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Would you like to combine two photos in one frame online? If you’re reading this article right now, you probably already know how great it can be if you can combine two pictures. You know, like professional photographers make. They look like paintings because all the objects are combined together in one photo. Well, today I am happy to share with you the best ways to merge two photos online for free. Allowing you to achieve similar results without paying thousands of dollars for expensive software or time for expensive classes.

Have you ever wanted to take 2 photos and merge them to create one frame? Or merge two photos together? Recently I’ve been experimenting with photo merge and wanted to share what I learned. After doing an online search, I found a range of applications and websites that allow you to do this. I decided to test out a few and document my findings.


PineTools lets you quickly and easily merge two photos into a single picture. If you want a fast tool that enables you to add a border and is super simple to use, this is it.

Combining two photos in one frame online using PineTools is pretty simple. First, upload each image to get started and use the available zoom or move tools for each if you like. Then choose to position the photos next to each other, either vertically or horizontally. You can adjust the sizes of the images next. This lets you magnify the smaller one, crop the largest, or constrain the proportions if you prefer.

Then you can add a border to the combined image. Use the slider to select the thickness and choose the color. PineTools gives you the option to select an exact color using the Hex code or RGB values.

When you finish, click Merge. Your combined photo will pop into the Output Image section of the page. From there, you can download the image as a PNG, JPG, or WEBP file.


Although it looks complicated, QuickPictureTools is accessible to anyone who takes a minute to have a look at all the buttons and options. You can add up to 4 images and instead of one button it has four, for each slot available. Once you add them, everything becomes clear – you can change the height and width, add padding between them, create round corners or select another background color.

The best part about this is that you can add text on top of everything. You can select the font, size and color and move it around just by drag and drop so they made it easy for everyone.

You can export the final version as a PNG or JPEG – the latter one will also give you the option to select the quality.

Although they could improve the interface, it’s a good and easy to use app that will get the job done.


IMGonline is another good site that lets you combine two images into one with different settings to make your finished photo perfect.

Start by uploading each photo and selecting the position from vertical or horizontal. Then move on to the helpful settings. You can set an automatic adjustment for the sizes so that the images adapt to each other. For instance, you can have the larger of the two adapt to the smaller one. You can keep your images sized the way they are as well.

IMGonline also lets you rotate the photos if needed, trim them using values for each edge, and apply a mirror reflection for something different.

Select the file format you’d like to use from JPEG or PNG-24 and mark if you’d like to copy the metadata from the first photo. Then click OK, and you’ll be able to download your merged photo. Image processing typically takes about 30 seconds maximum.

IMGonline doesn’t stop on two photos only. Using its dedicated photo collage feature, you can also use the platform to join up to 30 photos together.

Fotor Photo Stitch 

Fotor is a known brand and their products are usually well-made so we’ve had high expectations of this one also. The photo stitch app can be found in their menu under features, collage – it actually works more like a collage.

After you launch it, although the screen is full of buttons, you’re not overwhelmed; you have the feeling that everything is where it should be. On the right you have the add photos button – Fotor is the only one that gives you the option to add photos from different sources, like Flickr, Picasa, Facebook or Dropbox. Also it’s the only one that has different patterns based on the number of photos.

You can even arrange them under a shape – it has tens of them, from animals to hearts, under different categories and forms.

Like the other apps, it lets you add padding if you want or round corners, just that in our opinion every effect looks better here – this is why Fotor is a brand.


It doesn’t get much easier to merge two photos than OnlineConvertFree. Similar to the other tools mentioned so far, this site gives you the basic option to combine two images.

You simply upload each photo, choose the position from vertical or horizontal, select the size adjustment, and pick the thickness of the border. Choose your image format from the dropdown box and then click the Save and Download Image button. It’s that easy!

As you may have guessed by the name, OnlineConvertFree offers additional features such as file conversions along with more image tools like a resizer, cropper, and rotator. So be sure to check those out as well.


If you’re interested in doing a bit more with the two photos you want to combine, take a look at PhotoFunny. On this site, you can choose from templates for your merged picture. So, if you’re looking for rainbows and hearts, wedding rings, or even Pokémon, there’s a fun theme for you.

Start by selecting your theme from the dozens available and then upload your photos. Optionally, you can check the boxes to add text, adjust the photos, or add a filter. Click Next and, depending on the theme and options you select, you’ll finish off your merged photo.

Click Download when you finish. You can then share the image on social media or download the JPG file. If you want a unique image, PhotoFunny gives you plenty of options.


LunaPic is another website, besides Fotor, that’s known around the world for its wide variety of online services, but the blender option is not the best of them.

Somebody once said that simple equals efficient – in this situation it means that it doesn’t get any more efficient than LunaPic. This is more like a photo blender and the only thing you can do is upload the photos and then drag them around until you find the right position and save it. That’s it, no background, no padding, no sizing, nothing.

If you try their new blend tool, you’ll find transparency, shape and edge fade pixels as available options, but these are not very useful.

Although it’s not the best thing they did, I still appreciate LunaPic for adding this to their portfolio since there are a lot of people using their website and they can do this without having to find another tool.

Photo Joiner

Another free website that lets you merge more than two photos is Photo Joiner. This site gives you an editing screen, so you can preview your finished project as you adjust the settings.

Click the Add Images button in the top-right and select your photos. They will display on that right side for you to drag onto the canvas. This lets you arrange them how you like. If you need to rotate, flip, or zoom in on a specific image, select it on the canvas and then click the Eye icon.

Once your photos are ready, you can use the settings on the left of the canvas. You can also start with the settings if you prefer. Choose the number of columns or rows, pick the finished image size, and if you’d like a border, select the thickness and color. You can use the settings on the far left to add text, change from vertical to horizontal, or create a Facebook cover.

When you finish, click Save right above the canvas. You can then download your photo as a JPG or pick a social network to share it directly from the Photo Joiner site.


If you have a smartphone, there are a lot of photo editing apps that can help you create cool and interesting photos. One such example is the illusory photo merge app. It lets you combine two images into one. You can add your own text, frames or stickers in this app and even change the background color. The app makes it very simple and easy for you to make your photos look stunning.

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