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Make Photo Transparent Online

To make photo transparent online, It’s sometimes frustrating that the background of an image just won’t go transparent. Especially if you need to remove backgrounds from pictures or create a transparent gif, it becomes harder to achieve the result you want just using the tools found online.

With this in mind, I have created a phenomenal list of online tools for removing the background from an image. There are plenty of tutorials available, but these tools are easy to follow, helping users who are both beginner and advanced designers.


Do you spend a lot of time cutting the image background? Now This is not going to happen.

Slazzer delivers you accurate background removal images using their AI Tools in just 5 seconds.

It uses advanced image processing algorithms to detect a photo’s pixel and carefully separate it from the foreground image.

After removing the unwanted background, it lets you frame your picture in a different location, solid color background, or with your favorite celebrities effortlessly. supports png, jpeg, and jpg format.

Follow these steps…

  1. Click on the visit button.
  2. Upload the image or drag and drop it.
  3. Hold for a second, and You will get an accurate background erased image.
  4. If you want to edit manuals, click on the edit button.
  5. Click on the download button.
  6. Your png format image file is ready.



Sticker mules provide an excellent tool known as a trace to remove the background pretty easily.

Sticker mule recently released a new version of a path. Previously, you could only remove the background from this, but in the latest update, after removing the background, you can add other custom backgrounds.

The tool cut out the background from the image and put it on a transparent background maker.

The trace tool uses AI technology to remove complicated backgrounds easily. Examples, hair and fine details.

To use Sticker Mule, create a new account or sign in with a Google account.

Follow these steps…

  1. Click on the visit button.
  2. Upload an image or drag and drop it.
  3. The trace tool will automatically remove the background.
  4. And provide transparent background images in PNG format.
  5. Now click on the download button to get a picture.

Background Burner

Background Burner quickly makes image transparent online. So it saves you a lot of time. It applies a large amount of high-tech algorithms to analyze the line, color and focus of your photo. And every time you use it, it remembers the detail of your editing and presents a better result next time. It gets better and better on separate object from the background. In case you are not pleased with the edited photo, you can use its Basic Tools and Pixel Tools to process your photo. Furthermore, it provides different kinds of templates for you to add backgrounds to your photo. Such as, Romantic, Texture, Ambient, etc. However, you need to login to download your edited file. Given below are the steps on how to make photo background transparent.

  • Go to its official website, and click “Choose a Photo” on the right in the blue square or drag your image on the left in the gray square to upload your photo.
  • It will automatically remove your background and present several background erased options for you to choose.
  • If the outcome isn’t so well. Click the “Touch Up” button below the photo. You can use the “Mark foreground” tool on the upper left. It will mark the object you want to keep. Use the “Mark background” to keep the background and works the same way.
  • Click the “Toggle checkerboard background” icon in the top right corner to make image background transparent.
  • Finally click “Log in to download” to save your photo.
make image transparent online


  • It automatically delete your background and presents several choices for you.
  • It offers different kinds of backdrops.


  • You need to log in to download your photo.

Adobe Background Remover

Adobe background remover

Adobe is the other best background remover web tool that cuts out the unwanted person and background with perfection.

You can replace the background in just one click. Also, it provides a solid color background to highlight your cut-out picture.

It offers tools to remove stains with easy retouching. You can also polish the whole picture with the Photoshop Express online tool.

Cut out precisely one of the elements in that photo to draw the focus wherever you want.

The background eraser tool extracts a sample of the color and erases the same color’s pixels as you bring around your image.

Follow these steps…

  1. Click on the visit button.
  2. Upload the image file.
  3. It asks to create an adobe account.
  4. Create a new account or sign in with a Google or Facebook account.
  5. Once the image is uploaded, it will automatically remove the background and provide it for download.


If you have an eCommerce business, this will be useful for you. Clipping magic works on image processing Al algorithm.

It provides you a transparent image in just 5 seconds. Upload a photo and create your transparent image.

The Clipping Magic background remover website features an advanced hair selection tool to cut hair from images.

Also, it has provided lots of touch-up tools to make your photo the finest. is one of the world’s background removal editors that seamlessly integrates fully automatic AI with Smart Keep and Remove.

Follow these steps…

  1. Click on the visit button.
  2. Drag your image in the search box or upload it by clicking on the upload button.
  3. Just hold on a second to generate a transparent image.
  4. Clipping Magic AI tool generates your removed background image.
  5. Click on the download button to get your transparent background image.


If you want to make image transparent online, Fotor is another great option for you. Fotor is a free online designer and editing tool that suits for amateur and professional. It offers two tools to help you make your photo transparent. You can brush the area that you want to retain or remove. What’s more, more functions like Effect, Beauty, Frames, Stickers, etc are provided if you need to make your photo more amazing. Nevertheless, you might need to manually edit for more times for it can not make image background transparent automatically. Refer to the steps below to learn how to use this tool.

  • Visit the official page and click “Open” on the top middle to import your image.
  • Use Retain Brush to keep the foreground and Removal Brush to erase the background. You can adjust the size of the brush.
  • If you are satisfied with the edited image, click “Save” on the top of the page to download your image.
make photo transparent online


  • Countless functions for you to further edit your photo.
  • You can import your photos in batches.


  • The photo you download is with watermark unless you sign up.
  • There are ads during the editing.

Apowersoft Online Background Remover

Apowersoft Online Background Remover

Apowersoft provides a fast and straightforward process to remove background from the image.

The Apowersoft automation technology provides an accurate cutout image. Also, they furnish massive solid backgrounds and templates.

You can easily create digital stamps and signatures outside of pictures to sign PDF documents, or your photographs are as easy as writing your name.

Apowersoft background remover offers you all kinds of solid background colors.

So you don’t have to go to a photo studio and take a photo for your passport or license.

Follow these steps…

  1. Click on the visit button.
  2. Open the Apowersoft Online Background Eraser.
  3. Upload the image which you want to remove from the background.
  4. Hold for a second while it is processing.
  5. Click on the Download button to get the transparent image.

Clipping Chicken

Clipping Chicken

Clipping chicken is one of the best Background removal tools. If you sell your product online or run an eCommerce website, then this tool is merciful for you.

Clipping Chicken ensures and delivers you a clean and accurate image with white background. It accepts jpg, jpeg, and png files up to 12 megapixels.

The website provides an excellent alternate for manual Photoshop background removal. Save a lot of time by using Clipping Chicken.

You can get unlimited Open the website and upload the image. You can remove as many backgrounds as you want.

Follow these steps…

  1. Click on the visit button.
  2. Click on the uploaded image or drag it.
  3. It will take some time to remove the background image.
  4. And provide you with an accurate cutout image.
  5. Create a new account or login with a Google account to download the image.
  6. Click on the download button.


Any online shop or an eCommerce business needs to remove the background from the photo.

Background remover is an accurate but time-consuming process done by hand cutting the object contour by hand.

Artificial intelligence helps people solve this task, upload the photo to the website and the in-depth learning algorithm will select the main object on the frame and find its contour.

NOTE: The AI technology is under development to create a transparent background.

To use this tool:

  1. Click on the visit button.
  2. Click on the chose to file and upload the image; you want to cut out the background.
  3. Now press the remove background button.
  4. Be patient while it is processing.
  5. And here, your transparent image is ready to download.


Onlinepngtools is one of the simplest online PNG transparency makers which automatically remove any background from your image. Just import the photo in the editor and it will make the picture transparent online free for you. This tool recognizes the color of your photo background and its close color tones, then replaces with transparent color. The default similar color tone is 30%. Different percentage presents different effects. You can change it below to suit your photo. However, it may not precisely erase your background if the color of the foreground and the background are too close. Beyond that, it’s a user-friendly online tool. If you want to make the photo background transparent, check out below.

  • Go to its official website and click the gray square on the left to import the photo.
  • Then your photo with transparent background will be presented in the right square.
  • Once done, click “Save as” in the lower middle part of the square to download the edited image on your computer.
make image background transparent online


  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • No ads pop out.


  • Doesn’t provide background templates and editing tools if you want to edit your photo.

Background Bonanza

Background Bonanza

As the same as above mentioned websites, the sticker mule Background burner claims that it removes image background quickly of images in just 5 seconds.

Background burner works on AI technology. But their automatic background removal is not very satisfactory. That’s why I kept it in the last position.

It delivers you 3 to 5 transparent background images. In which you have to put manually touch up. But it’s free.

It also provides you the editing tools to add filters, brightness, contrast, and much more.

To use the Background burner:

  1. Click on the visit button.
  2. Upload the image to remove the background.
  3. It will provide you with 2 to 3 removed background options.
  4. Please choose one of them which satisfies you.
  5. And click on the download button to get it.

Background remover (Android App)

Background remover

Google Play

Background remover is an android app with 50 million downloads and a 4.6 rating. This is one of the best transparent background maker applications to make the background transparent.

People who want to use a background remover on their mobile phone.

It is essential to make your image transparent with 100% accuracy.

Using these apps, you can select precisely and delete objects with red and blue marker tools.

You can also use this app offline. There is no need for an internet connection to remove the background from the image.

NOTE: This app does not work automatically with the same accuracy as the tools mentioned above.

Follow these steps…

  1. Click on the Google Play button to navigate you to the perfect location.
  2. Once installed, open the app and select a photo to edit by clicking on load a picture.
  3. Select the area to edit and click on the done button.
  4. Click on Auto Mode and move the cursor to erase background pixels.
  5. After removing the background, click on the Save button.


LunaPic is a perfect free solution for you to make images transparent online. You don’t need to sign up to edit your photo and is totally free. You can upload your image from your computer, social media, the Cloud, or any other websites you want. However, it may not suit first-time users because it’s hard to operate and beginners might not be familiar with certain tools. Despite that, LunaPic offers numerous editing tools on the left of the page. And more functions are on the top, like Borders, Filters, Effects, etc. If you get used to this online tool, you’ll find its advantages. Here are the steps to guide you on how to use this online tool.

  • Head on its official page and upload your image on the top of the page.
  • Click “Edit” and select “Transparent Background” then click on the color of your background to convert it to transparent area. It will select the area roughly.
  • Click the “Eraser” icon on the left in the toolbar to manually erase the unwanted background and make photo background transparent.
  • More functions are provided on the top. Once content with the result, click the “Save” button below to download your image. Or directly share on social media.
make photo background transparent online


  • Post your photo directly to social media for free.
  • Multiple tools to help you edit your photo.


  • Pop-up ads may annoy you.

Change Background of Photos (Android App)

Change Background of Photos

Google Play

The background eraser or change background of photos is the other android app. That automatically removes the unwanted background from the image.

This app has over 10 million-plus downloading and a 4.5 rating. This app claims that it provides transparent pictures with 100% perfection without reducing image quality.

You can use the transparent background maker tool to erase manually. It can be good considering its downloads and ratings.

To use the app, make sure you have a google account to access the play store.

Follow these steps…

  1. Click on the google play button to install the android app.
  2. Choose the photo from your gallery to remove the background from the picture.
  3. Crop the image to get better quality.
  4. Wait for a second, and it will remove the background automatically.
  5. Also, you can use the eraser tool to edit pictures.
  6. Select the background from the gallery and change the photo background.


The easiest way to make a photo transparent online is to upload the image you want to have the transparency effect, choose an attribute for this kind of image, and then download it. This preliminary step is beyond easy. Just click on the “Browse” button situated in the upper left corner of the website, select your picture from your computer’s hard drive, then press the “Open” button.

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