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Free Tools for Database Design

What is database design? A database is a structured collection of data. It is designed to be easily accessed, managed, and updated.

Database Design is a collection of processes that facilitate the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of database management systems (DBMS). Properly designed databases help you to improve data consistency for disk storage.

Database design is the process of creating low-level database structures. database designer refers to a database expert who designs, maintains, and tests database applications by making changes to the database schemas. a high-quality database design can help a business widen its market reach and expand its customer base. it serves as the raw material for planning new functionality and potential data sources, analyzing data volumes, or identifying areas of improvement.

There is a wide range of software that helps you to design your database diagrams with ease. These database design tools can be used to create a physical model or ERD of your database so that you can quickly create tables and relationships. (formerly is a no-fuss, browser-based, open-source database diagramming tool. It’s free for just about anyone to use — the only time you’re charged is if you’d like to use it as an add-on for the Atlassian ecosystem of products.

How It Works drops you right into a drag-and-drop interface without requiring you to create an account, enter billing information, or even choose where you want to save your diagram. Just visit the site and start diagramming. is free unless you want to use it with the Atlassian ecosystem. If, for instance, you want to use it as a Jira add-on, you will have to pay $2 per month maximum.

Why It’s Free

The mission of is to “provide free, high quality diagramming software for everyone.” To follow through on this mission, the team says, “When companies pay us money it should be because we add value, not because they are locked in.” So they chose to make a free tool and keep it funded by choosing one ecosystem to charge for (which is Atlassian) while all others are free.

  • capabilities.
  • Execute scripts and T-SQL snippets for numerous instances and servers.
  • Automate repetitive processes like data and schema comparisons.


Dataedo is an app that enables you to create data dictionaries, ER diagrams, and document server scripts. It is an er diagram tool that enables you to easily document your relational databases.


  • You can share documentation in interactive HTML.
  • It helps you to visualize your data with database diagrams.
  • This erd diagram tool allows you to add meaningful information about your database.
  • It enables you to share documents in PDF, Excel, and HTML file formats.
  • You can create table relationships (One to one, one to many, and many to many) with ease.


Vertabelo is online visual database design tool. It helps you to design your database at a logical and physical level.


  • You can access database models anytime.
  • It enables you to import an existing database.
  • Vertabelo allows you to share the model with three access levels, like the owner, editor, or viewer.
  • You can generate SQL script to create or remove elements from the database.
  • Vertabelo automatically set the diagram layout.
  • This app helps you to validate your model and workflow.
  • You can provide a public link to your clients or partner so that they can view your design.

dbdiagram is a free online database diagraming tool for developers and data analysts. It uses a code-based user interface, and you can create up to 10 diagrams for free.

How It Works

Similar to, you can visit the dbdiagram web app and start working right away. But instead of a drag-and-drop interface, you have to code each new table into your schema in a field on the left. Once your table is in the interface on the right, you can then drag and drop it. Dbdiagram is free for up to 10 diagrams. After that, it’s $9/month.


Why It’s Free

Dbdiagram goes after a freemium model, where you’ll become reliant on the tool enough that you’re willing to pay $9 for that 11th diagram. In order to achieve this, they really invest in a good initial experience.



Pricing: Free with limited objects, $4.95-$9.00/user/month

  • Lucidchart is cloud-based and collaborative diagram software. Lucidchart helps your team create not only database diagram but also flowcharts, process maps, UML models, org charts,.. on any device across the platform you already use.
  • Free plan comes with a limit of 3 diagrams and 60 objects per diagram
  • Good experience and collaborative
  • Integrated with G Suite, Microsoft Office…
  • Good if you are more of a designer and want drag-and-drop interface


QuickDBD (or Quick Database Diagrams) is a free online database diagramming tool that focuses on speed. It uses a combination of coding and drag-and-drop functionality to help you create a diagram.

How It Works:

Like and dbdiagram, you can hop right into QuickDBD without creating an account. But if you want to save your files, you’ll need to create an account. You have to code your schema in the left field, and, once coded, your tables will appear in the right interface, where you can then drag and drop it.


Why is it free

QuickBDB also follows the freemium model and aims to provide a slick enough experience with your first diagram that you’re willing to pay to keep using it.

QuickBDB also follows the freemium model and aims to provide a slick enough experience with your first diagram that you’re willing to pay to keep using it.

ERD Plus

ERD Plus database diagram

Pricing: free

  • ERD Plus is a basic database modeling tool for creating Entity Relationship Diagrams, Relational Schemas, Star Schemas, and SQL DDL statements.
  • Automatically convert ER Diagrams into Relational Schemas
  • Export SQL
  • Export diagrams as a PNG
  • Save diagrams safely on our server


SqlDBM is one of the best database diagram design tools that provides an easy way to design your database on any browser. You do not require any other database engine or database modeling tools or apps to use this program.


  • It is one of the best database design tools which allows you to import an existing database schema.
  • You can manage large and small databases and data models easily.
  • Zoom in or out diagrams is possible.
  • SqlDBM has two themes, dark and light.
  • You can customize your project view by using modes like table names only, the description only, keys only.
  • It enables you to copy or move columns across tables.
  • This program helps you to share company’s projects with your colleagues.
  • You can create a physical model or ERD of your database.

Toad World

Toad World is a database modeling software that helps you to tune application performance using an automated query rewriting facility. This software manages code change and promotes the highest levels of quality.


  • Access key data quickly for analysis.
  • It can easily identify differences by comparing and syncing servers, data, and schemas.
  • Rollback transactions directly from the transaction log without need to restore from a backup.
  • Get powerful query tuning capabilities.
  • Execute scripts and T-SQL snippets for numerous instances and servers.
  • Automate repetitive processes like data and schema comparisons.


Designing a database is never an easy task for any DBA, developer, or anyone involved in the designing phase of a project. The design will dictate the success and failure of the application. It doesn’t matter what kind of application you develop but a well-designed database will definitely make your life easier.

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