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Kindle Content Creation Tools

Kindle book creator transforms documents, spreadsheets and web pages into visually stunning Kindle ebooks and beautiful Kindle e-reader apps. It combines high-quality formatting with powerful narration tools, enabling you to create Kindle books that dramatically improve your readers experience.

The Kindle book publishing market is a popular niche, which has increasingly become a viable source of income for content creators worldwide. This article provides information on the kinds of tools available to content creators and how they can be used effectively while writing your next bestseller.

Kindle Content Creation Tools (KCCT) has been designed to enable writers to easily create and add books to the Kindle Store. KCCT is free and will automatically be delivered to your Kindle Library, or as a free download in your Approved Materials page.

Our company set out to find the best KDP tools once we heard about amazon’s kindle direct publishing for the first time. In our research, we’ve evaluated hundreds of sites and platforms that claim to be able to create Kindle content, improve the quality of your eBooks or get them ranked faster in Amazon’s search results. That’s why we’ve released this detailed report about kindle book creator that you may find useful as a publisher.

Why should you learn how to publish an eBook on Amazon?

Short answer: We live in a digital world, and eBooks are a sign of the times.

Think about it! People are on-the-go and rely on their technology devices for entertainment, information, and education.

With the eBook reader’s invention, the idea of having a digital book on your device is convenient, and more readers are seeking out this convenience.

A couple decades ago, when writers were learning how to publish a book, there weren’t many options besides traditional publishing, which was exclusive to certain authors.

But now… modern aspiring authors (or even those who want to grow their business or make an impact on other lives), are turning to self-publishing to achieve their goals.

Today’s self published authors are taking charge of their writing careers by owning the entire publishing process, for both print, audio, and eBooks.

Here are the main benefits of publishing an eBook:

  1. Easy publishing. Gone are the days when authors had to wait on someone else to publish their book. The eBook publishing process is easy, user-friendly, and can be done with the click of a button.
  2. Low-cost. Publishing your eBook is free on Amazon, but you’ll still want to make an initial investment on professional services like cover design and formatting to get your book ready to be published.
  3. Maximized reach. Get wide distribution of your eBook to readers all around the world without ever mailing anything out.
  4. Passive income. Many people turn to eBooks to generate passive income (they can sell eBooks anytime, anywhere without lifting a finger once its published.) Use this Book Royalties Calculator Tool to determine your book’s possible profits.
  5. Grow your platform. Many bloggers, entrepreneurs, and online business owners use eBooks to leverage their platform, build raving fans and customers, and create book funnels to increase revenue.

There are so many benefits to eBook publishing no matter who you are, or what your goals are.

How to publish an eBook on Amazon

Use the steps below to complete the process from start to finish. As you navigate through each step, be sure to use the images and examples listed below to guide you along the way.

#1 – Write your eBook

First, you need to write your eBook on a topic that you know, and can produce engaging content on.

Many people overthink this process, but the beauty of an eBook is that you can always make changes once its published, and it shouldn’t be extremely long (like a novel might be.)

Generally, eBooks are on nonfiction topics, but you can use it for creative writing if that’s relevant to your niche.

These are the quick steps to writing an eBook:

#2 – Create an Amazon Publishing account

You need an Amazon account to publish with Kindle Direct Publishing. If you don’t have one, that’s the first step you need to complete to learn how to publish an eBook on Amazon.

  • Go to and register your Amazon account.
  • Click on “Self Publish With Us” tab and click on that.
  • Click on the “Get started” button.
how to publish an ebook on amazon
  • Sign in with your Amazon login credentials.
  • Set up your tax details when prompted
  • Click “Finished” to start setting up your book
self-publishing an ebook

#3 – Format for book publishing

Your eBook files must be properly formatted in order for it to be uploaded to the Amazon platform.

For help with determining which eBook file to use, read this guide on EPUB vs MOBI.

You can hire a professional formatter if you want, or you can format the book yourself.

Here’s a guide that walks you through the formatting process for KDP.

If you plan to publish more than one eBook, you may want to invest in a book formatting software such as Vellum. It’s a relatively low investment, and it’s simple to use.

#4 – Add your eBook details

Once your book is properly formatted, it’s time to start the uploading process in KDP.

Step #1: Set up your eBook

  • Select “Kindle eBook”
  • Click “Create a New Title.”
  • Click on the “+” for setting up your Kindle eBook.
  • Sign in again with your Amazon password. This takes you inside your KDP Bookshelf.
  • Enter all the details for your book, including uploading the content, your cover, and finally, choosing the pricing and publishing.
publishing on kdp

But first, it’s important you understand the four tabs on this page in order to learn how to publish an eBook correctly.

Here is a brief explanation about the four tabs on the KDP page:

kindle direct publishing
  1. Bookshelf: The bookshelf is where you are now if you are following along with this post. In your Bookshelf you will create your eBook.
  2. Reports: Track your book sales, royalties earned, sales history and generate monthly or yearly reports for all your book sales activity. This is my favorite page!
  3. Community: Engage with Amazon’s stellar published authors in a discussion forum. Get your questions answered and ask for help from other self-published authors. You can also access the KDP Community Guidelines.
  4. KDP Select: This is Amazon’s exclusivity program for authors. I’ll cover this in more detail later but, for now, you can read about KDP Select here.

Now, let’s set your book up for publication.

As an example of how to do this, I will use one of my books Undefeated throughout the rest of this post.

Step #2: Title your eBook

Your book title and subtitle are two very critical components of your book’s future success. Having said this, you want to come up with a compelling book title that drives a browser’s interest into clicking on your book and ultimately buying.

Here are a few tips for the perfect book title:

  1. Your Title/Subtitle includes a solution to a problem: Your title should be crystal clear on what your readers will learn by reading your book. What will they be able to achieve? What will be the big gain?
  2. Implement a hook: This is what grabs your potential readers attention and draws them into your self-published eBook. The title conveys something they want.
  3. List the core benefits: Your potential readers want to know what they will get from reading your book. You should provide enough tantalizing information to stir emotions in your readers. They want what you are promising to deliver.
  4. Keep your subtitle clear and simple: Many authors try to get too creative with titles, but they end up sounding clunky. A great subtitle rolls off the tongue like a well-scripted poem. Keep it simple, yet magnetic.
  5. Include your master keywords: We will get into keywords further down but, you want to include your keywords in the title. But avoid keyword stuffing. It has to look and sound natural.

Now, fill in your eBook title and subtitle now.

how to publish an ebook

Step #3: Add a series and edition number

Series: This section only applies to authors that have already published a series of books. If you have a series of books, go ahead and fill in the series name and volume number now. If not, leave this blank.

Edition Number: You can provide an edition number if this title is a new edition of an existing book.

self-publishing an ebook

Step #4 – Add your author name

This step in the blueprint of how to publish en eBook is pretty self-explanatory, but important to do nonetheless!

Fill in your author name. If you use a pen name you have to write this name in, and not your real name. The name you enter here is what will appear on your book’s page.

As for contributors, you can add the names of people who helped to create the book. This could be your book editor, foreword contributor, illustrator, cover designer, or narrator.

Add contributors

Related: Amazon Author Central

Step #5: Write an eBook description

Your title and subtitle will grab your reader’s attention and drive curiosity. But it’s the book description that will seal the deal.

When self-publishing an eBook, you need a powerful book description in order for potential buyers to read what it’s about.

Here’s why your book description is important:

  1. It is a sales page crafted to capture the interest of your reader.
  2. Amazon’s A9 algorithm scans the book description for relevant keywords indexed by Amazon.
  3. It is the critical barrier for browsers to make a final decision on buying your book…or not.

A great book description means you’re likely to sell more books.

publishing an ebook

What is the best way to craft a magnetic book description? You can learn how to use HTML and insert it into your book description, or…

For the best results, we recommend using the Free Amazon Book Description generator:

Amazon book description

Step #6: Verify your eBook publishing rights

As the author of the book, you hold the necessary publishing rights. There are only two choices here so take the first one, as seen below:

publishing rights

Your book is legally copyrighted as soon as it is written.

If you want to learn how to publish an eBook the right way, take the necessary steps to protect your intellectual property as a self-published author.

#5 – Choose eBook keywords & categories

Keywords and categories are important for your eBooks success on Amazon’s platform, so don’t skip this step.

Keywords are the specific words that customers are plugging into the Amazon search bar to locate material relevant to their interests.

You are allowed to insert 7 keywords for your book on Amazon.

For example, if you are looking for a book on writing children’s books, you could type in the keyword, “How to Write a Children’s Book” and here are the results you get:

self-publish ebook

Use these tools to find keywords for your eBook:

Choosing eBook categories

There are over 20,000+ categories on Amazon, and finding the right one for your book is an important step as you learn how to publish your eBook on Amazon. With so many to choose from, where do you start?

Well, in your bookshelf, under the categories section, you can see this is all broken down from main categories into subcategories. From there, niche it down even further.

Amazon wants your book to be found so they have provided specific categories for your book to be positioned. But you can only select 2 browse categories from within the bookshelf. BUT…

You can choose ten book categories overall for your eBook.

When it comes to selecting your eBook’s categories, you want:

  • Categories that are low to medium in competition
  • Relevant to your niche
  • Categories with good traffic

Prepare Print Replica Books with Kindle Create

Kindle Create converts your PDF files into Print Replica eBooks. Print Replica eBooks maintain the formatting and layout of their print editions and offer many of the advantages of standard Kindle eBooks. However, they don’t allow the reader to resize text and are only available on certain devices.  After installation, you can launch Kindle Create by choosing Windows key > Amazon > Kindle Create (Windows) or Launchpad > Kindle Create (Mac).


Amazon KDP launched a new free app called Kindle Create, which provides a simplified conversion process to format a Kindle e-book from Microsoft Word.

You can check it out here: Available for both Windows and Mac.

It’s not foolproof. And it won’t do everything that you can dream of. But if you’re looking for a simplified conversion process, and if your formatting isn’t too complex, this tool may be worth exploring.

If you visit the Kindle Create webpage, be sure to click the link called, “So how does it work?” You can find some important information there.

Although Amazon KDP has other free e-book creation apps (the Kids’ Kindle Book Creator, the Kindle Textbook Creator, and the Kindle Comic Creator), this new app (Kindle Create) is the first that would be appropriate for an e-book like a novel (or a nonfiction book with a few pictures).


If you read this article, you would learn how to publish your own kindle books. The author would tell you the reasons why Kindle is more popular and also suggest some kindle creator tools which could be effective in publishing your book. Furthermore, in case that you need to download PC software, this writer would also give you a tutorial on how to do it properly.

Kindle Create tools are designed to help authors of books and other editable documents produce professional-quality content that is optimized for Kindle. Kindle Previewer software helps develop your content and test how it will look on a variety of different Kindle devices and supported applications. Kindle Textbook Creator helps you format textbooks into a fixed layout e-book optimized for large, complex graphics. Manage your titles in one place with the self-service KDP dashboard, which also lets you track insights, sales data, royalties, and payments.

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