applications locally and publish them to Azure using a single click.

This open-source code editor uses IntelliSense features to provide different types of auto-completion, including variables, fields, and function definitions. In addition, users can install language extensions, like Python and Ruby, to allow IntelliSense to work with other programming languages. 

Furthermore, its clean and straightforward interface makes it easy to locate various HTML editing tools, open a new file, and search documents. 

Other essential features include:

  • Debugging – built-in debugger tool is available within the dashboard to quickly edit, compile, or debug code.
  • WYSIWYG editor – simply install an extension to alter the default text editor to WYSIWYG HTML editor.
  • Code snippets – includes built-in snippets powered by IntelliSense, making it easier to enter repeating code patterns.
  • Multi-root workspace – users can simultaneously work on different projects or files from different parent folders.

Visual Studio Code is available for Linux x64, Windows x64, and OS X.


When you’re working on a complicated site, you need to make sure you make all the details right. Or it can be frustrating to figure out why your site won’t work correctly. This is where the best html editor with live preview comes in handy.

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