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Marketing Tools For 2021

Advanced marketing tools are the cornerstone of just about every new company that begins operations. There are some important ingredients that come together to form some of the leading digital marketing tools 2021.

Best marketing tools 2021? Digital marketing tools 2021? Advance marketing tool 2021? Here is the best and most comprehensive marketing tools for you.

The Name App

To have a unique and easy to remember business name is important for brand recall.This particular tool saves you the struggle of finding the right domain name for your startup. What’s more, it also helps you in checking the availability of the username and in deciding social media profile names that resonate with your business. Simply login to The Name App’s official website or download it on your Apple device’s App Store (Sorry, Android Users, you’ll need to make do with the website for now). is a place where you can watch interviews of successful growth hackers and entrepreneurs who have made a mark in the digital world. The interview videos keep on playing on the website in a loop, which is accessible to visitors for free. But if you want to access a past video recording, then you would need to signup, which is paid. But wait, that’s not all. If you are visiting the website for the first time, you might get a promo code to access site’s content as a premium member for a week.


Creating email campaigns can be easy. Delivering them at the right time, though, can be hard. That’s why you need an email marketing automation platform like Moosend to get started. Moosend will give you access to automation features to create, schedule and track the performance of your email campaigns. You can get to know Moosend through their free forever plan, offering unlimited emails for up to 1,000 subscribers. The paid plans will give you access to advanced features starting at $10 per month.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services, commonly known as AWS, is a web hosting service offered by the ecommerce mogul Amazon. Probably, one of the most dependable web hosting service available presently, AWS is scalable, flexible and currently offers over 90 services including database storage, content delivery, and other features & functionalities.


There’s nothing more important in starting a business than your logo. Logos provide that unique brand that customers will come to recognize. That’s why Logo design should take center stage in startup planning. Often, however, logos get very little thought and even less budget. If that’s the case for your business, you can turn to an online logo maker tool like BrandCrowd. With a minimal investment and a little time and effort, you’ll get a logo perfect for you. You can customize the colors, layout, fonts, and more. Then you can download your logo instantly and start sharing it with the world.

BrandCrowd also offers thousands of social media design templates that you can customize. If you’re a budding business, chances are you will need to post on social media regularly & BrandCrowd provides designs you can easily tweak to suit your brand message. It’s also cool that the templates are automatically customized with the colors from your logo – meaning you get a consistent brand message across all platforms.


To run a successful email marketing campaign and to keep your audience updated about offers, you need an efficient newsletter service. This is where MailChimp comes into the picture. MailChimp is a name that probably needs no introduction to the tech world. The good news, MailChimp offers a free startup package with all the basics features. Paid services begin from $10 per month. Alternatively, you can also take a look at ActiveCampaign and see which one of these suits you prefer.


There are plenty of survey tools available in the market today. What sets Aytm apart from all those tools is the fact that it not only helps you in creating a survey form, but also helps you in reaching out to the right audience that will be interested in taking these surveys. A Quick tip: keep your questions open ended to get better insights.


Glasshat comes across as a super-efficient SEO tool that helps startup owners in planning their SEO and other digital marketing activities. This tool prepares a list of activities and also educates new entrepreneurs why a particular activity is important for their startup. While using Glasshat, it would be a good idea to add the Yoast SEO Plugin to your WordPress website so that you can mend your web content as per SEO guidelines.


Asana is a web & mobile based project management tool that was built for improving workflow at Facebook. Eventually, and inevitably, the efficiency of Asana made it a prominent name among almost all startup owners across the world. This project management software allows users to assign tasks as per their status, add assignees & get activity feed, view log reports, and a lot more. If you want explore further, we recommend Trello, an equally efficient project management system


CoSchedule is an outstanding tool for entrepreneurs as it allows you to organize your marketing activities. It renders a master calendar that enables you to make marketing plans in an interactive environment. It caters an ecosystem for top-notch team collaboration. It can save your significant amount of time in social media engagement by allowing tweets and blog posts scheduling.

Get more information about Coschedule:


It is a sales automation tool offered by Keap. This tool offers insights into your sales data to improve conversion. Being a robust sales and marketing solution, InfusionSoft allows you to combine payment solutions, eCommerce, Marketing automation, and CRM with your apps and partners. 

Isn’t it a useful tool? 

Glean insights about it here:


A business idea popping up converts a person into a budding entrepreneur keeping in mind that a business in this digital age requires an online presence. Squarespace allows certain plugins and features to design and set up your own website that is much easier to use than Wordpress. A compelling website certainly can improve your website traction. A great way to kick start your business is through a website set in place. 

Learn more about it here:

Voila Norbert

It can turn out to be really annoying and cumbersome while searching for the right emails for an entrepreneur who has just embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship. An important tool for all entrepreneurs to connect with the right people that ensures accurate delivery of emails in their mailbox to enable professional connections and relationships without the clinch of missing out on valuable email contacts when you are on the verge of developing a contact list and building connections. 

Explore more about it on:


There are many moments during your entrepreneurship period when you are stuck, confused and you can’t think of resolutions for such situations. As an entrepreneur asking for external help certainly cannot be ruled out as the best option as entrepreneurs have to make sure the best cost-effective way to reach out to experts and for that alternative solution 

Clarity.FM can turn out to be a savior for all budding entrepreneurs who want to seek expert opinion for all business related things, opinion and more. Do you want to know what Brian Wong or Chris Brogan would do in your situation? Don’t get confused again,  Just ask them!

Learn more about it on :


 Last but not least, the most effective entrepreneur tool Fiverr offers services like graphic designing, voice over, Seo Enhancements, business cards, etc. So, if you have any requirements that need to be wrapped up in stimulated time and budget choose Fiverr as the most effective platform for your entrepreneurial inclinations. 

It has 2.4 million active buyers with 830,000 active sellers across 160 countries.  This platform is dedicated to freelance services, and turns out very useful for entrepreneurs to get small tasks done at an affordable price. 

Gain more insights about Fiverr on :


Does motivation really help? Does motivation hold a place in an entrepreneur course of life? I think motivation is not just a categorical aspect of anybody’s life. It is a necessity that has to be a part of everyone’s life. For entrepreneurs, motivation has to be the driving force as they are at the verge of starting their business career in full action. In this scenario, Momentum is there to help you! An easier way to focus and stay motivated all through the day, a customized browser window with an inspiring picture and quote that will keep you running all day long.

Check out Momentum here:


A better way to keep your email list in check that can ensure a better throughput cycle. SendinBlue does the exact same thing for you. An automated email list building and follow-up feature that integrates everything virtually. Add on features like web forms, popups, and a basic landing page builder makes it worthwhile to try. Obviously, you can add and export contact list as per your requirements without much of complications.

Check out SendinBlue here:


Do you have meetings or appointments that you can’t manage organically or through offline calendars? Don’t worry now you can integrate your calendar schedules through Calendly that allows managing your daily, weekly and monthly schedules on go.  You can easily integrate it with Wix or Google Calendars to customize your schedule at ease.

Check out Calendly here:


A powerful analytics tool that determines web analytics at an individual level. It will help in tracking your visitors and let you optimize conversion rates by accessing detailed visitor actions, unlimited funnel reports, A/B split tests, data segmentation, and more.

Check out Kissmetrics here:


What an entrepreneur requires at an elementary level? A piece of more consolidated information about the list of startup jobs, investors and a platform to post jobs. What a better way to get all your desired information through AngelList, which is one of the most considered platforms for all your startup related queries and much more.

Check out AngelList here:


What is considered as the most essential step after you set up your business and website? Think again!!! Not data, the consumers or end-users that you would be generating your revenue from. To understand your customers, their behavior and buying patterns, I bring in for you the most important entrepreneurial tool, that will help you understand about your more about your consumers buying patterns, behavior, and interests.  


Gone are the days when marketers relied on high-profile TV and print advertisements to reach their target market. In order to stand out in this competitive age, businesses need to invest in the right marketing tools and the best digital marketing tools in particular.

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