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As so many companies are adjusting their insurance policies, there is a renewed need for insurance agents and brokers to offer coverage. Now more than ever, people are looking for the right insurances to cover their assets. This has created a need for all types of specialists in the insurance industry. One of these which is growing in popularity is insurance lead generation website.

Looking for a great insurance lead generation website? We are one of the best insurance lead generation websites in UK and if you would like to advertise your insurance business with us or use our excellent services, contact us today.

You have heard from your friends or colleagues about insurance lead generation website, but never really looked into it on your own. Yet as an insurance agency owner you wished for your company to be one of the leading insurance lead generation companies. If so, then this article is for you!

Do you sell insurance? If so you need an insurance lead generation website. There’s no easier way to capture leads and get new clients than with a lead generation website from The Marketing Store. We design, build and host insurance lead generation websites for insurance agents around the country.

What is online lead generation?

Lead generation is nothing new in the world of insurance sales, but the Internet has made it much easier for any insurance agency to get new leads locally, nationally and even internationally. That’s because online lead generation has no built-in limits, and you can automate it to follow up with potential clients.

It also includes a variety of digital marketing strategies and tools, which offers your insurance company flexibility in your approach. Many of the best insurance lead generation ideas — which we’ll highlight in a moment — rely on the foundation of online lead generation, search engine optimization (SEO).

They also tend to focus on nurturing leads, though some also offer ways to capture them



Sendinblue is the all-in-one digital marketing stage that enables organizations to build client relationships through start-to-finish digital marketing efforts, value-based informing, and marketing automation. 

Unlike other lead generation and online marketing tools that only worked for big businesses and businesses with good financial plans and ability, Sendinblue tailors its across-board suite to suit the marketing needs of developing SMBs in tough markets. 

Their humble beginnings as a digital organization opened their eyes to the needs of developing organizations. Most marketing suites are intended for enormous corporations and accompany a heavy price tag. 

That is the reason we put Sendinblue in our list of online lead generation tools. Serving small and medium-sized organizations is in their DNA and everything about their components, backing, and the price is planned considering small business. Regardless of whether you need to oversee email campaigns, lead generation, send instant messages or save time with automation, they can assist you with doing it effectively and in your language.


Blucactus-7-AWeber - 10 Best Lead Generation Tools For Insurance Companies

For over 30 years, AWeber has helped 1,000,000+ business visionaries and entrepreneurs interface with their prospects and clients through intensely straightforward email marketing and lead generation solutions. 

Alongside their honour-winning, Pennsylvania-based all day, everyday client service team, their email marketing, and lead generation solutions convey incredible features that empower you to speak with an audience quicker than at any point expected. 

With AWeber, you don’t need to stress over if your most recent promotional email came to your rundown of contacts’ inboxes. AWeber’s principal aim is to eliminate the complexity of email marketing so you can focus on different things that make your business effective. 


Blucactus-8-Leadpages - 10 Best Lead Generation Tools For Insurance Companies

As the top-tier digital lead generation stage, Leadpages’ software, backing, and preparing empowers business people and advertisers to distribute websites and landing pages, and transform any page into a conversion opportunity. Used to help results with promoting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, alongside getting organic results on Google and Bing, you’ll market all the more unhesitatingly with Leadpages. 

Leadpages assists you with getting in the business and staying in business on the web. 

Trusted by the loyal 45,000 clients, Leadpages is fueled by a plethora of features that will take your lead generation process to the level of awesomeness. 

Thrive leads

Blucactus-9-Thrive-Leads - 10 Best Lead Generation Tools For Insurance Companies

Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin for WordPress. That sentence is right, yet it scarcely scratches the outside of what this plugin is about. Above all else, Thrive Leads is the list-building arrangement that is made for a group of individuals who feel obsessed with conversion optimization. 

Using Thrive Leads resembles having your list-building and lead generation tool. 

This isn’t your old-school list-building plugin. Thrive has taken the most state-of-the-art transformation tactics used by keen organizations and development hackers and out of the blue, those tactics are simple as pie for you to use on your site. 

With this lead generation tool, you can take your list to the next level, increase your conversions, and skyrocket your sales. 

 Lead Forensics

This is one of the top lead generation software ever. Best suitable for B2B.

This software would identify all your website visitors, and automatically convert them. Note that Lead Forensics would also identify where they are from, names, and possible job titles and emails that fit your visitors profile.

With Lead Forensics you can also access business details such as business emails, etc. as long as they have visited your websiteIn addition to this, using Lead Forensics would also grant you access to quality insights like how much time was spent on your website and who is likely to convert.


Blucactus-10-Unbounce - 10 Best Lead Generation Tools For Insurance Companies

Unbounce began in 2009 when “landing pages” were minimal over a trendy expression.

Today they are the world’s driving landing page stage with a work environment of over 195 individuals and more than 10 excellent office dogs.

As one of Canada’s quickest developing tech companies with workplaces in both Vancouver and Berlin, Unbounce has contributed over 1 Billion conversions to date and serves more than 15,000 clients around the world. 

Right Hello

No other lead generation platform according to our sources would boast of a vast database of over 5 million companies. Right Hello also has in their database, verified data from over 20 different sources at the moment and counting.

This stands to mean that they offer over 90% of possible high-quality contacts.

Right Hello also permits you to search and navigate through companies and contacts while having over 50 filters at your disposal. They also have 10 different search methods to complement your search requests as well. 

However, for such a database at your disposal and all the rich features inclusive you have to request a quotation on their website to get access. 


datanyze home page

Datanyze focuses exclusively on B2B contacts. With their Google Chrome extension, you can get a plethora of contact information, including email, direct dial, and mobile numbers, all without leaving your browser.

Then, you can export those to your CRM software for management and follow-up.

You can use Datanyze stress-free as they promise refunds for any inaccuracies within their database.

Key Features:

  • CCPA and GDPR compliant
  • Target specific industries for B2B leads
  • Capture contact information while you browse business websites and LinkedIn
  • Icebreakers help you start meaningful conversations

Pricing: You can start with a free demo of their software. After that, you’ll need to contact their sales team for a pricing plan.


use growbots for automated lead generation

Know the market you want to target? Just tell Growbots, and it will choose your best prospects from a database of more than 200 million contacts separated by industry.

With Growbots, you can quickly contact the right decision-makers and follow up automatically.

Growbots also includes testing so you can check which approaches are most effective.

Key Features:

  • Access to over 100 million contacts
  • Only pay for the leads that fit your business
  • Self-updating database
  • Email marketing capabilities, including automation

Pricing: Growbots’ pricing starts at $49/month for their Outreach plan and goes up to $199/month for the All-in-One package.


overloop home page

Overloop is a CRM with a special focus on email address prospecting, conversations, pipelines, and workflows.

A drag and drop dashboard helps you see all of your pipelines at a glance, giving you an excellent business overview.

Overloop’s automation is also built on a visual dashboard, so you can put your sales prospecting on autopilot. Best of all, it integrates with a range of services to get contact information automatically.

Key Features:

  • Find email addresses either individually or in bulk
  • Turn these emails into cold emails, all in the same tool
  • Track email campaigns with in-depth data
  • Automated workflows reduce repetitive tasks

Pricing: Overloop is free to start as a CRM. Starting with email automation and tracking is $70/month. Email finder credits start at $39/month for 250 credits, ranging to $299/month for 10,000 credits.

Top 4 Lead Generation Tactics For Insurance Agents

Real-time leads – Leads who come to you, usually after filling out a request form. Real-time leads usually cost more but have a higher payout too. This includes various traffic channels like content marketing via social media and other inbound channels.

Live transfer leads – Process of handing off a live call between a lead and a call center rep to a call buyer who then speaks with the lead. Typically, the call center receives an inbound call or an outbound call to connect with a lead. With live transfers, you can then filter incoming prospects by factors like risk type, geography, and so on. 

Search insurance leads – Direct result of prospect’s internet hunt for insurance, like paid Google ads or clicks from Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Exclusive insurance leads – Leads sold only to you.

Shared insurance leads – Leads sent to multiple contractors. Depending on the filters you use with leads, you can acquire some leads other agents don’t want due to their filter types. But at the same time, you might have to compete for every customer’s business.


Lead generation used to be done by walking door to door. However, lead generation has evolved over the years. This evolution mainly involves the use of technology. It is now easier today than it was before for insurance companies to generate leads through their own websites and other online channels. Having said this, you can visit our website for everything you need to know about online lead generation for insurance companies.

This website is designed to provide general information about Insurance Lead Generation Companies in Ireland and to give visitors a source of information on how to bring success approaches as well as how to get leads and thus to generate more revenue. Our business goal is to facilitate prospects in finding the right insurance agencies that best suit their needs. In addition, we aim to help insurance companies across the country by bringing more attention, especially from prospects and business owners who are seeking help for their growing business ventures.

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