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Lead Gen Website Examples

Are you curious about lead generation websites? Or about b2b lead generation websites in particular? Well, this article will give you an insight into free lead generation websites and how to use these for your own business. You may have seen lead generation adverts around the internet which offer to give you some of their leads in exchange for your help. Let’s look at what happens when you do nothing, when you make contact with them, and finally when you are part of a lead generation website yourself.

If you’ve got a product or service, chances are you’ll need to drive interest and generate leads. We have lead gen website examples that will help your business improve its conversion rates. Our templates are designed to be visually appealing, yet easy to navigate, ensuring a smooth user experience for your visitors. They feature responsive designs that adjust their layout to cater to the screen size of your device. On top of all this, they’re delivered in fully editable and ready-to-go HTML files. Get started today!

B2B lead generation websites are those dedicated to the business to business space. But what is the difference between lead generation websites, and why you should use them? There’s more than a few reasons; in fact, you may be surprised at just how useful they are. If you’re curious about lead generation websites, we’ve compiled a list of free lead generation websites for our readers. You’ll also find out about some of the pros and cons associated with each one.

Provided below are some examples of lead gen websites. Some use animations, images, and video to generate page views while others use cleverly placed text to promote a product or service. Notice that some contain references to the most up-to-date trends while others take you back in time. Click on the picture to get a better look.

What Is Lead Generation And Why Should I Care?

A lot of businesses struggle with the implementation of lead generation on their website  – most of our clients come to us needing some help with it.

HubSpot refers to lead generation as:

“the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service.”

Lead generation is simply capturing personal information about potential customers; such as name, email, phone number, company, job function, etc.. That information is then used to nurture prospective customers down the marketing funnel to get them on the path to eventually buying. Generating leads is a fundamental point in a buyer’s journey to becoming a delighted customer of your business.

Pro Tip

As you get started with implementing lead gen tactics, make sure that the amount of information you’re requesting aligns with the value of what you’re offering. In other words – if you’re offering a simple downloadable checklist you might only ask for name and email.

Get the manufacturing website checklist

Examples Of Easy Lead Generation Done Well

Before we show you examples of real websites that are getting it right – let’s talk about a few best practices. Remember to design, write, and set goals with the end in mind. Have a clear goal (sign up for our blog, contact us, download content) and work backwards from there. Lead generation tactics can be big: forms to capture visitors contact info, CTAs for conversions, and they can be small: click-to-call phone number features. Finally, remember to test and look at data frequently to see what’s converting and what’s not.

Here are 5 examples of websites or individual landing pages that follow best practices for effective lead generation.


Flywheel has done a great job with incorporating multiple lead generation tactics on their website – it even gets a  thumbs up from our own designer. Check out Flywheel’s homepage and you’ll see:

  • A dynamic CTA – convert visitors with a Hello Bar or pop-up CTA
  • Live chat option –  your sales team can connect live with visitors that are interested or have questions.
  • A free ebook sticky box – a non-invasive CTA that will stay in place as a user scrolls on your website.
  • Multiple CTAs – an appropriate number of CTAs that lead to valuable content for the visitor will increase lead generation.

Try it yourself: Add a dynamic CTA (like a Hello Bar) on your site, which can promote your website’s most important content or a time sensitive landing page. You can even use this to get visitors to opt-in to a newsletter or blog subscription. Use software like HubSpot FreeHello Bar, or Privy to make a dynamic CTA for your site.



Compared to Flywheel, MailChimp is a little more subdued, but still effective. When you visit MailChimp’s homepage you’ll see:

  • Design that makes visitors scroll down – use a page design that visually pushes a user to scroll and read more of your content.
  • Content that tells a whole story from top to bottom – keeping visitors interested will make them more likely to click a CTA (even if it’s at the bottom of a page).
  • Use of the same CTA in different places – convert visitors to leads who have different user behaviors.
  • Easy to find navigation – encourage visitors to explore more of your valuable content.

Try It Yourself: The design layout of your website can be optimized for lead generation. Having a design that visually inspires the visitor to scroll down exposes more of your content and CTAs.

 Raven Tools

Raven Tools

Now here is a tool that we use all the time, especially to measure website performance metrics. Turns out, Raven also provides a great example of lead gen done well. If you check out the Raven Tools homepage you will see:

  • Bold headline statement – make it very clear what you do and who you do it for in the first few seconds someone lands on your homepage.
  • Two different CTAs in the headline statement – convert visitors who may be in different stages of the buyer’s journey.
  • Lots of CTAs – different CTAs for different content offers encourage different ideal buyers to convert into leads.
  • Lots of in-product screenshots – allow your visitors to see your product in use, and move them toward requesting a demo/quote/etc.

Try It Yourself: Be clear about what your company does and how you’re different with an engaging headline and imagery at the top of your homepage.



Not only does Zillow do TV commercials well — Zillow has solid online lead gen tactics. This webpage from Zillow shows some great best practices that you should be using on your landing pages:

  • Well branded, colorful, but not too busy – make sure your visitors know who the content offer is from and keep it consistent with your website branding.
  • Bulleted list of benefits – focused headline – Be clear and short, encourage your visitors to fill out the form by telling exactly what they get in return
  • Compelling data as proof points – remember to share data that your personas care about
  • Form is short – we’d even recommend downsizing to just name, email for a simple content offer

Try It Yourself: Keeping your landing pages short, well branded, and data focused to make them more likely to convert visitors into leads.



Not only does Airbnb have just a good lookin site, it’s functional and optimized for some damn good lead generation. When you hop over to Airbnb’s website you’ll see:

  • Gorgeous hero photo – keep your visitors interested in your content with nice photos.
  • Extremely compelling form content – even making your form interesting can encourage visitors to fill them out.
  • Clean Design, Nice images – don’t make your web pages busy, a nice aesthetic is also a lead gen tactic.
  • Process outlined clearly – tell your visitors their next steps to guide them down the buyer’s journey.
  • CTAs & sticky bar at top – use CTAs that move with a visitor’s scroll to increase the chances of them ending up on your landing pages and forms.
  • FAQs – providing commonly asked questions and answers is a great way to show how you can help your ideal buyer’s pain points.

Try It Yourself: Provide content on your site that clearly communicates and outlines your process and your most frequently asked questions.


Example of best lead generation website, OptinMonster

OptinMonster, a conversion rate optimization (CRO) toolkit provider, is an excellent example of a lead generation website. The company’s service is all about helping users earn more online leads, so it makes sense that they’ve tailored their website for lead generation.

Learn more about what works on the OptinMonster site, and how you can use those features on yours:

What works on OptinMonster

A few design elements work well for lead generation on OptinMonster, including:

  • Visuals

OptinMonster features several visuals on its homepage, including a graph.

Graph on OptinMonster

While fictional, this graph catches your attention and provides an immediate explanation of what OptinMonster does and how OptinMonster can help its customers. The text beside the visual confirms OptinMonster’s uses and benefits: It’ll help you get more leads and sales.

  • Trust signals

You can also find trust signals throughout the OptinMonster homepage.

Trust signals on OptinMonster website

These trust signals range from the logos of clients, like Pinterest, to client testimonials. OptinMonster also uses numbers to emphasize its value. For example, OptinMonster mentions that more than 700,000 websites use its toolkit.

Testimonials on OptinMonster website
  • Social proof

Social proof is another powerful factor that OptinMonster incorporates into its web design.

Social proof on OptinMonster website

Browse the company’s website for a few minutes, and you’ll notice a small pop-up that appears in the lower left-hand corner. This pop-up shares recent OptinMonster purchases. Its frequency demonstrates OptinMonster’s popularity, which can motivate users to give the toolkit a try.

  • Header

OptinMonster also features a user-friendly (and lead-generating) header.

Header on OptinMonster website

When you first arrive on OptinMonster’s homepage, the website features a large header with links to several different pages. As you scroll down the page, however, the header becomes simplified and focused on the user.

Scroll feature on OptinMonster website

With this new header, users can easily take the next step, whether by signing up for OptinMonster or learning more about the tool and its features. This user-focused approach is another reason why OptinMonster maintains one of the best lead generation websites.

Actionable takeaways

Use OptinMonster as inspiration for your site with these takeaways:

  • Incorporate social proof and trust signals throughout your website
  • Use visuals and supporting text to convey your product’s uses, value, and features
  • Design every website element with a user-first approach

With these takeaways, you can make small site changes that will have a big impact on users.

Provide an Outstanding User Experience

Your visitors are more likely to leave your page if they don’t have a smooth experience. The bounce rate is high in various industries as per the graphic below: BigCommerce.


You need to test and improve the user experience of your website. Your website should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, with clear messages and value proposition. There is no better way to achieve that than to test and ask directly your target audience. They will provide you with invaluable feedback and insights on what needs to be fixed in order to create an outstanding customer experience.

Inorder to test and improve your overall user experience, you can try tools like Hotjar which tracks and records screen videos. In this way, you can follow your customers’ journey on your website, evaluate the performance of specific pages, identify bugs or blockers.

With tools like Hotjar you can also create heat maps that show where your users click the most or the sections of your website where they don’t even reach. This data allows you to improve the user journey and provide a better customer experience.

Testing is the only way to know how exactly your page works and if your time and money invested has paid off.


B2B lead generation has never been easier than today. Creating lead generation websites are a fresh approach that can benefit many businesses. While the concept of B2B lead generation websites is new, there are some online resources that many marketers look to when creating these types of sites.

If you’re a b2b marketer, chances are you’ve heard of the term lead generation. Lead generation is a popular sales strategy that helps companies generate new B2B leads in volume. To do so, they often use landing page copy with smart phone text to trigger response technology.

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