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Inventory Software For Jewelry Business

Jewelry inventory management software for wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers. Jewelry inventory app for handmade jewellery business. Also includes jewelry store pos system, jewelry master software, personal jewelry inventory app, handmade jewelry business inventory software for small businesses.

Buying a new inventory management software for your jewelry business? Here is the list of the best jewelry inventory software, inventory management tools and jewelry POS systems.

Lightspeed Retail


This combination point of sale (POS) and inventory management program is built for small retail shops with stock tracking tools, tons of integrations and excellent e-commerce capabilities.Pros

  • 14-day free trial, no credit card needed
  • Integrates with applications in 29 categories


  • Basic plan doesn’t include e-commerce functions
  • Doesn’t work on Android devices
  • May contain unnecessary features for small shops

Lightspeed Retail is a web-based inventory management tool designed to meet brick and mortar and e-commerce stores’ needs. Its industry-specific options and in-store sales functionality earns it the top spot in our best for retail stores category. 

The Lightspeed Retail program is cloud-based and comes with an iPad version to check out customers on your sales floor quickly. It supports average cost and FIFO methods. 

Although Lightspeed Retail’s main service is the point of sale, it provides excellent retail inventory tools. Plus, it integrates with SkuVault, a warehouse management system for increased capabilities. The top inventory features for retail shops include:

  • Bulk change prices and automate discounts
  • Track inventory levels and SKUs across multiple locations
  • Allows for coupons, promotions, giveaways, and employee discounts
  • Syncs your e-commerce and in-store inventory
  • Set up customer reorder guidelines
  • Calculates COGS
  • Works with bundled products
  • Import catalog files from vendors
  • Create and send purchase orders

With Lightspeed Retail, you can integrate with multiple applications such as Kimoby, Pointy from Google, RetailNext, and Retail Toolkit.

All Lightspeed Retail plans come with Lightspeed Payments, which charges 2.6% plus $0.10 per card-present transaction and 2.6% plus $0.30 per card-not-present transaction. All plans come with one register, and extra ones cost $29 each per month. The packages are based on annual payments, but monthly plans are available for $10 to $40 more than the annual plan per month. Lightspeed Retail plans consist of: 

  • Lean: $69 per month for basic POS and retail operations
  • Standard: $119 per month to add accounting and e-commerce functions
  • Advanced: $199 per month to add Lightspeed’s loyalty program and analytics
  • Enterprise: Provides all the services of the Advanced plan, plus extra features like personalized consultation and preferred Lightspeed Payment rates. Price available on request.

You can access a full line of training videos on Lightspeed’s YouTube channel and a knowledge base. Or get in touch with customer service 24/7 by chat, email, telephone, or request a callback.


Pack4it is the perfect system for managing jewelry shop inventory. The main benefits are instantaneous visibility and advanced control over your inventory and business. Other practical features enable smaller enterprises to maximize profit, expand, and compete. It enables store owners to generate purchase orders, control stock, and view suppliers. It also includes a barcode scanner.

Pack4it is a cloud-based POS software. It provides for both retail and wholesale trading. Users can sell online or face-to-face, keep track of inventory in multiple warehouses, and facilitate operations with multiple vendors.

The integration of the different modules has major advantages for the user. It is unique in that it unites POS, CRM, and inventory modules into one tool. Information that is available to managers or employees is always factual and up to date. Accurate planning and demand forecasting become achievable. So customers are never disappointed by supply chain inefficiencies. It is even compatible with accounting software, such as Xero and Quickbooks.

Inventory features:

  • Creating barcode labels
  • Instantaneous, multi-location stock management
  • Low-stock notifications
  • Multi-vendor stock management

Drop-shipping options:

  • Send quotes
  • Send purchase orders
  • Convert sales orders to drop-ship

Pack4it offers full integration with Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Opencart, and BigCommerce. It is also compatible with accounting programs like Xero and Quickbooks.


This cloud-based platform provides POS functionality for your customer channels and operations. It enables you to manage your customer database, inventory, and social media.

A highlight of this system is the provision of data analytics. These include order history tracking, hourly sales, payment and sales summaries, and product mix. It is a user-friendly software that allows user access control through unique IDs, passwords, and swipe cards.

It provides real-time information about merchandise in both online and brick-and-mortar channels. CRM options allow you to access, analyze, and manage all your customer interactions.


The Edge enables you to track stock levels and helps stores to ascertain their most profitable stock. This optimizes sales and maintains a strong cash flow. This jewelry inventory software keeps transaction records and generates customer purchase data reports.

Edge is a great system for managing inventory and generates insightful sales, costs, and profit reports.


This jewelry inventory software allows for detailed, intuitive tracking across different warehouses.

Sortly Pro offers the additional options of tagging and adding notes. This allows users to search for and track pieces by quantity, price, or other product information. Locate specific items easily by highlighting photos. Sortly can create, connect, and print customized QR labels and barcodes. With a built-in UPC, ISBN, and EAN barcode scanner search for particular pieces and update inventory with ease.


NetSuite for Retail is a cloud-based software for multi-channel retail management. It brings together the functions of e-commerce, POS, and order management. This jewelry inventory system allows you to manage the back office and use multiple channels to sell merchandise in different countries and regions.

NetSuite for Retail is customizable according to your current needs. Use it to add, remove, and manage new channels, locations, business models, and brands. It gives you instantaneous insight into customer behavior, sales, inventory, and finance. The order management system offers three different functions: “buy anywhere”, “fulfill anywhere”, and “return anywhere”.

Visual Retail Plus

This is a comprehensive jewelry store inventory and POS management system.  It covers the whole spectrum, from time and attendance to all aspects of CRM.

Visual Retail Plus can list your products in groups, sub-groups, and tertiary groups. You can classify the products by size, color, type, material, price, or any other appropriate characteristic.

VRP software makes it easier for you to manage luxury products such as watches. To give you and your customers peace of mind, the software uploads the serial numbers of all items in the shipment. This allows you to track sales of individual pieces.


This cloud-based inventory management software suits small and mid-size online jewelry stores. The bundle allows users to control inventory and manage products and orders. It provides useful channel analytics and can automate and optimize product listings. It helps store owners to avoid overselling, and to speed up shipment and delivery.

Sellbrite tracks and manages merchandise and inventory rates in different warehouses and channels. Sellbrite is user-friendly and customizable. It integrates with e-commerce platforms including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, and Spotify. There are different subscription options available.


ChainDrive can be used for retail and wholesale conducted both in-person and online.

It can facilitate POS, shipment and delivery, inventory, warehouse, CMR, and finance management. The CRM features gather and store all customer data. This allows stores to create personalized offers that foster customer loyalty.


This jewelry inventory software can be used by manufacturers, refineries, wholesalers, and retailers. It is also compatible with QuickBooks.

wJewel assists with managing sales, returns, exchanges, trade-ins, and special orders. It has a receipt printing facility and can store credit card and gift card data. It allows you to track sales and manage customer data, tax reports, and appraisals.


This software focuses on brick-and-mortar businesses. It is flexible and can be fully customized to meet your requirements.

Shopify elevates the quality of your interactions with customers. It can synchronize the POS system across all your devices. This enables customers to browse and explore stock, select a product, and pay by swiping their card and signing on your iPad. The app includes the receipt printing option.


This is a top-of-the-range management software created specifically for jewelry manufacturers. Manage the entire manufacturing process from receiving an order to successful delivery.

Piro enables you to manage all inventory (including metals, gems, and finished pieces) and casting tools. It will track the production workflow and manage purchasing and sales. CRM for vendors and customers is available. It allows for real-time integration of QuickBooks.



With advanced features and plenty of integrations, Orderhive is an affordable solution that can easily become your all-in-one inventory, order and fulfillment partner.Pros

  • Free for Shopify users
  • 15-day free trial, no credit card needed
  • Real-time multi-channel inventory updates


  • No SKU generator
  • $99 setup fee
  • Mobile app currently only available on Google Play

Orderhive provides plans to meet the needs of companies in most industries, from large enterprises to start-ups. It stands out by offering unlimited stock-keeping units (SKUs) and hundreds of integrations in its feature-rich plans, making Orderhive the clear winner for best overall inventory management software.  

As a web-based software tool, Orderhive works in all major browsers, but the company recommends using Chrome and Firefox for a seamless experience. It supports the first in, first out (FIFO) method and uses the Kanban approach for reordering or replenishing stock.   

It’s wide range of features include: 

  • Kitting, bundling and composite support
  • Automated purchase order (PO) creation
  • Bulk add, update, or delete products
  • Link or unlink products with different SKUs or names
  • Easily transfer stock between warehouses
  • Supports barcode scanning
  • Multiple reporting options including cost of goods sold (COGS)
  • Management of serial, batch, lot numbers, and expiry dates 
  • Low-stock and out-of-stock alerts
  • Zero and partial inventory dropshipping  
  • Over 10 e-commerce automation tools

Orderhive offers hundreds of integrations with popular apps like Etsy, Amazon, QuickBooks, WooCommerce and FedEx. 

Choose from five Orderhive plans with pricing based on monthly payments, but you can save 10% by paying annually. Orders fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) are free and count against your order limit. Additionally, you’ll pay a one-time fee of $99 for setup and can add extra users for $50 per user per month. Orderhive’s pricing page shows you how they calculate prices and your dashboard comes with a usage meter to trace monthly expenses. Choose from the following plans:

  • Free: Free for Shopify users for basic orders, shipping and inventory management features
  • Lite: $49.99 per month for 200 orders and one user; orders above the limit cost $0.30 each
  • Starter: $149.99 per month for 1,200 orders and three users, with extra orders costing $0.15 each
  • Growth: $299.99 per month for 3,000 orders and five users; orders over the limit cost $0.12 each      
  • Enterprise: For custom pricing and unlimited users, you can contact the company for a quote

Connect with customer service via email or chat 24 hours a day, six days a week. Orderhive also supplies a rich resource center with e-books, a knowledge base and videos.


This software is mainly used for processing payments but includes some basic inventory management features. Since it is compatible with mobile devices it is very convenient at trade shows.

Diaspark Retail

This jewelry management system works well for enterprises with one or several locations. It allows for instantaneous control of various operations.

Main features include:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Layaway Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Purchase Management
  • Purchase Return Transactions
  • Received Items Management
  • Repair and Appraisals
  • Reporting
  • Vendor Dashboard

Jewel Mate

This on-premises software assists both retailers and wholesalers.

POS features include processing transactions, converting layaways to sales, tracking pending repair status, and generating periodic reports. It allows you to store information about customers and sales and track phone conversations.


This software has been created to provide complete assistance to jewelry repair shops. Its goal is to streamline, automate, and optimize all processes.

It is a cloud-based, user-friendly tool. Use it to create and manage customer databases, and manage inventory and sales. Through its secure interface communicate with customers, buyers, and suppliers. Orderry can calculate payroll, create reports (finance, inventory, order), and process accounting.

It collects and combines all important metrics into a one-page assessment. Generate regular reports for better control.


Best jewelry inventory software, small jewelry business inventory management, handmade jewelry business inventory, jewelry store pos system, jewelry master software, personal jewelry inventory app. When you are starting jewelry business you need to decide which software tool to use for your inventory management.  It is not that easy picking right tool to track your stock at the beginning of your online selling career. Software tool will help you keeping track of your products in the most efficient manner.

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