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Free Tools to Find Instagram Influencers

Have you ever wondered if your Instagram is up to scratch or whether you are sharing value? I have tested my Instagram for months now looking for gaps, trends and within that trends. The results created a highly valuable Instagram influence list.

I would like to share the functions of the upfluence software with you, which has been created to help you achieve your business goals. It allows you to research Instagram users’ profiles, track key milestones with advanced analytics.


Upfluence is a full-scale influencer platform, offering a well-rounded set of features. A pivotal part of influence, however, is its influencer search and discovery engine. 

It features a massive database of over 3 million influencer profiles. Upfluence’s AI indexes and updates these profiles in real-time. The algorithm analyzes each piece of content for reach and engagement. 

Clients can search through Upfluence to find influencers using as many keywords as necessary. By drilling down with keywords, you start to narrow the pool a little bit. You can place a relative weight on each keyword, making some more important than others. You can also narrow your search even further on Instagram, using criteria like location, social platform, or the number of followers.

The resulting statistics show up in near real-time. The left side of the screen is where you type search terms, and the right side displays the number of results based on your search—and categorizes them into groups based on follower size.

Upfluence also offers a Chrome plugin. It is a “do it yourself” tool for influencer marketing. You can use it to analyze an influencer’s profile straight from your browser, and it is compatible with profiles on all major networks: such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube,  Pinterest, and Blogs. The plugin offers instantaneous, cutting edge analytics for any influencer, across all of their social media accounts.


aspireiq influencer marketing tool

AspireIQ describes itself as a community intelligence marketing platform built for advocacy. It sees your community as being the best influencers of all. It considers your community to be like-minded customers, creatives, professionals, experts, employees, and brand representatives who share similar values and passion tied to your brand beyond the product or service you sell.

You can use AspireIQ to turn every connection into value.

AspireIQ has built a database of more than six million content creators, so you can find the perfect partners with whom to collaborate. And AspireIQ grows with you. You can streamline each step of your campaign with their automated step-by-step workflow that adapts to your needs, from first connection and product fulfillment to content approval and tracking. This means you can expand your reach to hundreds of influencers if you wish.

Alright, AspireIQ isn’t a completely free influencer marketing tool. You will have to buy a plan if you want to use all its resources, but it is free for creators to join. It does not take any fees on creator relationships. It charges only for the software that helps you scale your community and influencer programs.

 HypeAuditor – Top Instagram Influencers Ranking

You can use HypeAuditor to determine the top Instagram influencers ranking by the number of quality and engaged followers.

HypeAuditor’s AI analyses thoroughly and ranks bloggers by quality followers and authentic engagement. They gather raw data from different sources, depersonalize and clusterize it. They take only real followers and likes from them into consideration. The algorithm then ranks influencers and forms the global top influencers’ lists, updated daily.

You can either select a list of the top 1000 influencers, covering all niches or alternatively break the list into one of 14 categories. In turn, you can either select influencer lists covering all countries, or select a list only including influencers from one of 17 selected countries.

HypeAuditor provides the following information about each influencer in each list:

  • Their current ranking (and the change since last month for some lists only)
  • The influencer’s Instagram username
  • Main topics the influencer posts about
  • Their audience country
  • Their followers
  • An estimation of their authentic engagement

If you click on any influencer, you will be taken to a page giving additional information and statistics relating to their Instagram performance, Audience Quality Score, demographics of their followers, and engagement.



trendHERO is basically all you need for Instagram analytics in one place. Here, you can find any IG account unless it’s hidden from public view, thoroughly analyze it, and track its performance. But to get those analytics, you must first find suitable profiles, right? trendHERO’s got you covered. The service offers a few ways of searching for influencers. There’s a powerful search engine, an option to discover 500 creators similar to the ones you already know, and a sponsored content search.

Search tool features

trendHERO’s Discovery tool offers a sophisticated search engine with 16 filters. You can search for influencers and content creators based on niche, location, language, gender, follower/following count, number of posts and engagements, engagement rate, growth, and other criteria.

Supported social media platforms



You can sign up and use the service for free with limited features at your disposal. Otherwise, there are 3 tariff plans to choose from, price starting from $10.

Try trendHERO for FREE is an influencer marketing platform with an impressive database of half a billion content creators you can choose from. To make your search as efficient as possible, the service offers its Creator Search tool. It allows you to search for influencers based on their profile data or on their audience criteria, which is extremely convenient for marketers who want to make sure they will reach their target audience. What’s interesting about the service is that it offers the first three creator profiles in the search results for free. All you have to do is click “Analyze” and see their profile stats.

Search tool features

Creator search filters include creator gender, age, language, location, follower count, account type, ER & number of engagements, interests, bio keywords, and others. Audience search filters include follower gender, age, language, location, ethnicity, interests, and others.

Supported social media platforms

Instagram, YouTube, TikTok.


Brands and marketers can sign up for a basic subscription plan for $395/month or upgrade to a more advanced tariff for $995/month. Creators can join the community for free.



HypeAuditor is another influencer marketing analytics service that puts a special focus on the authenticity of their influencer base. This base currently includes over 20 million profiles across multiple platforms. The service’s Discovery tool offers an advanced search engine that allows searching for social media profiles based on influencer data, audience details, or profile quality and engagement.

Search tool features

Influencer search includes criteria like creator age and gender, location, language, and category. Audience search includes audience age and gender, location (country & city), interests, and audience size. Quality & engagement search offers filters such as ER, growth rate, audience quality score, and brand mentions.

Supported social media platforms

Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.


You can use the service free of charge with limited features, which is especially convenient for those who are new to it and want to explore the possibilities. Once you decide you are ready to subscribe for more, you have an option to choose a basic subscription for $399/month. If you still want to get more from the service, you can purchase add-ons to the Basic plan or get an Enterprise subscription. View the list of add-ons or contact the HypeAuditor sales department to learn how much the upgrades will cost.



BuzzStream started as a powerful link-building service but has recently expanded its features to cater to your influencer marketing needs. These features include an influencer search and analytics tool. The influencer search tool doesn’t have multiple filters like those you can see on many specialized influencer marketing platforms. Instead, you can search by online content keywords. Once you get the search results, you can view the creators’ profiles, statistics, and contact details.

Search tool features

BuzzStream offers a simple search engine tool called BuzzStream Discovery that allows searching for bloggers and influencers based on keywords related to your niche.

Supported social media platforms

BuzzStream is primarily focused on standalone blogs. However, it often includes information on bloggers’ social media profiles.


BuzzSTream offers a 14-day free trial period, after which you’ll have to choose one of the four available monthly subscription plans ranging from $24 to $999.



PitchBox is an outreach and influencer marketing service that, just like BuzzStream, focused on standalone blogs rather than social media. And just like BuzzStream, it offers a rather simple discovery tool that allows searching for bloggers by relevant keywords. Once you get your search results, you can filter them using integrated SEO software and send them emails and follow-ups.

Search tool features

A simple search tool by relevant keywords.

Supported social media platforms

PitchBox is about standalone blogs but blogger reports usually include information about social media profiles including Instagram.


There’s no exact information on pricing but PitchBox allows exploring the options and possibilities by requesting a service demo.


There’s a ton of talk about influencers in social media, especially when it comes to Instagram. There are no shortages of tools made for identifying influential people on the platform. Some are built specifically for identifying Instagram influencers, while others focus on other platforms.

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