Membership Programs Software for Nonprofits

Nonprofits spend a lot of time collecting information on their members: interests, volunteering, demographics and more. But it’s not easy to get all that information together in one place. But membership software for nonprofits does that for you. And then helps you manage those members so that you can get them the help they need

Are you looking for the best membership software for nonprofits? Or about member management software for nonprofits? Check out free membership software for nonprofits. The truth is, free membership software can be used by any type of organization — not just non-profits. Many churches use free membership software and they also compete in the same arena that most non-profit organizations do these days. It’s an economic challenge to thrive in today’s climate — let alone thrive while staying true to their mission, especially if they serve the needy (who doesn’t need help today?).

Raklet (Integrates with 360MatchPro!)

Membership Management Software Overview

Raklet is a powerful nonprofit management software that serves as an all-in-one solution for fundraisers and change-makers. Their innovative technology is designed with both donors and volunteers in mind – leading to meaningful, lasting engagements.

This digital platform can power your organization through its robust CRM, fundraising campaigns, email automation and even event management. With its simple and effective technology, your nonprofit can easily drive engagement and grow your impact with Raklet.

Learn more about the Raklet platform!

Why We Love This Association Management Software

Raklet truly is an all-in-one platform that provides everything your organization needs to manage and grow your mission. From within their platform, you can add contacts to your CRM, send newsletters, utilize discussion forums, sell tickets, create events, message teammates, craft donation forms and so much more. With the 360MatchPro integration, you can even take advantage of employer matching gift funds!

Association Membership Software Pricing

Raklet offers simple and transparent pricing options so that you can find the best fit for your organization. For more pricing details, visit their website.


Membership Management Software Overview

MemberClicks offers association management systems built specifically for professional associations, trade associations, and chambers of commerce. With their robust set of solutions, it’s easy to grow and retain members, all while saving your staff time and resources.

Some of their standout features include robust member reporting so that you can always keep track of your members’ status, keep your members updated with an easy-to-use email management system, and automate and manage dues payment much more easily.

Check out MemberClicks for a powerful membership management platform.

Why We Love This Association Management Software

MemberClicks also offers learning management softwareevent management solutions, and job board software, built to save time, save money, grow communities and increase revenue. Since all of these platforms integrate, your organization never has to worry about disconnected systems that ruin your members’ experience.

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Association Membership Software Pricing

MemberClicks pricing differs depending on the solution you choose and whether you’re interested in their suite of connected solutions. For more information, you can reach out to learn more.

Salsa Labs — Top Membership Management Tool (Integrates with 360MatchPro!)

Membership Management Software Overview

Salsa Labs’ SmartEngagement technology empowers your organization to manage and engage supporters effectively. With comprehensive data and intelligent reporting features, Salsa’s unified platform puts everything you need in one place.

You can use detailed member profiles and personalization features to craft targeted messages through email, social media, text, ads, and more. This integrated approach to communications will bring you closer to your members across all platforms. Throughout Salsa, time-saving automation capabilities allow you to focus your attention on running your organization rather than getting bogged down in the details.

If you use other Salsa Labs products, try their membership management software!

Why We Love This Association Management Software

Salsa Labs is an all-in-one solution. Innovative SmartEngagement tools and industry-leading best practices are implemented across every aspect of the Salsa platform. Membership management integrates seamlessly with other solutions in the Salsa Labs suite for your event planning, marketing, and advocacy needs.

Association Membership Software Pricing

Submit a request on Salsa Labs’ website.

NeonCRM (Integrates with 360MatchPro!)

Membership Management Software Overview

NeonCRM is a cloud-based membership management software designed especially for nonprofits and related associations. Using Neon, your organization will be able to manage your donors and your members, plan events, and increase fundraising.

In addition to offering a robust CRM, Neon can help your nonprofit increase brand recognition and stay in touch with supporters by helping you create a beautiful nonprofit website. You can also use Neon’s mobile app to engage your supporters and members on-the-go.

NeonCRM is a great membership and association software solution.

Why We Love This Association Management Software

With plenty of helpful integrations, NeonCRM helps your nonprofit make the best use of all of your software solutions. The automated matching gift software 360MatchPro is a Neon One Certified Partner. Additionally, NeonCRM integrates with other nonprofit software for accounting, prospect research, and more.

Association Membership Software Pricing

Neon’s pricing is based on the size of your organization. Visit them to learn more about pricing.

GrowthZone Software

GrowthZone is an online platform with built-in marketing automation designed to help associations and chambers of commerce manage their members, events, fundraising, marketing, donors, volunteers, and more. An online application form facilitates member signup, and the data from that form feeds directly into other modules of the system, including billing. The billing application offers features such as batch invoicing. Engagement reporting allows member-based organizations to monitor members that are most engaged or most at risk. The system also allows users to build their own custom reports. GrowthZone is ideal for associations and chambers with 2-50 employees. It is web-based and capable of synchronization with third-party vendors which cuts down on double entry into multiple disparate systems.

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GrowthZone Pricing

Actual pricing will vary depending on your final package options. For more details, see the link to our pricing page above.

Starting price: 

$249.00 per month

Free trial: 


Free version: 

Not Available

Glue Up

Perfect for Associations, Chambers of Commerce and business networks worldwide. Glue Up (formerly EventBank) is an all-in-one cloud software that integrates a world class CRM to the best membership and event management, email marketing, and finance tools. Unlock new paths for growth and collect membership dues with a platform that consolidates all of your operations in one place. The platform comes with 2 mobile apps: one for you to manage your organization, and one for your community.



DonateKindly was formed on the simple premise of providing elegant and effective payment processing tools to nonprofits at no additional cost.

Now with nonprofits across the world using DonateKindly, they’ve proven out the model of fee-free donation tools. 

They partner with WePay, who provides some of the lowest nonprofit payment processing rates.

DonateKindly’s donation forms are customizable to meet nearly every nonprofit’s needs and can be added to your website in minutes!

Why We Love It

DonateKindly is the perfect payment processing tool for small and mid-sized nonprofits.

DonateKindly is fee-free (no platform or processing fees) and provides integrated payment processing with online donation forms.


DonateKindly is unique in that it integrates with a variety of credit card payment processors to easily allow you to accept credit cards. DonateKindly charges no subscription, platform, or processing fees and integrates with tools like WePay which can get your nonprofit’s total rates down to as low as 2.1%.


Snowball offers top payment processing features for nonprofit organizations.


Snowball offers a complete suite of fundraising tools, including online giving pages with built-in payment processing functionality. This way, you can bring in increased fundraising revenue, improve donor engagement, and support your cause in any way possible.

Their extensive variety of giving methods allows for donors to choose how they would like to get involved in your organization, whether through a one-time gift or by setting up a recurring donation schedule.

Plus, with text-to-give tools and mobile-friendly donation pages, your supporters can get involved anytime, anywhere.

Why We Love It

Snowball’s fundraising tools make sure to follow industry standards when it comes to ensuring maximum financial security and keeping your donors safe. Plus, all donor payment information is stored in a PCI-compliant vault that utilizes tokenization to protect from fraudulent activity.


You can get started with Snowball’s Essential Plan for free— complete with a customizable online giving page, a built-in CRM dashboard, and recurring gift functionality. Or, upgrade to the Premium Plan for $549/year for access to unlimited fundraising thermometers, online giving pages, event ticketing, and text-to-give tools!

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Fundly offers a stellar crowdfunding platform for nonprofits.


Although it isn’t a traditional payment processor, Fundly does offer tools to help nonprofits collect donations online.

Between its crowdfunding platform, peer-to-peer services, and other nonprofit tools, it is the perfect option for nonprofits looking to collect donations securely and through a user-friendly interface.

For the technical credit card processing step of collecting donations, Fundly gives users the option of going through WePay or Stripe.

Integrates with Double the Donation

This platform can be integrated with the industry’s leading matching gift tool.

Check out the integration guide.

Why We Love It

Fundly is designed with the fundraiser and the donor in mind so you can be sure that your organization will be able to use the platform and your donors will too!


Fundly’s platform fee is 4.9% per donation. Additional credit card processing fees will be assessed and determined depending on if you use WePay or Stripe.

Faithlife Giving

Faithlife is one of our favorite payment processing tools for churches.


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use payment processing software system for a church, Faithlife Giving is the tool for you. Faithlife Giving is an online church giving platform that encourages stewardship practices to cultivate generosity.

This payment processing tool allows churches to collect gifts in several easy, accessible ways—including with a link, from your church website, using a text-to-give number, at an on-site kiosk, or through a custom-branded mobile app. In this way, congregants can give in the way that’s most convenient for them.

Why We Love It

Faithlife Giving is a part of an integrated ministry platform with a whole host of other church-based software solutions. As churches become increasingly reliant on technology to run their services, engage with congregants, and collect much-needed funding for their ministry, it’s essential that you find a comprehensive suite of tools to get the job done.


Faithlife Giving offers multiple pricing tiers depending on your church’s size and monthly online giving revenue. For smaller churches bringing in less than $7,500/month, the platform is free to use with only a standard processing fee of 2.99% + $0.45. Mid-sized churches can get started with their Premium Plan for only $44.99/month, while congregations with more than $200,000/month in online gifts are encouraged to contact the Faithlife team for a custom quote.


Helping nonprofits become more efficient and able to focus on what they do best, we believe that nonprofit membership software is being used incorrectly in many cases. But, there is hope! The right solution can make all the difference in the world.

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