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Manufacturing Execution Software

Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) is the backbone of an automated production system. MES Systems can process data from a variety of sources including machines, human inputs, and business applications thereby reducing manual entry errors. The Manufacturing Execution System maintains control over manufacturing activities.

Marplan MES is an integrated manufacturing execution system (MES) software solution that supports all aspects of manufacturing, including planning and scheduling, inventory management and materials management. Supported industries include automotive, food & beverage, and fashion.     


Prodsmart is the SMB manufacturers gateway to digitization. Its a complete, modular solution that gets any production environment ready for the future of manufacturing. Prodsmart empowers SMBs with data. By gathering insight on their entire production, Prodsmart helps them fully understand their environment, optimize their operations and respond to change quickly. This gives SMBs the confidence to make decisions based on data, negotiate from a position of strength, and fuel business growth. Manage production lines with real-time shop floor data collection, operations management, and machine control. Machine status can be tracked with alerts for any issues or downtime relating to entire machines or machine components. Stay in control of the workforce with employee management tools such as the ability to assign tasks to employees, setup teams, track productivity individually or as a team, and a punch clock to track hours worked. Control quality with tools such as waste tracking and logging for each product, quality checklists, quality reports, and files and visualization for every machine to aid employees. Schedule and plan which team members are in charge of which tasks, control shift schedules, and track stock and raw materials. Plan production chains so that targets are always met and balance workloads. View real-time dashboards which provide alerts when specific actions occur, show real-time data on machine maintenance, and offer a chat functionality to communicate with other team members. 


Katana is a manufacturing ERP that gives you a live look at your business, including live inventory and manufacturing management, batch tracking for end-to-end traceability, a Shop Floor App for total floor-level control, open API, and a growing channel partner network. Real-time master planning features automate resource allocation based on prioritized sales orders and integrations with e-commerce, accounting, CRM, and reporting services to centralize your operations in one visual platform.


Manufacturing execution system rebuilt around a modern technology stack. No more inflexible systems, endless implementations, and ridiculous fees for bad software. Experience highly customizable, simple to use, and quick to deploy manufacturing management solutions that increase predictability, productivity, and profit.


Upkeep is an Asset Operations Management solution that helps businesses scale by giving every Maintenance and Reliability team the tools and information they need to run operations efficiently and effectively. UpKeep gives you a central command center to efficiently manage all your work orders, assets, and maintenance to deliver fast resolutions. UpKeep enables you to create one front door for all your technicians to go through for all services and support.


ECI Shoptech brings together industry-leading solutions E2 SHOP and JobBOSS to create the next evolution in job shop business management: JobBOSS². Designed for job shops and make-to-order manufacturers, JobBOSS² provides the flexibility manufacturers need to maximize productivity and profits, while scaling effectively. JobBOSS² gives you insight and visibility into your shop floor like never before with quick estimates and quotes, real-time data collection, flexible scheduling, and much more!


From the shop floor to the top floor, NetSuite is the first and last business system you will ever need. Built for small to mid-sized manufacturing companies, NetSuite reduces costs and improves cash flow. Real-time demand planning, complete visibility across the product life cycle, and integration into your key back-end financial systems. NetSuite’s unified platform gives you full end-to-end visibility so that you can maximise operational effectiveness and grow your business.

Hydra MES 

A manufacturing execution system from MPDV. Demo Pricing Write a Review

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HYDRA by MPDV USA is a fully integrated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that helps organizations collect and analyze critical data related to production, HR, and quality management. With HYDRA, manufacturers can gather real-time data from their shop floor, personnel, machines, and other processes.

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MPDV gives organizations access to a global solution that is both ISO certified and FDA validated, so it can be used in automotive, plastics, metals, electronics, as well as medical and food and beverage industries.

HYDRA lets companies purchase only the applications they require, with the ability to roll out additional modules at any time. The functionality includes shop floor scheduling, machine and order data, material and production logistics, tracking and tracing, tool and resource management. As HR-related features HYDRA provides functionalities or Time & Attendance, Personnel Scheduling, Incentive Pay and Access Control. The MES solution also provides quality management for in-production inspection, process data analysis, and gauge management. HYDRA can integrate with most ERPs in the industry, including Oracle, ABAS, SAP, PENTA, and MS Dynamics as well as all kinds of shop floor equipment.

As leading MES solution, HYDRA provides important benefits to manufacturing firms:

  • It can integrate shop floor level and management.
  • It has a modular structure, which provides a seamless flow of information.
  • It offers powerful functions for Production, HR and Quality.

Shop Floor level needs information and planning functions in the following areas: Production Data Collection (PDC), Shop Floor Scheduling, Material and Production Logistics, Traceability, Machine Data Collection, Tool Management / DNC, Quality Assurance / CAQ, Process Data Collection, Time and Attendance, Personnel Scheduling, Incentive Pay, Access Control and Escalation Management.

Today, more than 880 companies of all sizes and in all industries benefit fromHydra MES. Among the customers are production SMEs as well as internationally operating industrial groups with activities in the following industries: plastics / vulcanized rubber, metal industry, automotive manufacturers and industry subcontractors, food and beverages, plant and mechanical engineering, furniture and wood industry, printing and packaging, precision mechanics and optics as well as electrical engineering and electronics, medical technology and pharmaceuticals.

Access Control

HYDRA enables you to monitor access of employees and visitors. You are instantly informed in the Security Control Center if an alarm has been triggered or if security rules are hurt, i.e. a door is left open in a secured location. HYDRA is able to handle offline components for access control.

Complaints Management

HYDRA module WEP reduces the inspection and quality cost in goods receipt. Flexible dynamic sampling procedures refer back to the inspection history in order that only necessary inspections are suggested. HYDRA WEP also includes supplier evaluation

Configuration Data

With HYDRA you can transfer your NC programs via the existing shop floor infrastructure (BDE terminal) to the machine control system. When the machine is set up the correct setting data is already available for the machine. This can be used for various machine types.

Crucial Benefits Are:

  • Interfaces to all common NC machines
  • Maintenance and management of all NC data records
  • Automatic download for the BDE terminals
  • Select function for NC programs
  • DNC viewer displaying the NC programs in the BDE terminals
  • Storage and upload of optimized programs
  • Utilization statistics of NC programs

Energy Management

HYDRA Energy Management (EMG) supports you incorporating measures to save energy complying with DIN EN ISO 5001. Collect and display your energy consumption in detail. Identify “energy guzzlers” and process-induced peaks in consumption referring to products, used raw materials, machines and tools. HYDRA EMG assists you to introduce specific measures to improve energy efficiencies and to develop new planning strategies.

Crucial Benefits Are:

  • Management of energy counters and hierarchical structures
  • Collection, visualization and monitoring of energy consumption
  • Automatic alert system of infringing target values
  • Analysis of consumption in correlation with other production parameters
  • Consumption profiles to identify power peaks
  • Energy KPIs and planning strategies to improve your energy consumption

Incoming Goods Inspection

HYDRA module WEP reduces the inspection and quality cost in goods receipt. Flexible dynamic sampling procedures refer back to the inspection history in order that only necessary inspections are suggested. HYDRA WEP also includes supplier evaluation

Machine Data

HYDRA monitors your machines automatically, continuously and around the clock. Information is visualized up-to-date and can be displayed for example in a realistic machine layout. Collected machine data is used for KPI calculation in real-time.

Crucial Benefits Are:

  • Automatic collection of pieces and quantities
  • Automatic detection of production and downtime
  • Configurable shop floor monitor
  • Collection of downtime and failure modes
  • Various overviews and evaluations including OEE functions
  • Integrated maintenance calendar
  • Interface to maintenance systems

Material and Production Logistics

With HYDRA MPL you can define WIP buffers (Work in Progress) and material buffers, which are displayed and controlled in real time. The range of raw materials and intermediate products is calculated and the availability is accounted for during the detailed planning in the shop floor scheduling.

Crucial Benefits Are:

  • Control and monitor material flow in production
  • Inventory control (raw and auxiliary material / intermediate products / WIP) for production
  • eKanban for modern material flow according to the Pull Principle.
  • Display of stocks inclusive stock development across all sites
  • Considering minimum storage times and/or expiry dates
  • Visualization of material buffers between operations
  • Alert and expiry statistics for material with a limited shelf life
  • Calculation of range for material, intermediate and semi-finished products.
  • Triggering escalations by identifying defined scenarios

Personnel Scheduling

HYDRA plans the deployment of employees depending on the amount of orders and considering qualifications and availability of staff. Graphical planning sheets can be used.

Personnel Time Management

The HYDRA module Time & Attendance (PZE) automatically collects clock-in, clock-out times and breaks of your employees and fully documents the times. Attendance and absence lists show you online who is in and who is not present currently.

Process Data

With HYDRA you can monitor and document processes running at your machines during production. If problems arise counter measures can be taken instantly to avoid producing faulty parts – sufficiently in advance. Collected data can be used for quality assurance.

Crucial Benefits Are:

  • Management of inspection characteristics and measuring channels
  • Assignment of inspection characteristics, parts and tools
  • Collection and storage of process values
  • Monitoring of action limits and tolerance limits
  • Logging of process interruptions
  • Online status of processes
  • Evaluations of process interruptions
  • Process logs
  • Interface to CAQ systems

Production Inspection

HYDRA enables you to monitor access of employees and visitors. You are instantly informed in the Security Control Center if an alarm has been triggered or if security rules are hurt, i.e. a door is left open in a secured location. HYDRA is able to handle offline components for access control.

Shop Floor Data

You can completely trace and monitor all production orders including operations in real-time and thus having details of the current status of order and order process at your disposal.

This information is constantly available for analysis and to control costs.

Crucial Benefits Are:

  • Transfer of orders / operations from PPS / ERP system
  • Generate production and overhead orders
  • Creating collective orders, splitting of orders / operations
  • Log on/off or interruption of orders / operations
  • Log on/off of personnel or groups
  • Configurable terminal dialogs to collect all relevant order data
  • Various overviews and evaluations
  • Immediate upload of real data to the PPS / ERP system
  • Support of eKanban systems

Shop Floor Scheduling

Using HYDRA HLS (shop floor scheduling) you plan orders taking into account required and existing resources (machines, personnel, material and tools).

Your are instantly informed about the impact of rescheduling, machine defects or missing resources.

Crucial Benefits Are:

  • Display of capacity utilization
  • Taking into account all resources
  • Improving set up times
  • Automatic machine assignment
  • Simulation of shift and utilization rate changes
  • Improving individual capacities
  • Monitoring material and stock levels
  • Various tables of overviews and evaluations
  • Interface to ERP and PPS systems

Test Equipment Management

With the HYDRA module PMV potential savings can be made when test equipment is examined and monitored thoroughly. Only immaculate test equipment can comply with the quality requirements. HYDRA also monitors calibration plans.

Time & Attendance

The HYDRA module Time & Attendance (PZE) automatically collects clock-in, clock-out times and breaks of your employees and fully documents the times. Attendance and absence lists show you online who is in and who is not present currently.

Tool and Resource Management

With HYDRA you can plan tooling and resources efficiently and thereby reduce times. HYDRA monitors your tools and their lifecycle compehensively and schedules maintenance by using cycle-count, machine status and / or operating time.

Crucial Benefits Are:

  • Management of tool inventory
  • Automatic collection of working and down time via BDE (shop floor data collection) and MDE (machine data collection)
  • Maintenance of tools
  • Assignment of tools within detailed scheduling
  • Combining machine and tools
  • Tooling history
  • Down time monitoring

Tracking & Tracing

With the HYDRA module Tacking & Tracing (TRT) you can document which raw material batches made up a product and the processes it ran through. The result is an electronically generated report of a batch tree which can help you with claims as it localizes the cause of the problem. Even complex requirements like FDA can be met.

Crucial Benefits Are:

  • Collection of batch data in the production
  • Overview of all active batches
  • Tracing batches containing detailed information in a table
  • Graphical batch tracing (batch tree / traceability)
  • Complete documentation by means of a batch history
  • Compliance with standards (FDA, GMP etc.)
  • Triggering escalations by identifying defined scenarios


What is Manufacturing Execution System (MES)? Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software is special computer software that is designed to increase manufacturing efficiency and quality at an industrial plant. MES system works by providing means for real-time coordination of multiple business activities that take place in manufacturing or service plants. Manufacturing execution systems are useful in several industries such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, power generation, pharmaceutical, and medical devices.[5]

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